A reader informed me today that he had received a notice
from Lane Labs that their MGN-3 and Benefin (shark
cartilage) products would not be available for the fore-
seeable future and he should look for some alternate

I called Lane Labs and talked to Erin at Compassionet,
the primary distributor for Lane Labs. She confirmed
that as of Monday, July 12th, Lane Labs was under a
federal injunction to stop producing both MGN-3 and
Benefin immediately. This is the result of a lawsuit
brought by the FDA about five years ago against Lane
Labs regarding some so-called “claims” they had made
that MGN-3 and Benefin were actually good for something.

I am frankly sick to my stomach. The federal law called
the DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act)
of 1994 was designed to classify supplements like this
as “food,” not “drugs.” In doing so, it prescribed
specific standards for supplement labeling and for the
publications supporting their promotion. Lane Labs was
careful to follow those standards. In addition, MGN-3
was one of the few such supplements which had good science,
including human case studies, to back up its efficacy as
an immune system booster.

Nevertheless, our great Federal court system has seen fit
to shut down production of these products, both of which
have helped many people I know overcome their cancers.
Also, the Lane Labs web site ( is shut
down, at least for the present.

The only bright side to this sordid story is that there
are now some reasonable substitute products. I mention
both Oncolyn and BCI-26 in my book. You can explore
Oncolyn and order it online at:

You can find out more about BCI-26 at:

As most of you know, I’ve been suggesting for the last three
months or so that MSR-3 from Swanson Vitamins is a reasonable
substitute for MGN-3 at about one-third the price. Use the
search feature at their web site:

The online web sites and retail stores which have been selling
MGN-3 and Benefin will have them available until their stocks
run out. Also, for reasons outlined in my book, I do not
recommend AHCC as a substitute for MGN-3.

All the best until next time,

Bill Henderson
Author, “Cure Your Cancer”