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First VIBE Machine Clinical Study Is In!

As you may know, Gene Koonce, the inventor of the VIBE Machine, is paying to have 17 clinical studies done on his machine at various universities. The results from the first one are in — and are they exciting!?

This was a small study (14 people) done at Holos University in Kansas. The subject was “Anti-aging.” In other words, “Does the machine assist by slowing down the aging process?”

Dr. Ginger Bowler and Dr. Norman Shealy at Holos University supervised the study. To ensure “peer review” of the results, the head of the Pathology Department at Penn State University did the pre-study and post-study blood testing and reported the results. The 14 people used the VIBE machine for 3 weeks. Each test subject took 9 VIBE sessions of 2 to 3 1/2 minutes each over the 3 week period.

Here are the results:

The participants reported 286 symptoms before using the VIBE machine. They reported only 134 symptoms after using it. This is a 53% reduction in overall symptoms. 100% of the subjects had a reduction in their symptoms. Some of the symptoms were high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, low oxygen levels, pain, sleeplessness and headaches.

Eight of the 14 subjects reported depression before the study. After using the VIBE machine, 7 of the 8 subjects reported no depression.

The blood testing by Penn State showed the following results:

Free Radicals — decreased for 9 of the 14 subjects. DHEA — increased for 10 of the 14 subjects. Calcitonin — increased for 8 of the 14 subjects.

Most of you know that free radical levels are coincident with “oxidative stress,” the cause of most degenerative conditions.

DHEA is a beneficial hormone. Its levels decrease with aging. This correlates to depression, increased risk of cancer, and many other degenerative syndromes.

Calcitonin is a naturally-occurring hormone produced by the thyroid gland. It maintains correct calcium balance in the body.

The study’s conclusion? “The VIBE Machine affects indicators of aging.”

My comments: This study was small and the amount of time spent on the machine was quite limited. Nevertheless, the results are astonishing. With this small amount of exposure to the machine, the majority of the subjects experienced significant results. All of them reported positive reduction in symptoms.

Terry and I have noticed similar positive results in all the people who have come on a schedule to use our VIBE machine over the last four months. It will be very interesting to see the results of the remaining 16 clinical studies. One of these is on “Wound Healing and Wound Pain” and the other 15 are on various types of cancer.

The Budwig Protocol Revisited — FO/CC +

Most of you know that I tout Dr. Johanna Budwig’s flaxseed oil/ cottage cheese as the best and cheapest way to overcome cancer. The cost, after all, is zero. This is very nutritious food– and you have to eat something. The effect is to make every cell except cancer cells healthier and to kill cancer cells by the billions. Nothing else I know of can do that.

I’d like to suggest you read a message posted by one of the participants in the Flaxseed Oil 2 Yahoo Group. This is a group of cancer patients who exchange information about Dr. Budwig’s protocol. This large group (which all of you should join) is moderated by Wilhelm, a German gentleman who knew Dr. Budwig in Germany and read all her writings in her native language (German).

Sandra Olson, the lady who posted this message, is a very active member of this group. She works hard to make sure everybody understands how potent this diet is and exactly how to follow the “protocol.” Sandra’s message outlines the entire “Budwig Protocol” in detail.

In my “Cancer-Free” book, I have tried to simplify this protocol. The reason was to make it easier for people to get the benefit of it and stick to it. I have found that complex, day-long detailed regimens like the one Sandra describes are just not followed consistently. People work. They get busy. They get bored. They need healthy habits which are simple. Cliff Beckwith, the originator of the Flaxseed Oil Yahoo Group, felt the same. He recovered from Stage IV prostate cancer with the FO/CC mix and recommended the FO/CC portion, but not the entire Budwig protocol to his readers, friends and relatives. He is now 85 years old and well.

Nevertheless, I thought you would be interested in Sandra’s message. She has spent considerable effort to lay out the entire day’s activity which Dr. Budwig used so successfully to heal 98% of the cancer patients she treated, including many “terminal” cases.

You can read Sandra’s message at:

You may need to sign up for “Yahoo Groups” to read this message. It is easy and well worth your time. One major advantage of doing this is you will be able to read the hundreds of testimonials of recoveries using the Budwig protocol. Once you join the FlaxSeedOil2 group, you just click on “Files.” At the next screen, click on “Folder 6 – Anecdotes and Testimonials.” They are organized by type of malady, mostly cancers.

Believe me, you will be glad you took the time to join this group. You can elect to receive all or none of the daily messages added by members. If you want all of them, it will add about a dozen messages a day to your e-mail. I suggest you just browse the files.


See The Real Cause of Breast Cancers — And More

I’ve been nagging all of you with breast cancer (and other cancers) to explore the health of your mouth with a “biological” dentist. Some of you will remember the article in my December 8th newsletter about Dr. Thomas Rau and his experience with 98% of his breast cancer patients who had root canal teeth on the same meridian as their original breast cancer. To read this article, go to:

Well, last week, thanks to three different people telling me about him on the same day (coincidence?), I discovered a scientist who has visible proof. He happens to live about 60 miles north of me in North Carolina. His name is Robert Dowling. He is 63 and President and CEO of the North Carolina Institute of Technology. In a newspaper article in the Madison County News-Record & Sentinel, Dowling

“…admits to being a renegade scientist” and “expects a war with the multi-trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry which stands to lose billions of dollars because of his research.


‘It’s big time trouble,’ he said. ‘I can see it coming, but I’m ready for it now. I wasn’t before.’


Dowling, who is originally from Columbia, South Carolina, admits to being ‘run out’ of that state five years ago when it became apparent that his long-term cancer research was beginning to pay dividends.


He says he came under attack by the South Carolina Medical Board, and his offices were raided by armed lawmen who attempted to seize his research data. A remote server that protected his material was not discovered, he said.”

What incensed the medical community in South Carolina apparently is that Dowling had collected proof, in the form of full-body thermograms, that breast cancer tumors were directly related to inflammations in the mouth, particularly root canal teeth.

“It has been found in all research subjects, stated Dowling, that ‘specific and identifiable’ neurotoxic micro-organisms that inhabit jawbone necrosis, root canal teeth, abscesses, dental caries, etc. are responsible for setting breast cancer into motion.


One study, involving more then 500 individuals, suggests that these same pathogens could be involved in other cancers as well.”

In fact, at his organization’s web site are pictures of thermograms showing the connection of jawbone problems with both breast cancer and brain cancer.

To see some of the graphic pictures of these thermograms, just go to:

Hilarious “Big Pharma” Satire

15 Ways the Auto Industry Would Change if it Operated Like Drug Companies

What would happen if you had to buy your car from a company that operated in the same way as the pharmaceutical industries? Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, came up with 15 unsettling changes that would occur.

Your car would cost $4.5 million, a 30,000 percent markup over cost.

The same car would be available in Canada or Mexico for less than $5,000.

Dealing with Competition
Meanwhile, automakers would be lobbying Congress to outlaw bicycles and airplanes, just as the drug companies try to do with herbs and nutritional supplements.

All auto imports would be banned. If you drove a Toyota down from Canada, you would be arrested.

Car dealers would be bribed with money, free vacations, free food, and free cars by automobile sales representatives to push certain cars.

Cars with no seatbelts, airbags, crumple zones, or other safety systems would be declared perfectly safe by the FDA, which would instead focus on the dangers of bicycles.

Driver’s Ed programs would be cancelled nationwide, and people would be encouraged to buy new cars rather than repair damaged ones or avoid accidents in the first place.

Safety tests showing that cars were dangerous would be buried, and scientists who produced such results would be prevented from ever conducting car safety tests again.

After being sued by customers injured in the cars with no safety systems, automakers would further lobby Congress to pass laws protecting car companies against class-action lawsuits.

Any federally mandated warnings about car safety problems would be printed in small type on a tiny label hidden under the driver’s seat.

Driving certain cars would cause side effects like loss of sex drive or full-body muscle pain.

Car companies would heavily promote new models each year, which would be no different from the ones they were selling 30 years ago.

Car companies would invent reasons for you to buy a dozen or more cars.

Automobile advertising would be filled with pictures of happy, healthy, energetic drivers, but the cars would break down constantly, fail to perform as promised, and quickly stop working.

Cars would be sold to you with extra features like a sunroof, air conditioning, or a navigational system, but when the car arrived none of these features would be included, just as drug companies exaggerate the “multiple health benefits” of their products.



One of my readers, Ted Groce, sent me this very interesting and extremely well written website:

It describes a man’s fight against terminal double renal cell carcinoma, diagnosed in Nov 2004. It goes into great detail about what he did, his decisioin-making process and much more. Well worth a look.

Thank you, Ted.



I occasionally recommend a book. The reaction is not exactly like Oprah’s, but I know many of you trust me and will buy the book. Here is one you will all want to read. It will literally alter your view of the universe and your place in it — I’m not kidding.

“The Field – The Quest For The Secret Force of the Universe” by Lynne McTaggart is the most intriguing book I have ever read. Exaggeration? No. It is. Really.

If you have any interest in: homeopathy; remote healing, spiritual healing, remote viewing, time compression, biophotonic light (one of the effects of the VIBE Machine); telepathy; precognition; the unlimited power of the human mind; and the marriage of science and religion called the “Zero Point Field” this book will keep you reading far into the night.

Lynne McTaggart is an “investigative journalist” with a knack for writing in an intriguing and easily understandable style. Her previous work includes several books and a series of newsletters which turned into a book called “What Doctors Don’t Tell You” which made the best-seller list.

Her research design for this book was to study everything called “miracles” where there was evidence supported by scientific studies that they really existed. In the process, she came up with what Bernie Siegel, M.D. calls “A fascinating presentation about the true nature of life.”

She became so involved in this material that she has made continuing research of it her life work. She has a web site, but I’m not going to give it to you (you can probably seek it out on Google), because it is not wise to explore it until you read the book. Published by Harper in 2002, it is available for as little as $7.46 from



I’ll be doing another free workshop in Asheville on February 17th. It’s a Friday night. We’ll start at 6:30 PM and go for a couple of hours. The location is at the All Healers Alliance, 329 Merrimon Ave. in Asheville. If you like, you can phone them at 828-253-1113 to make a reservation. We had about 40 people at the one in January, so I expect a good crowd.

If you’re anywhere near Asheville and can make it, I look forward to seeing you there.

Well, enough for now. And don’t forget my bribe. Send me your story about your cancer experience — good, bad or neutral — and I’ll send you a free copy of my e-book “Cancer-Free.” Your story may help many other people. Just let me know if you want me to include your name or e-mail address when I publish it in the newsletter. I will certainly respect your privacy.

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Be well!


Bill Henderson
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