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Workshop In Augusta, Georgia — Y’all Come, Heah?

Just a reminder that I’ll be giving a four-hour workshop this
Saturday in Augusta, Georgia. It is called “Beating Cancer –
Gently.” For those of you who may want to attend this free
workshop in Augusta, here are the details. It will be on
Saturday July 31st from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM (bring your lunch).

The location is the Columbia County Government Center at 630
Ronald Reagan Drive off Washington Road in Evans, Georgia, which
is about 5 miles up highway 104, Northwest of Augusta. The
workshop will be in the wing of the building closest to the
Justice Center building. If you need further directions, please
call Gloria Gill at (706) 860-0069.

I’m attaching a map. It’s in “PDF” format, so any of you who
have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer should be able to
just click on the attachment and have it open on your computer
screen. There are three maps because Gloria Gill made this
sheet up so she could cut up “handbills” for people to take
with them after they read her poster about the event.

Hope to see you there on Saturday.

Abominations — Lane Labs and Jason Vale

Many of you have responded to me about the story on closing
down Lane Labs and MGN3, BeneFin and SkinAnswer production
by our very own FDA. Before we talk some more about other
products you should consider if you’ve been taking these,
particularly MGN-3, I want to quote to you the actual FDA
press release on this. There have been many news stories
in the media about it, but I wanted to be sure all of you
had seen the official FDA press release. Here it is:

July 13, 2004


U.S. District Judge Issues Permanent Injunction Against Lane
Labs-USA, Inc. and Orders Firm to Refund Money to Purchasers
of Illegally Marketed Unapproved Drugs


The Food and Drug Administration today announced that Judge
William G. Bassler of the United States District Court for
the District of New Jersey, has found that three products
sold by Lane Labs-USA, Inc. and its president Andrew J. Lane
(the defendants) as dietary supplements and a cosmetic –
Benefin, MGN-3 and SkinAnswer – are, in fact, unapproved
new drugs under federal law because they were being mar-
keted as treatments for cancer, HIV, and skin cancer with-
out FDA approval. In addition, Judge Bassler permanently
enjoined the defendants from distributing BeneFin, MGN-3,
and SkinAnswer unless the products are first either approved
for marketing by the FDA or distributed pursuant to an
Investigational New Drug (IND) application for purposes of
conducting a clinical trial. Judge Bassler also ordered
the defendants to pay restitution to all purchasers of
BeneFin, MGN-3 and SkinAnswer since September 22, 1999.


‘Today’s action by Judge Bassler sends a strong signal that
the promotion and sale of unapproved drug products, espec-
ially for the treatment of cancer and other serious diseases,
will not be tolerated,’ said Dr. Lester M. Crawford, Acting
Commissioner of Food and Drugs.


‘Moreover, the court’s decision ordering the defendants in
this case to refund money to all purchasers of the unlaw-
fully marketed products is particularly significant, because
it puts promoters of such illegal products on notice that
they cannot profit from this type of exploitation,’ added
Dr. Crawford.


FDA issued a warning letter to the defendants in September,
1997. Nevertheless, the defendants continued promoting
BeneFin, MGN-3, and SkinAnswer as treatments for cancer and
other diseases through such means as mailings, Internet web
sites, and employee statements. BeneFin, produced from
shark cartilage, was promoted as a treatment for cancer.
SkinAnswer, a glycoalkaloid skin cream, was marketed as a
treatment for skin cancer. MGN-3, a rice-bran extract, was
promoted as a treatment for cancer and HIV, the virus that
causes AIDS.


The government’s request for a permanent injunction was
based on the defendants’ demonstrated unwillingness to
comply with the law.”



This type of action by the FDA and FTC is almost always
the direct result of a complaint from a pharmaceutical
company. Any natural substance which appears to have
promise of treating a disease for which there are huge
profits to be made from pharmaceutical drugs gets put
down. If this doesn’t help you vow to take charge of
your own health care, I’m not sure what will.



Many of you have been using MGN-3 as an effective immune
system booster. In fact, I know of at least eight of my
readers who have completely recovered and are cancer-free
primarily from just using this marvelous substance. Hundreds
of others have used it as part of a broader protocol.

Since you cannot just stop your immune system boosting,
I have searched out some reasonably good substitutes for


Look this one up on Google for sources and seek out the
cheapest one. Like MGN-3, RM-10 comes from only one
manufacturer, Garden of Life. This company and its CEO,
Dr. Jordan Rubin, have my respect after reading two of
Dr. Rubin’s books. Also, my wife, as some of you know,
has recovered her normal digestive function using the
HSO’s in their Primal Defense product (see newsletter
#61, April 29, 2004).

The price is quite reasonable. The recommended dosage
is not as high as MGN-3. Get a look at the ingredients.
I think you’ll be impressed, as I was. Ten different
types of mushroom extracts, including the AB Mushroom,
which has been getting a lot of press lately, aloe vera,
Cat’s Claw. Good stuff, I think…but no published
science that I know of. Several readers have recommended


This one from Swanson Vitamins I mentioned in the last
newsletter. Several of you complained that it would
not come up using the search feature at Swanson’s web
site. It seems, for some inexplicable reason, that you
now have to type it in as above (with a lower case “s”
and “r”) for it to come up. Swanson’s product number
is SW868, if you can’t find it any other way. Price:
$18.89 for 65 capsules. http://www.swansonvitamins.com

It is a mixture of rice bran hulls (like MGN-3), three
types of mushrooms, L-cysteine, L-carnosine (two amino
acids) and colustrum. I have had reports of good results
from several readers.


The RM-10 has some beta glucan in it from one of the
mushrooms, but I would supplement it with the best and
cheapest beta glucan product I have come across. It
is called Beta Max and comes from Immune Body. Their
web site is: http://www.immunebody.com



This one just breaks my heart every time I think about
it. Again the Big Pharma mafia, through their hand-
maidens at the FDA, have brutally suppressed a young
man who was sincerely trying to help other cancer
patients by making them aware of what had healed his
kidney cancer — namely Laetrile (in the form of
apricot pits).

Again, the FDA news release tells you their side of
the story. I’m sure you will have no trouble reading
between the lines.

“New York Man Sentenced to 63 Months for Selling Fake
Cancer Cure
22 June 2004


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced the
outcome of its investigative efforts by the Office of
Criminal Investigations, conducted jointly with the
United States Attorney’s Office (USAO) for the Eastern
District of New York and the New York Division of the
United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS), to
bring to justice a businessman who had victimized cancer
patients by heavily advertising and selling Laetrile,
a highly toxic product that has not shown any effect on
treating cancer.


Jason Vale, president of the New York-based Christian
Brothers Contracting Corp., was sentenced on June 18,
2004 to 63 months in prison and 3 years of supervised
release by a United States District Court in the Eastern
District of New York.


‘There is no scientific evidence that Laetrile offers
anything but false hope to cancer patients, some of whom
have used it instead of conventional treatment until it
was too late for that treatment to be effective,’ said
Dr. Lester M. Crawford, Acting FDA Commissioner. ‘This
sentence sends a strong message that we will not tolerate
marketing of bogus medicines.’


Following the investigation by FDA, the USAO, and the
USPIS, the U.S. District Court for Eastern District of
New York placed Vale’s illegal sales and promotion of
Laetrile — also known as amygdalin, ‘Vitamin B-17,’
or apricot pits — under injunction in April 2000.


Defying the court order, Vale set up a shell corporation
in Arizona, and continued to ship the product from the
basement of his own home to customers passed on to him
by his New York firm. For these activities, Vale was
found guilty 11 months ago of three counts of criminal
contempt, and ordered to be held without bail pending
his sentencing.


Last week, the court also found that Vale, who had made
at least $500,000 from his illegal sales of Laetrile,
had committed fraud in his marketing of Laetrile. In
addition, Vale defrauded the U.S. government by claiming
that he qualified for Legal Aid. As a result, Vale was
ordered to reimburse the government $31,000 for the costs
of his appointed defense attorney.”

People, these cases are abominations. They simply make
my blood boil. But, believe me, tilting the government
windmills like modern-day Don Quixotes is not going to
solve this. These blatantly greed-oriented persecutions
have been going on regularly since at least the 1930’s,
that I’m aware of. This despite the efforts of many
brave Congresspersons to head them off. Writing to your
Congressman, Senator or the judges involved may help you
blow off steam, but it is not going to change the “system.”
Believe me, I’ve read the entire history of dozens of these
abominations and the efforts of some of our representatives
to change the system. All has been in vain.

On the other hand, there is evidence that 80% of the cancer
patients are using some form of alternative substances to
treat their cancers, about half without the knowledge of
their doctors. This type of news is what I look for. The
only real answer is for all of us to recognize the corrup-
tion in the system and take charge of our own health care.
There are plenty of ways to achieve a cancer-free state
(what we’re all trying for) without tilting the windmills
and taking on all the stress that involves.

Look for the “windmills” and walk around them. I’ll do my
best to guide you in that walk.

My $.02.

Short shots…..


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Although many alternative medical treatments have been success-
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