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HCG Urine Test — An Update

Many of you are getting the HCG Urine Test (the “pee test”) from the Navarro Clinic in Manila regularly. This is a smart idea. I know of no other cancer test — invasive, non-invasive, CT/PET scan or whatever — which gives you a better indicator of progress in your healing. It is unambiguous, unlike the CT/PET scans. It doesn’t flood your body with harmful radiation like they do. It doesn’t give you false readings caused by the “die-off” of the cancer cells, like all the cancer marker blood tests do. Finally, it gives you a single number — a simple and clear indication of your progress. As that number goes down, you cah be sure you are getting better.

The HCG blood test does not work the same way. It is very difficult to use as a progress indicator and is nowhere near as reliable as the urine test. Unfortunately, there is no lab in the U.S. (or anywhere else in the world) except the Navarro Clinic in Manila which does the HCG Urine Test. In fact, Dr. Efren Navarro’s dad invented the test about 60 years ago.

Here are some recent developments on this test that you want to keep in mind as you prepare your sample and send it off to the Philippines:

Shipment: First, here is an e-mail received by Ted Bahn a few days ago from Dr. Navarro about shipping your urine sample:

“From: Efren Navarro <>
Date: July 29, 2010 4:51:06 AM EDT
To: Ted Bahn
Subject: Re: specimen status-arrival late this PM

Dear Ted,

I just picked up your specimen after receiving the post office notice this afternoon. No customs problem on this specimen. The problem occurs when the specimen is sent by FED EX, EMS, DHL, or UPS. I suggest to label the specimen as ‘documents’ and not ‘urine specimen.’ Also wrap it in a small white envelope instead of aluminum foil since the customs pick this up in their X-ray machine detector. They ‘flag’ it and start putting in extra charges [and, of course, delays]. Sincerely yours,

E F Navarro, MD”

So, best to send it by Priority Mail through the Post Office (at least in the U.S.) and put “documents” as the description on the Customs Declaration form.

Interference: Some time ago, I shared with you Dr. Navarro’s warning about possible interference from steroids and hormone replacement therapy. He said “false positives” have been known to occur from the taking of either of these substances before taking the sample for the HCG Urine Test. He also mentioned Vitamin D3, which most of us take. Vitamin D3 (the common “over-the-counter” form of Vitamin D) is actually a hormone. It is called cholecalciferol. Dr. Navarro’s advice was to stop taking any hormones (artificial or natural), steroids and Vitamin D3 for about three days before you take the urine sample to send to him.

Payment: Last month, an item in this newsletter announced that you can now use PayPal to pay for your HCG Urine Test from the Navarro Clinic. On, just enter the “payee” as and enter $55 (an extra $5 to pay the PayPal fee). For detailed instructions, you can to to


Want To Cruise With Us? Better Hurry!

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On three of the days “at sea” there will be all day seminars conducted by Dr. Carlos Carcia M.D., Dr. John Lubecki, D.C. and me. There will be a couple of short evening sessions, as well. You will have virtually unlimited access to the three of us. You will probably learn just as much from the other cancer survivors, cancer patients and caregivers on the cruise. What a wonderful opportunity! Don’t miss it.

Cottage cheese will be provided on the ship, the Celebrity Eclipse, one of Celebrity’s newest. Fruit will also be available. Your cabin will have refrigeration for flaxseed oil and anything else you bring. If the space is not adequate, there is refrigerated storage available elsewhere on the the ship. You may want to bring your own stick (immersion) blender and a small blender to mix your CC/FO every day.

A free bonus is available for early signup. If you sign up by August 15th, you’ll receive a free copy of the “Heal Yourself — Living Life Free of Cancer and Other Diseases” cookbook by the Cancer Success For You team of Martin and Joyce Erb. Martin is a Stage IV cancer survivor. Several of the recipes are available at the above website.


A Reader’s Story — Jacquie Woodward

Pancreatic cancer is one of the biggest challenges which faces conventional cancer doctors. The five-year survival rate using conventional treatments is less than 1%. Here is Jacquie Woodward’s story of how she healed herself of pancreatic cancer. I hope it gives you the same thrill it gave me.

“Hey Bill,

I just wanted to share. I had two surgeries two years apart for neuro-endocrine pancreatic cancer which had spread locally into stomach for the last surgery. Then several months after second surgery I happened upon your book. I followed your regimen starting Sept 09 and my scans of Oct 09 had a few little spots in liver and lungs not conclusively cancer. I also had a Navarro test of 58 at that time. I had no chemo or radiation.

I know sugar grows cancer….between my surgeries my oncologist had me drinking wine and eating all kinds of sweets, etc. He’s not my oncologist any more. I cannot give your protocol full credit because it doesn’t heal any more than surgery does–only the Lord can heal. But we can work with Him rather than against Him and your protocol does just that. Just this month (after 7 months on the protocol), my nuclear and CAT scans are ‘absolutely normal.’ I continue on all the steps as my Navarro test still shows up 52 or so….I believe I am within normal range considering your last newsletter’s info on the test. I do take thyroid supplement and have for years.

I do Tai Chi every morning, walk about 10 miles a week, chase 3 grandchildren, paint in water media, and have (in the last month or so) added the turmeric, elderberry, ALA, and some of the other supplements suggested by Shane Ellison in ‘Natural Cures.’

I didn’t heal myself. I actually received a miracle from God as my tumor was ‘inoperable’ before the blessing and I survived some things in surgery that just ‘can’t be survived’ according to human wisdom. I’m just trying to steward that miracle with lifestyle. This lifestyle is actually biblical…Daniel and Ezekial ‘diets’ are the basis.

I feel absolutely fantastic….can’t seem to gain any weight being so active and eating so well but absolutely no complaints. God is good and we need to be good stewards of His gracious blessings.

Thanks, Bill, for your tireless educational effort.

Jacquie Woodward”

Thank YOU, Jacquie, for an inspiring message.




An interesting e-mail this month from Marilyn Held described her experience with her Lyme Disease group. They discussed artemisinin and came up with some useful guidelines on dosage. Here’s Marilyn’s e-mail:

“I went to our local Lyme group last week (for the first time) and asked about Artemisinin. I was told the ‘standard usage for long-term therapy’ (more than a month’s time) is alternating two weeks on and three weeks off, due to the difficulty with liver enzymes. It even states on the bottle to have your liver enzymes checked by a physician if you are planning to use it more than 30 days. I’m sure dental toxins are a factor, as well, but in case anyone else asks, you can send on what I learned in my Lyme group.


Interesting, Marilyn. Best to have your liver enzymes tested if you plan to use the Artemisinin long-term.



In case you missed my article on resveratrol, you will find it here:

The article describes “Resveratrol — The Remarkable Anti-aging Supplement.” Just last week, I received this e-mail from Austin Hulsey:

“Hey Bill,

Thought you might want to check out this site. We were talking about the resveratrol the other day when I came across a product that looks really good and isn’t too expensive. It’s $23.99 for a two month supply and it’s the trans-resveratrol kind as well. Here’s the website:

Sincerely and God Bless,

Austin Hulsey”


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