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Some Useful Guidelines

The vast array of gentle, non-toxic cancer treatments is
something for which we all should be grateful. We are very
fortunate to be living in a time when information about them
is readily available and most of them can be purchased online.
Still, I’m sure all of you would welcome criteria to choose
among these “cures,” each of which have their devotees. That’s
why I was attracted to the following piece by Jonathan Campbell,
a credible “Alternative Health Consultant.” Here’s what
Jonathan had to say:

“These are the guidelines I usually tell people to look for
when they are looking for therapies that really work:


1. Look for citations to articles written in real medical
journals or presented at scientific conferences that show how
and why the therapy works. Even though the medical establish-
ment doesn’t like natural therapies, there are professional
medical journals devoted to alternative medicine, such as the
Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine.


2. Look for scientific explanations that you can understand
and make sense to you. Don’t readily accept claims which sound
weird, such as ‘making your blood alkaline stops cancer’ or
‘parasites are the cause of all disease’ or ‘a simple elec-
tronic device can measure whether you have cancer’ or ‘this is
the cure for all diseases.’


3. Look for therapies that do not require you to travel to
other countries. Many so-called ‘alternative cancer clinics’
that cannot help you but will take your money are located in
countries like Mexico, where the standards for medical care
are poor.


4. Look for therapies that have documented evidence that they
work. There should be Ultrafast CT scans, blood tests, MRIs,
and biopsies before and after treatment, proving that people
who have been treated really had the disease and were tested
afterwards by standard medical practices to verify that the
therapy was successful.


5. Look for therapies that have no ‘secret’ ingredients. Reput-
able medical researchers and clinicians dedicated to fight
disease make their discoveries public knowledge.


There are only 2 cancer regimens that I have come across that
meet all of those guidelines:


1. Dr. Matthias Rath’s protease inhibition therapy. Cancer
spreads by destroying collagen, using an enzyme called protease.
Rath discovered that a combination of vitamin C, lysine, proline,
and green tea extract neutralized protease.


Rath’s research website is: http://www.stopping-cancer-naturally.org


Rath sells his integrated regimen through a commercial outlet,
the Rath Health Alliance. He makes no secret of the ingredients
of the regimen, which I recommend to my cancer clients, who buy
the supplements at local health food stores. (See my website for
more information). [Henderson note: Readers of my book or news-
letters will remember that Dr. Rath’s formula, in the form of
“Heart Plus” is available at a VERY CHEAP price and high quality


Get it there.


The regimen is astoundingly effective against most cancers,
because it focuses on the common mechanism that all cancers use
to spread. It is effective against metastatic cancer.


The advantage of Rath’s therapy is that you are in charge of your
own health, using your oncologist to monitor your progress.


2. Dr. Hugh Riordan’s intravenous IV vitamin C therapy. Riordan’s
Center For The Improvement Of Human Functioning International has
been using intravenous vitamin C to successfully reverse cancer for
more than a decade. His website is:



Finding a clinic willing to administer the Riordan therapy may be
difficult. In California, you can see Robert Cathcart:



The Riordan therapy needs supervision by a naturopathic oriented


I welcome anyone seeking help for cancer to reach me through my


Jonathan Campbell
Alternative Health Consultant”

I like rational thought. How about you? Thank you, Jonathan.

I also like “second opinions,” don’t you? Here’s a somewhat more
emotional response to Jonathan’s post from Neil Jensen, which I
thought was both interesting and enlightening:

“I agree with much of what you say. Yes, there are a lot of
charlatans out there. However, your revered ‘real medical
journals’ and ‘scientific explanations’ are, more often than
not, hogwash! They mostly serve to brainwash both medical prac-
titioners and patients. They ignore, and sneeringly refer to
thousands of years of success as ‘anecdotal evidence.’ The
studies that these journals and explanations publish are
virtually all written by pharmaceutical companies and Univer-
sities with funding from pharmaceutical companies.


When a doctor is taken to court for malpractice, one of the
first questions asked is ‘did you follow the ‘Standard of Care?’
If the answer is ‘no,’ it’s guilty as charged. Where does this
‘Standard of Care’ come from? It comes from a little book called
‘The Physician’s Desk Reference’ (PDR). Where does the PDR come


I will post the article that i just put on ‘The World Wide Web
Virtual Library: Sumeria’ last night, ‘The Myth That Makes You
Sick.’ Here’s the web site:



I suggest that you read it.


Medical Science is not even Science in that, more often than not,
it does not follow the scientific method!”

Interesting article, indeed, Neil [the one at the web site above].
Doesn’t completely contradict what Jonathan Campbell said, but
offers lots of food for thought. Most readers of this rag will
agree with it, as I do.

Also, Jonathan, I know lots more therapies that have undergone
rigorous testing and proven themselves over time besides the
two you mention. Thanks for the information, but I think you
need to do a little more reading on things like beta sitosterol,
flaxseed oil/cottage cheese, Protocel, MGN-3, beta glucan, etc.,

Ozone Therapy

One of the cancer treatments I did not cover in my book (because
frankly, I knew nothing about it) is “ozone therapy.” Here is
an interesting web site which will introduce you to the concept:


One of the contributors to the CancerCured forum has this to say
about “ozonators:”

“You can buy an ozonator for home use. You can breathe it, drink
it & bathe in it. You can buy ozonated products, but ozone changes
to oxygen after 18 hours.


I bought the AOS-1MP for $350.00. All we do so far is breathe it
while it runs in the room and Ozonate water once or twice a day.
You can do a lot of things with ozone though. I belong to the
ozone group also here at Yahoo. The one with Dr. Pressman. There
are archives you can read on what to do with it.


I don’t know if you’ve heard of Dr. Day, but she was a doctor in
California for years & got breast cancer & refused to do the chemo
route. She has videos & other stuff at her web site:




Her video called ‘Cancer Doesn’t Scare Me Any More’ has the info
on ozone reactivating chemo, among a lot of other things…the part
about ozone is towards the end, where she brings out the different
books and talks about them. The ozone is supposed to make chemo-
therapy active once again once the cancer has become resistant to


Another thing about the ozone, you can do enema’s with it also.
You can put it in any hole in the body. You can have an ozone
sauna. You can cover a certain area of the body & zap that area.”

Well, folks, there you have it. I’d like to get some more feed-
back on ozone therapy. If you know of anyone who has used it
successfully to treat their cancer, please send me an e-mail.
I withhold judgement on things like this until I hear several
credible stories, or read what Jonathan Campbell calls “docu-
mented evidence that they work.” Help me out here, folks.

A Reader’s Story

Here’s Rob’s story…I think you’ll find him interesting!

“Thanks for the latest news letter, It was refreshing as well
as informative.


I just got back form my oncologist today and every time he sees
me he is in awe! I have a positive attitude towards the fight
against cancer after being diagnosed with Renal Cell Carcinoma
a year ago December. I am determined to kick it right in the
butt. So any and all information is of great value to me, I
have tried the herbal route which does work. But something
is missing. I need the extra kick that apparently my body is
seeking to kick the cancer and give it a final blow.


Maybe I now have found it, thanks to you. I have e-mailed Fred
[Eichhorn — see March 10th newsletter] and we shall see what
follows. I always search the Internet for more cancer info when
it comes to herbs, vitamins, etc.


Like I said, my Dr Ellis is a Fine Human being. You see he,
too, is a cancer survivor. He knows what the treatments can do
to you…We had a discussion today on the mental attitude of
cancer patients. He, as well as I, has come to the conclusion
that the mental aspect has much to do with the body’s ability to
fight off this deadly disease…


After entering the patient room where me and my very supportive
wife were sitting, he asked ‘How are you doing?’ My answer ‘Great.
I feel terrific! Spring is here, flowers are blooming and I feel
like a million bucks,’


I have approached this cancer fight with a different outlook. I
truly believe that a combination of mental attitude, herbal and
a finite application of Western medicine can and will kill cancer.
It’s just finding what the right combination is! My oncologist
agrees with me in all points and he is one hell of a human being.
He thanks me for letting him follow my progress as he says he
sees very few people with the type of cancer I have who have such
a positive attitude and always looking for solutions.


I share all of my findings with him, bring him all kinds of
articles and Internet sites to help him help other patients. He
has other things going on besides the normal cancer treatments,
pet therapy, massage therapy and groups.


I am really lucky to have a support system between my regular
naturopath who really should have gone on to her PhD. She’s my
guardian angel. She has had to tell me of my prostate cancer,
and renal cell problems. We have her over for dinner on occasion
as I make, as she says, a ‘real mean steak dinner.’


I am telling you all this as I feel if you can pass on any tidbit
of info to anyone else that would make their battle with cancer
more successful, then I would have made a difference in this mad
world we live in,


I am a Vietnam Veteran wounded 5 times and doused with Agent
Orange, to which we attribute my battle with cancer, I haven’t
given up before and I will not give up now, but the info you
provided me with in this newsletter will, I feel, push me over
the top in this battle and give me the upper hand.


Thanks for your newsletter. Keep up the good work and I’ll let
you know how we continue to do in the fight of a lifetime, In
this corner, weighing in at 240 lbs we have Me and in the Black
corner we have at 1 kiloton Cancer in the black trunks. A blow
to the head of Cancer has him dazzled. Will he be knocked out?
Another right by Bill’s newsletter has sent Cancer into a head
spin, another left and down he goes…count 1, 2, etc 10.
You’re out! And the Winner is ‘Whoever has the strongest will
and support system!!’


Thanks Bill.

Best regards,


Short shots…..


Jon Barron’s book “Lessons From The Miracle Doctors” is the
best all-around guide to health I’ve read. I refer to it
frequently. Now you can get the e-book free. Just go to
Dr. Herb Tabor’s web site:


Download the e-book, print it, three-hole punch it and put
it in a binder. That’s what I’ve done and it has been very
helpful. Here’s just one of the testimonials on this great

“Jon Barron’s work has to be the most exciting and ground-
breaking contribution to knowledge in the history of the fight
against human illness and the suffering it brings.”


Dr. Leonard Marinovich



Did you know that the World Health Organization (WHO) ranks
the U.S. eighteenth in the world in the quality of our health
care. Wonder why? Certainly it’s not because we rank low in
our ability to transplant organs or take care of trauma. We
simply have a very unhealthy life style and a very poor system
for caring for chronic and degenerative disease — cancer, heart
disease, diabetes, etc., etc.

Take a look at some statistics from a country where the culture
and diet result in much lower cancer rates than in the U.S. It’s
Sri Lanka, which I visited back in the late ’50s when it was
known as Ceylon. Notice particularly the breast, colon, and
prostate cancer rate differences. Just go to:


Be sure to read about the “Causes.”

In case you have wondered at the spartan simplicity of the
format of this newsletter, it has a purpose. From experi-
ence publishing several newsletters, I’ve found that this
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I’ll be back sometime soon with another newsletter. Be
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