l-Fructose Update — Fruit, Carrots, etc.
“Curing Cancer With Carrots” by Ann Cameron
Extracurricular Matrix (ECM) and Adrenal Fatigue

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l-Fructose Update — Fruit, Carrots, etc.

Last month, I brought up the interesting subject of “left-spinnng” molecules of sugar and the possibility that they do not harm cancer patients.  You can read that article in my May newsletter at http://www.beating-cancer-gently.com/newsletters/may-31st-2015/.

Well, I’ve learned a lot in the last few weeks about this topic.  For one, I’ve discovered where I got this information and I’ll share it with you. If you recall, I referred to one of Ty Bollinger’s “Truth About Cancer” interviews as the source, but I couldn’t remember the details.  Well, Ty called me last week and he gave me some details I want to share with you on this interesting and important topic.

Ty told me the interview I was referring to was one he did last year with Dr. Tony Jimenez, M.D., the Medical Director of the Hope 4 Cancer Institute in Tijuana, Mexico.  Dr. Jiminez is one of the best-informed cancer doctors I know of.  Don’t believe me?  I want you to listen to the whole 38-minute interview Ty did with him.  You’ll see what I mean.  It is available at:  http://www.Hope4Cancer.com/truth-about-cancer-interview.html.  At the 28 to 33 minute section of this interview, you’ll hear what I was talking about last month.  If you want to forward the tape to listen to just this section, you can.

Dr. Jimenez refers in the interview to a scientist from India who works with him at his clinic who did the research he’s referring to.  Ty told me last week that he will be interviewing this scientist this week at the Hope 4 Cancer Institute and he’ll pass on to me what he learns.  So, I should have even more information by the July edition of this newsletter.

The guts of this information is that fruit of any kind, as well as carrots and beets, does not feed cancer, in spite of the sugar they contain.  This is because the fructose (one form of sugar) in these foods is a “left-spinning” molecule.  That’s what the lower-case “l” in front of the fructose means.  Cancer feeds on “right-spinning” molecules of sugar — glucose, sucrose, etc.  You may be surprised, as I was, to hear Dr. Jimenez say that even honey, syrup and molasses that is unadulterated is quite healthy for cancer patients.

As far as I know, all cancer “experts” up to now have warned about eating too much fruit because of its content of fructose sugar.  They have also urged you to stay away from honey, syrup and molasses.  Of course, they (including me) didn’t try to explain why carrot juice is so helpful.  It has the most sugar of any vegetable except maybe beets. I think we now have the answer, but it is not widely known.  Both fruit and the carrot juice (as well as the beets) have the “left-spinning” molecule of fructose and are not harmful to cancer patients. That’s the bottom line.

As I learn more on this subject, I’ll pass it on.  Happy eating!!

“Curing Cancer With Carrots” by Ann Cameron

As a result of last month’s article on “l-Fructose,” Joe Lanier, one of my readers, introduced me to a very interesting book by Ann Cameron. Ann has healed herself of cancer using large doses of carrot juice.  In her book, which I read a couple of weeks ago, she describes in detail why carrot juice works and several examples, in addition to her own, of people healing themselves of all types of cancer by drinking lots of carrot juice.

Ann doesn’t go into the topic of “l-Fructose” we describe above. However, she does give you lots of background information on the science of carrot juice and the success experienced by the Gerson Clinic and other cancer clinics feeding it to their patients.

She doesn’t talk about modest amounts of carrot juice.  She drank 5 glasses a day (made from 5 pounds of carrots) for about 4 or 5 months.  In fact, she first tried only 3 glasses a day for a couple of months and it didn’t work.

When I read this book, I felt strongly that every cancer patient should read it.  Here is a very simple formula for healing cancer that has no side effects.  I still don’t believe that one thing will work to heal all cancers, but if I had cancer, I’d sure try it.

The book is available on Amazon.  It is called “Curing Cancer With Carrots” and the author is Ann Cameron.  I read it on my Kindle.  Get it.  You will not be disappointed and it may help you heal.

Extracurricular Matrix (ECM) and Adrenal Fatigue

My wife, Terry, ran across a very interesting article on the Internet the other day.  I want to pass it on to you because it explains a lot of things which are mysteries to doctors, even naturopaths.

It is a portion of our body which has been called the “Extracurricular Matrix.”  Here’s how Dr. Lam, M.D. describes this in the article I want you to read:

“The term extracellular literally means outside the cell, which explains where the matrix is located. The extracellular matrix (ECM) is a network of non-living tissues that provide support to cells. It is a three-dimensional network of proteins, glycosaminoglycans and other macromolecules.”

The reason I want you to read this article is that it describes conditions in our body which are complete “mysteries” to most doctors.  It helps explain the effects of nutrients (or their lack), stress, acidity, etc.  My conclusion after 17 years of talking to folks about their cancers is that people do best when they understand the “why.”

Basically, it explains why the body is a “system” with everything interconnected by cellular communication.  That communication, which is vital to our health, transmits through this Intercellular Matrix.  If it is out of whack, we get an “illness,” which the doctors treat as if it was some isolated “enemy.”  Cancer is just one of these.  In fact, these so-called “illnesses” are simply symptoms of an imbalance in our “homeostasis,” which is simply the normal operation of the Extracellular Matrix and our cells.

You’ll like this article.  It is written for the lay person.  Dr. Lam is a very well-qualified holistic physician.  His wife assisted with the composition of this article.  My wife brought it to my attention.  Does that sound like synergism to you?  Sure does to me.

Here’s the link. Take a look:




You may have heard recently of some drugs that are supposed to do wondrous jobs on re-awakening your immune system.  Here’s my friend, Chris Wark, giving you the real “scoop” on these new drugs:




Here’s another article, sent by my friend Ron Strauss, which describes a simple mixture of common veggies which has been proven to kill 100% of breast cancer cells in the lab with no side effects.


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