“Murder By Injection” — The AMA’s History
Ozone Treatment in Malaysia — Way Ahead of U.S.
Explanation of “Ionized Alkaline Water”
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Welcome to this 105th issue of my newsletter. About 20 months worth of past issues are available at this web site. Just click on the “Newsletter Archive” link on the left of the screen. The articles tend to be “timeless,” so read or reread some of them at your leisure.


In this issue, I’m going to be quoting the most interesting and useful information I’ve received in the last month. With 8,000 readers in 56 countries, I get a lot of information from you, my loyal readers. This is much more interesting and useful than anything I could dream up to write about. I hope you will be as intrigued by these three accounts as I was.

“Murder By Injection” — The AMA’s History

Way back in 1988, two years before my former wife was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and about 10 years before I began researching cancer and its treatment, Eustace Mullins published his book “Murder By Injection — The Story of the American Medical Conspiracy.” While the book is out of print, thanks to Dr. Mercola and a Google video he discovered, you can hear a 28-minute interview with Eustace Mullins about his book. You can even read one Chapter of the book online.

Everyone should read “Politics in Healing” by Daniel Haley to get the true picture of today’s “medicine” in the U.S. However, if you can’t take the time to read that, at least take 28 minutes to listen to Eustace Mullins and read the Chapter from his book. It will give you at least a brief history of the American Medical Association (AMA) and the real reasons why natural therapies have been suppressed in the U.S. for over a century. Just click here, sit back and listen:

Murder By Injection

Ozone Therapy in Malaysia — Way Ahead of U.S.

Rich Folts sends me lots of interesting information. Here is the latest input I’ve received from him. When I was in the Air Force, I was the “country desk officer” for Malaysia for a year in the joint Pacific Command in Hawaii. I visited there a couple of times and was very impressed even then (1972) with the modern, progressive nature of this country. Here’s Rich’s e-mail on how ozone therapy is done there. I think you’ll find it very interesting.



The above link goes the Ozone Hospital site. The Ozone Hospital is a state-of-the-art Hospital, operating in Malaysia. There you can receive Recirculatory HaemoPerfusion (RHP). Say what?


Okay, they take blood out one arm and put it back in, in the other arm. ALL your blood is circulated through the RHP machine which ozonates it before returning it to the body.


What does that do? It does everything that ozone does and it does it quickly. Eliminates cancer, HIV, AIDS, etc.


I personally think it is something that we all should consider, as a preventative against everything, even if you are well.


I just saw Dr. Lorraine Day on television recently, along with a panel of other health practitioners of various sorts. The cancer numbers they gave were quite something. A hundred years ago, 3 out of 100 people had cancer. Now it is 1 out of 3.


I think of my daughter-in-law who ate clean, organic food, and lived in the country, had a low stress, high satisfaction lifestyle and still she ended up with cancer. It seems to me that our world has become unreasonably toxic and that serious intervention is needed to prevent disease.


So I’m excited about this option being available for prevention as well as treatment. When you go to the site, scroll down a little on the first page and hit MORE. Just keep clicking through and you will see photos and a detailed testimony. The people involved are great people. They are smart and light-hearted and try to create an atmosphere of hope and fun, in the midst of something that can be very serious.


Imagine full blown AIDS gone in a couple of days,advanced cancer gone in weeks. . .just a few of the testimonies.”

It is a very interesting web site with lots of pictures. Check it out.

Explanation of Ionized Alkaline Water

If you read the article about Dave Perkins in my February 27th newsletter [See http://www.beating-cancer-gently.com/newsletters/february-27th-2007/] you remember Dave Perkins’ story. Briefly, Dave recovered from his Stage IV cancer completely eight years ago. He attributes his recovery entirely to two things: the Transfer Point Beta Glucan we discussed last month and Ionized Alkaline Water. You’ll find his complete recovery story at his web site below. But first, I want you to get familiar with what got him well.

Terry and I have been using the Ionized Alkaline Water filter that Dave now sells for about three weeks. All we can say is: WOW!! The ultimate compliment to this machine is that it has finally broken Terry of her bottled water habit. We have had other filters. She didn’t like any of them — tasted of chlorine, etc. After her first drink from this one, she said “That’s it! No more bottled water.” Just the savings from that alone will save us the cost of the filter in about a year.

Folks, if you have any doubt that this improves your health, you need to read a book called “Reverse Aging” by Sang Whang. It is available from amazon.com. I just finished reading it this week. Now, I completely understand why this filter is so essential to our health. Here’s a short quote from the book:

“The Germans claim that the reduction of oxygen within our body lowers the immune power, and they advocate the infusion of oxygen and/or ozone intravenously [see above article] or rectally. The Japanese say that the reduction of immune power occurs when our body becomes too acidic and they advocate alkaline food and alkaline water. Since more acid means less oxygen, the Germans and the Japanese are virtually saying the same thing. However, I believe that the Germans are looking at the symptoms while the Japanese are hitting the causes.”

Read this short book (just 121 pages). It will give you new insight into why we get sick and how to get and stay well. Who isn’t interested in “reverse aging?” I sure am. I think Mr. Whang is right on. He is an engineer, scientist and inventor with many U.S. patents.

Now, here’s Dave Perkins explaining, much better than I could, what Ionized Alkaline Water is all about:

“Ionized Alkaline Water helped me, the owner of Better Way Health, to recover from Stage IV cancer.


At Better Way Health.com, we upgrade all our units to the .01 micron ‘Ultra’ BioStone Filter – this is normally a $35.00 option. This is the finest filter available for any Ionizer on the market.


You hook up your unit to your faucet with a diverter valve. This will not interfere with using your faucet normally for washing your hands or doing the dishes. When you want water from your Ionized Alkaline Water Filter you just turn a lever and it diverts water to your unit. (We do also offer a model that can be installed under your sink.)


You will produce about 3 quarts of Ionized Alkaline Water a minute. The .01 micron ‘Ultra’ BioStone Filter on your Ionizer removes 99.5% of the Chlorine, also Trihalomethanes and, if you have them in your water, heavy metals and organic contaminants.


Then the water passes into the heart of the system – the ionization chamber. This is what allows you to raise the pH of your water. You have several levels of Ionization to choose from . . . and we send you a pH testing kit so you can see what pH you are producing at each level.


As you raise the pH of the water (H20) you are creating water with a greater concentration of OH negative Ions. This is the alkaline side of water. This 1 to 1 ratio of Hydrogen to Oxygen is how you get an almost geometric increase in Available Oxygen in your water.


The negative charge on the OH- ion is the Anti-Oxidant value to your water. This helps to reduce free radical activity in your body.


Also, as your water is ionized, it is formed into Micro-clusters. About ½ the size of ordinary water molecule clusters. This micro clustered water (restructured water) is much more efficient and effective at hydrating your body at the cellular level.


When your body is properly alkalized, oxygenated and hydrated, your cells constantly but gently pull the toxins from your body and you create an environment in your body that is not friendly to cancer and other disease. (Cancer and most other pernicious health challenges prefer High Acidity, Low Oxygen, Plenty of Toxins and a Compromised Immune System.)


Everything you are doing for your health will work that much better because your body will be working in a more efficient and effective manner.


You get all these profound beneficial health benefits from just using your Ionized Alkaline Water for all your drinking and cooking needs. You don’t have to change your lifestyle – you just drink your Ionized Alkaline Water.”

Thank you, Dave. To see this filter (and buy one, if you like), just go to:




Terry and I have decided we deserve a REAL vacation. Except for visiting relatives, we haven’t taken a real vacation with each other for several years. Believe me, we are ready and we’re going to do it right. We’ll be leaving about April 23rd for about five weeks. We’ll first go to Northwestern Spain (she’s seen it, I haven’t) and Portugal (I’ve seen it, she hasn’t) for about two weeks. Then, we’ll go to Athens to board a nice, new Norwegian Cruise Lines ship for a 12-day cruise. We’ll visit Alexandria, Egypt, five of the 600 Greek islands and end up in Izmir and Istanbul, Turkey.

From Istanbul, we’ll fly to Barcelona to visit Terry’s family for 3-4 days, then drive down to Valencia, Spain to visit some old friends. We’ll be back in Asheville about the end of May.

We’ve arranged for a friend to cover the VIBE Machine so some of our regular users can still come for VIBE sessions. He will also mail my book to those who order it. I will have a virtual verbatim copy of the 90-minute coaching session I do with those who buy the book as a page on my web site. I will direct those who buy the book while we’re gone to this page.

I may do another newsletter before we leave, but don’t hold your breath. With about 10-12 “coaching” sessions on the phone each week with the people who have bought my book and answering e-mail and phone questions, I’m pretty busy.

Anyway, wish us “bon voyage” and we’ll “see” you again in June.

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