Magnascent Iodine — Inexpensive and Essential
A Cancer Patient’s Story — Louis Badenhorst


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Welcome to this 163rd issue of my monthly newsletter. About 24 months of past issues are available at this website. Just click on the “Newsletter Archive” link on the left of the screen. The articles tend to be “timeless,” so read or reread some of them at your leisure.


Magnasent Iodine — Inexpensive and Essential

John Brookshire has recently reminded me of the essential nature of Iodine for recovery from cancer. I’ve been using John’s “Magnascent Iodine” for several years, but have not been consistent with it. After reading the letter he sent me where two doctors in India described their experience treating cancer with it, I decided I had to bring it to your attention. I have also renewed my daily consumption of it. See if you don’t agree it is something you should be taking daily:

“Feb 5, 2011

Dear John,

Thanks for the mail. Yes, Dr.Kumar is using Magnascent Iodine in breast cancers with very good results (especially in early stage-Stages 1 and 2). We have seen the early symptoms of breast cancers like lumps and swollen lymph nodes disappearing in 2-3 months. Dr.Kumar says it works wonders in benign cysts of the breast and ovarian cysts (very good results with total remission). It is like a lifeline for females with benign cysts, ovarian cysts and also infertility due to hormonal imbalance. Most breast cancers are iodine-deficient conditions and the atomic iodine is the nutrient of choice with no side effects. For breast cancers, it has 1) Apoptotic action, 2) Antiangiogenic action (to prevent spreading of cancers), 3) Detox action to chelate mercury, arsenic and lead that is associated with breast cancers, 4) Tones up thyroid as most breast cancer patients are thyroid deficient, 5) Boosts up the immune system. According to Dr.Kumar every female should be on magnascent iodine after 30 years of age.(along with VitD3).

Hats off to you for bringing out one of the most essential nutrients to the world.

Ours best regards,

Dr.Chakradhar and Dr.Jagadishof”

To get some of the wonderful Magnascent Iodine and start taking it, just go to:

[P.S. I have no financial interest in any of these products.]


A Reader’s Story — Louis Badenhorst

I have reserved the major portion of this newsletter for the following story. The reason is that it is the most complete and informational account of recovery from a serious case of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (NHL) I have ever read. Don’t make the mistake of not reading this because you are not concerned about NHL. In my experience, it is exactly like every other cancer. Please absorb what Louis is telling you here. Healing takes time and effort. His is a superb example:


It was in October 2008 that the doctor confirmed: ‘It is cancer. It is Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in the third stage.’ I went to Moffitt Cancer Institute and the very kind young doctor told me that the bad news is that this type of Non-Hodgkin’s cancer is not curable. It started with the swelling of a lymph node under my right jaw and a further discovery of the swollen nodes in my lower back by the CT scan. All necessary tests were done to confirm the type of cancer.

As the doctor discussed with me the treatment, I asked her if I was her father, what would she suggest for me? She said that as long as I can live with the pain of the large swollen glands in my lower back it was not necessary to get the chemo even if they may even double in size. But the longer I can wait before I take chemotherapy, the better it would be. It would be important to get chemotherapy if my night sweats, which were not much at that stage, should increase.

My wife and I then started to read about many different kinds of natural treatments. I thought some were good but there was just no way to really test the outcome of what I was doing.

We discovered the Gerson Therapy but again the same problem. There was no true instrument to measure the progress and I didn’t want to take a CT scan every few months.

The greatest breakthrough was when my wife discovered the Cancer-Free book by Bill Henderson.

The main thing we discovered was that there is an accurate instrument, the Navarro test, (HCG test) with no negative effects. (After my healing progress started, I once compared the Navarro test with a CT scan; I saw a definite correlation between the two tests and I realized that I can trust the Navarro test).

One of the greatest problems to overcome (according to Henderson’s book), was the three root canals in my mouth and all mercury based amalgams in many of my teeth. It was no problem to remove and to replace the fillings and it also made sense to me. Bill Henderson told me in a telephone conversation: ‘If you want to get healed, you will have to remove your root canals the correct way.’ (Not only have the teeth removed, but a millimeter of bone around the shaft of the teeth had to be removed).

Before I removed the teeth I did a Navarro test and the count was 64.5. It was not easy to find a holistic dentist but finally Dr. Bromboz in Clearwater, Florida (recommended by Bill) did it. (He removed two teeth on one side of my jaw and drilled out the one millimeter of bone. I realized that he did not drill the bone on the last tooth, I left it there because I was just too happy to get out of the chair). Two months after the teeth removal I did a Navarro test and the result was incredible: 54.5. I was inquisitive to see if this test corresponds with the CT scan. Yes it did, because the size of the lymph-nodes shrunk by fifty percent. Then I knew I was on the right track and I just carried on with the program Bill Henderson advises in his book.

One problem I experienced since using the vitamins in Mr. Henderson’s book was that I had a relentless sleeping disorder, insomnia. However for one year of staying on this diet and using the recommended vitamins, my tests stayed at 54. Apart from the Henderson program I also did the coffee enemas of the Gerson program daily. (At one stage I had to stop using the coffee because it started to influence my taste and smell sensors. I switched to herbal teas with the same success).

After the year of keeping the 54 test score, I looked at the movie, ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.’ I realized that after starting this diet and losing a lot of weight, I was still obese.

I started water fasting for 20 days without any supplements and for the first time after one year my test count came down 1.5 points. I then realized that I was on the right track. My body was still so full of toxins and I realized that the detoxing was taking place. In order to assist with the process, I took one teaspoon of charcoal powder with water twice a day and continued with the herbal tea enemas. For the first time after 15 months I could sleep well again. (I experienced insomnia from taking the green tea supplements). A week later I started the juicing program of ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’ movie documentary. I discovered the same success as with the water fasting.

My wife discovered the role of probiotics and the negative effect of antibiotics on the immune system. I am taking a probiotic supplement and it works, because for the first time in many years I did not need antibiotics prescriptions for flu.

This time the Navarro test came down to 50.5 and it stayed there for six months and would not move further, no matter what I did.

I finally made a hard decision to go back to the dentist. As mentioned earlier I still had the question of the one millimeter bone around the shaft that was not properly drilled out. I suspected that was the cause that my test levels would not drop lower than 50.5. The doctor also discovered on the X-ray a very small portion of amalgam in my right jaw where he removed the two teeth before.

It was a painful experience but the outcome was joyful.

After two months I did a Navarro test again and the outcome was amazing. The count dropped to the 49 level. In two months I will once again take a CT scan and I believe it will have a correlation again with the Navarro test.I prefer not to have a CT scan, but if it could help others to confirm the accuracy of the Navarro test, I will be pleased to do it.

I want to thank the following:

1. Our Heavenly Father who is the Giver of Life and the following people for my remission/recovery.
2. My wife Heloise whose loving dedication is always focused to keep me well and healthy. All the hours of her studies and total dedication to get me well. The food, the personal support and love. She is my hero!!
3. Bill Henderson for his book, his personal advice, motivation, guidance and support. In his book we made our first major discovery of the scientific instruments on the path of recovery. (It helped me to become my own guinea pig, in order to see what works and what does not work in the recovering process. The monthly results of the tests helped a lot).
4. My dentist Dr. Jonathan Bromboz who played the major role in cleaning my jaws from mercury amalgam and the removing of the root canals.
5. The Gerson Institute for their role to help me understand the detoxing process.
6. ‘The China Study’ book that promotes a healthy way of living by Colin Campbell.
7. The team involved with the movie: ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.’
8. The motivation from the testimonies of other cancer survivors who confirmed that it is possible to survive cancer without chemotherapy.
9. The doctor at Moffitt Cancer Institute who advised me not to take the chemotherapy too early because my cancer was not aggressive at that stage yet!”

Thank you, Louis, for your wonderful guidance for all of us. I need to point out several things for you, my loyal readers:

1. Louis apologized to me because English is not his first language, yet I had to do very little editing of his account.
2. Louis has offered you his home phone number, if you’d like to call him. He is a 55-year-old Pastor who lives in Tampa, Florida and his number is (813) 962-1845 (Eastern Time) — please be considerate.
3. The Dr. Bromboz in Clearwater, Florida he mentioned has recently retired. He has turned over his practice to a wonderfully competent dentist named Dr. Beata Carlson. Dr. Bromboz did a long and detailed search to find Dr.Carlson before he would trust turning over his practice to her. I have not met her yet, but Dr. Carlos Garcia has andhe was quite impressed. I’ve had two positive feedbacks on her, so far, from my clients. Her phone number is (727) 712-3837.




Here’s an e-mail I got this month from Richard Rood that may be of great help to you:

“Bill I love your e-book…unfortunately for my mother it was all too late. She passed 2 years ago but I still love to read your newsletter and continue to educate myself on the disease. I wanted to throw this out there as it’s a supplement that I take daily. That supplement is organic sulfur and it’s a pretty amazing supplement to take. I think it would be helpful against the war on cancer because it helps to regenerate cells and supply oxygen to healthy tissue. I’d love to hear your thoughts on Organic Sulfur. Thank you again for your continued efforts fighting this dreadful disease. God Bless and keep up the good work.

Kind Regards,

Richard Rood”

Thanks, Richard. I have read about methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), which is the most common form of the organic sulfur. I think you should explore this one. Not too expensive and very useful. Here are a couple of websites, if you’re interested:

Natural News article

MSM Source



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If you’ve been following me for awhile, you’ve heard me mention Ann Fonfa and her Annie Appleseed Project several times. She is a truly dedicated provider of information and campaigner for more health freedom, particularly as it pertains to cancer. On September 14th and 15th, Ann will be staging a wonderful seminar in San Francisco. If you’re anywhere near there, please try to go. You’ll love the wide variety of information, speakers, etc. she always has. You can get all the details about this meeting by clicking here.



I simply couldn’t complete this newsletter without bringing you this wonderful article from Natural News on Big Pharma’s extreme corruption and how it makes our medical system stink — bigtime!! Please read this article:


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Be well…and be sure to hug each other every day and lay your burdens down tonight!

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