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You’re In Charge – And Here’s a Program

As all of you know who have read my book and talked to me
on the phone or by e-mail, my first and strongest recomm-
endation to anyone who has cancer is to “take charge of
your treatment.” With just a few days of research using
the sources I give you in my book and newsletters, you can
quickly become “smarter than your oncologist.”

This research also helps you to develop the positive, life-
saving attitude that all cancers can be cured permanently
and gently. Even chemotherapy can be given gently with no
side effects. (See my last newsletter writeup on IPT.)

What many of you struggle with is the wide variety of
Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) treatments.
None seem to work the same for everyone or for every type
of cancer. But each of them has convincing testimonials.

Another question I hear frequently is “Should I take xxxx
to prevent cancer?” Let me try to address both of these
questions by telling you about a comprehensive program you
can use at home, which doesn’t interfere with any other
treatment you may be taking in the clinic or hospital.

Like everything else I write about here, this is not a Bill
Henderson idea. I’m just a “reporter.” I try to bring you
the most useful information I discover during my research
and that I get from my network of kindred souls.

What I like about this program is that the steps are ex-
plained in language that is easily understood by the layman
(you and me). The explanations are complete with links to
more information if you want to go deeper into the subject.

It comes from a site called “Alkalize for Health,” brought to
my attention on a discussion group called “CancerCured” on
yahoo.com. This portion of this comprehensive site is
called “Cancer Self-Treatment.” You can find it at:


The eight-part program they outline for curing or preventing
cancer includes information on: Cancer and Oxygen; The
Importance of Exercise; Cancer and Ph; Acidity and Free
Radicals; Purification Techniques; Enzymes to Dissolve
Cancers; Vitamins to Fight Cancer; and Cancer and Medita-

When you finish reading those 17 pages, you’ll understand
cancer a lot better. Check out their more in depth coverage
of oxygen, alkalinity, meditation and hyperthermia. If you
are more comfortable with another language, this site can
be read in French, German, Italian, Portugese and Spanish.

By the way, if you are interested in joining the discussion
on the Yahoo Group from which I got this information, just
send a blank e-mail to:


You can just monitor the messages from people like Art Brown
(see my Newsletter #18, February 16, 2002) if you don’t feel
like contributing.

…But Where Is The Proof?

Do these things really work? Isn’t there some statistical data?
These are common questions I hear all the time. All of you
want evidence of the ability of one “cure” or the other to get
rid of your cancer. You naturally want to pick the one with the
highest “success” rate. Would that it were so simple.

Why is it that “proof” is so hard to come by? Partly, the
reason is the lack of honest testing by our cancer “system” of
the complementary and alternative treatments. The suppression
of non-patentable therapies goes on as we speak.

But there is more to it than that. In my book, I urge you to
build your immune system to kill off the cancer cells and dim-
inish the side effects of chemotherapy. This is so important,
it is hard to over-emphasize. After the book has been in
circulation for about 10 months, I am getting some really en-
couraging feedback from people who have “come back from the
brink” to glowing health. Why doesn’t it work for everyone
the same?

Let me quote from some real experts. Dr. Ross and Marion
Hauser, at their clinic in Oak Park, Illinois (phone number:
(708) 848-7789) have treated thousands of cancer patients.
(See the article on IPT in my newsletter #19, March 7, 2002).
They also publish a newsletter. Here’s a quote from their
newsletter of March 13, 2002:

“Some people who undergo aggressive natural medicine treat-
ments will find that initially their tumors regress but then stabilize.
In other words, no more shrinkage occurs. The tumor is said to
be in the arrested state.


In this instance, IPT should be considered. IPT (Insulin Poten-
tiated Therapy) is unique in its ability to help target chemo-
therapy to the cancer site. Cancer has a remarkable ability to
adapt and not be killed completely by the remedies a person is
taking. In other words, a cancer can adapt to and quickly become
resistant to a particular therapy.


This is less likely to happen with IPT because multiple chemo-
therapeutic agents are used at the same time. If IPT is unable
to completely rid a person of cancer and there are no other
viable treatment options in this particular situation, the
cancer will most likely have to be thought of as a chronic
condition like hypertension, diabetes, or heart disease.


The latter three conditions are serious and can be life threat-
ening, but with close follow-up, diet, exercise, nutrition,
supplements, and medications, they can be controlled, and the
person can have many wonderful years in good health. The key,
though, to the many wonderful years of good health is dependent
on the person receiving close follow-up and being fanatical about
taking all of the recommended nutriceutical agents that are
helping the body fight the cancer and keeping it in check. For
the person in such a situation, close contact with his or her
natural medicine specialist is vital, so that any change in
their health condition can immediately be reported…


It is a fallacy to assume that all cancer patients have weak-
ened immune systems. At Caring Medical, we often test a
person’s immune function by measuring the amount of natural
killer cells (cells that fight and kill cancer) as well as
their function. We have found that most cancer patients have
excellent immune systems, perhaps because many of them are
using nutritional supplements even before they get to our


Checking immune function is important in cancer, because if
a person has a strong immune system even though the cancer
is getting out of control, it probably means that his or her
immune system is not recognizing the cancer as something
abnormal that needs to be killed. Some people’s cancers have
a tremendously strong ability to hide from the immune system.
In such a situation, where a person has good immune function
via blood tests and a lack of infections and colds, but yet
there is evidence that the cancer is progressing, then
aggressive therapy like IPT is needed.”

They relate an interesting case study, which opened my eyes.
I trust it will yours, too. Here it is:

“For the person with cancer, even a mild cold can be life
threatening. We have seen people with cancers under very
good control who have deteriorated almost overnight because
of a simple upper respiratory infection.


Ingrid was a delight. She came in with her daughter, and there
was obviously a tremendous amount of love between them. She
had gastric cancer and was having a difficult time digesting
any food because of the growing cancer in her stomach.


We wanted to start immediate IPT, but the daughter did not
want any chemotherapy medications given to her mother, even
the smaller doses used in IPT. We agreed to do aggressive
vitamin intravenous drips, ozone therapy, and nutritional
supplementation (though we had to use primarily liquid or
powdered agents) on her but only for two weeks. If she was
not feeling better by then, IPT would need to be started.


She was definitely better in two weeks; you could tell by the
color in her face. After reading the information available on
IPT, she decided to start receiving it every two weeks (though
we had recommended it once a week).


As occurs in many patients, within the first six treatments,
she had a remarkable improvement. By the fourth week, she
was eating solid foods (she could barely get down liquids
when she came in), signifying that the tumor was shrinking.


She received a total of eight treatments and then stopped
the treatment against our medical advice. She was out of
crisis, and the family saw this as a sign that “everything
is okay” when it was not.


To people on the outside watching her, Ingrid appeared
perfectly healthy. She could now tolerate any kind of food,
had great energy, and looked great. But again the point must
be made that the way a person feels is not an indication
that the tumor is gone or regressing. For such an assessment,
it is best to do an x-ray study or blood cancer marker test.


They were going to do intravenous Laetrile at home because
the patient’s brother was a physician. I continued to see
her for ozone therapy but tried to tell them that while a
cancer is getting beaten, you need to continue to beat it
until it is busted!


About four months later, she was having difficulty swallowing
again, so she had about six IPT treatments and was able to
eat solid foods again. She again stopped coming for care, so
we had our staff check up on her about every two weeks. They
reported that she was just taking supplements at home.


After about another four months, the staff learned that she
had died after a bout of cold or pneumonia. I saw the daughter
after this, and she was so grateful to the staff for the care
that she received. However, what really puzzled us was that
the family had their family physician take care of the infec-
tion she ultimately died from. I wished they would have
consulted Caring Medical.


The reason why an infection is so dangerous to a cancer
patient is that the person has so little immunological reserve.
The immune system is so busy fighting the cancer that there
just is not much left to do anything else.


This is why even a mild cold might allow an arrested cancer
to become out of control, which can occur in a matter of days.
We have had people double and triple their cancer marker
numbers from just one relatively mild infection, thus undoing
months of natural medicine care.”

Bottom line: Halfway measures don’t cut it against cancer.

Virtually all of the readers I correspond with are taking several
“alternative” treatments at the same time. Many of them don’t
tell their oncologist what they’re taking. When they survive, as
most do, nobody can tell you why with any certainty. They, them-
selves, don’t know which treatment cured them. By the same token,
if they die, nobody can tell them for sure why. Our bodies are
complex systems and there are many variables.

If I were the cancer patient, I would take MGN-3, beta glucan,
Protocel, Oncylyn and Poly-MVA. I would follow a strict macro-
biotic diet. I would keep my body in an alkaline state, by what-
ever means, taking lots of enzymes. But, MOST IMPORTANT, I would
search until I found a “natural medicine specialist” who could
supervise my care — give me the appropriate tests and monitor my
progress. If necessary, I would go to one in another part of the
country, just as thousands of innocent cancer victims flock to
M.D. Anderson, Mayo Clinic, Memorial Sloan-Kettering and all the
other “expert” cancer centers, only to die of their “innocence.”

See Appendix A of my book for many sources for reference to
natural medicine specialists. Find one you trust and get well!

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Bill Henderson
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As for the legal stuff — Disclaimer: The author of this
newsletter is a researcher and writer, not a doctor. Any
treatment for an illness should be shared with your doctor
before you attempt it.