The success of the first teleseminar in December has encouraged me to try another one this month. Last time we did it on Thursday evening. This time, we’ll try a Saturday afternoon for those for whom a weekday evening is inconvenient. The starting time will be 3:00 PM Central Time. Judging by the last one, we will finish up around 4:30 PM Central Time.

We’re indeed fortunate to have two tremendous “guest experts” joining me on this call. Bob Davis, the 83-year-old cancer survivor from the section on “Greens and Enzymes” in Chapter 5 of my book will be answering your questions with me. Bob is more of an expert on cancer than I can ever hope to be. He has been helping cancer patients recover for over seven years — ever since he recovered from an extreme case of stomach cancer himself. If you haven’t been exposed to Bob’s wonderful sense-of humor, you’re in for a treat.

Joining us will be Florence Biros. Florence is co-owner of Green Supreme, Inc. Her company makes Barley Power, among other products. As most of you know, I consider Barley Power to be one of the essential elements in any cancer recovery program. In her daily contacts with cancer patients, Florence has saved many lives and learned a lot about what works to restore our bodies to harmony and balance. She also is blessed with a great sense-of-humor. So, if nothing else, we should have lots of fun.

Florence is also an author of several books, one of which is being made into a movie “as we speak.” Among other things, this remarkable lady runs a publishing company. She was kind enough to republish my book “Cancer-Free” when I rewrote and updated it in November, 2004.

To get on the call with us, all you need to do is submit a question at my web site.

There, you will find a link labeled “Teleseminars.” Click on that link and it will ask you to complete the sentence “The most important question I have about cancer is…..” Just fill in the blanks and press “Submit.” I will receive an e-mail with your question and send you the details on the teleseminar (number to call, access code, time, etc.). If you previously submitted a question (for the teleseminar in December) you don’t need to submit another one [you can if you like, of course]. You are on my list and will get the call details in a few days.

There are only 96 lines available for this call. Please try to submit your question before Wednesday, January 12th. Late on that day, I will send out the e-mail with the call details.

To hear some important questions answered by Bob Davis, Florence Biros and me and exchange information with us, there is only one way to get the number to call. It is to go to my web site and enter your question. Please do that now, while you’re thinking about it. That web site again is:

Thanks for your continued support of my mission. You’ll be receiving an newsletter from me in a couple of days.

Bill Henderson
Author, “Cure Your Cancer” and “Cancer-Free”