Cancer Crackdown Will Help You
Integrated Health Conference, March 20-22, 2015

Best Diet Video Ever
Medical Reality Exploded
Sugar Is Killing Us
Sherry Brescia on Cholesterol
Dr. Dawn Ewing Explains Root Canals
In Memory of Dr. Hal Huggins
Medical Kidnappings in the U.S.


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Cancer Crackdown Will Help You

Daily, I am amazed at the great effort Tara Mann and her husband Steve are making to help cancer patients.  Their help is broad-based. They provide products to people who can’t afford them.  They ship things outside the U.S. that are difficult or impossible to get elsewhere. Daily Advantage is a good example.  The company that makes it does not ship it outside the U.S.  Tara and Steve are shipping it to cancer patients all over the world.

If you haven’t already, you need to read Tara’s article on their efforts in my September, 2014 newsletter.  You’ll find it at:

You can order almost all the products we recommend in our Cancer-Free book from Cancer Crackdown, most at a discount.  They are trying to raise enough money from people like you and me to support people who can’t afford the healthy supplements and other products (“The Emotion Code” book, etc.) we recommend.

I was lucky enough to meet Tara and Steve in December at a meeting Ty Bollinger arranged in Austin, Texas.  They are delightful people as well as servers of their fellow humankind.

One of the things they have devised might help you.  It is a “Daily Tracker” designed to record for you what you’re doing each day (supplements, food, juicing, etc.) and remind you what to do.  It is a really great one-page summary that you need to get and copy one for each day.  You’ll find it at their website, which is:

If you want to explore the products they carry and the discounts available to you, just go to:  This store helps them with funding and they provide need-based discounts to cancer “fighters.”  They are not aligned with any products and they will be adding items in the future as funds allow.  They ship worldwide!!

If you feel you need assistance with the cost or organization of what you are doing, by all means, please go to their website.

More importantly, if you feel you can part with a few dollars to help them in this inspired, selfless effort to help others with cancer, please go to the website above and donate whatever you can.

Donations are tax deductible, 501(c)(3) 46-1110328

Donations can be made by mail to:

Cancer Crackdown
1754 Woodruff Rd.  #127
Greenville, SC 29607

Amazon shoppers can give 0.05% of every purchase to Cancer Crackdown with the Amazon Smiles program.  This link will allow Amazon users to connect:

Ebay shoppers and sellers can donate several ways with Ebay Donate Works, connect at this link:

Donate Items:  They accept donations of supplements in a sealed package within the expiration date, rebounders, juicers, blenders, bio mats, saunas, quality essential oils.  These items will be disbursed to cancer “fighters” with financial needs.  They can also accept items of value that can be used at events for auctions or sold on the Cancer Crackdown Ebay store.

These folks are serious.  They are determined to make sure no cancer patient goes without the subtances and devices they need to heal themselves.  Please give to this wonderful couple and their organization.

Integrated Health Conference, March 20-22, 2015

I’ve spoken at and attended many cancer conferences over the years.  The best one to date was the “Cure to Cancer Summit” last April in San Diego.  The organizers did the best job of quality speakers, cancer survivors, great environment, good vendors and great exchange among the attendees that I’ve ever seen.

Jean Swann and Nathan Crane have changed the name of their conference this year to Integrated Health Conference.  I think my objection to the word “cure” used in conjunction with cancer last year might have had something to do with that.  As you probably know, I believe we get cancer “under control.”  We don’t “cure” it.  It is part of our daily cell metabolism

Anyway, this year’s Conference will be in a different location with much larger facilities to handle the much larger attendance they expect.  I’m quite sure they’re right because this is the one I would go to if I were you.  In fact, I hope to see you there.  I will be giving a talk on Sunday morning, March 22nd.

So, maybe you don’t want to travel to San Diego or can’t afford the expense of the hotel, airfare, meals, etc.  Not a problem.  They have arranged for you a “streaming” of all the presentations being made during this three-day conference. What that means is that you can literally watch all the presentations “live” on your computer.  To find out all about attending or listening in on your computer, go to:



Wanna see the best video on diet I’ve ever seen.  Here it is:—and-why.html

You can thank Ron Strauss for bringing it to my attention.  It is incredibly useful, particularly because you can access the recipes for everything Rip Esselstyn talks about in the video at:



Ron Strauss also sent me an interesting article from Mike Adams “Natural News” that should convince you to avoid medical treatment as much as possible. Statistics are available now.  One in five deaths are caused by medical treatment.  Please read this article and pass it on to those you care about:



Please watch this short video.  It is a good message about the dangers of sugar.  Again, it will make a good item to share with those you love:



If you’ve been wondering about the straight story on cholesterol — what it is and what it does in our body — Sherry Brescia, who most of you know I admire, here gives you the straight scoop.  Don’t miss this one.  Probably the most common over-treatment by doctors is manipulating cholesterol numbers with Statin drugs.  Here’s Sherry’s article:



Many of you are aware of Dr. Dawn Ewing and her expert video on root canal-filled teeth.  She has advised me that viewing it is free but she can’t send you the DVD without charging you something for it.  If you haven’t watched her video, please do so here.  Here’s the video:

If you want the DVD, you can call Dr. Dawn at (281) 651-1745 in Houston, Texas.  Just be prepared to pay for it.



Many of you know that Dr. Hal Huggins has been a close associate of mine for many years.  Unfortunately, he passed away on November 29th, 2014.  I miss him and you should, too.  He was the world’s expert on dental toxins, wrote about 20 books on it and helped thousands of people like you heal themselves by getting their jaws and teeth cleaned up.  Dr. Blanche Grube and Dr. Huggins’ General Manager, Jamie Tolle, will continue to operate business as usual for Huggins Applied Healing.   The website is:  You can call Jamie at (866) 948-4638 in Colorado.

If you’d like to listen to a good interview with Dr. Huggins, just go to:



If you haven’t experienced it, it is hard to believe that some form of medical treatment could be forced on your child over your objections. Parents have experienced this all over the U.S. over the last 30 years or so.  Mike Adams in Natural News has done a good job of compiling some of these recent cases for you.  To read how your child could be forced to undergo medical treatment (chemo, for example) against his/her will and yours, please read:

Do your friends a favor and send them to my website:

Be well…have a great new year and be sure to hug each other every day and lay your burdens down tonight!


Bill Henderson
Author, “Cure Your Cancer” and “Cancer-Free”


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