LIESH — An Interesting Option
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Budwig Diet Heals Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia
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LIESH — An Interesting Option

What the heck is LIESH? Abbreviations like this remind me of my Air Force days. There is useful mystery in abbreviations — sometimes.

In this case, the name of the therapy is just too long for a headline. It is called “Light Induced Enhanced Selective Hyperthermia.” It is a cousin to a couple of treatments I mention in my book — “Cytoluminescent Therapy” (CLT) and “PhotoDynamic Therapy” (PDT).

I’m grateful to Betty and John McCormick for sending me this account of the treatment. The reason I’m publishing it for you will become obvious only at the end of this account by “Bill.” So, please read it all the way through…important lesson at the end.

“On April 3, 2007, I had a colonoscopy performed to locate the source of my rectal bleeding. The results revealed that I had a mass on the wall of my rectum that was about 1.2 inches in diameter and malignant.


The doctor who performed the colonoscopy referred me to a surgeon. We met in his office. The surgeon informed me that my entire rectum would have to be removed and that he couldn’t guarantee that he could connect everything back together, which would mean a colostomy [bag]. He also said that although he does much of his surgeries laparoscopically, he would have to do open surgery for my case. I was stunned — in shock.


He further informed me that he wanted me to do six weeks of chemotherapy and radiation to shrink the tumor as much as possible before surgery. An oncologist would consult with me about the recipe for the chemo.


I told him that I was very resistant to both chemo and radiation. He became annoyed with me and told me that if I didn’t follow the standard protocol for my condition that I would experience “a terrible way to die.” [Great bedside manner!]


I left the surgeon’s office determined to find an alternative. I did have a CT scan done at his recommendation and a chest X-ray. Both were negative as far as any spread of the cancer is concerned.


A friend sent me a link to videos of a presentation given by Dr. Bill Deagle that was made in December of 2006. There was a lot of information on the videos, some of which focused on how to remain healthy in a toxic world. Dr. Deagle mentioned that he did telephone consultations, so I called him. When I explained my situation, he asked me to e-mail a medical history. He said he would put together some information for me.


When I got the information, some by phone and some in a report e-mailed to me, he told me about a woman in Little Rock, Arkansas who cured cancer using light. Because my growth was only 2.5 inches from the outside, he thought that she might be able to reach it with her process.


I e-mailed this woman, Dr. Carpenter (her Ph.D. is in physics) to ask if she could help me. She called back and told me with utmost confidence that my tumor would be dead with only three treatments and sent me an information packet. The packet explained that the treatment she had pioneered involved injecting the tumor with an agent that only the cancer cells absorbed. The tumor is then hit with a near infra red light. The light causes the cells with the agent in them to heat up and die. Normal cells are unaffected. I was intrigued.


After asking a few more questions and getting answers I liked, I decided to go ahead with the treatment. We scheduled three appointments for the week of June 11th.


The fee for the treatments was $7,000. Normally, it would have been $3,750, but I was going to need her anesthesiologist partner to do a block at the base of my spine for each treatment and that raised the cost.


I flew to Little Rock, found my way to her treatment center and had my first treatment on June 12th. It was painless and took about an hour. Dr. Carpenter informed me that my tumor was flattening and that some of the tissue was already starting to look like normal tissue.


During the second treatment, Dr. Carpenter told me that the tumor looked very different from the way it looked during the first treatment (a positive sign). I had one more treatment on Saturday, June 16th, and then headed for home with my tumor completely dead. When I told her that I didn’t know how to thank her, she said, ‘Go home and have a good life.’


I was sore from the retractor that was used to open me up and from the injections of the pain killer. But it was nothing that Tylenol couldn’t handle. I now am cancer-free, can live a normal life (no restrictions) and I didn’t have to have toxic chemicals shot into my body or receive any radiation. I also didn’t have to have the very invasive surgery, a long hospital stay or a bag attached to my side for the rest of my life. I will have about three months of continued bleeding as the dead cells are sloughed off by the body. That’s just an inconvenience.


If you know anyone who is facing decisions about cancer, I urge you to tell them about Dr. Carpenter. You can check her out at At the present time, she cannot administer general anesthesia and can’t operate on most organs (she did cure a liver cancer because they knew where the tumor was located). The tumor has to be pin-pointed and be no more than four inches from the surface.


Dr. Carpenter has been fighting the medical establishment for 20 years. She is a warrior. I love her for her tenacity. She is the only person doing this therapy. It is called ‘Light Induced Enhanced Selective Hyperthermia.’


She has a patent on this process. I bless her for her service to humanity.



I applaud Bill for taking charge of his health care and seeking out this non- invasive way to get rid of his tumor. I don’t have a name or e-mail address for Bill. If you are interested, contact Dr. Carpenter.

OK — what’s the lesson here? I’m sure some of you may have guessed already. This treatment, or any other treatment which concentrates on killing cancer cells is usually fatal. I hope someone will pass to Bill what I’m about to tell you. Actually, you can get the full lesson by reading an article in my May 29th, 2006 newsletter. I called it “Killing Cancer Cells — Not The Way Home.” You’ll find it at:

In a nutshell, once a person like Bill has focused their attention on a treatment (any treatment) which concentrates on killing the cancer cells, they tend to neglect the only way to recover from cancer — drastic, permanent lifestyle changes.

Every cancer “therapy” leaves the cancer survivor vulnerable to recurrence — unless he/she is aware of the nature of cancer. Cancer is a systemic imbalance, not just a tumor. The tumor is the symptom. It is not the cancer. Unless the person, before, during, after or instead of the “therapy” follows a disciplined regimen of diet and supplements, the cancer will almost always return. Usually the recurrence is in a more aggressive form and more difficult to overcome.

There — that sums up nine years of watching and helping cancer patients succeed and fail in their attempts to overcome this condition. Remember, it is not a “disease.” It is simply a “reaction” of your body to what has happened to it — usually over a period of years or even decades. Reversing that “reaction” requires making your whole body “hostile” to cancer cells. Simple, but not easy. But it is the only thing I know of which guarantees a complete recovery.

OK — end of lesson. Please take it to heart.

Reaction To My “SICKO” Message

A couple of weeks ago, I sent you a message about Michael Moore’s new documentary, “SICKO.” Unfortunately, within a couple of hours after that message was sent, Google took down the link to the free version of the full movie. Only a few of you saw it.

The reaction was interesting. About 50/50. Some applauded Michael for the movie and me for bringing it to your attention. Some criticized me for even mentioning Michael Moore. Only one person cancelled his subscription.

I’m not a Michael Moore fan. I wish someone less controversial had done this documentary. But they didn’t. Today, it opens in the theaters and we’ll see what the political impact is. I brought it to your attention because I think he succeeded in dramatizing several issues about our “sick care” system which need much more publicity. They need to be changed immediately, in fact. When children die after being refused treatment at an emergency room simply because their parents had no health insurance and no money, our society has failed. It’s that simple. When most people who go bankrupt do so because of medical bills, our society has failed.

This movie barely scratches the surface of what’s wrong with our medical system. When government agencies like the FDA and Congress are lapdogs to the Big Pharma lobbyists, our society has failed. When proven effective treatments for serious conditions like cancer are violently suppressed because they can’t be patented and sold for exorbitant prices, our society has failed.

If you would like to read a good review of this movie before you see it, just go to Mike Adams web site for his well-written review. It’s at:

Please see it, folks. It doesn’t matter what you think of Michael Moore. This is knowledge that every person needs. If the American medical system is ever going to be reformed, it’s people like you who care about real health care who need to lead the charge.

Moore makes a great point in the movie. The American government is not afraid of the people anymore. We are not active enough. In other countries (France, for example), when a social issue arises, so do the people — in huge demonstrations. Sure there is lobbying by greedy Big Pharma and other greedy corporate pigs in France. But, when social issues come up, the people have a voice. What about we Americans? Where’s our voice?

Since Michael Moore asked a week ago for “You Tube” videos of horror stories of everyday people’s encounters with our medical system, at least seventy have been posted. Take a look at some of them. They are heart-breaking. Just click here.

Dr. Rowen Prescribes Capsaicin

Most of you know I like Dr. Robert Ray Rowen’s “Second Opinion” newsletter. He had an interesting article in the May, 2007 issue. It was called “The Only Safe Way to Burn Cancer Out of Your Body.” Here are some excerpts and information on how to get the product he is touting:

“For years, doctors and medical science believed the only way to effectively burn cancer out of your body was with radiation. Of course, they still hold to that dogma. But you don’t have to. There’s another way to burn cancer out of your body. And this method is completely safe to the surrounding tissues and the rest of your body….


Researchers in two separate studies have found a way to burn cancer cells with capsaicin rather than radiation. Capsaicin is the very hot extract of red peppers….


A British study led by Dr. Timothy Bates has found that capsaicin directly attacks the mitochondria (energy furnaces) of cancer cells. But it leaves the mitochondria of normal cells untouched. The team found that lung and pancreatic cancer cells incubated with the hot extract died from the direct assault on their energy furnaces. Pancreatic cancer cells are particularly hard to kill, so this is great news.


Study after study is showing the incredible healing power of spices and herbs such as red pepper and turmeric….So I have asked Farmacopia (800-896-1484) to carry a dried extract [of the capsaicin] in capsules (40,000 heat units each). I suggest you take seven capsules three times a day, but only for three days a week. If you find this dose is too uncomfortable for you, please contact Farmacopia and let them know.”

Would I try this? Absolutely! I trust Dr. Rowen. He is one of the really knowledgeable holistic M.D.’s around. The red pepper extract cannot harm you. If it makes you uncomfortable, just cut the dose or stop. This would certainly be an option I would consider if the standard regimen I recommend in my book doesn’t seem to be working for you.

If you’d like to subscribe to Dr. Rowen’s newsletter, you can do so by calling his Business Office in Atlanta at (800) 728-2288 or (770) 399-5617. The cost is $49 a year for 12 issues.

Budwig Diet Heals Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia

Here is an account from Carol Mahan about her son’s recovery from Leukemia. She posted this on the “FlaxseedOil2” chat group on Michael Vrentas sent it to me.

This particular type of leukemia is very difficult to reverse. I think all of us could learn something from this young man’s proactive approach:

“My son has CML-Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia. He read several studies about Dr. Budwig and decided if he wanted to be well, he needed to radically change his diet and start eating healthy. He does not follow the diet to the letter—for instance, he does not have sauerkraut juice in the morning but he does do the cottage cheese/flaxseed oil, flax seeds/honey/fruit mixture in the morning (I’m not sure how many times a day) and does incorporate a lot of the Budwig Protocol.


He has a juicer and juices his vegtables–everything he eats is raw not cooked — no sugar or processed foods and no meat or eggs. He buys raw milk and everything organic. He has bought the Ezekiel bread too. He also radically changed all his health care products — shampoos and soaps and toothpastes, etc. He tells me how toxic everything I use really is. He even changed his shower head to a healthier one with a filter. It really gets expensive but somehow he manages.


He feels great and all of his blood cell counts have been in the normal range for the past 2 or 3 months. He’s been doing the Budwig Protocol (most of it) for about 8 months now.


He did go off the CC/FO for several days and all of his symptoms of Leukemia started returning — he said he could barely get out of bed! He knew he could not slip and needed to get back on the CC/FO daily. When he did, he got back all his energy and the fatigue and joint pain just disappeared!


He is a strong believer in Dr. Budwig’s findings and is constantly promoting it to others (that’s how I got started!). He knows he will be eating this way for the rest of his life, too.”

Thanks, Carol, for this interesting account of your son’s recovery from this difficult form of cancer.

A Reader’s Story — John Benton

Here’s a reader’s story you’ll enjoy. John has told me to share his name and e-mail with you. His e-mail address is:

“Hi Bill,


Approximately 4-1/2 months ago (February 1) I was diagnosed with stage IV Prostate Cancer which had gone into the bones throughout my body. The medical doctors could offer no cure for it. However, they started me on hormone therapy to alleviate the pain and slow down the progress of the cancer. After 3 days on the drug, Casodex, I was quite free of the intense pain (for which I was very grateful). I stopped taking the Casodex daily pills the end of April, and I have continued to have no pain.


My family and friends immediately started to pray to God for my healing.


About 3-1/2 months ago (first part of March) I found your website and Webster Kehr’s site ( These two websites have been my primary source for information about cancer and how to fight it; the importance of a proper anti-cancer diet; and how to utilize some of the many alternative therapies available.


I began going through both websites’ many pages and I bought your book. In addition, I have liked the latest, up-to-date information you provide in your Newsletters.


I started an anti-cancer diet (along with the Budwig cottage cheese mixture) and taking supplements. Since then my strength and energy levels have improved dramatically.


I have received much nutritional and theraputic advice from all these materials. Also, this information has given me more hope for recovery.


I did Dr. Navarro’s HCG Urine Test in mid-March, and it came back as a 78 (very high, as should be expected for Stage IV cancer). I just received the results from my second test done the first part of June (10 weeks later), and it now is 59! I am very encouraged to continue to press on using alternative regimes.


Ever since I was diagnosed with cancer many people have prayed to God for my healing. I believe that He is answering these prayers and healing me. I also thank God for directing me to you. Your information has been an important part of my fight against cancer!




John Benton
Phoenix, Arizona”

Thank you, John, for the great story. I hope all the readers who have cancer (or think they might have it) will follow your lead and get Dr. Navarro’s HCG Urine Test. It is non-invasive, easy to prepare, requires no doctor’s prescription and costs $50 plus the postage. See Chapter 5 in my book “Cancer-Free (Second Edition)” for more details on this great test.



Speaking of “Cancer-Free (Second Edition),” this new updated version of my book has left the launching pad dramatically, thanks mostly to you, my loyal readers. I have heard some very nice compliments on the book already. I’m quite proud of this version. It is much more accurate and up-to-date than the First Edition. To get this Second Edition book in either e-book or paperback form, all you have to do is go to my web site:

The paperback will soon be available from, and in the bookstores. However, I suggest you order it directly from the publisher by entering your order at my web site. It is a “print on demand” book. The orders which go directly to the publisher get filled much quicker than those entered at a bookstore or at amazon.

Thanks again to those of you who have bought this book. Please be sure to share it with your friends and relatives.



If you think Michael Moore’s documentary skewers the medical system in the U.S., this article burns the system at the stake. It is one of the best organized and articulate descriptions of the horrors of our medical system and the cause. To read this great article written by Ted Twietmeyer on June 20th, 2007, just click here.

OK, enough for this time. But stay tuned. My next newsletter in a couple of weeks will have some great information. For example:

**** Mike Adams, The “Health Ranger” Interviews Dr. Jonathan Wright
(promised last time, but I didn’t have room here)
**** New Study Shows Aspertame Definitely Causes Cancer
**** A Problem Most of Us Have and How to Fight It

And don’t forget my bribe. Send me your story about your cancer experience — good, bad or neutral — and I’ll send you a free copy of my e-book “Cancer -Free (Second Edition).” Your story may help many other people. Just let me know if you want me to include your name or e-mail address when I publish it in the newsletter. I will certainly respect your privacy.

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Be well!


Bill Henderson
Author, “Cure Your Cancer” and “Cancer-Free”


Although many alternative medical treatments have been successfully used for many years, they are currently not practiced by conventional medicine and are therefore not “approved” and legal (in some States) for medical professionals to prescribe for their patients, although it is legal for individuals to use them at their own discretion. It therefore becomes necessary to include the following disclaimer:

The offerings made by this publication are to be carefully considered by the user. All responsibility regarding the use of alternative treatments rests with the patient. If you have doubts regarding these things, rely on your conventional doctor.