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David W. Gregg, Ph.D. — Cancer Cause & Cure – Part 2

A quick review of Part 1. David Gregg has studied the cell
biology of cancer and come up with an interesting theory,
which seems to work.

Instead of killing the cancer cells, Dr. Gregg recommends
reversing their anaerobic state and making them quasi-normal
aerobic cells which then die off by the normal process of
apoptosis, or cell death.

If you need more detail on this, please see the last news-
letter (#41) at the web site above.

In this Part 2 article, I’d like to explore anti-angiogenesis,
another big word which is easy to translate into English.
Angiogenesis just means formation of new red blood cells.
To survive and flourish, cancer cells do a lot of this. If
we can keep them from doing this, they will starve and die.

So, ANTI-angiogenesis is blocking this formation of new red
blood cells to feed the cancer tumor. This is good.



A couple of weeks ago, an Associated Press article in the
newspaper trumpeted a new drug – Avastin – which was announced
with great fanfare in Chicago at the American Society of Clin-
ical Oncology meeting.

“This is a landmark announcement,” said Dr. William Li, head
of the nonprofit Angiogenesis Foundation. “It’s the first
true validation in a well-designed clinical trial that cutting
off a tumor’s blood supply can improve cancer survival.”

Says the AP:

“It is not a cure. Nevertheless, the drug modestly length-
ened survival, which is notable in a field in which even
inch-by-inch improvement can be hard to document.”

The “improvement?” Of 925 colon cancer patients studied by
Duke University,

“…those on Avastin survived an average of
20 months, compared with nearly 16 months in those getting
only standard treatment. The results were a surprise, since
an earlier study found no benefit of Avastin against breast

Well, whoop-de-doo! Some patients survived an extra four
months. Let’s declare a National Avastin Holiday! I’m sorry,
but the drug company’s manipulation of the media and the ab-
solute ignorance of the conventional cancer community just
blows my mind.



The reason the above article caught my eye was because I had
just finished reading Dr. Gregg’s paper on cancer cell
biology. Again, you will find it at:


One reader said it printed out in 44 pages. On my printer,
it was 26 pages of very small type. Read it if you can. It
will almost certainly boost your spirits. Dr. Gregg says
that all cancer cells can be dealt with using natural pro-
cesses to reverse their anaerobic metabolism.



OK, we want anti-angiogenesis to occur. So we just ask our
oncologist to give us more Avastin…..NOT!!

No, it seems we have a much better idea, which your oncologist
probably knows nothing about.

Dr. Gregg says that when angiogenesis occurs,

“…the primary initiating event is caused by a lack of oxygen.
Cells deprived of oxygen emit angiogenic signals. The complex
process of new blood vessel formation follows from there…


The approach presented here [in Dr. Gregg’s paper] to cause
cancer cells to revert back to aerobic metabolism and thus
normal cells has three basic stages: 1) enhance oxygen trans-
port to the cells, 2) enhance the Kreb’s cycle and 3) enhance
the respiratory chain. When addressing the first step it would
thus appear that both conversion to aerobic metabolism and anti-
angiogenesis would be addressed at the same time. What a fortu-
itous circumstance!”

I am not going to try to take you through the “Kreb’s cycle” or
“respiratory chain” in this article. Suffice to say that this
is a sound theory (in my judgement) and it is easy and inexpen-
sive to try, with no dangers and no side effects.



In the last newsletter, I promised you more detail on just what
to do. So, here goes:

1. Vitamin C: Dr. Gregg says “…the primary effect of the
large doses of vitamin C is to serve as an oxygen transport
molecule in the blood, substituting for hemoglobin which cannot
provide oxygen to cancer cells.”

Thus, you need megadoses of vitamin C. How mega? Well, he says
Dr. Hoffer used up to 12 grams of vitamin C per day. However,
up to 40 grams per day were used by some with even more success.
This, folks, is based on hundreds of studies, not somebody’s
bright idea.

So, how do you take it. Well, I’d take the 1,000 mg (1 gram)
tablets I normally take, except more of them. Remember, vitamin
C is excreted from your system in about 3 hours. So, you will
have to spread out the dosages. I would take 6 or 7 tablets
five times a day. If, toward the end of the day, I started
experiencing diarrhea, the next day I would do the following:

I would fill a glass of water about 1/4 full and add a teaspoon
of vitamin C powder (either I would grind up the tablets, which
would then dissolve, or I would buy vitamin C powder or capsules
which can be opened and the powder removed). If you taste it at
this point, it will be very sour (acidic).

I would then sprinkle in some baking soda. This results in a
lot of foaming (releasing carbon dioxide). I would taste the
solution and watch the foaming as I slowly added the baking
soda. When the foam stopped forming, the sour taste would be
gone. All I would taste is a slight taste of baking soda.

The vitamin C is still there and will be just as effective for
the treatment of cancer, but will no longer add to the acidity
of the stomach and no longer cause diarrhea at large doses.

Dr. Gregg says he has tried this on himself (he doesn’t have
cancer) and others have tried it and found it to be effective.
Main thing…it can’t hurt you.

2. Vitamin E: Dr. Gregg says

“…I also propose that the oxygen transport properties of
vitamin C are assisted by vitamin E. Vitamin C transports
it in the cytoplasm (water phase) and vitamin E carries it
through the cell walls (oil phase).”

Again, you don’t need to know what the “water phase” and the
“oil phase” are. If you want to study this further, just
read Dr. Gregg’s paper. Suffice to say, vitamin E in this
dose is just plain good for you. So, there is no problem.

The dose? 1,200 I.U per day. I would buy the 400 I.U cap-
sules and take one with each of three of the vitamin C doses
during the day. Which ones? Hey, it doesn’t matter. Just
do it.

3. MSM and DMSO: Dr. Gregg says

“…MSM is simply the oxidized state of DMSO and the two
form an equilibrium in the blood that shifts towards MSM in the
lungs, a more oxidizing environment, and shifts toward DMSO
in the body cells, a more reducing environment. In this process
oxygen is delivered to the cells.”

The last sentence is all that matters to you, the cancer
patient. This stuff works to get oxygen to cancer cells,
which converts them to aerobic (normal) cells.

How much? Remember, this is a liquid which you massage
gently onto your skin. How large a dose can a person take
safely? Dr. Jacob’s book “The Miracle of MSM,” pp 24-25
says he found no toxic effects in a group of human volun-
teers up to an intake of one gram per kilogram of body
weight per day for 30 days. This translates into about 68
grams per day for an average 150-pound person. In other
words, it would be hard to slaver it on yourself all day and
exceed that dosage.

Remember how the DMSO/MSM works. It takes oxygen from the
air and delivers it to your cells bypassing the hemoglobin
(normal source of cell oxygen which doesn’t work for cancer
cells). Like the vitamin C, I would err on the high side
with the dosage. See my last newsletter for how to obtain

4. Alpha Lipoic Acid: Please also see my last newsletter
for the reason this is so effective and the dosage.

Dr. Michael Janson had an interesting article on ALA in his
June newsletter. You can get a copy of it free by calling
(888) 922-4848. The newsletter is called “Dr. Michael
Janson’s Healthy Living.” It also has other interesting
information from the May meeting of the American College
for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) in Washington, D.C.

If you prefer, you can also read a PDF version of this news-
letter at his web site:


5. CoQ10: Again, my last newsletter contains enough infor-
mation about this substance and its dosage.

OK, ’nuff said. If I had cancer, I would hop on this approach
right away. You can start it tomorrow with one visit to the
health food store.

As for Dr. Gregg’s SPARX supplement, here’s a message from Phil
Myers, a fellow newsletter publisher, that I received after he
read my last newsletter:

“Hi Bill, long time no talk. I love your latest Newsletter.
I have been an advocate of Dr Gregg for about two years. That
is how long I have been using SPARX. I love that stuff! I also
have successfully utilized his approach to getting B12 into my
body by using DMSO. I try to do this about once a month and
almost always get a boost. I also use his 50/50 Vitamin C/Lysine
formula for heart disease prevention. He is an interesting guy.
It is so funny how I order the SPARX. I just send him an email
and he mails it out with an invoice and return envelope. How
weird is that in this day and age? Anyhow I just wanted to tell
you how much I look forward to your emails. Thanks for your
commitment and caring. Phil”

If you want to try his SPARX supplement, just send an e-mail to
Dr. David Gregg

You will find the ingredients and information on his other pro-
ducts at:


A Reader’s Story

Here’s a very interesting story from a veterinarian in the
Phillipines who helped his Dad in the U.S. recover from
prostate cancer. It has messages for all readers of this rag,
not just prostate cancer patients. Dr. Esguerra was kind
enough to provide a summary at the beginning, so you can read
the short or long version.

“Hello Bill,


Thank you for your newsletter. I’m accepting your bribe.
Here’s the story of my father’s prostate cancer recovery.




On routine examination, the PSA levels of my
father were found to be elevated in 2000. A biopsy
in March 27, 2000 revealed malignant growths in
the left base (adenocarcinoma Gleason 7) and right
middle (adenocarcinoma Gleason 6) parts of the
prostate. Bone scans did not show any metastases.
He was given the options of surgery, chemo and


I argued against all of these standard
recommendations (he’s in California, I’m in the
Philippines), and sent him supplements to take
regularly. One product had saw palmetto extract
500 mg, pumpkin seed oil 20 mg, and Uva ursi 5 mg.
I also made him take supplements of zinc 23 mg,
selenium 50 mcg, d-alpha-tocopherol vitamin E 400
iu, and aloe vera inner gel. I also advised him to
take in more protein (increase immune response,
along with aloe vera gel), eat nuts and other
seeds (for laetrile), and to get vitamin D from
sunlight or cod liver oil supplements.


In spite of my objections, he was given a number
of doses of Lupron and megestrol. He eventually
stopped, most likely because of my nagging, as
well as the feminine effects manifesting: hot
flashes and breast development.


I told him that if ever he would opt for chemo, he
should go to someone using arsenic trioxide. At
least, I knew the antidote for arsenic poisoning
so we should not be worrying about any toxic
effects that could not be dealt with.


For the past year, his PSA levels were now normal,
and he’s considered cured of his prostate cancer.

Now, the long version:


My background: I’m a 1978 graduate of veterinary
medicine. In my sophomore year, I came across the
tape, ‘World Without Cancer’ and learned about the
trophoblastic theory of cancer. This, plus
readings on alternative topics (Better Sight
Without Glasses, pranayama, etc.) led me to see
that ‘conventional’ medicine cannot give you the
right answers.


Two years before my father was diagnosed with
prostate cancer, his elder brother, my uncle, died
of prostate cancer (I would say from the treatment)
less than 2 years after being diagnosed with it. I
could not share any of my advice with this uncle,
though, because he had a son who was a human doctor.


When my mother, in fear and panic (what with the
recent death of my uncle), told me the news of my
father’s prostate diagnosis, I really was not
worried about it. I WAS worried though that he
would not take my recommendations and be another
victim of conventional medical treatment.


I immediately told them about the approaches I
recommended, as well as warned them of the dangers
of chemo, radiation and surgery, which did not
give any insurance of a cure.


Since I sent them the supplements, my father took


When he was made to have Lupron injections, I told
him hormonal treatments are only indicated if
there’s metastases. I even said that we could sue
his doctor for malpractice. I think he was given
Lupron because his insurance was paying for it. I
found out later that its cost is really prohibitive.
I also found out that there’s even a Lupron victims
network on the internet. I told this to my father,
warning him that among the top of the list of bad
effects of Lupron was stroke.


He had an aneurysm diagnosed, and it increased in
diameter — and I told him that I could only say
that Lupron was involved (some strokes being the
result of aneurysms). Maybe it was also a factor
in his stopping Lupron. (I placed him on copper
supplements and vitamin C and protein for his
aneurysm. Veterinary medicine has long known that
copper deficiency is the cause of aneurysms in
turkeys. The diameter of his aneurysm decreased —
though I would say his stopping Lupron could also
be a factor.)


As for megestrol, I told him that it was a
preparation used in the ’80s for birth control of
bitches (and I mean female dogs — remember, I’m a
veterinarian). So why would he like to take that?


In addition to ‘World Without Cancer’ which I came
across in 1976, I also came across other biochemists
(such as Passwater) espousing better remedies than
what conventional medicine has to offer. Thus, 20
years after graduating, I went back to school again,
taking a MS in biochemistry. I was told to take
cognate courses in immunology. And what I learned
in those courses came in time for my father’s


An active ingredient of saw palmetto is supposedly
sitosterol. Vitamin D, estrogen and testosterone
are likewise from the cholesterol molecule. I
easily saw that the role of sitosterol and vitamin
D could be occupying the hormone receptors of the
prostate gland, thus reducing the effects of
testosterone. (Of course, I also came across the
argument that testosterone may not be the problem
because prostate cancer happens when testosterone
is declining. I would consider this additional
arguments against the use of female hormone
analogs like Lupron and megestrol.) I was to find
out later that UV light (which makes vitamin D in
the skin) also has an immune enhancing effect if
blood is exposed to it.


I still consider the laetrile approach a good one,
though I would prefer that it be taken from
natural sources: seeds of fruits, beans, berries,
cassava, chesa, etc. So I pointed out these foods
to my father for him to take as often as he could.
He did like munching on pumpkin seeds while
watching TV.


I saw that one important role of zinc is the
formation of the ‘zinc finger’ for enzymes
involved in the replication of DNA and RNA. It’s
lack could lead to defect or deficiency of the
enzymes needed in DNA and RNA replication, leading
to faulty genes, and thus, cancer. Of course, zinc
may have other roles.


I read (initially from Passwater’s ‘Supernutrition’)
that selenium levels are related to cancer. Thus, I
also put my father on selenium and vitamin E (syner-
gist of selenium) supplements.


The inner gel of aloe vera is rich in mannans.
Macrophages have mannose receptors in their cell
wall. If these receptors are occupied by mannose,
either from food (like aloe vera gel or coconuts,
among others) or from pathogen cell walls, they
secrete cytokines which stimulate the action of
the whole immune system. For cancer, this would
include the cytotoxic T-cells and natural killer
(NK) cells, as well as macrophage respiratory
burst (see below).


Of course, stimuli is nothing if the raw materials
for response, mainly protein, B-vitamins
(particularly niacin and riboflavin), and other
nutrients are lacking. So I told my father to
increase his protein intake. This should supply
his arginine need, which is involved in the
macrophage’s respiratory burst, releasing nitric
oxide (NO) as it is converted to citrulline.
Nitric oxide would have other deadly by-products
to kill pathogens and tumors, one being


As for my option for chemo with arsenic trioxide,
I came across this procedure in my studies on
prostate cancer, brought about by my father’s
case. It’s relatively new for cancer, and I did
not fear it like the other chemos because I know a
very effective antidote (in case it’s ever
needed): thioctic acid (alpha lipoic acid). You
see, we use arsenicals to treat heartworm in dogs.
Some succumb to toxic effects and this led me to
study about how to best deal with it (dimercaprol
was not that readily available here). I found out
that the simple and available remedy was thioctic
acid. I even tested this out by giving a severe
overdose of the drug to a dog and following it
with thioctic acid. The dog was alive and well the
following day (even if it was already retching as
we were injecting the drug intravenously).


With all that I made my father take and do, I
could not say which really worked. Of course, it’s
better to say that they ALL worked. And I could
just imagine his doctor thinking that it was the
few shots of Lupron and megestrol 🙁 .


Well, it’s three years now since my father’s
diagnosis. He’s not only alive, he’s ‘negative’ as
well for the cancer, based on PSA levels.

I hope this story is of some use, and I qualify to
receive your bribe 😉


For what it’s worth: I got my supplements online
from Vitamin Power because I am a ‘distributor’ —
in quotes because I only became a distributor so
that I could get the products at distributor
prices. Actually, I only ‘distribute’ to my family
and friends. I think it’s one way to get supplements
cheaply. You may want to share this info with your




(I don’t get anything by telling you this — though
maybe, I should). 🙂




Gerardo S. Esguerra, DVM
Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences
University of the Philippines
Los Banos, Laguna

Thanks, Dr. Gerry for a great story. You have given us
a lot of useful guidance. And thanks for your offer to
treat my 12 year old schnauzer by remote control. For-
tunately, she’s in perfect health.

Short shots…..


Once again, I would like to offer you a bribe to get you to
send me your story of your cancer treatment. If you send me
your story — positive, negative or neutral, I’ll send you a
copy of the second edition of my “Cure Your Cancer” book by
return e-mail.



One of the reasons I held up this newsletter for a few days
was so I could report to you the results of my latest PSA
test. Remember, I’ve been taking beta sitosterol for about
4 months (from Our Health Coop) to treat my enlarged prostate
gland. I had reported that my symptoms (frequent ups and
downs at night, urgent urination, etc.) had disappeared
after the first 3-4 weeks.

The PSA was 6.1 this week. That is the lowest it has been
in 16 years. It is down from 12.6 on September 23 2002.

For any man over 50, I would recommend this product. You
will find it for $9.46 for a 30-day supply (60 capsules) at:




Here’s a message from my friend Ed Van Overloop.

“Hi Bill,


I was just reminded of your work when Herb Horky had you
send me the hard copy of your book. Great job and I will
mention it at my CARE group meeting next week 6/12 in
Ridgewood, NJ.


I’ll follow this email up with a copy of our flyer and
perhaps you could mention the meeting for any readers of
your newsletter who live in the NY-NJ metro area. Dr
Michael Schachter will be reporting on all that was new
at the recent ACAM meeting of alternative Doctors in
Washington, DC. We also will be discussing PDT/CLT the
photo sensitive light therapy and we have several members
who have done it and will report along with Dr. Schachter’s
comments on this.


We are having the meeting recorded and if it turns out well
I’ll send you a copy.


About Cancer Alternatives Research Exchange (CARE)


I started this support group [for all cancer’s] 8 years ago
with 5 people and now we have gotten as many as 210 at a
meeting [average 50 to 100]. CARE is now listed as the
only registered alternative support group in the State of
New Jersey. [I’m quite proud of that fact] CARE is non-
profit and only accepts donations to cover running expense
[I’m always in the red].


Bill, I’m now 75 and at 14 1/2 years since dx with prostate
cancer. Currently I’m on a small trial of CARESENG [a ginseng
derived product by Pegasus Pharmaceuticals of Canada]. So far
it has lowered PSA moderately [which rose after PC SPES was
removed from the market].


I’ll now remember to stay in touch more often on what is new
at this end.


Regards, Ed. Van Overloop”

This notice is obviuosly a little late for anyone to attend
the June 12th meeting. But, in a later message, Ed told me
how to get a copy of the audio tape of the meeting.

“Bill, Well if you mention my June 12th meeting, just mention
that tapes will be available about a week later at 201-445-9210
[my daughter Lori’s Health food store [Natures Market Place]
where she does stock PC-PLUS, CELLECT [Fred Eichhorn’s product],
The Beljanski products, and other items of special interest]


Thanks, Ed”

If you are interested in contributing to or joining the CARE
group, just ask Lori how to contact Ed.



Another of my great network of informants, Steve in New York,
told me about Juven. As cancer gobbles up the glucose, the
cancer patient’s body robs it from muscle tissue to keep the
tumor fed. This results in what is called “cachexia” or the
“wasting away syndrome.” Muscles simply get eaten away.

Juven is a supplement which Steve swears by to combat this
process. It consists of arginine, glutamine and HMB. To see
how it works and order some, just go to:


Thanks, Steve.



A reader, Debra White, sent me this message a couple of weeks



I purchased your Cure Your Cancer book several years’ ago in
hopes I could gain knowledge that would help my father with
his colon cancer. I had him on a regimen of MGN-3. I believe
it was truly helping him – docs had seen a change which they
couldn’t explain. In any case, to make a long story short, an
uncle felt he needed to go off all ‘drugs’ and head to a
cleansing clinic, which he did. So he stopped taking the MGN-3
and went to Dr. Ede in California. Personally, I thought this
type of measure was drastic for a 74 year old…but my opinion.


In any case, my dad passed away about two months after the


Now, my question…I had purchased 12 bottles of MGN-3 right
before my uncle coerced him into stop taking it. His probate
closed and my brother and I were at his house last week to
clean. I have 9 sealed 50-250mg capsule bottles, expiry of
07/04. I would be willing to either sell at half price or
donate to a cause, if I knew of any contacts. Would you
happen to have any information?


Thanks much for your help.


Debra White”

If you are interested, just send Debra an e-mail at:

Debra White

In case you have wondered at the spartan simplicity of the
format of this newsletter, it has a purpose. From experi-
ence publishing several newsletters, I’ve found that this
format — simple text with lines no longer than 65 char-
acters — is the only one that will print on all e-mail
screens (maybe even WebTV) the same. Most of you will
notice that the web links in this newsletter are high-
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and take you to that site. If they are not highlighted
(a la AOL), you may need to “copy and paste” them into
your browser. You’ll have to do the same if you go to
my newsletter archives at my web site…”copy and paste.”

I’ll be back sometime soon with another newsletter. Be
well and send your friends to my web site:



Bill Henderson
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As for the legal stuff — Disclaimer: The author of this
newsletter is a researcher and writer, not a doctor. Any
treatment for an illness should be shared with your doctor
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