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How Effective Is Chemotherapy?
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What To Eat?

A reader’s comment on my eating recommendations (Chapter 5 of my Cancer-Free book) got me to thinking last week. She pointed out that several cancer experts with a lot of history of success were saying that seeking alkalinity with a pure, raw veggies diet did not work for everyone. She started me on a review of the available literature on this subject.

There is a lot of evidence that dietary advice saying “one size fits all” is not useful. Dr. Atkins, Eat Right For Your Type, Pritikin, South Beach, Zone, etc. dietary advice may fit some people but not all of us. Virtually ALL recommended eating regimens are vastly over- simplified. I plead guilty. In particular, my recommended avoidance of animal protein just doesn’t work for everyone.

I’ve reviewed a lot of the literature on this in the last few days — Dr. Donald Kelley, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, Dr. Kristal, etc., etc. There is no question that what is now called “metabolic typing” is a much more accurate way of determining what’s healthy for YOU to eat. Maybe not for me, but possibly for you.

It seems that there are several types of food processing going on in our bodies. Those of us who are “fast oxidizers” or “sympathetic” need very different food combinations from those who are “slow oxidizers” or “parasympathetic.” Some people need acidity in their diet rather than alkalinity. As usual, this subject is more complex the more you study it. Basically, we are all different.

There are some things everyone, including the metabolic typers, seems to agree on. Certain foods — sugar, processed food, dairy and gluten — definitely promote cancer. The big issue is the “vegan” approach vs. some animal protein.

So, what to do about what is good for you to eat? It should be no surprise that some study is necessary. I’ve looked at a lot of options for you to read on this subject and boiled it down to one source that I like for some additional education. I’ve read Dr. Gonzalez’ papers and interviews. He has actually written a couple of books on this subject. He tailors an eating regimen for each of his cancer patients based on their metabolic type. He uses hair analysis, along with questionaires, to establish the metabolic type. He has about ten varieties of eating regimens. We can’t all afford to go to him and he “cherry picks” his clients anyway — apparently to improve his success rate.

But rather than Dr. Gonzalez, I’m going to recommend you read some articles on this put together by Dr. Robert Rowen, another M.D. I admire. I’m going to give you a link to a list of articles on this subject by Dr. Rowen. I want you to concentrate your attention on the first two. They are titled “Eat Right For Your Metabolism — Not Your Blood Type” and “Curing Incurable Cancer!” You may want to read more of the articles on this subject at this same link. To get started, just click here.

Happy eating!


How Effective Is Chemotherapy?

For many years, both Dr. Garcia, M.D. and I have been professing that chemotherapy doesn’t work. We have told our clients that the “success rate” was somewhere around 3%. Most people just find this hard to believe. “You mean oncologists almost always fail to heal their cancer patients?…Nawwww.” We’ve heard this skepticism over and over again. “I know several people who have recovered from their cancers using chemotherapy.” We have heard these comments repeatedly.

Well, finally, Dr. Garcia and his staff have isolated some statistics that back up our statements about the success rate of chemo. I want you to read three articles — or at least parts of them. This exercise, we hope, will finally give you the facts about this subject, not just opinions.

The first article is by Dr. Garcia. He wrote it for his cancer patients at his Utopia Wellness Clinic in Clearwater, Florida. The second article was published in Scientific American in 1985. It talks about the 3% success rate of chemotherapy.

The last article is the most interesting, at least to me. It summarizes the result of a study completed in 2004 by three Australian researchers. They looked at about 73,000 cancer cases in Australia and 155,000 cancer cases in the U.S. from 1990 to 2004. Their overall findings were that chemotherapy improved the 5-year cancer survival rate by an average of 2%. The exact average percentages were 2.1% in the U.S. cases and 2.3% in the Australian cases.

The actual percentages are much lower for common cancers. This is because a couple of rare cancers have a much higher rate. Hodgkin’s Disease has a 40.3% improvement rate; testicular cancer (that of the Lance Armstrong “poster boy” for chemo) has a 37.7% improvement rate. These two, even though rare, raise the average. For the most common cancers, the rates were: breast cancer 1.4%; prostate cancer 0.0%; lung cancer 2.0%; and colon cancer 1.0%.

The study was published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology in 2004 (16:549-560). It is available to all oncologists who want to do some serious study. If I had a 98% failure rate in my profession, I’d look for something else to do. They choose to ignore it and motor on with their warnings that “…if you don’t do this chemo, you’ll die.”

Please, for your own benefit and that of your loved ones, take a look at these articles. You’ll find them by clicking here.


Root Canals and Cancer — Two Examples

It’s been awhile since I’ve published an article on root canals and other dental toxins and their relationship to cancer. I’m going to fix that here with an article by me along with two case studies.

First, I want you to read an article I wrote about a year ago. I give a copy to all my cancer “coachees” to get them motivated to deal with this issue. It is called “Root Canals and Cancer” and you’ll find it by clicking here.

Here is the first of the interesting stories I’ve been sent recently on this subject.

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2005 & six months later read about the oral pathology/cancer and disease connection. I was blown away. Could this be true? Later a thermogram of my jaw area revealed a ‘hot spot’ in my lower right jaw. It turns out that I had an infected root canal! I did not have a clue that this tooth was a problem as I didn’t experience any pain. My holistic dentist showed me the x-ray where the root of the tooth had cracked & infection set in. I then had the tooth extracted, the jawbone scraped and have had ozone injections to take care of any remaining infection.

That tooth (#29) is on the same meridian as the stomach/mammary – BINGO! I believe this tooth was the source of my cancer. I had the deadly HER II type breast cancer, too. I want the world to know this oral pathology/cancer & disease connection.

Kind Regards,

Mary Jo Garay”

Thanks Mary Jo. What everyone needs to realize is that ALL root canal-filled teeth are infected as yours was. The nature of root canal fillings ensures that anaerobic bacteria will grow in the dentin of the tooth. They put out toxins “more toxic than botulism” according to two experts in this field. Four molars on either side of every woman’s jaw are directly connected to the mammary glands.

Here is the second of the two case studies on the “dental toxins” issue:

“Hello Mr. Henderson,

The last time i talked to you I was sharing my frustration about the results of the urine tests. They were not showing any improvement after I had been on the ‘protocol’ for over 2 years. I had cleaned my mouth of mercury amalgams. I had my root canal teeth pulled out (which ended up raising the number to one point higher)…..very disappointed….

You suggested that before I could totally rule out my mouth as a source of problems, I should maybe go to the next step of checking inside my jaws for possible unseen infection. I had a Cavitat test done. It showed an area in the bone that looked like a recent extraction of a tooth. Actually, it had been removed 10 or 20 years before). The dentist did surgery to remove the part of the jawbone that was very soft and sent the fragments to a lab for study. It turned out to be osteomyelitis (ischemic marrow atrophy). There was no evidence of malignancy. The surgery was two months ago. I just got another Navarro Urine Test back. It went down two points (from 55 to 53)!!!!

You were right. You really need to go the last mile in clearing every possible site of infection in the mouth if you want to get better. Thank you for insisting. Feel free to share my experience with others to support their healing.

Wishing you all the best,


Thanks, Simone. She wanted me to give you only her first name, but she did give me an e-mail address to give you if you’d like to contact her. It is:

Bottom line: The most common cause of all cancers (and all other degenerative conditions) is dental toxins. You must find a competent dentist to evaluate your jaw if you want to recover from cancer.


A Reader’s Story — Anita Ashworth

I’d like to share an inspiring story of healing with you.

“My name is Anita and I am a two-year breast cancer survivor because my husband, (a retired Marine aviator and Lt. Colonel) found and read a book named “Cancer-Free, A Guide to Gentle, Non-toxic Healing” by Bill Henderson. We continue to use this book today as our primary reference guide and recommend it to all cancer patients we know.

Two years ago, following a mastectomy for stage 3 cancer, I chose not to follow my oncologist’s recommended five rounds of chemotherapy, ten doses of radiation and five years of hormone replacement therapy. My decision was easy after hearing that even if I followed this ‘protocol of poison,’ I still would have only a 39% chance of being alive in ten years.

I asked if he would monitor my progress with my choosing alternative cures. He agreed, perhaps because he is Syrian, (but educated in the US), and most interested in my planned protocols of the Dr. Budwig diet and the use of Beta-1,3D Glucan, exercise and lots of prayer.

I immediately stopped the use of all of the ‘whites’ (flour, sugar & rice), as well as anything with High Fructose Corn Syrup. I minimized food preservatives and even eliminated my favorite soft drink, root beer. We became label readers and adopted the philosophy that ‘if we couldn’t pronounce it, we didn’t consume it.’

The first year, my oncologist had me on a three-month schedule of blood tests. The second year, he changed me to a four-month schedule. I started on a six-month schedule in the third year, beginning in May, 2010. He continues to be both amazed and fascinated at my results.

I have recommended Bill Henderson’s book to several of my friends who have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, one with jaw cancer and one with pancreatic cancer. The research that went into this book is incredible and offers numerous alternative cures. I also enjoy the articles and information available on his website (

I thank God daily for my success in beating my cancer, and I thank Bill Henderson, too.

Anita Ashworth
Monticello, FL

Thank you, Anita for this great story. I’m sure it will help lots of other people.




In last month’s newsletter, I published an article on “Lemons and Cancer.” I’ve removed it from that newsletter. I was taken in. It is a fraud. There is no such organization as Institute of Health Sciences in Baltimore, Maryland. has posted a notice of this fraud. I like Health Sciences Institute (HSI), which is a legitimate organization. In my hurry to put the newsletter together, I didn’t stop to realize that this was not the same organization. In fact, it doesn’t exist. Please, if you read that article, ignore it. Lemon juice doesn’t harm you, but it’s not the “miracle cure” claimed in that article.



One of my fans, Kathy Hess-Reneau of San Antonio, Texas is writing a book on cancer healing. She needs some stories of recoveries. Kathy is a Certified Anger Resolution Therapist and Motivation Coach. Here’s what she says about this project:

“My name is Kathy Hess-Reneau and I am someone who chose to seek treatment outside of the mainstream medicine system when I was hit with a health crisis in June of 2005. I am interested in hearing from women who have chosen to utilize natural methods to address the diagnosis of cancer (breast or other) rather than the usual allopathic approach of chemotherapy and radiation.

I am writing a book and would like to publish inspiring stories as a way to encourage other women to recognize that they don’t have to behave like puppets to the $200 billion industry’s system that cuts, fries and poisons the body. Whether you had a surgery, lumpectomy, hysterectomy or chose not to do that, makes no difference. I would like to hear about your personal journey through your healing process (mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically).

So if you are interested in participating, understand there will be no money paid for this.”

To contact Kathy and get a copy of the form she wants you to fill out, please send her an e-mail at or call her in San Antonio at (210) 559-7711. Thanks.



I have told you about Jonathan Chamberlain and his book “Cancer — A Complete Recovery Guide” in a previous edition of this newsletter. I’ve also interviewed him on my web talk radio show. Now, Jonathan is updating his book and would like some cancer survivor stories. He is a fine gentleman with a great message. If you can help him by sending him your story, I’ll be very grateful. His e-mail address is:

You can learn about him at his website He also has a wonderful archive of new information at,



All my readers in the UK are well aware of the expense of shipping and customs to get the products I recommend in my book. Fortunately, there is a dealer for the Transfer Point Beta 1,3D Glucan in the UK, as I reported in my April, 2011 newsletter. Now Joss Gardner is offering you other products with free shipping to UK addresses. Here’s his offer:

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The products will be available in September, as Joss will be away in the month of August. To get your order in, just drop Joss an e-mail at:



Last but not least, I’d like to offer you a look at a video which will blow your mind, if you are like me. As an exclamation point to the debt ceiling hassle we’ve been listening to for the last two weeks, take a gander at this incredible video.


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Be well…and be sure to hug each other every day and lay your burdens down tonight!

Bill Henderson
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