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Univera Product of the Month — RegeniCARE
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**** Vitamin C IV On FDA’s “Hit List”
**** Warning — NSAID’s and Beta Glucan Not Compatible
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“Save Your Life Course” by Sam Biser

This has been an interesting month for my wife and me. We received on January 3rd a copy of the “Save Your Life Course” by Sam Biser. We have been watching the 15 DVD’s and reading the 600-page book in it since then. We have learned a lot of useful information about healing all kinds of conditions. We have also learned the importance of cleansing the body’s cleaning organs — liver, gall bladder, kidneys, bladder and colon. We have tried several of them.

It seems things like this come bunched together. We had just spent some time with our friend Ron Strauss in December and learned a lot about herbal healing. Ron has been studying this and helping people heal for 35 years — much longer than I have. He is very competent. One of the people he studied under was Dr. Richard Schulze. Dr. Schulze’s experience with healing “terminal” patients of all kinds is what the “Save Your Life Course” is about. It teaches you how to make tinctures and teas and poultices at home that will deal with emergencies (heart attacks and strokes, for example) as well as degenerative conditions of all kinds, including cancer. It also teaches you how to avoid all these types of physical problems.

I was also intrigued by a conversation I had the other day with Dr. Carlos Garcia, M.D., the wonderful holistic healer. He told me he always recommends his cancer patients (and those with other degenerative conditions) use a “castor oil pack.” When I asked him why, he explained that he has found the primary reason that people die of cancer and other diseases is “liver toxemia.” This simply means an overload of the liver’s ability to cleanse the blood. He said that doctors are not trained to look for toxemia as an effect of cancer and other diseases. They simply only consider it when there is some poison accidentally swallowed. Then, they are trained to get it out with induced vomiting, etc. But they get no training ever about toxemia and its relation to chronic degenerative conditions like cancer. Dr. Garcia is convinced, and I certainly agree with him now, that cancer deaths are simply a result of liver toxemia. This is the result of the toxins our body gets from dental work and our food combined with the heavy toxin load produced by the cancer, the weakening of our immune system by stress, etc.

The castor oil pack, which is quite simple, is a great way to cleanse the liver with an external “poultice.” You simply soak a piece of cotton (a t-shirt works fine) in castor oil and put it on the skin over the liver (lower right abdomen) and wrap saran wrap around it to control the dripping. You then start with 2 or 3 hours and work up to where you can keep it on all night. The castor oil will draw the toxins out of the liver. Incredible!! I had just read about this same healing treatment in the “Save Your Life Course” as one of the most common things Dr. Schulze used to heal his “terminal” patients.

No coincidences. I feel I am supposed to get this message to all of you as soon as possible. So, here it is. The best way, I feel, is for me to share with you an e-mail message I got the other day from Ron Strauss about the “Save Your Life Course.” Note: I have no financial interest in this at all. Here’s Ron’s message:

“Dear Friends,

I am writing to encourage you to go to and read all about the Save Your Life Course. This is material that has been out of print for many years and is now updated and available on 15 DVDs and a 600 page manual.

The information in these videos and printed materials IS INVALUABLE. It covers all the extraordinary approaches that Dr. Richard Schulze utilized in his clinic over the course of 25 years. He taught people how to reverse their cancers and other degenerative illnesses. These materials were part of my early training in Natural Healing.

This course sold for $350 over a decade ago and is now available on DVD instead of VHS tape. The current price is $224 and Sam has initiated a promotion whereby you can receive $50 off that price if you order before February 5th. Use the code word “April” to receive the discount when you call in your order.

I will be promoting this course in all my one-day workshops from here on as it contains hands-on do-it-yourself powerful healing routines that you can implement in your own home. Sam has also asked me to be a consultant for the course in the event that anyone might need help in applying the regimens described. This course is a wonderful gift for anyone with cancer or any other chronic condition. Many people have taken responsibility for their own health and healed themselves with these materials.

I have been using these techniques in my own consulting practice for years. Don’t miss this opportunity. It’s a steal at the regular price but you can get it even cheaper before February 5th. Use the coupon code “April”.

Go to to order.

To Your Health,


Thanks, Ron. Believe me, folks, every one of you should have this course. There is no better source for this kind of information. Don’t delay. That $50 discount is going away in a few days.


Dr. Hal Huggins and Dr. Diane Meyer Want To Help You

Many of you have heard my interviews over the last year and a half with Dr. Hal Huggins. He is simply the world’s expert on “dental toxins.” He has been studying this topic and training other dentists, doctors and patients for 40 years. Now he is offering to train you.

Dr. Diane Meyer, D.D.S. is simply one of the top two dentists in this country, in my opinon. [The other is Dr. Stuart Nunnally, who is the topic of my Web Talk Radio show this week.] Apparently Dr. Huggins agrees with me. He conducts a training course along with a “dental revision” for some people every few months. Last July, when I was in Dr. Nunnally’s office in Marble Falls, Texas getting my own “dental revision” done, I discovered that Dr. Huggins was going to conduct one of these training courses for patients and dentists in Dr. Nunnally’s office the following week.

Well, at the end of February, Dr. Huggins is conducting his next training course in Dr. Diane Meyer’s office in Downers Grove, Illinois (suburb of Chicago). They want you to participate if you’re interested in getting your jaw cleaned up properly and learning in the process exactly its effect on your body and blood. In addition, you get training about lifestyle choices for your future life that will not only cleanse your body of the stored dental toxins but also educate you about good health and long life. What’s better than that?

Here’s a message I got from Dr. Meyer about this two-week training/dental revision course:

Dentistry for the Health Conscious Clinic

Recently, there has been growing concern about the safety of dental products. But for over 40 years, Dr. Huggins has known the dangers of dental products. Through years of studies and time-proven healing protocols, Dr. Huggins has been at the forefront of helping people clean up their mouths and improve their overall health.

For over 15 years, Dr. Diane Meyer has been helping people heal from dental toxicity. Dr. Meyer has studied under Dr. Huggins and has seen first-hand how following Dr. Huggins’ protocol for dental toxicity clean-up and continued health monitoring has helped people regain their health.

From February 28th through March 12th, Dr. Meyer is inviting Dr. Huggins to join her in her Downers Grove practice. Clinics will also be held in June and July. Dr. Huggins will be working with Dr. Meyer to oversee the entire protocol. These two week clinics will offer the following services:

** Patients will stay at the Hotel Club House Inn and Suites for 2 full weeks of dentistry and adjunctive treatments. The treatments are based on individual needs.

** Before arrival, Dr Huggins personally performs patient’s blood chemistry analysis and recommends supplements.

** During the first week the dental work is performed by Dr. Meyer to remove all toxins. This work is done with the safest protocols and state of the art equipment.

** During this first week, the body/mind retraining also begins.

** Once the dental clean-up is completed, follow up blood tests are performed to determine diet and supplement adjustment. Dr Hessilink is the medical doctor in Dr. Meyer’s clinic. He is well versed in alternative therapies and he will be assisting in this process.

** The second week focuses on educational services such as how to eat according to personal needs as indicated by individual blood and hair analysis of each of the patients.

** During both weeks, additional body support services are also offered. They include:

— Biofeedback by a technician using the Life System/Zyto equipment.

— Massage therapists work on cranial sacral, hands on healing, lymphatic drainage and more wtih each patient.

— An Evox technician works with each patient on perception re-framing using the Zyto equipment.

— Another research technician works with each patient on personality profiling.

— Each patient receives Electro-Dermal Screening (EDS).

— Each patient also receives Nambutripods Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET).

— Each patient also receives the Neuro-Modulation Technique (NMT).”

Interested? This is a marvelous healing exercise. You not only get your mouth cleaned up by one of the top dentists in the country, you learn a lot about your body and how to continue your healing.

The cost? Well, Dr. Huggins two-week training/personal evaluation course costs $6,000. Dr. Meyer will give you an estimate of the cost of the dental work before you commit to the course and “dental revision.”

You can find out more by exploring Dr. Meyer’s website, which is To sign up or ask further questions, call her office in Downers Grove at (630) 968-5567 (Central Time).

This is a great healing two-weeks. I strongly recommend you consider this one or one of the others they have planned for June and July.Note: Again, I have no financial interest at all in this course or the dental work.


Univera Product of the Month — RegeniCARE

My wife, Terry, and I enjoyed a two-day seminar on the Univera products and business in Phoenix, Arizona on January 14th and 15th. It was really inspiring to hear the billionaire owner, Bill Lee, talk about his vision of getting natural healing products to the world. I think I mentioned to you that Mr. Lee takes no money at all out of this company. In fact, he has devoted about $125 million of his fortune to the research done over the last 20 years to produce these products. His mission is the most inspiring one I’ve heard of…period!

We had an interesting experience of our own of Univera healing at this conference. The day before, we delivered Terry’s Mom, who is visiting us from Barcelona, to one of our relatives’ homes for the two days we would be gone. That evening, after dark, Terry went out in our relatives’ yard with the owner to explore something of interest to him and her. In the dark, she fell and briused the bone in her left knee rather badly. In fact, the next day, as we flew to Phoenix, she had to walk very slowly and was in great pain. She literally could walk upstairs and downstairs only one at a time.

When we got to Phoenix, Terry told me she was going to try Univera’s RegeniCARE. She had brought a few of the packets with us. This is one of the Univera products that is supposed to heal joint pain. In fact, I’ve heard from several people we know that it is quite effective at that. Well, guess what? By the NEXT MORNING, after two doses of the RegeniCARE, Terry’s knee pain was gone! Not just better — GONE! She could not believe it. She said she had expected that bruise to cause her pain for at least two weeks…and it was gone.

If you have joint (or any other) pain, Terry and I both urge you to try this product. Remember, there is no risk. You can literally try the product for a full 90 days. If, at any time, you are not satisfied with the results, you simply return the empty carton for a refund. No need to justify why. Just return it. This guarantee is personally backed up by Mr. Lee. In fact, we got to discuss it with him during the conference. We could tell that he was totally sincere. In fact, he has signed a certificate to this effect. You can ask for one when you order the product. He wants nobody to be out any money who does not benefit from his company’s products.

The Univera website is being redesigned “as we speak” to make it much easier to navigate. If should be ready in February sometime. However, to make it easier for you to order the RegeniCARE (or any other of the Univera products), I’m going to give you a direct link to the page where you can put in your order. It is:

You may be asked during “checkout” something like “Who referred you?” Just enter our ID number, which is 1401551. I do have a financial interest in these products. We get a small commission when you buy something. However, our primary interest in them is to get information to everyone about the wonderful healing nature of these products. We’re looking for three people to join us in this wonderful (and very easy) business. If you’re interested, please send me an e-mail ( with your phone number and I’ll call you and tell you how to help others enjoy “health, wealth and mission in life” along with you and us and the rest of the Univera family.


A Reader’s Story — Richard Soares

Here is an inspiring story of a grateful man who is on the “healing train.”


Just wanted to tell you how I started using your protocol (11/19) and that I’m so grateful. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! I bought your book in print and online in April, read much of it but didn’t fully understand your protocol. This time I understood and acted since Budwig (cottage cheese/flaxseed oil) alone was not providing me with the relief I thought I should have after starting it in various forms since February, 2010 and being super-strict on the Budwig since October.

Although I looked healthy, I was getting desperate because blood tests were indicating iron and blood problems. Also, tumor related pains I have been suffering since Nov. 2008 had become so bad that I was starting to use ibuprofen, narcotics, and Tylenol. Not good!

I ordered all the supplements you recommended and received the Beta Glucan first, 5 or more days before receiving anything else. I started taking it immediately and was amazed how fast it started working to fight the cancer. My pains began to decrease from day 1. This development was so significant and a testament to me that you know what you’re talking about. I felt like all I needed was the Beta Glucan and the Budwig but with my new faith in your protocol I knew I needed to follow all that you suggest. I have now received and use all of the supplements (Heart Plus, Green Tea Extract, Daily Advantage, Barley Power, Beta Glucan). Today, I am almost pain free and believe for the first time that the two major tumors on my bi-inferior Vena Cava are shrinking. I expect to be pain-free within a week or two at the rate I am improving. I look forward to redoing the Navarro Test in January to get a true reading on my condition.

When I am cancer-free, I intend to set up a table at our local farmers’ market every Saturday morning to display your book, to help spread the word, to offer hope and an alternative to surgery/chemo/radiation for those who have developed cancer.

Again, thank you soooo very much!


Richard Soares
(Nursing/Nutrition/Biology/Chem. Librarian)
2218 Danbury Way
Chico, CA 95926
530-898-6882 Office
530-680-4392 Cell”

Thank you, Richard. Please keep us posted on your progress.




If you want to participate in objecting to the ridiculous attempt by the FDA to outlaw Vitamin C IV (intravenous), please follow the links below. The Alliance for Natural Health has made it easy for you to contact your representatives and senators. Here is a copy of the e-mail I received from Dr. Ken Singleton alerting me to this issue:

Hi Bill,

Big Pharma and FDA have once again teamed up to try to deny effective natural approaches to cancer. This is going to be a real problem unless we act by writing FDA, congressmen, senators, etc. Check out:

And this update:





Thanks to my friend and fellow author, Cheryl Miller (see I got some new information this month that I need to pass on to you urgently. Here is the message Cheryl sent me about the problem of taking NSAID’s along with the Beta Glucan I recommend:

Hi Bill,

I hope you’ve enjoyed the holidays with your family. I wanted to share something that happened with my family over the holiday.

Immediately before flying to FL to be with our family, my Dad was passing quite a bit of blood in the stool. We decided to see an ER doc my brother is good friends with upon arrival. Dad was admitted to the hospital and was found to need 2 pints of blood. The doctors suspect that because Dad had been taking ibuprofen and/or tylenol, it had caused a rupture and bleeding. He really was only taking 1/2 of the adult doses every other day more orless, which kind of surprised me that would cause a problem.

A few days later, I was ordering Beta Glucan for my own use from Our Health Co-op (but Dad uses the source you recommend; and on the website for Our Health Co-op I saw this, ‘Although not well studied in humans, caution is advised for the co-use of aspirin and/or NSAIDs with Beta Glucan as severe gastrointestinal damage may result.’

(NSAIDs are drugs commonly used to treat acute and chronic pain, including aspirin and ibuprofen. Undesirable side effects of this class of medication include stomach bleeding and gastrointestinal ulcers.) I suspect that this may have been the case with my Dad. He is doing fine now, thankfully.

If you haven’t already, you may want to consider passing this on to your readers.


Well, thank you Cheryl. That was news to me and I’m sure it will be to most people reading this. Be careful, folks.



If you’ve been listening to my web talk radio show, you know that Pyyllis Pipkin has started her own business. Phyllis has been the mainstay at Better Way Health for several years. She has helped a lot of you with healing advice. She is a very knowledgeable lady about natural healing. Well, in December, 2010, Phyllis decided to strike out on her own. She started a business distributing products similar to those at Better Way Health. One of them is the Transfer Point Beta Glucan I recommend in my book.

I suggest you check out Phyllis’s website and order your next order of the Beta Glucan from her. Her prices for the same products are somewhat lower than those at Better Way Health. Here is the contact information:

Phyllis Pipkin, C.M.T., C.P.T., C.L.T.
Company Name: Ancient Elements, Inc.
Toll Free Calls: 1-855-877-8220 (US & Canada)
Direct Phone Line: 678-653-8532


Do your friends a favor and send them to my web site:

Be well…and be sure to hug each other every day!

Bill Henderson
Author, “Cure Your Cancer” and “Cancer-Free”
E-mail: “How to Live Cancer-Free” Listen anytime.


Although many alternative medical treatments have been successfully used for many years, they are currently not practiced by conventional medicine and are therefore not “approved” and legal (in some States) for medical professionals to prescribe for their patients, although it is legal for individuals to use them at their own discretion. It therefore becomes necessary to include the following disclaimer:

The offerings made by this publication are to be carefully considered by the user. All responsibility regarding the use of alternative treatments rests with the patient. If you have doubts regarding these things, rely on your conventional doctor.