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Europe’s Supplement Shops Will Close

Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope you will forgive me for
another shot at urging you to act. I am afraid we are
about to get blind-sided by the FDA if we don’t wake
up and let our voices be heard.

If your local health food store closed down, would it
cause you a problem? If dietary supplements were all
required to go through the $500 million, 10-year FDA
approval process, would you be outraged? If all web
sites which sell dietary supplements were closed down,
would you care? If you had to get a prescription for
every supplement you take, would you object? If so,


One of my readers in Holland told me her access to the
supplements she was taking to control her cancer has
already been shut down. The reason was a directive passed
by the European Union’s Parliament on March 13, 2002.

Below is an article from the London Daily Telegraph of
July 21st, 2002. Health food stores all over Europe
have been told that they will be closed down.

The same action is being sought by Big Pharma in the
U.S. This is nothing new. It is the culmination of 15
years or so of effort by the pharmaceutical cartels to
limit the competition from natural substances. If this
riles you, as it should, please send a message making
your feelings known to the chief bureaucrat:

Dr. Elizabeth Yetley

and to your congresspersons:

Just go to http://www.house.gov and use their locator
to find your congressperson’s name. All you have to
do is type in your address and zip code and you will
be told who’s the representative for your district.
You can send your message right there on the screen.
No fuss, no muss. For the Senate, there’s a link at
the same web page where you can send a message to your
state’s two Senators.

and to the President:

President George W. Bush

Hey, folks…we live in a country which is attempting to
act as a beacon for all democracies in the world. If we
cannot protect our own freedoms through action by the
people, we do not deserve our position as the model.

Before I quote the London Daily Telegraph article, let me
give you a couple of other web sites to check out to fill
in your knowledge of the background and current status of
“Codex Alimentarius” and it’s co-option by the international
drug cartels.

First, read the entire article on this web site:


Next, go to the “Health Freedom Alert” dated July 7th, 2002 at:


Read John Hammell’s article. Please ignore the bit about the
CIA “mind control” implants. Read on to get a feel for the
current position of the Codex and the U.S. position on same.

OK, here is the London Daily Telegraph article. DO SOMETHING

“Most Of Europe’s Health Supplement Stores Will Be Shut Down
By Christopher Booker
The Telegraph – London
(first published 7-21-2002)


From Jane Jones


Also visit: The Silent majority






Drugs Law Is Bitter Pill For Health Shops


Representatives of Britain’s 2,000 health shops have been told
in Brussels that there is now no chance of stopping an EU
directive which will close most of them down.


This is because it is part of an avalanche of EU legislation
which is being “fast-tracked” to give eastern European
countries a chance to comply with it before they join an
enlarged Union.


There are several odd features about this “Herbal Medicines
Products” directive, for which pharmaceutical companies have
been lobbying behind the scenes for years.


Although it is a British initiative, championed by our
Medicines Control Agency, it seeks to apply to herbal remedies
the principle of continental law that things can only be allowed
when they are specifically authorised. This reverses the British
tradition that everything is allowed unless specifically prohibited.


Under the directive such herbal remedies as Hypericum, Rhodiola
and Echinacea, used by five million people in Britain for a wide
range of conditions, could only be sold if they had been through
the MCA’s prohibitively expensive licensing procedures.


Thousands of safe herbal products will thus have to be removed
from the market, which is why many health shops will be forced
to close.


What makes this even odder is that the MCA tried it on before,
when in 1994 it proposed a statutory instrument which it claimed
was necessary to implement a 1965 Brussels directive, passed
three years before Britain’s Medicines Act specifically exempted
herbal medicines from licensing requirements.


When the European Commission explained that this was not what
the directive intended, the MCA was told, after heated discus-
sion in Cabinet, to drop its proposal. Now seven years later,
the MCA has got its way, by successfully lobbying for an EU


There are no health reasons for banning the 3,000 herbal prepar-
ations currently on sale in Britain. Almost all adverse reactions
linked to herbal remedies (infinitely fewer than those due to
synthetic drugs made by pharmaceutical firms) are caused by
preparations made up by Chinese practitioners. These are spec-
ifically exempted from the directive.”

Are you convinced now that we have to act. Contact your Rep-
resentative and Senators and President Bush. Here are some
suggested themes for your message:

– Detail your personal experience with dietary supplements.

– Mention that the FDA is apparently trying to “end run”
Congress with a bureaucratic directive to “standardize” U.S.
controls over food (natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids,
and herbs) with United Nations “standards.”

– This is an obvious power grab by the multi-billion dollar
drug company cartel.

– Freedom to choose to use safe dietary supplements is an
American right. You will not permit it to be taken away by
a bureaucratic agency (the FDA) which is obviously influenced
by drug company money.

– You are aware that large amounts of money are spent by drug
companies on campaign contributions to members of Congress and
the President to influence actions like this. Political death
awaits any of your representatives who allow themselves to be
influenced by “Big Pharma” money.

– Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) stopped a similar power grab with
an amendment to the FDA Reform Bill in November, 1997. He re-
marked at the time emphatically, “the bill does not undo the
Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) in any way
and dietary supplements will remain what they are, food products,
not drugs.”

– Prescription medication is the fourth leading cause of death
in the U.S, — right behind heart disease, cancer and stroke.
To date, there are no documented cases of death from taking
dietary supplements. Exactly what is the FDA trying to
“protect” the American public from?

By the way, for those of you outside the U.S, and Europe, the
above reflects an issue that will be coming to your country soon.
You need to get educated now. Make your legislators aware of
your views. This is an attempt to get worldwide (and Internet)
control over all natural substances. Your country will not be

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