Hi Folks,

I do not have enough information that is new and interesting right now to justify a new newsletter today.  You can browse my past newsletters here.  Lots of information in them and it’s all free. So do it.  Enjoy.

I would like to give you a reminder that the replay of Dr. Brad Nelson’s webinar called “Discover The Secret Causes of Cancer” is available to you.  No charge.  In what turned out to be a two-hour webinar on January 12th, Dr. Nelson interviewed four of you folks who were there live.  The webinar was devoted to my clients and I’m sure the over one thousand listeners learned a lot about The Body Code and The Emotion Code.

If you weren’t there, you can now listen to all of it by simply going to:


Just scroll down and you’ll see the webinar listed.  Just click on it and you can listen to the whole thing.  It was very interesting to me and I had dozens of e-mails from those attending who were “blown away” by the procedure to help heal cancer.

See you next month.



Bill Henderson, Cancer Coach
Author, “Cure Your Cancer” and “Cancer-Free”