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Welcome to this twenty fourth issue of the Cure Your Cancer Newsletter.

Readers Cure Their Cancer

Many of you have sent me information on various topics of
interest to my readers. I really appreciate it. But what
really turns me on are first-person accounts of how you got
well — how you beat the cancer beast. I’d like to share
three of those with you now.


First, meet Steve Finney. Steve is a Major Account Manager
for Cisco Systems. Here is his letter to me:

“Bill – Just a note of thanks for your ‘labor of love’ and
for your ongoing work despite losing Marjorie. You must be
a great friend to many people. I stumbled on your site
after searching info on Graviola, as the many folks I am
involved with who use Protocel (aka Cancell) have recently
been made aware of this amazing extract from the Brazilian

[See the article on Graviola in my newsletter. You can find
it at: http://www.beating-cancer-gently.com/archive14.shtml
The article is “Graviola-Help From The Amazon Rain Forest.”]

Steve’s letter continued:

“I am 39 and was diagnosed with Stage 3 Anaplastic Astrocytoma
brain cancer about 16 months ago, and after taking Protocel
for only 5 months, the tumor is absolutely dead and does not
enhance whatsoever. Two neuro-oncologists have told me they
have never seen my kind of result, and I hear that so often
now from others I just take it for granted. I am so grateful
for Protocel, but I am real excited about it being used in
conjunction with Graviola. I have heard of 2-3 cases already
in which the two were used in conjunction and there was tumor
disappearance in literally days — serious tumors.


It would be good to hear from you, but I wanted you to know
that I admire your tenacity and love of people to go to the
effort to do what you are doing. God bless, Steve Finney”

Steve has said you can contact him if you have questions.
His e-mail address is: sfinney@cisco.com


Second, meet Janet Pauly. Janet is an RN (Registered Nurse)
who now runs her own business selling the product which
cured her of metastasized lymphoma. You can get a copy of
her audio tape called “My Miracle” on which she gives a 45-
minute detailed account of her remarkable experience. My
wife and I were so impressed that we made three copies of
the tape that same evening and gave them to personal friends
battling cancer.

You can get a copy of Janet’s audio tape by sending her an
e-mail at: janetpauly@hotmail.com


Third, meet Tony Preston (again). Many of you remember Tony
from a previous article on his inspiring story in my news-
letter. You can find that article at:


The article is called “Protocel-You Must Try This!”

But wait! Before you go there, you can save yourself some
time by clicking on the link below. It will bring Tony’s
most recent 4-page letter to me up on your screen. I have
edited his marvelous letter, but just to make it plain text,
just like this newsletter. When it comes up on your screen,
you can either scroll down and read it or print it out. I
recommend the latter. Study it and take it to heart!

Tony has given you a complete history of his experience with
his pancreatic cancer being totally cured using Protocel.
I won’t repeat the letter here. You need to read it all.
Just click here:


Knowing you are an inquisitive bunch, I asked Tony a couple
of follow-up questions, which he was kind enough to answer:

1. Are you continuing to take the Protocel, and, if so, for
how long?

Tony’s answer:

“I am still taking it. My CA 19.9 [pancreatic
cancer tumor marker] is 100 so the cancer is not 100% gone.
I will probably still take it after it goes to zero, for at
least a year or two. After all, just because it is zero
doesn’t mean there is no cancer, just that medical science
cannot detect it.”

2. Were you taking any other CAM substances in the past year
or so?

Tony’s answer:

“I did take MGN-3 for a month with no apparent
effect (probably not long enough and I had not found a lot of
the information on it like stuff on your site at that point).


I did run a little experiment with Pau D’Arco tea. I added it
and compared my blood work after about 1 1/2 months. It had
no effect, no real improvement. I had made it as strong as
suggested in the info I found.


Both the Tea and Mgn-3 are compatible with Protocel, although
the tea has similar anti-oxidant properties and probably tries
to do the same thing as Protocel which is why I did not see any


I never took the GE-132, Pancretin, and Bromaline supplements
that many other people take with Protocel, My doctor had no
objection to Protocel, but did to them. Also, any studies I
found did not show them being successful with fighting cancer.”

So, there you have it, folks. Three people who have cured them-
selves of very difficult cancers — brain cancer, lymphoma with
extensive mets and pancreatic cancer. Do you see what a positive
and inquisitive attitude can do? It can literally save your life.

FAIM – Lobbying State Governments For You

If you haven’t heard of The Foundation for the Advancement of
Innovative Medicine (FAIM), you should have. One of this fine
organization’s most prominent spokespersons is Monica Miller.

Monica, a fine art painter turned political lobbyist and legal
activist on behalf of doctors, has been instrumental in getting
“freedom of practice” legislation in place for MDs in her home
state of New York.

She also has a website with info on what is happening with
alternative medical poilitics in other states around the USA,
and helps their legal activists. You can check her web site to
see if your state is progressive in these matters and e-mail
her for more information. It’s at:


In brief, here’s what you will find there. There is information
on the details of the freedom of choice of medical care laws and
regulations in each state. For example, twelve states have laws
that protect patient access to alternative therapies from lic-
ensed physicians. They are: Alaska, Colorado, Florida, Georgia,
Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon,
Texas and Washington.

Of these, Florida’s laws are the most liberal. They protect your
access to alternative therapies from ALL health care professionals.

Two other states – Louisiana and Nevada – have regulations (not
laws) which protect your rights of access to these treatments.

Monica and FAIM are trying to extend this freedom, state by state.
We need to help her. Check out her web site and e-mail her with
your offer of support. Her e-mail address is:


Go Monica!!

Codex Alimantarius — Say What?

If you think the U.S. has a monopoly on Big Pharma ripoffs, let
me introduce you to Codex Alimentarius. What’s that? Well,
on March 13th the European Parliament – a 626-member legislative
body representing the 15 European Union countries – passed the
“EU Directive on Dietary Supplements.” This is based on a United
Nations Directive called “Codex Alimentarius.” Passed in 1995,
this is Big Pharma’s attempt to take over the international reg-
ulation of dietary supplements. Basically, it classifies
vitamins as medical drugs rather than food supplements.

The EU Directive grants a transition period of three years for
vitamin supplements already on the market. But in 2005, every
EU country [all 15] will be required to implement the Directive.

As Jenny Thompson of Health Sciences Institute wrote to her
subscribers in a “Health Sciences E-alert:”

“As it currently stands, in just three years a wide range of
natural remedies will be banned across most of Europe, making as
many as 300 ingredients – including chromium picolinate, yeast,
lysine, and selenium – illegal for over-the-counter sale. Other
supplements that remain in stores will contain very low dosage
amounts – not enough to provide any real therapeutic value.”

For example, the highest dose of Vitamin C available without a
prescription will be 60 mg. For me to get my 3 grams a day,
I’d have to take 50 tablets instead of the three I take now.

Jenny Thompson says:

“It’s almost like they’re passing a law against prevention.
So not only are the pharmaceutical companies eliminating
competition from natural products for treating illnesses, they
are essentially forcing greater need for prescription products for
citizens of the EU. After all, without prevention, where will people
be forced to turn when they get even the slightest bit ill? To
physicians who will prescribe mainstream pharmaceuticals or
super-strength, prescription-only vitamins supplied by – guess
who – the Pfizers, Mercks, and Bayers of the world.”

If you think the U.S. is immune from such nonsense, think again.
Big Pharma just decided to attack the EU first because they have
many legislators in the EU Parliament with drug company ties.
This will be coming to a country near you soon, unless we act.

There is a way for you to participate and object — NOW! Just
go to the web site of a wonderful German doctor who has led the
fight against this fraudulent idiocy for the past 8 years. His
name is Dr. Matthias Rath. To date, he has gotten 604 million
people all over the world to sign the petition against this
nonsense. Take a look at his marvelous web site:


You can vote there against this Big Pharma ripoff. Do it. It
will make you feel a little better. Then take a look at Dr.
Rath’s other web site which describes his cancer treatment.
You can elect to read his free e-books in the language of your
choice. There are videos showing how cancer spreads at the
cellular level. This is an impressive site. Don’t miss it.


…..Short Shots

Pharmaceutical Facts

If you would like some interesting facts on the pharmaceutical
industry, take a look at one of Dr. Mercola’s recent articles:


Oncologists Look At CAM

Want an inside look at how oncologists view your and my interest
in CAM? Take a look at Dr. Moss’ recent report on a symposium
called “Complementary and Alternative Medicine: State of the
Evidence.” It happened on May 17, 2002 at the American Society
of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) annual meeting in Orlando. His
well-written report is at:



In case you have wondered at the spartan simplicity of the
format of this newsletter, it has a purpose. From experi-
ence publishing several newsletters, I’ve found that this
format — simple text with lines no longer than 65 char-
acters — is the only one that will print on all e-mail
screens (maybe even WebTV) the same. Most of you will
notice that the web links in this newsletter are high-
lighted in blue. Clicking on them will open your browser
and take you to that site. If they are not highlighted
(a la AOL), you may need to “copy and paste” them into
your browser.

I’ll be back sometime soon with another newsletter. Be
well and send your friends to my website:



Bill Henderson
Author “Cure Your Cancer” e-book
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As for the legal stuff — Disclaimer: The author of this
newsletter is a researcher and writer, not a doctor. Any
treatment for an illness should be shared with your doctor
before you attempt it.