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I’m scheduled for a three-hour radio interview on August
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4. Several of you have been kind enough to volunteer to be
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Thank you, my wonderful readers, for your feedback which has kept
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Every day, I get new information from you, my vibrant network of
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I’ve invested several thousand dollars to get this book published
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Remember, every day about 16,500 people in the world die of cancer.
Almost all of those deaths are unnecessary. If that doesn’t inspire
you to get busy and share the information we now have, I don’t know
what will.

What Would I Do?….redux

Some of you will remember an article called “What Would I Do?”
It was in my May 24 2002 Newsletter #23. You might want to
review that one now. It’s at:


Just last week, I got an e-mail from a reader. He said he
appreciated all the information in these newsletters and the
book, but asked if I could “narrow the focus” for the cancer
fighter. His point is well taken. I don’t want to contribute
to your “information overload.” So, I think it’s time to re-
visit the idea of what I would do if I had cancer and see if
there are any changes.

First, I still believe that my decision about what to do would
depend on my financial condition at the time. So, the “Lam-
borghini Strategy;” “Audi Strategy;” and “Volkswagen Strategy”
are still valid concepts. Fortunately, I’ve been blessed with
some additional treatments for the “Volkswagen” crowd and that’s
what I’ll stress here.



Let’s review cancer physiology. It is vital that you under-
stand this, because the odds are your oncologist won’t.

Cancer is a mutation of cells that occurs daily in each of
our bodies. Today, I will produce about 100,000 cancer cells-
cells which have mutated so that the normal cell death after
some period of time does not occur. Among my 20 billion
dividing cells today will be these 100,000 buggers which
would replicate themselves out of control — except that my
marvelous body has several checks on that. First, there is
a cell “proof-reading” process which occurs. Many of these
rascals are killed here. Then, my immune system takes over
and tries to identify any “foreign” objects, including mutated
cancer cells. It kills ’em right and left. Normally, this
process kills them all every day before they can cause trouble.

Sometimes, it doesn’t. The cells clump together somewhere,
or stay in the blood stream (leukemia) or bone marrow and,
eventually, my doctor would discover that I “had” cancer.

Where they clump or first appear is not nearly as signifi-
cant as your oncologist will lead you to believe. All the
emphasis by the conventional oncologists is concentrated on
“Where did these buggers originate?” The reason, of course,
is that their cancer treatments (chemo, particularly) are
targeted at cells originating in certain organs. I’m here
to tell you this is baloney. Sorry, docs, but you are
looking at the elephant from too close up.



What matters is the nature of the cancer cells. Would that
they were all the same. That difference, however, is not
dependent on where they originated. It is determined by
which genes of the 100 or so “oncogenes” among the cell’s
33,000 genes were “turned off” by the mutation. Was it 1,
3 and 5? That cell will act differently and appear differ-
ently to the immune system. Was it 2,7,34 and 58? That
cell will act differently. If you’ve played the lottery,
you know that even with 54 or so numbers, there are 25
million or so combinations of 6 numbers. As you add just
a few numbers, the odds climb dramatically. With 100
possible numbers and one or more of them being mutated
(knocked out) randomly, the possible results of gene
combinations in the resulting cancer cell are in the

This is why no “magic bullet” has been discovered for cancer
that works the same on all cancers or all people. We’re
dealing with a random process here.

With certain of the “oncogenes” knocked out, the cancer cells
may be able to “hide” from the immune system. That’s why
Dr. Ross Hauser of IPT fame (see below) says he sees some
cancer patients with strong immune systems…not many, but

Some cancer cells are more susceptible to cutting off the blood
supply to the tumor or what is called “anti-angiogenesis.” Some
respond to cytotoxic chemicals (chemotherapy) and some do not.
Some respond to attempts to revert the cell back to normal —
what is called “redifferentiation,” and some do not.



There are just six basic anti-tumor (and anti-leukemia)
strategies. All treatments fit into one or more of these
six categories:

1. Direct cytotoxicity (cell killing). Chemo, radiation
and surgery fit into this category, as do many of the gentle,
non-toxic treatments like flaxseed oil/cottage cheese,
artemisinin, protocel, graviola,laetrile, concentrated aloe
vera, etc.

2. Angiogenesis inhibition (cutting off the blood supply to
tumors). Some chemo drugs and natural substances like shark
cartilage and Dr. Gregg’s protocol (see below) fit into this

3. Apoptosis induction (programmed cell death). This is what
happens after the cancer cell has been returned to normal or
aerobic status (see “redifferentiation” below). Direct
apoptosis has been attributed to isoflavones, particularly
genistein, found in soy products. This is controversial,
at best.

4. Redifferentiation (cancer cells revert back to normal).
This is the most desirable of all treatments, because if you
can make it happen, there is little or no effect on normal
cells. Dr. Gregg’s formula (see below) makes this happen.
The Aidan Clinic in Tempe, Arizona uses some different sub-
stances to make this happen (at a much higher cost!).

5. Metastasis inhibition. Cancer becomes much easier to deal
with if you can keep it from spreading through your blood
stream to other organs, bone marrow, lymph glands, etc. Dr.
Matthias Rath’s formula is designed to do just this. See
the section in my book about Dr. Rath’s formula.

6. Immune System Boosting. This is the forte of MGN-3, beta
glucan, Oncylyn, BCI-26 and a myriad of other products, in-
cluding patented chemo drugs like Interleukin-2, etc. Because
they are all relatively expensive, I would try to get my NK
cell activity tested as soon as possible. If I couldn’t get
this done immediately, I would bite the bullet and take them
anyway. The only damage would be to my pocketbook. After I
had been tested, I could make a rational decision on how large
a dose I needed. However, I would take the maintenance dose
for life. Otherwise, my cancer cells would probably get out
of control again sometime down the road.

So, with so many random cancer cell possibilities, how do you
attack this beast and win? That’s what this article is about.



You’ve seen the many testimonials for this treatment or that.
Someone’s gotten cancer-free by using xyz. You rush out and
get it and wonder why it doesn’t work the same for you.

The winning strategy — and the one I would adopt — is to
maximize your odds. I would cover the six bases above with
the most effective and cheapest treatment I could find.

First, I would begin taking MGN-3 and beta glucan until I got
my NK cell activity tested and found it was normal, at which
point I would cut back to the maintenance dose.

Second (and concurrently), I would adopt a strict macrobiotic
diet with no sugar, no hydrolized anything and lots of raw
fruits and vegetables. I would take Green Supreme, Barley
Green or similar product to ensure I was getting all the
digestive enzymes I needed and keeping my body as alkaline
as possible.

Third, I would eat my ration of cottage cheese and flaxseed
oil every day. I do that now. It tastes great and acts as
one meal every day. I mix it with strawberries, almonds and
walnuts and a little stevia for sweetening. After mixing the
cup and a half of cottage cheese and the six tablespoons of
flaxseed oil by hand, I throw the mix in the blender, add the
other stuff and make a smoothie. Great taste! Less filling!

Fourth, I would take Dr. Rath’s formula for minimizing metas-
tasis, but I would buy it in the form of “Heart Plus” from
Our Health Coop ($9.45 for 90 count).

Fifth, I would follow Dr. David Gregg’s protocol to the
letter. See my newsletters #41 and #42 for the details. This
would take care of the “redifferation” of the cells (see above)
and would also encourage anti-angiogenesis (see above).

Sixth, I would find a formula like Dr. Gregg’s Starz or Dr.
Williams’ Daily Advantage for covering the waterfront of
important vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty
acids, amino acids, etc. and take it religiously every day.

Finally, and most important, I would search until I found a
“holistic” doctor sympathetic to helping me track my progress
against the cancer and any other maladies. I would use the
resources in Chapter 1 of my book as a starting point in this
search. At any time it appeared that what I was doing was NOT
working, I would definitely try Protocel, Graviola, Artemisinin,
raspberry tablets and anything else I could afford until I
found the right combination.

That’s it, folks. Not terribly expensive. Most of it is healthy
stuff I would do even if I didn’t “have” visible cancer. I do
lots of it every day now.

The result you are looking for is to get your number of cancer
cells back under that magic number (100,000 or so new ones a
day) where your metabolic processes (cell “proof-reading,”
immune system, etc,) can keep them under control again, as
they did until you “got” cancer.

Short shots…..


Once again, I would like to offer you a bribe to get you to
send me your story of your cancer treatment. If you send me
your story — positive, negative or neutral, I’ll send you a
free copy of my “Cure Your Cancer” book by return e-mail.



The following is not exactly “short.” But I felt it was so
important, I wanted to include it in this newsletter for any
of you who do not subscribe to Dr. Ross Hauser’s IPT News-
letter. Here is his great article on sugar and cancer.

“Sugar Increases Cancer Growth


Endocrinology 101 says that if you eat sugar or a lot of
carbohydrates, your blood sugar goes up. To get your blood
sugar back in the normal range, your pancreas secretes insulin.
The higher the blood sugar, the more insulin that is secreted.


If a person continues to eat too many carbohydrates over a
long period of time, the cells of the body become resistant
to the glucose-lowering effects of insulin. This medical
condition is called insulin resistance. If the person doesn’t
change his or her diet and lifestyle, the condition can
progress into overt diabetes or syndrome X. Syndrome X is a
term used to describe a constellation of risk factors for heart
disease, including insulin resistance, high cholesterol and
triglyceride levels, high blood pressure, and obesity. The
underlying metabolic denominator in syndrome X is elevated
insulin levels. There is little doubt about what contributes
to these elevations-an elevated intake of refined carbohydrates.


Interestingly, research has shown that countries with the highest
consumption of sugar also have the highest breast cancer mortality.


Sugar Is Poison


A poison, as defined by Stedman’s Medical Dictionary, is any
substance, either taken internally or applied externally that
is injurious to health or dangerous to life. Surely sugar meets
this definition as its effects on the human body over time can
lead to the following conditions:


When the blood sugar becomes too high, metabolism is altered,
and disease processes begin. In regard to cancer, this means
cancer physiology. High blood sugars have the following effects
that aid cancer physiology:


* Increase amount of energy source for cancer cells.


* Increase insulin levels that stimulate cancer growth.


* Elevate lactic acid levels that lower tumor pH.


* Encourage anaerobic metabolism.


* Increase protein kinase C, which increases cancer risk.


* Increase prostaglandin E-2 levels, increasing platelet


* Lower immunity.


Positron Emission Tomography


Modern Day Proof That Cancer Lives off Sugar


Positron emission tomography (PET) is an imaging technique that
allows the visualization of the whole body at once; it shows body
metabolism and other functions rather than simply the gross ana-
tomy and structure that is revealed by conventional x-rays, CT
(computer tomorgraphy) scans, and magnetic resonance imaging
(MRI) scans.


No other imaging modality has comparable potential because PET
has the unique ability to image functional processes, such as
tumor metabolic activity, in vivo. The basic principles of PET
are based on the detection of photons emitted from the patient
after the intravenous injection of a short-lived radiopharmaceu-
tical fluorodeoxyglucose FDG.


Because tumors utilize more glucose than normal tissues, they are
seen on the PET scan as dark nodules as they pick up the radio-
active glucose.


PET scanning is a more sensitive modality for showing early cancers
than MRI or CT scans because it involves cancer physiology. When
cells start using more glucose than other normal cells, PET
scanning picks up the abnormality-this is one of the earliest
signs of cancer physiology.


So why are not more PET scans done on cancer patients? Because most
often they are not covered by insurance.


You see even today the simple fact that cancer craves and feeds off
sugar is being ignored by modern allopathic medicine. Cancer
patients, who bear the consequences by being fed sugar in their
tube feedings and intravenous drips in the hospital, are told by
their oncologists to ‘eat whatever you want,’ and are refused a
test by their insurance companies that could help save their lives.


We hope that you will learn that you must starve your tumor because
it craves sugar.”

To subscribe to Dr. Hauser’s newsletter, which I strongly recommmend,
just go to:


In case you have wondered at the spartan simplicity of the
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Bill Henderson
Author “Cure Your Cancer” book

As for the legal stuff — Disclaimer: The author of this
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