Asheville Cancer Workshop, April 21st
An Extraordinary Spiritual Medium and Animal Communicator
A Reader’s Story — Leo Wasek
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Asheville Cancer Workshop, April 21st

On Friday, April 21st at 7:00 PM, I will be presenting another workshop on “Beating Cancer — Gently” in downtown Asheville. For those of you who live near us, here’s another chance to get your questions answered, such as:

* What is cancer, anyway?
* What causes it?
* What can I do to prevent it?
* I’ve been diagnosed — What do I do now?
* How can I help my loved one who has cancer?
* Is there really a natural treatment that works?
* Is it true that 95% of cancers can be healed?
* What is this “VIBE Machine” I’ve been hearing about?

The workshop will be at the All Healer’s Alliance at 329 Merrimon Avenue in Asheville. This wonderful healing operation is owned by Linda Myers, a good friend. We will take up a love offering for Linda to bless her for the use of her building. Please come and bring your family and friends. We will finish by 9:00 PM, including about 40 minutes for questions at the end.

Mark your calendar. Friday, April 21st at 7:00 PM.

Hope to see you there.

An Extraordinary Spiritual Medium and Animal Communicator

In the 9 months we have lived in Asheville, North Carolina, we have met a lot of interesting people. One of the most interesting is someone I would like to introduce to you now. He has been so helpful to Terry (my beautiful wife) and me that I felt I should share him with you, my extended family.

Beecham Parker is a Spiritual Medium, a Teacher and an Animal Communicator. He does readings for people by phone anywhere so he is available to every one of you. He daily puts people in contact with their departed loved ones and helps them understand their animals. He has taught me, an extreme “left-brainer,” how to get in touch with my own Spirit Guides. If he can do it for me, he can do it for anyone. He has helped Terry communicate with her beloved grandfather and other departed relatives.

Beecham has an impressive background of study with some respected mediums and animal communicators. After earning his Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology, he spent 18 years in the Los Angeles area, where he was well known for his mediumistic abilities and his ability to communicate with animals (dogs, cats, horses, etc.). His web site is:

To give you the complete background and contact information on Beecham, including a large number of testimonials, I have put a page on my web site. Please go to:

Of the many interesting testimonials about his work at the web page, I’ll just quote one of them here to give you an idea of this unusually gifted man’s abilities:

“Beecham is uncannily able to detect distinct personalities in my family who have passed on. He is adept at getting to the core of the heart of the matter…even if it comes to something I need guidance on now or in the future by calling upon his own innate wisdom and his guides. I have referred several people to Beecham and think he is fantastic as a medium and spiritual counselor. He seems to be able to live between two worlds…the physical and the spiritual and that is an enviable gift to bestow upon folks like me that are bewildered about this realm….”


Lynn, Santa Monica, California

Believe me, folks, Beecham is the “real deal.” Just go to:

A Reader’s Story – Leo Wasek

I hope you will be impressed, as I was, by Leo Wasek’s story of his recovery from cancer. In particular, I admire his attitude. He agrees with my “mantra.” To get well, you MUST take charge of your own health care. Notice also that the size of the tumor has little to do with recovery from cancer. As soon as Leo gets on the flaxseed oil/cottage cheese regimen, which he is just now discovering in my book “Cancer-Free,” the tumor will disappear. We’ll follow his progress. Here’s his story:

“Hello Bill: My name is Leo Wasek. I am 59 years old. On Sept. 5, 2005 I went to the hospital by ambulance as I had just vomited close to a quart of blood. They tested me and told me I had stomach cancer — a huge mass in advanced stage. They wanted to operate within days. I have COPD and I figured I would not survive the operation. In any case, I make Essiac Tea if you have ever heard of it. I learned two years ago from a lady who spent many an hour at Rene Caisse’s home and learned how to make the tea directly form her. So by teaching me I am as close to having been taught by the master herself as one can be. In any case I had some in the house. (had not been using it myself, of course). Shoemakers’ kids never have shoes, right?


Well I was admitted on Monday at 5:30 PM. I started taking my tea on Wednesday. By Saturday I had cleared all bleeeding from my bowel and have not bled either way since. April 5th, 2006 will be 7 months to the day. I am putting on weight and feeling good. I also did Hulda Clark’s regimen (most of it). This may or may not have helped. I probably did not need it, but the parasite cleanse certainly did no harm, I am sure.


So, this is my story. I feel I have cured myself of this problem. The tumor is not all gone. As a matter of fact, on March 9th I went for a second scope and they said the tumor was still there and if anything larger than in Sept. I asked my specialist how he explains my improve- ment. He said ‘Must be your attitude.’ I do have a great attitude but I figure being in denial of facts doesn’t make them go away. He suggested I go to my family doctor and arrange for palliative care. I have an appointment this coming Tuesday, March 28th. Apparently the specialist is stumped and does not know what to think. I would like to read your book as well. If my story qualifies for the free book, I would be delighted. I am at:


Leo Wasek
188 Adelaide Ave. E.
Oshawa Ontario Canada L1G 1Z4


I will keep you posted on my progress. Now that I am through with the cancer thing I plan to see if my lungs can be improved. The doctors said they will never improve. The doctors also told me I had at best 4 months to live with my stomach cancer 7 months ago. Since then I have put on 12 pounds and feel good. I believe Bill that there are many ways to beat cancer, once it is developed. Ideally, of course, a preventive life style is the best choice, but difficult to live in these times of chemically packaged everything, the air we breathe and personal products we use. Let me know your opinion of my story. Have a great and prosperous day.


Leo Wasek”

Thank you, Leo, for a great story. And get busy now with the “regimen” on p. 123 of my e-book. You’ll be amazed at your progress in just a few weeks.



With the VIBE Machine in our home, we’re seeing people every day with all manner of “conditions.” Remember, I call all these degenerative conditions “reactions,” not “diseases.”

Once again, Mike Adams, the “Health Ranger,” has put together a very educational article on just this subject. It really does my heart good to hear Dr. Gary Tunsky say in this article “Every disease known to man can be explained in seven minutes.”

I strongly recommend you read Mike’s article. It will put your “health challenge” in perspective and help you deal with it intelligently instead of just “trusting your doctors.” To read his article entitled “Modern diseases are fictional names for cellular malfunction, expert says” just go to:



Barry, a long-time reader, called me the other day to remind me what a great healing and prevention device the rebounder is. Never seen one? Well, it is a small trampoline for use inside your home. Usually circular and about 4 feet in diameter (but sometimes rectangular), it is designed for you to exercise your lymph system daily.

Barry told me about how his research on the rebounder had included talking to “lymphologists” (did you know there was such a specialty?) and other doctors — naturopathic and mainstream. What he found was that even two minutes on this wonderful device TRIPLES the activity of the immune system for an hour. Of course, its major function is to help drain your lymph system, you body’s garbage disposal. Barry found doctors raving about how this device had helped heal extreme cases of cancer.

A local friend, Fred Essig (see below), showed me how to use it properly. You don’t have to jump up and down, just gently raise your heels to set up a gentle rhythm. Fred, who is one of the healthiest 83-year-olds I know, does this for 30-60 minutes at a time daily while watching TV.

We bought ours on E-bay a few months ago. $29 plus shipping for a brand new one. It’s sold by a dealer, not through an auction. The shipping ($36) cost more than the rebounder.

If you have cancer, here’s an easy way to speed your recovery process. If you don’t, it’s a great preventative….and CHEAP!!



I apologize for a goof in my last newsletter (March 11th). While touting the web site which described the benefits of plankton, I didn’t notice that there is no obvious way to buy it through the web site:

Many of you sent me e-mails asking for a source.

Fortunately, one of the people who recommended plankton to me was Fred Essig, my 83-year-old friend and regular VIBE Machine user. He gave me the complete history of this site and the multi-level marketing (MLM) company it supports. That company is called “Forever Green” and their product is called “Freqensia.” If you look closely at the web site above, you’ll find a link to that MLM company. As you probably know, I never knowingly recommend any product sold through MLM. Too expensive.

Fred advised me that he had been associated with the MLM company for a short time, but soon found a way to buy the plankton product directly from the manufacturer. He buys it by the case and sells it at virtually his cost to his friends and family one or two bottles at a time.

If you would like to take a look at the manufacturer’s site, where you can order it by the case, just go to:

Fred has sent it to the couple dozen readers who I have referred to him and will gladly send it to you, if you want some to try. To order one or two bottles, please contact Fred by e-mail at or phone at (828) 253-9219 (Eastern Time).

Well, enough for now. And don’t forget my bribe. Send me your story about your cancer experience — good, bad or neutral — and I’ll send you a free copy of my e-book “Cancer-Free.” Your story may help many other people. Just let me know if you want me to include your name or e-mail address when I publish it in the newsletter. I will certainly respect your privacy.

Do your friends a favor and send them to my web site:

Be well!


Bill Henderson
Author, “Cure Your Cancer” and “Cancer-Free”


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