A New Book — With Your Help
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In this issue, I am launching a project that will hopefully help lots of people, including your relatives and friends.  Please consider helping me in this endeavor.

A New Book — With Your Help

The other day, my beautiful wife, Terry, gave me an inspired suggestion.

“You’ve helped thousands of people to heal themselves of cancer.  Why don’t you collect some of their stories?  You could publish them in a new book that would inspire others.  There must be hundreds of these people willing to help you with such a project.”

Well, Terry, you’ve hit on a nerve.  I’ve talked to over 5,000 people all over the world on the phone and Skype over the last 16 years.  Nothing in my life has been as fulfilling.  I’ve just given them advice but they have healed themselves.  Not 100%.  But some high proportion of them. What a possible treasure trove of information is there in you folks.

Think about it.  If you’ve gotten your cancer under control, wouldn’t it be fulfilling for you to pass that information on to the rest of the world? Over eight million people all over the world are dying of the effects of their cancer and its treatment every year.  Most of them die needlessly from their lack of information.  How many of them could you help by passing on your experience?

I’m not suggesting you become a coach, as I am, making yourself available to people to call you or e-mail you.  Of course, you can do that if you like.  Believe me, it is a great blessing for you and them.  But you can also be anonymous.  You can tell your story in a way that results in no inconvenience for you at all.  You will at least have the great satisfaction that your experience with cancer has not been all negative.

I remind people working on their cancer healing every day that there is a positive aspect to this experience.  You learn about health and healing as a result of your “wake-up call.”  You are able to help your loved ones to avoid your experience.  The caregivers who helped you have learned the methods to help themselves and their loved ones avoid this experience or handle it when it occurs.  Their irrational fear of cancer has been reduced (hopefully eliminated) by your experience.


How Successful Is Your Regimen, Bill?

I get this question often.  People want some assurance before they commit to something “off the beaten path.”  My problem with documenting the success I’ve had for the last 16 years is that it is anecdotal.  I can’t offer people statistics proving the efficacy of what I recommend they do about thier cancer.  I don’t follow the people I coach (or who healed themselves without my coaching) every couple of weeks to record their degree of compliance and their success or failure. I can claim no “rate” of success.  All I have is stories.  But they have inspired me to continue what I do.

Sure, as some have suggested, I could build a data base, follow up with each person on it every two weeks and document their cancer healing experience.  Maybe if I hired a staff that might be possible.  It is not in the present environment with me as a “Lone Ranger.”


Let’s Put Together A “Healing Stories” Book

Here is an opportunity for you and me to put our experience in a form that it would inspire people all over the world.  I’m thinking of a collection of your stories in book form.  I have some stories now.  I will have to validate that the success they claimed has been permanent.  I need your story for this project.  My goal is a minimum of 300 such stories of cancer healing success.

Will you help me?  Will you become a permanent source of inspiration and guidance for cancer patients all over the world?  Here’s how you can participate:

1.  Send me an e-mail with the subject “Healing Stories,” a tentative title for this new book of ours.

2.  Document your cancer experience in a page or two (800 words maximum) oriented to inspiring others to match your success.  Be sure to describe the regimen and other efforts which were critical to your recovery.  Be sure to include dates — original diagnosis, “under control” date, etc.  How do you know it is “under control?”  Include what you plan to do in the future to prevent a recurrence.

3.  E-mail it to me at uhealcancer@gmail.com.  Include your instructions about how visible you want to be.  Completely anonymous?  Your name only?  Your name and location only?  Your name, location and e-mail address only?  Your name, location, e-mail address and phone number?

I will edit those I choose to include in this book.  I will contact the authors for their approval of the edited copy of their “story.”  If you have already given me your story, I will contact you to update it and get your permission to publish it.

Let’s fulfill Terry’s vision.  It certainly inspires me.  I hope it does you, too.



Want to listen in to a live interview with me?  It’s coming up in about three weeks.  Randi Fine has a regular radio show she calls “A Fine Time for Healing.”  On Friday, July 25th, she will interview me.  You can listen in.  It will start at 11 AM Eastern Time (10 AM Central, 9 AM Mountain and 8 AM Pacific).  The interview is about 45 minutes long. The subject is root canals and cancer.  Here’s the link you can use to listen in:


If you’d prefer to use the phone to listen in and (possibly) ask a question, you can.  Just dial this number a few minutes before the top of the hour:

(424) 220-1801



One of the best talks I’ve heard lately was the 12-minute one on Longevity by Dr. Fuhrmann.  You can listen to it and hopefully be inspired as I was.  Just click on:




If you’ve been reading this newsletter for awhile, you probably already know how much I admire a wonderful physician named Dr. Veronique Desaulniers.  You can see an article on her and a video she did at:


I finally met Dr. Veronique in April in San Diego.  She was a speaker at the Cure To Cancer Conference, as I was.  She was also on Ty Bollinger’s interviews last month. Well, her book is now available for you and I highly recommend it.  In fact, I wrote the Foreword to it.  It has already become a #1 Best Seller on Amazon.com.

It is called “Heal Breast Cancer Naturally” but it is almost equally valuable for information on healing any form of cancer.  Here are a couple of websites where you can learn more about this great book and order it:



[NOTE:  I have no financial interest in Dr. Desaulniers’ work.]



As many of you know, I admire nutritionist and natural healer, Sherry Brescia.  I get a treatise on a subject regarding health and healing written in a very readable style by Sherry almost every day.  Some are better than others.  Here’s one of her recent essays that I think will benefit all of you and was one of Sherry’s best.  Please read it here:


[NOTE:  I have no financial connection with Sherry.  I just admire the content of her prolific newsletters.]



Many of you have experienced extreme pain — either from the cancer or something else.  Many of you are going through it now.  I get frustrated because all I can recommend to people with pain issues is that they try some of the natural pain relieving substances I’ve learned about.  They, of course, are more effective than the synthetic pain medications but none of them work for everyone.  People essentially have to try “one at a time” to find the one that works for them.

When I hear of an interesting new pain reliever, as I did in the e-mail below, I get excited.  I’ll share the e-mail and the website it refers to with you.  I suggest you read the information at the website.  Then, call Bill Rowland for a free consultation if you feel he can help you.  He is located near The Villages in Florida.

“Good morning Bill,


[names omitted for privacy] recommended I contact you, and introduce myself.  After a botched medical procedure [name blank] spent two weeks in excruciating level 9-10 pain without sleeping. In two treatments I was able to eliminate the pain down to zero. Hence the introduction to you. 


I work in a very unique field of electric medicine using impedance controlled, micro-current technology.  We just opened the first Energy Healing center of its kind in Florida, and specialize in eliminating pain even if nothing else has ever worked.  This technology is also very effective with cancer patients.


I would like to learn more about what you are doing, and explore some of the possible synergies with what I’m able to do.  Please feel free to call me at your convenience.




Bill Rowland

CEO & Founder

129 S. Old Dixie Hwy.

Lady Lake FL. 32159

Office: (352) 552-1889


Eliminate Pain Even If Nothing Else Works

Safely without drugs or surgery

Energy Medical Center at The Villages


Do your friends a favor and send them to my website:


Be well…and be sure to hug each other every day and lay your burdens down tonight!


Bill Henderson
Author, “Cure Your Cancer” and “Cancer-Free”
E-mail:  uhealcancer@gmail.com


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