Prostate Cancer Treatment With IV Vitamin C
Breast Cancer Treatment With IV Vitamin C
The Miracle Of Honey and Aloe Vera
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Prostate Cancer Treatment With IV Vitamin C

Here’s an excerpt from an interesting article in the Health Sciences Institute newsletter sent to me by Ian Christensen, a reader in Australia.

This story is about a Canadian…

“Don Hemingway who was diagnosed with prostate cancer last summer and made an independent decision to forgo surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Instead, he immediately began receiving intravenous vitamin C (IVC) therapy…[His story] offers an invaluable insider’s perspective on IVC cancer therapy, as well as practical advice for men who are experiencing prostate problems.


Sufficient reason


Mr. Hemingway is a veterinarian who describes himself as having a good understanding of many orthomolecular and allopathic medical treatments. Here’s how he begins his story:


‘My Father and his two brothers had prostate problems but because I lived a few thousand miles from them, I do not know many details. Surgery and drugs were used but I do not know which ones. For this reason I have tried to eat well and take supplements but it wasn’t totally preventative. We will never know, but maybe what I was doing delayed the onset by 10 years.


‘A routine test in March 2005 showed a serum PSA level of 14.5 ng/ml. Repeat tests in September 2005, (PSA 17.9) and November (22.5) which is about a 1 unit rise per month indicated that I had a serious problem. I refused a biopsy because if the problem was an infection or cancer there is a high probability that the biopsy would spread the disease. The rising PSA and a positive digital rectal exam was sufficient reason for me to treat my problem as Cancer.’


PSA roller coaster


‘I started Intravenous vitamin C (IVC) in July 2005 at 25 gram doses and increased to 50 grams twice weekly but when the PSA tests in September were still increasing, I started searching for more information. I made an appointment to see the Doctors at The Olive W. Garvey Center in Wichita, Kansas ( during November. Comprehensive testing at ‘The Center’ indicated that I should be taking 100 grams of IVC at least weekly. Since I could not be an outpatient, they gave me directions that I could give to a Doctor that was willing to give me the IVC. The PSA test in November at The Center was 22.5.’


‘I have continued to take 100 gm IVC every 5 or 6 days since November and the PSA tests have been as follows: January 20.32, March 16.36, and May 13.6. The discomfort in the area of the prostate gland has disappeared and the declining PSA test tells me that I am on the right track.


‘I have not had any side effects. The side benefits are that I have been able to continue with my regular duties, as well as play hockey and swim with my family and grand-children.’


Immune system support


‘The principles of IVC treatments are that at high doses the vitamin C is toxic to most cancer cells and is non-toxic to normal cells. Vitamin C supports tissue repair whereas radiation damages tissues. Vitamin C supports the immune system whereas most chemotherapy depresses the immune system and people become more susceptible to other infections. Vitamin C helps the body to detoxify “foreign” chemicals which includes the breakdown products of dead cancer cells. Most people can continue with their normal routine on the days between IVC treatments which is certainly a plus.'”


O Canada


“Don Hemingway is a perfect example of just how effective health care can be when you research diligently and stand your ground. His experience also demonstrates how important it is for men and their doctors to avoid drawing conclusions from a single PSA test.”


“At the end of his e-mail, Mr. Hemingway included his address with this note: ‘I think if people are willing to take the time to write they are genuinely interested in information.’


So if you’d like more information…


Don C. Hemingway
Box 1126
Souris, MB. Canada, R0K 2C0″

One comment: If you’re taking the Flaxseed Oil and Cottage Cheese treatment, you will need to discontinue it while you are taking the IVC treatment. The FO/CC is an “oxidant” (surrounds the cells with oxygen), while the IVC is an “antioxidant.” The two tend to cancel each other out.

Breast Cancer Treatment With IV Vitamin C

To give my female readers (bless you-all!) equal time, I’d like to show you this article which is by a very credible source, namely Bruce Hubbard, publisher of the newsletter “What The Doctors Won’t Tell You.” This was sent to me by Rich Folts, a good friend and reader who lives (at least in the summer) right here in Asheville, North Carolina — about two miles from my house.

I will skip the first part of the article on the silly hype about the Herceptin study. Suffice to say that all the stir in the media amounted to an insignificant difference in results using the Herceptin breast cancer drug. It was just another example of Big Pharma at work to exaggerate results of flawed studies.

Anyway, here’s Bruce’s account of the use of Intravenous Vitamin C for breast cancer therapy.

“Now let’s turn to vitamin C therapy. Many of you were moved, and inspired, by the story of my mother, whose end-stage breast cancer was reversed with very high dose vitamin C, given intravenously.


We now know that thousands of women around the world have benefited from similar treatment, and many are alive and well today because of it.


We have also discovered that we are being told lies when doctors tell us there is no evidence that the therapy is a cancer fighter. Everyone points to two papers based on research by the Mayo Clinic which showed it had no benefit at all, and, in fact, might stop chemotherapy working effectively.


In both those studies, the patients were given vitamin C orally – and it has since been discovered that it works only when given intravenously.


Even a quick search has uncovered around three-dozen papers that demonstrate the benefits of vitamin C therapy, if given intravenously.


So this is the question: why is the truth about cancer therapy being suppressed? You see, Herceptin is being hyped, and people are being given false hope, because a few people are going to make a vast amount of money from it. At the same time, a therapy that costs almost nothing is being suppressed, even though there is good evidence to support it.


So why am I telling you this? Well, we have a duty to tell you what’s going on because it seems to us that you aren’t going to read it in the newspapers, or see it on the television.


The media is riddled with powerful, vested interests that seek to keep the lid on anything that is not produced by a drug company. Once we tried to tell people in a leaflet about the dangers of drugs, and how they were the third major killer in the West. These figures came from the Journal of the American Medical Association – and yet the Advertising Standards Authority banned it because it might affect the relationship between doctor and patient.”

Thank you, Bruce, for clearing up the disinformation on this therapy for breast cancer. Keep in mind that prostate and breast cancer are probably the two most lucrative cancers for the “cancer industry.” Don’t be a victim of this “greed” machine.”

The same comment applies here as in the first article. IVC is not compatible with FO/CC.

The Miracle of Honey and Aloe Vera

Here’s an interesting article sent to me by Bruce Clifford. Keep in mind two things as you read this. First, aloe vera has been used for many years in various forms to successfully heal cancer. And second, time is seldom so critical in the treatment of cancer that a cancer patient can’t afford to take the time to try a treatment like this, which obviously cannot be harmful and just might be the perfect treatment.

Also, remember that erasing the cancer cells by whatever means is only the start to complete recovery. Lifestyle changes FOR LIFE are necessary if any cancer patient wants to survive without recurrence.

Here’s the article. I think you’ll find it a useful option:



In 1994 an article by Father Vittorio Boselle appeared in the magazineTerre Sainte, published in Jerusalem. The article spoke of a syrup with which Father Romain of Bethlehem had cured more than one cancer. The ingredients for this syrup are: One pound of honey (pure bee honey, of course), Two large leaves of aloe vera, or three small ones, the thorns removed, but not the skin, Three to Four tablespoons of whiskey, arak or ‘eau de vie’.


Everything must be passed though the blender.


A Brazilian of Italian heritage, Father Romain ZAGO was born in 1932 at Lajeado, in the diocese of Porto Alegre. He entered into the service of Custodians of the Holy Land. He resides in Bethlehem where he teaches Latin and philosophy to future theology students who will continue their studies at Holy Redeemer College (Saint Sauveur) in Jerusalem.


Where then, does he get this knowledge of curing cancer? Simply from having passed his youth among the poor. In Brazil, he tells us, many persons cannot afford the sophisticated medicines which are so expensive. So they go directly to God, who created the plants, and in particular, aloe vera, which he soon learned to recognize along the roads.


The mysterious force is found in Mother Nature, and therefore is available to all. The important thing is to mix well these three ingredients: honey, whisky and aloe vera. And to not forget to shake the bottle every time. As for the recommended dose, it is three tablespoons a day, taken 15-30 minutes before meals, one early in the morning, one at noon, and one at night, so that the stomach is very empty and allows the pepsins to enter into action and to spread to all the extremities of the body. The cure usually lasts 10 days. [I think what he means is that one batch of the recipe lasts 10 days.]


Of course, don’t expect an immediate cure. Father Romain is careful to warn us of illusions of a miraculous type. If the first cure doesn’t work, the patient must undergo more exams which will reveal if he should go into a second or third cure. (Wait 10 – 12 days between cures. And for people who are ill, it takes 120 days counting the wait times in between.) [Sounds like it takes 5 or 6 batches of the ‘cure’ to heal the cancer completely.]


Many patients feel rapidly better, but that doesn’t mean they are cured. It is the doctor who can check that. [Or the HCG Urine Test — see my newsletter article at] Patience and perseverance are very necessary. The treatment is certain, and has worked on all types of cancer: cancer of the skin, of the throat, of the breast, of the uterus, the prostate, the liver, etc. Father Romain speaks even of curing several with leukemia.


All that appears too good to be true. However, it is so. The explanation is simple, says Father Romain not discouraged by the looks of incredulity. ‘The remedy operates a complete cleansing of the organism, thanks to the honey which attains the furthest zones of our body. The aloe vera, carried by the honey, is an important agent of healing. As for the alcohol, it dilates the blood vessels, and facilitates this operation of general cleansing. In the space of 10 days, the blood is completely purified.’ We can also add that the remedy acts as a preventative. True, when the blood is purified, the whole organism works marvelously.




The first case of cancer cure goes back six years. A 70-yr old man suffering from prostate cancer in the final phases is brought to the hospital. The doctors declared there was nothing to do. So Father Romain was called to administer the last sacraments. After the ceremony Father proposed his remedy. Ten years later the elderly man is still very much alive.


A Franciscan missionary of the Immaculate Heart of Mary residing in Bethlehem learned about this marvelous remedy of Father Romain. She put some in a bottle and placed it in the cupboard. Later Sr. Silvanne, the community nurse, learned that one of her friends had cancer. She offered the remedy, and her friend was completely cured. Today, beaming in health, she herself tells the story.


One of the secretaries of the School of Holy Land in Bethlehem suffered from throat cancer and could hardly talk. Worried, Father Raphael, director of the school, tells Father Romain who comes with his medicine. Two months later the secretary could talk and was back at work. Father Raphael is willing to testify, and God knows how the brothers can be incredulous!


Everything that Father Romain says is colored with simplicity. What he hopes is that people will value more the remedies to be found in God’s own pharmacy: honey, alcohol and aloe vera. And especially, that many will find out that cancer can be cured!”

Well, folks, there you have it. For sure, if I had seen this article in 1994 when my former wife was dying of ovarian cancer, I certainly would have tried it on her. What do you think? Worth a shot? If you try it, I’d certainly like to hear about your results.



Here’s a case study which should be very interesting for anyone diagnosed with brain cancer of any type. Michael Vrentas, a friend and fellow cancer crusader, sent me this interesting web site. Tom, the subject of the web site, was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme Stage IV. This regimen should certainly work for most brain tumors and for most others, too. Notice that Tom used the flaxseed oil and cottage cheese as part of his regimen. Also, the pictures of his head after the surgery are interesting. Take a look at:



If you are curious about Aspertame, including the latest study showing it as a carcinoma (cancer cause), take a look at this web site. The amount of information on the harmful nature of this substance, which is in food and drink all around us, is just mind-boggling!

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