Vaccinations — Danger To Our Little Loved Ones
Breast Cancer Radiation — The Damage Is Incredible
Health Benefits Associated With Nuts
A Reader’s Story — Wayne Feltz
**** ASEA and Apoptosis
**** 8 Foods You Must Never Eat
**** Jacquelyn Johnston’s Paw Paw Program


Interesting month, January!  On my birthday, the 18th, our new grandbaby girl was born at Noon.  She is zero and I’m 82.  How sweet it is that we’ll both be celebrating birthdays together from now on!  My wife’s Mom and sister from Barcelona were here visiting us for the holidays and left, coincidentally, within an hour after our grandbaby was born.  I hope this 184th edition of my newsletter will have some interesting news for you.


About 24 months of past issues are available at this website.  Just click on the “Newsletter Archive” link on the left of the screen.  The articles tend to be “timeless,” so read or reread some of them at your leisure.

Vaccinations — Danger To Our Little Ones

A recent article by Dr. Robert Rowen got my hackles up again about the over-selling of vaccinations by Big Pharma as something that can help our health.  With my nine great-grandchildren and my wife Terry’s three small grand-children, this issue strikes very close to home for me.  What is a new parent to do when their little ones are “required” to have 35 or 40 different vaccinations in their first year or two of life?  I keep trying to imagine what I would do given the knowledge I have about the corruption of these vaccine companies.

No testing of the effects of these vaccinations given together has been done.  Imagine:  Would any parent volunteer their young child to such a test?  The effects of the thimerosol (mercury) preservative used in many of them is alleged to be “harmless.”  The fact that many of them contain various metals (aluminum, for example) that are harmful is never brought to the attention of the parents.  Here’s what Dr. Robert Rowen, who I trust absolutely, says about this:

“Two-month-old babies now get 1,225 mcg of aluminum in their vaccines. That’s 50 times more than accepted safety levels.”

Here is a quote of Dr. Rowen’s entire recent article on this subject.  I hope I have gotten your attention enough to read all of his arficle and pass it on to your loved ones.  I hope to help mine to avoid as many vaccinations as possible:

“The vaccine-Alzheimer’s connection becomes clear


A few years ago, I told you that every flu vaccine you get significantly increases your risk for Alzheimer’s. I took a lot of heat for that statement. But the evidence continues to grow.


One of the biggest fears with vaccines is mercury. But mercury isn’t the only heavy metal in vaccine. A short eBook entitled Aluminum in Vaccines – a Neurological Gamble has documented the extreme hazards of aluminum added to vaccines. Medical ‘experts’ added high concentrations of neurotoxic aluminum to vaccines in every child’s immunization schedule when they removed several vaccines containing mercury. Two-month-old babies now get 1,225 mcg of aluminum in their vaccines. That’s 50 times more than accepted safety levels.


This is Russian roulette with the nervous system.


All cells in your central nervous system, including glial cells, take up aluminum. These support your neurons. Aluminum can over-activate these cells, as well as all cells in your nervous system. Then you’ll get an outpouring of chemicals called excitotoxins. These are normally occurring peptides required for exciting the nervous system. But, when over-produced, they can effectively excite the neuron to death, sort of like electrocution. 


You might wonder why vaccine makers add this poisonous metal. All vaccines have two components. The substance that is the target for immunity, say the virus. And they add chemicals (adjuvants) to ‘enhance’ the immune response. These can be highly toxic. They are non-specific activators. Not only can they activate your immune system to the virus, but also to your own tissues, inducing autoimmunity. Aluminum may be as toxic to your brain as mercury.


Please, please do not get vaccines! Do not allow your family, children, and grandchildren to get vaccines. Oxidation therapy and high-dose intravenous vitamin C can whip just about any acute infectious process you’ll ever have to worry about. I’d rather treat the acute infection and get rid of it for life than deal with a lifetime of crippling neurological complications from vaccinations.


Yours for better health and medical freedom,


Robert J. Rowen, MD”

Here is another article on vaccine dangers sent to me the other day by Ron Strauss.  Very interesting:

OK, how do you avoid vaccinations for children who are required to show their vaccination records when they register for school?  Well, there are ways.  Most of them involve claiming some kind of religious belief concerning avoidance of vaccines.  Look it up, folks.  Do some research.  It is really worth it.

Breast Cancer Radiation — The Damage Is Incredible


My friend, Jonathan Chamberlain from the UK, a great cancer book author you probably remember from my previous newsletters, sent me a video last week I think you’ll find interesting.  Here is the e-mail he sent me:

“Dear Bill,


My son Patrick and I recently made a short video with two women who have had their lives destroyed by radiation treatment for their breast cancers around 30 years ago. You will find the video here.


Please send this link to your readers and ask them to share it with their friends. The more people know about the potential impact the better.


All the best,



Why anyone would submit to conventional cancer treatment for something as easy to reverse as breast cancer still puzzles me.  These women didn’t have the resources you now have when they went through this 30 years ago.  But today, the information is so readily available, there is no excuse for not getting up to speed on cancer healing.  I hope this video will help someone you know to avoid conventional cancer treatment.

Health Benefits Associated With Nuts

I hope you enjoy this article as much as I did.  I eat a handful of fancy nuts (Macadamia, Brazil, Cashew, Pecan, etc.) every day.  No peanuts, which are legumes anyway, not nuts.  They provide me with healthy calories and an easy snack which allows me to keep to our habit of just two “meals” a day.  Here’s the article from Naturecast Alerts.



CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS—A recent study conducted at Harvard University found that consuming nuts could help prevent heart disease and cancer.


The study included 100,000 participants. The researchers analyzed the amount of nuts they consumed and how often they consumed them.


The team found that those who consumed nuts on a daily basis were healthier overall, with lower rates of obesity, lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar, and smaller waists. Below are several benefits associated with adding nuts to your diet:


Brain function: The vitamins and minerals found in nuts improve blood flow to the brain to help with cognitive tests.


Heart health: Nuts contain monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol.


Weight: Nuts contain high protein and fiber that fill you up and keep you feeling full for a longer period of time.


Diabetes: Nuts have a low glycemic index, and their protein and fiber help prevent spikes in blood sugar.


Cancer: Nuts are high in folate, niacin, vitamin E, potassium, and calcium. These vitamins and nutrients help fight inflammation, which is the leading cause for several chronic illnesses.


According to the researchers, because nuts are high in calories you must eat them in proportions (one ounce per day). Below are some of the recommended ways to consume nuts:


Replace potato chips with 48 pistachios


24 almonds mixed with one-quarter of a cup of dried fruit


Toss 20 hazelnuts (toasted) with vegetables (broccoli or green beans)


If you are interested in minimizing your risk for heart disease or cancer along with several other illnesses, you should consider adding nuts to your daily diet.


Have a healthy day,


Larry Berman”

A Reader’s Story — Wayne Feltz

I first met Wayne Feltz in Mitchell, Ontario (suburb of Toronto) about two and a half years ago when I was up there giving a talk.  We met in my hotel room for our first coaching session and have remained good friends ever since.  Wayne owns a rather large company in Toronto. Despite the heavy demands, he has managed to organize a self-help group of 40 people in his area who are helping each other heal.  I think you’ll enjoy his story:

“I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer in the Fall of 2010.  The options were surgery and/or radiation treatment which did not interest me and I refused a biopsy that they insisted needed to be done. I flew to the Whittaker Wellness Centre in Newport, California and spent a week where they did analyses of my health and imbalances.  They did therapies, education and arranged a MRI and MRS to determine the size of the tumor and to be sure that it was contained and had not spread elsewhere. 


When I returned home I contacted a lady in the area that 14 years prior had healed her own cancer with the help of a Naturopath [which took about 18 months] after having battled it with surgery and other treatments with no success at the age of 22.   Next I contacted an individual from Freelton who had healed himself and had been coaching people [mostly Mennonites] on healing from cancer for about 7 years and spent a day with him.  I got reams of information and started on his protocols. I spent hundreds of hours reading books and researching information on the internet about natural cures of cancer. 


Through the research I came across a guy named Bill Henderson from California [now in San Antonio, Texas] who had written 3 books at that time and now has the 4th edition out of his book called “Cancer-Free – Your Guide to Gentle Non-Toxic Healing.”  I got one of Bill’s books and read it.  I followed the protocols and contacted Bill to become my Coach and trainer. The fee was a one-time fee of $195.00 for unlimited access to him for six months and he paid for the phone calls to my house. Bill and I  have stayed in contact regularly over the years as we work together helping other people and I continue to learn from him on new items.  Over the 16 years that Bill has done this he has helped well over 5,000 people one-on-one, guiding them on their healing journey of Cancer. Bill is 82 today and in amazing health and still travels around regularly doing seminars and giving talks.


The protocols I used were:  1) I changed everything I put in my mouth, moved to a 90% plant food diet; 2) I dealt with my dental issues which involved removing root canal-filled teeth, infected wisdom teeth ‘cavitations,’ and removing 11 mercury fillings; 3) I used a rebounder, exercised and detoxed; 4) I took supplements I needed to balance my body to the proper levels: 5) I did electro-dermal screening tests every 6-8 weeks to monitor the progress of improvements in my health. My HCG tests started at 53.4 and dropped to 49.7 at my lowest and has remained steady around the low 50 mark for the last  2 ½ years. In total it took me 8 months to heal myself of the cancer. 


Looking back as crazy as it may sound it was a very positive experience [certainly not the year I had it] for the following reasons: I have learned so much about health issues and the reasons for our poor health.  I now understand that we need to treat the causes not just the symptoms treated by our health system.  I have made contacts all around the world [mostly North America] with over a hundred other people who have done the same thing and I have made many new acquaintances as a result.  I have personally seen over 40 people in this area that are in the process or have healed themselves of various illnesses as well as cancer using the same protocols I’ve used. Now those people are helping others do the same. This is just some of the positives. There are many more. 


I tell people that inquire that the most important thing to do is research and educate yourself so you can make better decisions and take control of your health.


Wayne Feltz

Mitchell, Ontario

(519) 348-9008″

Thank you, Wayne, for your great story and for the wide variety of help you’ve given others from your experience.  I know that you’ve learned, as I have, that this is the most fulfilling thing we can do with our lives.



I have read about a product called ASEA for some years.  I have kind of dismissed it as one of the 400 things I know of which can help people heal.  Some information from Barbara Johnson, RN recently on ASEA has led me and my wife to try it.  We have found it to be another wonderful product that is helpful to your health.  However, Barbara has informed me about its ability to promote apoptosis, which is simply the programmed suicide of cancer cells.

I felt I should share with you some information about it.  I have no financial interest in it and if you want further information on it, I suggest you contact Barbara.  I’m going to give you about four articles Barbara has sent me about ASEA.  Before you read them, I suggest you go to the home page of this website and just type the word ASEA in the Search window at the top of the page.  This will direct you to some information on ASEA put into the “Your Comments” portion of my website from somebody who apparently has no financial interest in it either.

I’ll direct you to the articles Barbara sent me.  I think you’ll find them interesting.  First, here is Barbara’s contact information:

Barbara Johnson RN

Holistic Healthcare Consultant & Educator

Natural Alternatives for Cancer and Diseases

410-628-6877 – office

410-963-6586 – cell


The articles on ASEA which are on this website are as follows:

1.  An article by Dave Carpenter, Naturopathic Doctor called “ASEA And The Big Three.”

2.  A one-pager with information about the product, obviously from the retailer.

3.  A safety study done by an independent lab.

4.  A “white paper” with lots of scientific information about ASEA (fair warning).



I like the messages I’ve been getting from Sherry Brescia.  She gives you lots of useful information even though there is some “selling” information at the end of the messages.  One of the best I’ve read of hers covers 8 of the “worst of the worst” foods that ruin our health. Please read this article and take heed.  Again, I have no financial interest in Sherry Brescia or anything she promotes at the end of her articles.  Read this one here:



I’ve been studying a lot lately and talking to Jacquelyn Johnston of Vancouver, BC about her Paw Paw program.  We cover the research about Paw Paw in our Cancer-Free book but our emphasis is on its value after taking multiple chemotherapy drugs.  It does have remarkable effectiveness against cancer cells affected by what is called “multi-drug resistance.”  However, as Jacquelyn has pointed out to me, it has extraordinary value in healing any type and stage of cancer.

Jacquelyn has been helping cancer patients heal a lot longer than I have.  I’ve just read the book she recommends which summarizes her success with what she calls “The Paw Paw Program.”  The book is called “Practical Solution to The Cancer Injury” and is written byDonna Roth. You can find out more information about Jacquelyn’s program and order the book at her website, which is: Her e-mail address is

Do your friends a favor and send them to my website:

Be well…and be sure to hug each other every day and lay your burdens down tonight!


Bill Henderson
Author, “Cure Your Cancer” and “Cancer-Free”S
“How to Live Cancer-Free”
Listen anytime.


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