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Life Extension Foundation

A non-profit organization you need to become familiar with
is the Life Extension Foundation. Organized in 1980, they
have been researching and reporting on anti-aging issues
ever since then. Here’s a quote from their literature:

“At the heart of The Foundation’s mission are its research
programs to identify and develop therapies to slow and re-
verse the human aging process. Killers such as heart
disease, stroke, cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease are caused,
in large part, by the progressive decline in structure and
function associated with aging. The control of human aging
will reduce and, eventually, eliminate degenerative disease,
which could enable us to remain alive, healthy and vigorous
for centuries.

If you become a member of The Life Extension Foundation,
you’ll be sent treatment protocols for prostate, pancreatic,
breast and other cancers. You’ll be surprised to learn what
oncologists aren’t doing to keep their cancer patients

While the above won’t surprise anyone who has read my book,
it does surprise me that this organization has been active
in anti-aging research for 21 years. If one of your crit-
eria for judging an organization is that they be “FDA-
approved,” don’t bother looking this one up. They have been
battling the FDA since their birth. To me, this simply adds
to their credibility.

In the best modern tradition, The Life Extension Foundation
has both a very professional and well-designed web site and
they also sell numerous products of the type they research.
Don’t let this turn you off. The web site has loads of free
information for non-members. The contents of their monthly
magazine are all available on the web site, for example.

I was intrigued with an interview with a pharmacologist with
very impressive credentials who was talking about the
nutrient suppressing effects of virtually all medications.
He was particularly concerned with women on hormone therapy.
Apparently, the hormone therapy really strips the nutrients
from the diet of women. Men and children are also affected
from “routine” medications, but not as seriously as women.
He explained that the hundreds of studies on this subject are
virtually unknown to doctors because the pharmaceutical
industry is obviously not interested in their promotion.

Check it out. For those of you who are new to me and my
publications, I get no commissions or any other form of
remuneration for recommending anything like this. My mission
is to inform you of life-saving and life-extending informa-
tion. My only income from the research and writing I am doing
comes from sales of my e-book “Cure Your Cancer.”

If you decide you want to join The Life Extension Foundation,
please DO NOT sign up at their web site. Save yourself $37.50
by calling 1-800-544-4440 and mentioning the “50% Discount
Certificate.” Supposedly this offer (to join for half-price,
or $37.50) is only good until July 31, 2001. The web site is:


$$$ For Your Cancer Treatment

Many of you who are cancer patients face a daunting problem.
Medicare and most private health coverage does not pay for
most of the “alternative” treatments we discuss here and in
my book.

Here’s some news that may help. Like a lot of things I’ve
read in the last five years, this one was completely new to

Have you heard of something called “viatical settlements?”
Neither had I. A viatical settlement is the sale of a life
insurance policy issued on the life of a person who, in this
context, is called a “viator.” It is based on a law passed
by Congress that went into effect on January 1st, 1997. It
is called “The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability
Act of 1996.

The person on whose life the policy is written does not have
to be the “owner” of the policy. For example, a spouse may
be the “owner” of the policy and/or the beneficiary.

What is important is that there are options available to get
money NOW out of a life insurance policy. That money may be
more useful now than after the death of the person on whom
the policy is written. What is really ironic is that the
money obtained in this manner may actually extend the life
of the “viator” for many years. [Hint: Don’t let the people
buying your policy know how effective the “alternative”
treatments are that you will be taking!]

The procedure, which amounts to selling the policy to a third
party, covers all types of life insurance policies — term,
whole life, “key-man” policies, buy/sell agreement policies
and so on. Basically, someone is buying the life insurance
benefit at something less than the full amount payable on
the covered person’s death (50-85%, depending on life

For “seniors” 70 or older, the policy can be sold regardless
of the insured’s health. Generally, the proceeds of the sale
are tax-free. Obviously, some paper work and time is involved,
so don’t delay. If you are interested in further information,
here’s a toll-free number to call to get a brochure from one
company which specializes in this (it’s not the only one).
The number to call is 1-888-321-9057. It’s a company called
Viatical Settlement Professionals, Inc. in Richmond, Virginia.
They also have a web site (who doesn’t?). It’s at:


AHCC — Confirming MGN-3

A recent mailing I got from Health Sciences Institute touted
AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound) as the greatest
immune system builder known to man. It is sold by American
BioSciences under the brand name ImmPower. There is nothing
wrong with this product. It is a hybridized mushroom extract,
quite similar in many ways to MGN-3, which is described in
detail in my book.

When I sent for the detailed literature on ImmPower, I found
that several of the scientific studies they included were
headed by Dr. Mamdooh Ghoneum. As those of you who have read
the book know, he is the doctor who formulated MGN-3.

The problem I found with AHCC is that they quoted studies back
in 1994. Dr. Ghoneum, in his own writings, described his 1995
study as a major “breakthrough” in his many years of searching
for a safe and non-toxic “biological response modifier” or BRM.
MGN-3 was the result of that breakthrough.

The bottom line is that ImmPower (AHCC) is a similar product
competing with MGN-3. I haven’t tried it, but several friends
have tried MGN-3 and found it very effective. MGN-3 seems to
be less expensive, particularly in the 500 mg size and from the
source I gave you in Newsletter #5 on May 2nd. That source is:


If you would like to look into ImmPower (AHCC), you can get
the literature on it by calling 1-888-884-7770. That number
will get you to American BioSciences, Inc. in Blauvelt, New
York. They will be happy to send you a large packet of
literature on their product.

What the AHCC literature did was reinforce my belief that
immune system boosters are essential in the treatment of all
cancers, not to mention recurring infections, such as colds,
flu and parasites; gum disease; heart disease; peptic ulcer;
slow healing wounds; digestive problems; AIDS; multiple
sclerosis; and auto-immune illnesses such as lupus.


Bill Henderson

As for the legal stuff — Disclaimer: The author of this
newsletter is a researcher and writer, not a doctor. Any
treatment for an illness should be shared with your doctor
before you attempt it.