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“Eat To Live” — Dr. Joel Fuhrman
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Welcome to this 141st issue of my newsletter. About 24 months of past issues are available at this web site. Just click on the “Newsletter Archive” link on the left of the screen. The articles tend to be “timeless,” so read or reread some of them at your leisure.


Come Sail With Us!

A “Heal Yourself” cruise? You bet. And the 100 cabins reserved for people like you are going fast. I urge you to look into this wonderful week-long cruise in the Caribbean dedicated to education about self-healing. Dr. Carlos Garcia, Dr. John Lubecki and I will do our best during that week to pass to you all the information we can about healing yourself. We’ll talk a lot about alternative treatments for cancer, but we’ll cover virtually every other “degenerative condition.” And you can bet you’ll probably get just as much valuable information from the other 100 couples on the cruise.

This cruise has been set up by Martin Erb, a gentleman who healed himself of Stage IV sarcoma earlier this year. He wants to “give back” to other cancer patients the lessons he learned. He was both a telephone “coachee” of mine and a patient of Dr. Garcia’s in his Clearwater, Florida clinic. Martin’s wife, Joyce, has designed a wonderful website describing the particulars of this cruise which is scheduled from February 12th through February 19th, 2011. Here’s where to get all the information you need:

At that website, you’ll find an “information packet’ you can print out along with information on how to sign up for the cruise. Please note that you can contact Martin Erb at his e-mail for information about the seminar content. For information on the cruise details, please contact Shari Marsh. You can call her at (888) 684-6961 or e-mail her at

A bonus at the Cancer Success For You website is a set of recipes Joyce has put together which are both tasty and healthy. She is adding some each week, so keep checking it out. You’ll love them.

Hope to see you on February 12th when we sail from Miami. All aboard!!


“Eat To Live” — Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Boy, in the last couple of weeks, I’ve gotten some great information from you loyal readers on nutrition. One of the best books I’ve read on the subject is “Eat To Live” by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Dr. Fuhrman is an M.D. in Flemington, New Jersey who is one of the true (and cogent) experts I have read on nutrition. Get this book, folks. If you want to lose weight or just restore your health, this is a very valuable resource. Here is a copy of Al Koftinow’s e-mail message which introduced me to this book:

“Dear Bill,

After reading a book by Dr. Joel Fuhrman I lost 60 pounds over a few months, threw away all of the medications that doctors had prescribed and feel great. Since I have never seen a mention of his name in your newsletters, I thought I might personally recommend all of his books, but in particular the book, ‘Eat to Live.’ It not only deals with cancer but the entire cornucopia of human sickness. Let me know if you read it.

Al Koftinow”

Well, thank you, Al. I have read it and I was really impressed. If you want good nutrition advice, folks, here it is — from a real M.D. with lots of experience.


Starve Your Cancer and Obesity — Dr. William Li

Here’s the second wonderful item this month on healing cancer with nutrition. This one is a great video talk by Dr. William Li, M.D. David Graham sent me this link to the video and a treatise on the subject of “anti- angiogenesis” and how it relates to healing cancer. Dave Kernohan also sent me the same “heads up” to this marvelous video. Please take the time to listen to and watch this video. It will help you more than anything I’ve read or heard recently about how your cancer forms and how to reverse it with certain foods.

Here’s the best link to listen to this remarkably informative video:


Sit back now, if you have time, and listen to and watch this. If you don’t have time now, please come back and listen to it when you can. It is only 20 minutes long. Especially interesting is that Dr. Li explains that a cancer- fighting diet of the type I recommend in my book is the best way to fight cancer. But, this approach also works to overcome obesity. Believe me, you won’t spend a better 20 minutes — ever.


“All Day Energy Greens”

Finally, here’s the third wonderful piece of nutrition advice for you this month. My friend, Ray Trubey is very well- informed about cancer treatment and nutrition. Ray has organized a natural healing group at The Villages in Florida where he and his wife, Terri, live. Here’s what Ray told me about this wonderful greens food he and Terri have found to be the most effective:

“Hello Bill,

After reading parts of your newsletter I saw a new product you told us about concerning getting all of your daily green in a capsule. Terri and I currently take a product called “All Day Energy Greens” whereby you get five servings of both vegetables and fruits in one single tablespoon, not just vegetables. You could mix it in your FO/CC smoothie. It is sweetened with stevia. We purchase it from “Institute For Vibrant Living” at or 800-218-1379. There are many products online similar to this product, but we think this product is the best. Best Wishes to you and Terry,





Last month, in my May newsletter, I described a Life Extension article on resveratrol. I hope all of you took that to heart and got some of this great supplement and are taking it every day. In that article, I regretted that I did not have a link to that article so you could read the whole thing. Well, again, one of my wonderful readers has come through. Patty LaBarge sent me this message:

“You mentioned that you did not know how to get the article “Extending Life and Fighting Disease with Resveratrol” by Julius Goepp, MD. Here is a link: Resveratrol Article from Life Extension

Patty LaBarge”

Thanks, Patty. It is really an important article for all of us to have in our files.



Many of us long for something compact we can share with our relatives about why we feel that natural medicine and self-healing make the most sense. That is why I welcomed this reference I received last week from Chuck McCoy. Chuck is in the process of healing himself and Larry Cook’s article on Natural Medicine really seemed to cement his commitment. Maybe it will do the same for you. If, like me, you’re already committed but have relatives who think you’re cuckoo, maybe you can share it with them. It probably won’t convert them, but maybe it will get them off your back. Here’s Chuck’s message and the link to this great article:


You are so informed about challenges in health care, the following link may not hold your interest. None-the-less, I just started reading it and found the delivery of the information somewhat more palatable than the hyperbole that one often reads. Bill I so appreciate your crusade – thank you! I guess what I’m hoping to find in the writings at this link is some comfort as I try to balance the use of allopathic care with the alternatives that seem to be the path to restored health.

My prayer is this article is one of God’s ways of guiding me through a situation He could take care of instantaneously. I trust His wisdom.


In this chapter from his book “The Beginner’s Guide to Natural LIving,” Larry Cook talks about:

“Natural Medicine vs Allopathic Medicine”
“Suppression of Natural Medicine”
“Natural Medicine Systems”
and “Natural Remedies”

You’ll like it — and maybe your relatives will, too.



Some good news for all of you, but particularly those of you outside the U.S., who are sending your urine sample off to Dr. Navarro’s clinic in Manila for the HCG Urine Test regularly. Dr. Navarro’s sister, Erlinda Suarez, who collects the payment for these tests has just announced that she now accepts PayPal in payment for it. No more need to get a Money Order or bank draft and mail it to her. Here is the message Ms. Suarez sent to Leonard Sandler, who forwarded it on to me:


Please be informed that we have established a payment process for the HCG test via PayPal.

Payment is made in to The total payment is $55.00 (extra $5 to pay for the PayPal service).

Please visit to see instructions.

Best Regards,

Erlinda N Suarez”

To use PayPal, you do not need a PayPal account. All you need is the website, which is and the e-mail address (see above) to which you are making the payment. Almost any credit card will work for the payment.



Our friends at Our Health Co-op have some great discounts for you. No need for coupon codes. Just order the product and you’ll get the substantial discount. Soothing Greens, a great greens product, is now on sale for just $9.95, a $15 discount. Also, their Constant Health product, which comes in French Vanilla or Rich Chocolate flavors, is on sale for $24.95, a $20 savings from the regular price. Check these out by going to

Just click on the Our Health Co-op link when you get there and you’ll soon see the link to these two great products.



Tomorrow, Thursday, July 1st, you have another opportunity to ask Dr. Carlos Garcia and me any questions you have about cancer or general health. All you have to do is go to and sign on to the chat at the Utopia Wellness Community call. It’s free. No charge. There’s not even any telephone expense if you use Skype of any other VOIP software through your computer.

Here’s how you join us tomorrow (or every other Thursday after this — July 15th, 29th, etc.). A few minutes before 1 PM Eastern time; Noon Central; 11 AM Mountain; 10 AM Pacific; or 6 PM GMT, just go to the website above and join the call. You can sign up in advance if you like, but it is not necessary. If you just go to the website at the time, you will be able to participate as a “Guest.” You also need to call this number either on the phone or Skype: (724) 444-7444. When prompted, enter your “Call ID,” which is 73920#. That way, you’ll be able to hear the conversation and see the questions typed in on the computer screen. You can even type in your own question. Hope to “see” you there tomorrow.

And don’t forget to sign up for the February, 2011 “Heal Yourself” cruise. Just 100 cabins available. So, don’t put it off. See the first article above for the details.


Do your friends a favor and send them to my web site:

Be well…and be sure to hug each other every day!

Bill Henderson
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