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Fred Eichhorn — A Noble Gentleman

In the last month, I have been blessed with a closer
relationship with a remarkable man. Fred Eichhorn has been
featured in my newsletter before — in the June 13, 2001
issue. He has founded the National Cancer Research Found-
ation, which you can learn more about at his web site:


Now that I know a lot more about him, both personally and
professionally, I’d like to urge you to consider him as a
resource for helping you treat your cancer.

In 1976, at age 21, after 5 years and 34 incorrect diagnoses,
Fred was diagnosed with islet cell carcinoma. He was given
8 months to live without the delicate surgery required or
1 1/2 to 3 years with the surgery. A Middle Eastern doctor
performed the surgery and prescribed a vitamin regimen to
combat recurrence.

Fred studied medicine in the 1980’s, including four years of
transplantation research. He taught Chemistry for 3 years
and researched the bio-mechanics of the pancreas/endocrinology
system. He concluded that cancer research suffers from tunnel
vision and that American medicine treats symptoms, not causes.
No surprises there to readers of this rag.

Fred was injured badly in the first World Trade Center bombing
in 1993. He had many fractures and internal injuries. During
his 2 1/2 year recuperation, he continued his research on
cancer and other diseases. He was able to help many people
while still in bed.

His theory, based on many years of research, is that cancer
is the result of a long-term vitamin deficiency combined with
low calcium and acidic pH. Correcting these conditions reduces
the cancer to levels manageable by your body’s immune system.

His resolve to expand his program was spurred by the death
of his sister, Diana, in December, 1997 from metastisized
cancer. Fred had tracked her various surgeries and chemo-
therapy, frustrated with his inability to convince her to
refuse them and trust his treatment. She did take his
vitamin treatment before and after her final surgery and had
a remarkable recovery. Once home, though, she stopped
taking his vitamin formula and refused all other treatment
insisting she was cured. A few weeks later she passed away.
She was 45 with two children who were 18 and 20 at the time.

Fred and his wife, Lora, established a clinic they called
Lindenmere, dedicating it to Diana. Up until February of
this year, they had a 92% success rate treating all types
of cancer in over 2,000 patients. In addition, Fred had
found his formula works to reverse multiple sclerosis,
Parkinsons and Graves diseases, AIDS, Epstein Barre, Lyme’s
disease, hepatitis “C,” diabetes, glaucoma, asthma, rheuma-
toid arthritis, manic depression, ADHD and even drug/cigar-
ette/alcohol addiction.

He says,

“I learned of the others by accident, as additional
results from cancer patients with additional conditions or
their family members who decided to try it.”

Hard to believe? I know. I still have a healty dose of
skepticism about claims like those that Fred makes. You should,
too. Two things convinced me that you should seek out his treat-

1. The 72 pages of testimonials he sent me. They are very
convincing and cover several years of cancer-free survival by
many, many people with all types of cancer, most of whom had
their system’s devastated by conventional treatment before
coming to Fred’s clinic.

2. And, of course, the following statement from Fred:

“The NCRF [National Cancer Research Foundation] has never
taken a single penny from any person we helped…The goal
of this research foundation is to help those afflicted at
no cost to them, as we do not want any person to hesitate
to seek help due to lack of funds.”

The above has been verified for me by two people I trust:

One is Ed van Overloop, who I introduced you to in my January
11, 2002 newsletter in the article “Meet Two Fellow Crusaders-
A Wealth of Info For You.” Ed runs a cancer support group
in New Jersey. His group has about 100 cancer patients and
survivors as members. Ed knows Fred Eichhorn personally and
has assured me that he is “the real deal.” He told me that
Lindenmere, the clinic Fred operated was a 14-room Bed &
Breakfast on Fire Island (on Long Island about 40 miles east
of New York’s Kennedy International Airport). It is a $2.5
million estate once owned by Imelda Marcos. You can see
pictures of it at:


Just scroll down and click on “Image Galleries” on the left.
Look for the first set of pictures, which is all Lindenmere.

There are more rooms in a motel-like arrangement on the estate.
It has 17 bathrooms with real gold accessories. Fred ran his
holistic clinic there, sleeping only 3 hours a night.

The other informant about Fred and his work was Steve Davis.
Steve lives in New York. He is one of the most skeptical people
I have met in my three years of chatting with cancer patients.
Here’s what Steve had to say about Fred and his treatment in
his first communication with me last November:

“Thanks for an informative website. I have an inquiry regarding
the NCRF and Fred Eichhorn. I believe you wrote briefly about
him in an issue last year. I found out about his work by chance.
He’s very unusual in this field since he’s not in for the money,
as I gather you know. I understand he is a very generous and
decent person. The question that is bewildering to me is ‘why
is his work known by so few?’ Even the nonprofit alternative
cancer orgs. and web sites have nothing listed on his work.
And he seems to be helping so high a % of people with late
stage disease and with so many different forms…I’m really at
a loss to understand this. Can you explain? Any feedback you
have on this issue and Fred would be appreciated.”

Since then, I’ve had several conversations with Steve about Fred
Eichhorn and other topics. My only answer on why Fred’s work is
not better known is that he is well aware of the oppression of
cancer fighters like those documented so well in Daniel Haley’s
book “Politics in Healing – The Suppression and Manipulation of
American Medicine.” [By the way, if you haven’t read this book,
do so. It is a sure cure to death from excessive trust in your

Fred. on the other hand, has submitted his program to the
American Medical Association in an attempt to get their
“endorsement.” This may sound naive to those of you who know,
as I do, the history of that organization. At any rate, he has
gotten neither approval or disapproval from the AMA. They say
they do not have “enough supportive documentation” to make a
declaration either way.

Folks, this is a gentleman of complete integrity devoted to
helping his fellow humans cope with a condition he knows a
lot about. I have read the 42-page explanation of his theory
of cancer causes and cures. I can’t say I completely under-
stand it. That understanding would take a lot more medical
training than the self-help version I have glommed together
over the last few years. It has to do with certain specific
functions of the autonomic nervous system and how those react
to deficiencies of vitamins, low calcium levels and acidic pH.
He discusses specifics about colon, prostate, breast, lung,
bone and many other cancers to support his theory.

His formula consists of very specific daily amounts of the
following: calcium/magnesium (3,000 mg to 12,000 mg); chromium
picolinate (600 mcg to 2,000 mcg); vitamin A (1,250 units to
15,000 units); vitamin D (140 units to 1,400 units); Knox
gelatin (2 to 4 packages); milk thistle (1,200m mg to 4,800 mg);
shark cartilage (4,500 mg to 18,000 mg); vitamin E (1,200 units
to 4,000 units); and zinc (300 mg to 1,200 mg). The dosage
varies with the reaction you choose — from “maintenance” (the
lowest) to “best reversal” (the highest). The price varies
from $75 a month for the “maintenance” dose to $300 a month
for the “best reversal” dose.

[Please don’t send me e-mails about the toxicity of Vitamins
A and D. These doses are way below the toxic level for both of
these vitamins.]

Unfortunately, in February of this year, Fred and Lora were
forced to move out of Lindenmere because of a problem the seller
of that property had with a lien. Nothing that Fred or Lora had
done had anything to do with it. It was just that the owner could
not clear up the legal dispute on the property and insisted they
pay $18,000 a month rent until closing, which might never occur.
Fred and Lora finally ran out of patience and decided to move back
to their home in St. James, New York. They cannot now take in as
many “live-in” patients as they could at Lindenmere.

Fred has made his formula available for purchase in either a cap-
sule or flavored powder form through a company they have called
Cellect, Inc. They are working on a web site where you can order
it online. Until that is ready, you can order it by phone at
the toll free number: 1-866-MY CELLECT, which is: 1-866-692-3553.

To talk to Fred, you can call him at his main number at: 1-631-584-
3100, fax 1-631-584-4833, or toll free 1-877-CANCER FREE, which is
1-877-226-2373. Usually he is busy with patients, so leave a number
and he will call you back. You can also reach him by e-mail at:

fveichh@optonline.net (personal) or ncrf@optonline.net (foundation).

Fred and Lora hope that the situation with Lindenmere will clear
up and they can move back, but they’re not optimistic. Here is
Fred reminiscing about their days at Lindenmere:

“There were many people who came out just to get away and sit
out on the porch in wicker chairs or at the dock just to get
their thoughts together. When they went home, the smile on their
face was the best thank you I could receive.


There were some who came out here at 11:00 at night because
they were in pain, and we would sit on the porch and look at
the bay in the moonlight while we talk about their situation,
knowing that nobody could hear us because of the privacy yet
openness to the world with the bay just open and endless. When
we would finish at 2 or 3 AM, they were bright eyed and energetic
and they knew what to do, as they drove down that long driveway,
you could see in the moonlight that they were happy again.


There was a young woman who had AIDS for 9 years and was pregnant
and it became full-blown AIDS, the situation was devastating and
the hospital demanded that she have it aborted. I was able to
start helping her in her 1st trimester to help her get rid of her
AIDS. She delivered a perfectly healthy baby and neither she nor
the baby have AIDS, the hospital was confused. I would not take a
penny from her, but she was so happy, In return, she sold me her
new jet speedboat that she was not able to afford anymore because
of the medical costs to have the baby. I took over the payments
and with the property the way it was, we could take people for a
good ride out in the bay. Now we cannot do that.


I knew that my sleepless nights on the computer and phone paid
off, not only for the gal with AIDS, but for everyone.”

This is a noble and humble gentleman, folks. If you are wondering
what to do with some extra money you have, I cannot think of a
better charity than to donate it to Fred and Lora to continue their
wonderful work.

Paula Case Study – Closure

Some of you will recall a case study I began reporting on in
my Newsletter #14, December 6th, 2001. The lady was a close
personal friend I called Paula (not her real name). I did two
follow-up articles on Paula on January 26th, 2002 and April 13th,
2002. Maybe you remember she had a hysterectomy because of endo-
metrial cancer. She took MGN-3, beta glucan, shark cartilage,
acidophilus and magesterol (a hormone). She tried the Burzynski
treatment, but found it made her very ill and cost $4,500 a month
for out-patient care.

Paula passed on January 11, 2003. My wife and I finally got her
husband to come over and spend a few hours with us discussing her
case just last week. It turns out that Paula’s case was eerily
similar to that of Dr. Palu in “A Reader’s Story” (the next article).
She had good advice — from us and from her husband, a real supplement
junkie. She even had a good nutritionist. Despite several short-
term successes using the alternative substances, she would never
continue them. She was not diligent at doing what any of us urged
her to do, whether it was diet, supplementation or exercise. She
gave us all good “lip service” but never stuck with anything she
tried. According to her husband, she would try one thing for a
week or two, then stop. She went to the nutritionist, but never
did what she recommended. She eventually trusted her care to her
conventional oncologist and (I feel) died as a result of his

Don’t get me wrong. I am not criticizing Paula. She was a lovely
lady who was a dear friend. She often told me that she hoped her
experience would be valuable to others and encouraged me to report
on her case.

All I can tell you, again, folks (broken record?) is that YOU are
in charge of your health and medical care. If you elect to “just
trust your doctors,” there is not much anyone can do to help you,
even if those would-be helpers love you dearly.

A Reader’s Story

If you read my January 27th newsletter, you will recall that
I “bribed” you with a free copy of the Second Edition of my
e-book if you would send me “your story.” That bribe is still
open. If you feel your experience with treating your cancer —
positive or negative — would help others, send it to me in an
e-mail. I’ll publish one in each newsletter as long as I have
good information for you.

Just last week, I received a very interesting “set” of stories
from Jack Maheu, a faithful reader and good friend who lives in
New Orleans. Jack is a jazz musician, among other talents. As
you’ll soon see, he has also been a “guardian angel” for several
of his friends and his own Mom over the last few years. I think
you’ll find Jack’s stories very interesting. Their moral is the
same as the one to be gained from Paula’s story above. JUST DO

“Hi, Bill…


This is an anecdotal story of a friend of mine who died in
December, 2001, of treatment for lung cancer.


I met Paul in 1961 after moving from Chicago to Syracuse, NY.
I had recently helped re-group a six piece jazz band along with
my former co-leader, and with a former Manager. We hired Paul
to play trumpet.


After many successful years, touring the Eastern part of the USA
with the band, Paul decided to branch out on his own, as did I
and several others in the band.


For the next 12 or so years I would occasionally run into Paul
and/or play concerts and do short tours with Paul. By the way,
Paul was an excellent jazz trumpet player. He was very quiet,
sort of short, homely and shy, but very witty and a helluva


…I had moved to Florida and then to New Orleans but would call
him once or twice a year to see how he was doing.


When I called him late in 2000 he said he wasn’t feeling too well.
He thought he had the flu and was bothered with a cough that
wouldn’t go away. He had always been a heavy smoker. I told him
I had quit smoking in 1989 and that it was time for him to quit.
He said yeah, maybe he should quit. Sure.


I called him in early 2001. He said he had been to Bellevue
Hospital and the doctors told him he had lung cancer, and to quit
smoking. They also wanted to start him on chemotherapy.


About this time I started to read as much as I could find about
cancer as I had lost many friends to this disease. Previously I
had done a lot (30 years) of reading on vitamins, especially
vitamins C, E, B complex and Glucosamine. I had also read up on
Zinc, Garlic, Liquid Deprenyl Citrate, Amino Acids, and several
other supplements.


…Anyway, my faith in doctors began to fade when I began noticing
contradictions in what was happening and what doctors were saying
regarding ailments and cures. It seemed if it wasn’t cured with a
prescription, according to doctors it wasn’t cured. And yet I was
seeing with my own eyes, and was being told by friends who had no
reason to lie, ailments being cured by methods outside of doctors’
failed treatments. And these ‘snake oil cures’ were ridiculed or
ignored by doctors.


If I could get any response at all it would be something like,
‘There’s no scientific proof’; ‘It’s anecdotal’; ‘If it really
worked we’d be using it’; ‘The Placebo effect.’ I often wondered
if the ‘Placebo effect’ worked with high-priced prescription
medicines in the same ratio as it does with ‘Quack’ medicine.


Let me state if I am banged up in a car accident or a drive by
shooting I feel there is no better care than American doctors and
hospitals to pull me through. But illness? My research, reading
and personal experiences don’t jibe with ‘standard medical


If I may, I wish to take a moment to state just a FEW ‘anecdotal’
cases I have seen. These are about personal friends.


Case #1. Bob K. Insurance salesman in Rochester NY. Severe pains
in chest. Bob was getting worse by the week. Bob got an appoint-
ment at the Shute Clinic in Port Credit, Ontario, Canada. He was
examined and put on 1600 units a day of d-alpha tocopherol (Weber


Bob told me that in less than three weeks he could play 18 holes
of golf, could wine and dine with his friends, and could work a
full week at a time with NO PAIN. When he told his doctor how
he felt and what he was taking the doctor said if he was going
to mess with that ‘snake oil’ not to come back. Twenty years
later Bob was still wining and dining and golfing. And still
occasionally taking ‘snake oil.’


Case #2. Tom E..Bartender. Chicago. Bad circulation in feet.
Had already lost one toe. Doctors scheduled Tom to have rest of
his toes amputated in about two weeks. Nothing else they could
do, they said. I told Tom’s wife to spike his food with 1000
units of the nutrient Vitamin E a day. About three weeks later
she called me in Rochester, NY, to tell me that Tom’s toes had
all turned pink and that they didn’t have to amputate. Doctors
said it was a ‘miracle.’


Case #3. Eddie B., trumpet player, New Orleans. Mandible lock-
ing up; pain; difficulty eating/sleeping. He had been to three
doctors and a dentist. Spent lots of money. No relief. Quite
distraught. I suggested he try glucosamine sulfate, 500 units
three times a day. After all it couldn’t hurt. He tried it. In
three weeks no more pain or problems. Two years later still no


Case #4. My mother. Upstate NY. High blood pressure. Emphysema.
Severe depression (after loss of husband, my father). Doctor
had her on medications which helped her high blood pressure
and Emphysema but not her depression.


I sent her a bottle of Liquid Deprenyl Citrate and told her to
check it out with her doctor before taking it. He told her he
thought it might be the same as selegiline hydrochloride (Eldepryl).
(It isn’t, it is much better.)


She starting taking half the dose per day, five drops instead of
ten. Several weeks later her doctor, who was monitoring her, re-
duced her blood pressure medicine to less than half. She told
me she only needed about one tenth of her emphysema medicine. And
her depression totally lifted.


My mother who was 82 at the time flew to New Orleans, first class,
met me, we went to Florida, took care of some business, drove back
to New Orleans where she spent two weeks having a ball before
returning to her home in upstate NY. Her doctor told her that her
vital signs had very much improved and to keep doing what she was
doing. This was the lady who, before taking Liquid Deprenyl, would
sit at the dining room table reading the same book over and over
until she would fall asleep on the table. And then wake up and do
the same thing over and over.


Liquid Deprenyl Citrate formula is a much improved form of deprenyl
hydrochloride which has been around for 30 plus years, and has been
tested in over 200 clinical trials, mostly in Europe, with no serious
side effects. I first read about it in 1992.


It was sold as a nutrient and was developed in a small lab (Discovery,
Experimental & Development, Inc.) in Wesley Chapel, Florida, by Jay
Kimball and his chemists. Through correspondence with Mr. Kimball I
saw copies of some of the letters he received from Dr. Kessler, who
was then head of the Almighty FDA. Herr Kessler could hardly
restrain his contempt for this upstart lab who was bothering him with
requests for the FDA’s blessing.


After ten years of harassing, and other deplorable tactics, which
included raids by S.W.A.T. teams taking Kimball’s files and equipment
without search warrants (‘We don’t need ‘em. We’ll pick ‘em up later’),
the FDA finally won out. And it looks like one of their buddies in
the drug cartel got Kimball’s formula. You can read about it on the



Very interesting and a little scary.


Case #5. (last one) Me. Pain in left knee. Could barely walk for days.
Wouldn’t let up. Finally went to ‘top’ orthopedic doctor at major
medical center in New Orleans who took x-ray of knee.


Diagnosis: ‘Your joints are wearing out; knee bones are scraping.’


What do I do about it?: ‘I’ll give you a prescription for pain pills.’


What about the bones scraping?: ‘You’ll need a metal knee joint.’


No other choices?: ‘No. Pills or a new joint. That’s it.’


I went to a health food store, bought a couple bottles of gluco-
samine sulfate, took three a day, Six weeks later no more pain and
still no pain. That was eight years ago.


Getting back to Dr. Palu………..


I called him again a few months later. He whispered he had stage 4
lung cancer, and now cancer of the larynx. He whispered the doctors
had sent him home to get his papers in order. Apparently the chemo
wasn’t working.


I recommended he try ESSIAC TEA, which he said he would. On the advice
of some of his friends he also started taking MGN-3, which I had not
heard about up until then. He had also quit the chemo.


About a month later I called him again, not expecting any good news
at all. He answered the phone in a clear voice. ‘No more throat
cancer! No more lung cancer!!.’


He had gotten a check-up at the hospital. Everyone was amazed.
After all, they had sent him home to die. And now the tests were
all negative … no sign of cancer.


Well, guess what? The doctors talked him into going back on the
chemo. He told me, emphatically, that the chemo never had done any
good, whatsoever. I told him he must keep taking the ESSIAC and
MGN-3. He said he was getting too weak to brew the tea (it is quite
a process) and he couldn’t afford the MGN-3 any longer. I told him
we’d find some help.


When he would go to the hospital he said the doctors always had
another man listening to everything that was going on, and he was
afraid to tell them what alternative medicine he was taking. His
friends told him it was an FDA guy making sure the ‘proper’ protocol
was followed, and if anything else was done he could lose his right
to the ‘proper medical treatment,’ which meant he would be out on
the street. I don’t know if that could be true, but the more I
read ……!


Anyway, it wasn’t long before Palu was almost too weak to answer
the phone. I had frantically been calling friends of his in Syra-
cuse to get someone to New York to help him. Arrangements were
being made to get someone to stay with him and get him back on what
he was taking (NOT the chemo!). But it was too late. The doctors
had sent him to a hospice where they kept him drugged. He was dead
in three days. I found this out from his sister who had gotten to
him before he died, December 13, 2001. She had also been trying to
help him. But the doctors won out. No, that’s wrong; the ESTABLISH-
MENT won out.


There’s not much else to say except that I feel strongly that Palu
would be alive today if he could have kept taking the ‘alternative’
medicine and had not been forced back on the poisonous chemo.


…Bill, thanks for listening. I guess you know the pain of losing
someone to cancer.


Best wishes and keep up the great work with your newsletter.

Jack Maheu”

Short shots…..


I owe you an apology. As several of you politely pointed
out, I forgot to put the web site address in the “Short Shot”
blurb about the Australian graduate student’s Nutritional
Healing site in my last (February 24th) newsletter. Senior
moment [are there more of them lately??] Here it is:




If you are interested in exactly how the drug companies
manipulate your doctor, read this article. Would you believe
that the average doctor receives $10,000 a year in perks from
the drug companies? Do you think they are not influenced in
what and how they prescribe? Take a look at a very revealing
article at:




The prestigous New England Journal of Medicine, in it’s December
12, 2002 issue blasted chemotherapy and praised an alternative
treatment for multiple myeloma. If you would like more detail
on this milestone event, just take a look at Tim Bolen’s site:


Tim calls himself a “consumer advocate.” He runs a web site called:


The focus of Tim’s newsletter is on the ongoing activities, battles,
politics, and the victories won by members of the “Health Freedom
Movement” against the “quackbusters.” It details “who the quack-
busters are, what they are, where they are operating, when they
appear, and how they operate – and how easy it is to beat them.”



Last week, I sent my “Cure Your Cancer” book to a publisher who
is going to print it in paperback and help me sell it through
the bookstores, media, etc. The new “print on demand” technology
makes this process reasonable enough that neither the publisher
nor I have to take a big risk that it will be a flop. It will be
ready in about June. Thanks to you folks, I have enough feedback
that I may have sufficient credibility for people to read it and
use the information. Watch this space for more info.

In case you have wondered at the spartan simplicity of the
format of this newsletter, it has a purpose. From experi-
ence publishing several newsletters, I’ve found that this
format — simple text with lines no longer than 65 char-
acters — is the only one that will print on all e-mail
screens (maybe even WebTV) the same. Most of you will
notice that the web links in this newsletter are high-
lighted in blue. Clicking on them will open your browser
and take you to that site. If they are not highlighted
(a la AOL), you may need to “copy and paste” them into
your browser. You’ll have to do the same if you go to
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I’ll be back sometime soon with another newsletter. Be
well and send your friends to my web site:



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As for the legal stuff — Disclaimer: The author of this
newsletter is a researcher and writer, not a doctor. Any
treatment for an illness should be shared with your doctor
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