My loyal readers,

So many of you have expressed concern about my condition and dozens of you have offered options for healing that I thought I should bring you up to date on how I’m doing. Obviously, I’m still alive. I’ve just had to suspend my coaching service because of random demands on my time for doctors, hospitals and travel.

Generally, I have been avoiding chemo and other conventional treatment. My cancer is defined as Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. It involves the inability of the bone marrow to produce adequate red and white blood cells which causes
anemia-like conditions. These are mainly gradual lowering of hemoglobin which causes dizziness and shortness of breath. The solution is to go to the hospital for blood transfusions. I have been doing this since late February. About
every two to three weeks, I have needed to go to the hospital for two or three days for the blood transfusions.

During that time my beautiful and resourceful wife, Terry, has been researching natural things for me to do. Among these are about 90 pills, capsules and liquids I take at home every day. In addition to our homework, we have tried
several “clinical” options:

1. We spent two weeks at Dr. Garcia’s Utopia Wellness Cancer Clinic in Oldsmar, Florida. There was some measurable improvement there.

2. We spent a week with Adam Masters. He came to our house from California. He is a real admirer and he gave us treatments he had used to heal his own, his Dad;s and others with cancer. We are still taking some of the things he recommended.

3. We then traveled to a clinic in Cebu, The Philippines, for two and a half weeks based on the recommendation of a reader. His wife’s Stage 4 breast cancer had been healed there in a couple of weeks. He also mentioned two guys he had met there, one of which had a lymphoma much more advanced than mine. Based on that, we tried this option. The diagnosis that my cancer was under control in late April was obviously incorrect.

4. We next traveled to Atlanta to explore a naturopathic doctor we had heard
was an expert in lymphatic massage. We were impressed with her and bought]
the machine we are using at home for Terry to give me the hour’s massage
every other day. It’s supposed to take 3-4 months to heal the cancer.

5. We have been working with various “helpers” for the last six weeks or so at home. They have given us a lot of suggestions which have led to the 90 or so things I take every day now. They have helped a lot. I have more energy,
no pain, good appetite and digestion, good elimination. I have trouble sleeping adequately because of the demands of my prostate to get up frequently at night.

The result: While I feel much better, the gradual reduction of the hemoglobin to a dangerous level has not stopped.

So, where do I go from here? We will continue the lymphatic massage and the myriad of supplements we have acquired from your advice.

I am still avoiding the conventional treatment and having faith that what we’re doing will reverse the lymphoma condition. We’ll see. Your prayers are very helpful. Keep them up.

As for the coaching service, I will probably try to renew the practice of that sometime in July. We’ll see..




Bill Henderson, Cancer Coach
Author, “Cure Your Cancer” and “Cancer-Free”