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The Incredible, Mysterious Immune System

Are you as fascinated as I am with the incredibly intelli-
gent workings of our immune system? Here’s a great book
I stumbled across while browsing in the library the other

It’s called “The 10 Best Tools To Boost Your Immune System”
by Elinor Levy, Ph.D. and Tom Monte, copyright 1997. If
you want a thorough understanding of how your immune system
works in a very readable (i. e. non-technical) style, by
all means get this book. The authors aim is not merely
entertainment, although I found it hard to put this one
down. Their purpose is to teach you to heal yourself by
understanding how to enhance the powers of your magnificent
immune system.

The “10 Tools” they refer to include: Antioxidants; Min-
erals; A Low-Fat Diet; Medicinal Herbs, Spices and Cancer-
Fighting Foods; Exercise; Stress Reduction; Beliefs and
Attitudes; Intimacy and Relationships; Staying Out of
Harm’s Way; and Creating Balance. This will give you
an idea of the scope of their discussion.

To give you a taste of their readable style, let me quote
a passage where they are explaining the function of the
thymus gland, an endocrine gland a little bigger than a
man’s fist which is located just over the heart. They
are describing the “training” that cells in the immune
system get in the thymus gland:

“In keeping with the seriousness of its task, the thymus
doesn’t brook any form of incompetence. Ninety percent
of the cells that go there for training never make it
out alive. They self-destruct if they are unable to
mature, to find a specific role in the overall immune
armamentarium, or to learn to distinguish between self
and nonself. Scientists don’t understand exactly how
this judgment is made and carried out, but we know it
happens. Perhaps like the weaker animals within herds,
they are destroyed for the sake of the safety and
health of the larger group. Clearly, behaviors that
we see in nature that may shock us are also present
within us. The immune system is dead serious about
its mission, and the consequences for incompetence
within its ranks are terminal.”

Get your hands on this book. You’ll love it. After
reading it, I would not change one word of my e-book
“Cure Your Cancer.” There is more detail in this book
on exactly how the immune system works, but the authors
and I agree.

The main thesis of my book and this book is that we
are in control of our health. It is vital that we
understand how our body’s most vital systems work, so
we can assist our doctors in healing us or, better yet,
avoid degenerative diseases altogether.

Finally, despite it’s undeniable validity, supported by
voluminous references to scientific studies, most of
what is in this book is complete mystery to most doctors.
If your approach is just “Trust my doctor,” you will
be wasting your time reading this book (or my book).

Roberts Review – A VERY Helpful Web Site

Roberts Review is a cancer information web site with a wide
variety of useful information. You can get a free publica-
tion with the latest information on financial assistance
available for cancer patients. Updates on all the ongoing
cancer studies are there. There is a link to:


which is the government’s official guide to ongoing and
planned clinical trials.

There are links to books by M.D.s on all types of cancer.
There is a doctor locator for all types of maladies,
including oncologists for cancer. All 19 of them listed
in San Antonio (my home town) were M.D.s. No Naturopathic,
Homeopathic or Herbalist healers.

However, they give ample space and promotion to alternative
cancer cure information. One is to my book (ta da!!). It is
the “Natural Rx’s” link on the left of the first screen.
Another link in the same area entitled “Holistic Cancer Cure”
takes you to a site called:


This latter site is a “mother lode” of information on all
kinds of alternative cancer treatments. Here’s a brief
quote from one of their reports:

“Recently a young man, Jim (not his real name) contacted us
who had been diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma, low grade.
The condition was diagnosed in 1996, he received chemo, and
the cancer was brought into remission. Now, it was coming
back with a vengeance. The prognosis is bad, and he feels
that he is fighting for his life. What to do?

Well, we couldn’t tell him what to do because that could be
construed as medical advice. So, we did some quick tele-
phoning, and within 24 hours we were able to give him five
telephone numbers of patients who recently completely
recovered from non-Hodgkins lymphoma, and were willing to
talk to Jim. One of them is a renowned research scientist
at one of the major medical universities in the USA. We
also gave him the phone numbers of several alternative
doctors who had spectacular success with this disease.
The rest, of course, is up to him.

And what did the oncologists say about the recovery of
these patients? They shrugged their shoulders, and men-
tioned something about ‘spontaneous remission.'”

Here’s another quote from one of their reports on a new,
non-toxic chemotherapy agent:

“Chemotherapy is a very powerful method of killing
cancer cells. The problem is, it doesn’t discriminate;
it also kills healthy, normal cells. Because of this
general cytotoxic (cell-killing) effect, the long term
statistical therapeutic results of this approach to
treating cancer are regarded by holistic physicians, as
well as by many orthodox experts, as very poor. Now,
imagine how wonderful it would be if we could have a
chemotherapy as powerful as any of the standard ones
used in our hospitals, but without any toxicity what-
soever! No poisonous side effects, no nausea, no l
oss of hair, etc. Wishful thinking? Fantasizing?
Not at all. This medication is now available!

The substance is given as intravenous injection. The
treatment was unveiled at the 13th International
Congress of Chemotherapy in Vienna, Austria. The
formula has been patented both in Europe and in the
USA. As is the case with several compounds intro-
duced in our reports, this one is also the product
of new, advanced bio-technology. It has shown 100%
growth inhibition when tested on 100 different cancer
cell lines. The product has been successfully used
with a large number of cancer patients around the
world. One of the clinical trials had been carried
out in Austria with 70 terminal cancer patients,
under the control of the Ministry of Science and
Research of Austria. In this trial, the treatment
was found cytostatic and cytotoxic to human
leukemias, non small and small cell lung cancers,
colon cancers, central nervous system cancer,
melanomas, ovarian cancer and renal cancer. Since
then hundreds, if not thousands of animal and human
studies have been conducted with great success. The
efficacy of the treatment has been proven in 46
universities and research institutes by over 150
scientists from 16 countries. Their results have
been presented at more than 150 international
medical congresses and published in hundreds of
scientific articles. Unfortunately, in North
America the medical establishment shows no interest
in the product, and the average medical doctor has
never heard of it.”

Check it out. The “doorway” site to the above info is:


…and remember, to get to the “Forbidden Medicine”
site from which the above quotes come, click on the
“Holistic Cancer Cure” link at the left of the screen
at RobertsReview.com. Use their service to find an
alternative doctor or clinic for your cancer. If you’re
in a hurry, you can get to this site directly at:


National Cancer Research Foundation

Don’t confuse this organization with the National Institutes
of Health (NIH) or any other “official” agency. This is
a private, not-for-profit organization begun last year by
a gentleman named Fred Eichhorn. It honors his sister, a
cancer victim.

Do not be put-off by the lack of cosmetics at this web site.
Type sizes differ. Some are pretty small for some of us
“seniors” to read comfortably. I urge you to get past that
and read first his “Testimonials” section. You’ll be stunned
at the number and quality of these sincere ex-cancer patients.
Then go to the “Primary Discussion” link and scroll down and
read the 18 “case studies.” Again, you’ll be very impressed
by the variety of cancers experiencing complete cures.

If you can get that far and overlook the cosmetics, I think
you will find, as I did, that this gentleman and his “Found-
ation” deserve our respect and support. His information
is free. He is soliciting contributions to continue his
service. You can contact Fred Eichhorn at his e-mail address:


Take a look at this interesting site at:



Bill Henderson

As for the legal stuff — Disclaimer: The author of this
newsletter is a researcher and writer, not a doctor. Any
treatment for an illness should be shared with your doctor
before you attempt it.