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Welcome to this 159th issue of my monthly newsletter. About 24 months of past issues are available at this website. Just click on the “Newsletter Archive” link on the left of the screen. The articles tend to be “timeless,” so read or reread some of them at your leisure.

By the way, in case you hadn’t noticed, there is now a “Search” feature at the top of the “home page” at this website. If you want to explore everything about a particular subject that is on this website (7 years of newsletters and hundreds of other pages), just enter the term in that “Search” box. Enjoy!


Join The Winners’ Roster

In October last year, I started compiling what I call a “Winners’ Roster” of you folks who are healed of your cancer and willing to share your experience with others. Currently 59 of you have given me your names and the informaiton about your healing. It has been a great success. Hundreds of people have ordered the list from me and lots of them have told me how helpful it was to talk to you folks who have healed yourself.

Want to join in the fun? I’d love to see this list expand to 100 or more of you. Believe me, the most fulfilling thing you can do with your life is to help others like this. So….if you feel your healing from your cancer diagnosis is complete, please just send me an e-mail. Put “Winners’ Roster” in the subject line and give me some brief information I can share with other cancer patients. Here is all I need from you to add you to this list:

1. Your name
2. Your phone number (optional)
3. Your e-mail address
4. Type of cancer — just briefly
5. Type of treatment — also just briefly
6. Healed when? — when you felt you were free of the cancer

Please, I don’t need a lot of detail. It won’t go anywhere. I just need enough “bare bones” information to fill in your line on the spreadsheet and indicate to the readers of the list who they’re talking to and what their cancer experience was about.

Come join the list! And, if you’re interested in talking to people like this, just send me an e-mail and let me know if you want the Microsoft Word format or the Microsoft Works format.


“Cancer’s Cause, Cancer’s Cure” — Blockbuster Book!

It seems there are always more books to read and more information about cancer healing. Here is one I urge you to get and read. I got it on my Kindle a couple of weeks ago from Amazon and read it in two days.

The author is Morton Walker. I know Morton. He is a prolific health author and journalist. Morton has had a lot of cancer experience in his family. He is 82 years old and had been “retired.” He has written 91 previous. books on cancer and lots of other health topics. In the introduction to this book, he says that this, his 92nd book, is more important to any reader than all 91 of his previous books — combined!

Morton came out of retirement when he began studying Dr. Mirko Beljanski and his amazing cellular research and his isolation of natural healing substances. I can certainly understand him doing that. When I first read of Beljanski’s work about 15 months ago, I became fascinated with it, too. In fact, one of the principal products developed as a result of Beljanski’s research has healed my enlarged prostate problems starting a year ago. It is called Prostabel.

Dr. Beljanski died in 1998. He was 75 years old. He died in jail in France. He had been prosecuted because the research results he had after 45 years of research conflicted with the dogma of the French conventional medical “industry.” Beljanski had discovered new information about the DNA and RNA activity in our cells. It was contrary to the dogma that DNA was the dominant source of information in our cells and all information started with it. Beljanski found that RNA affected the DNA of cells and changed it in what is now called “reverse transcription.” The RNA, of course, is affected by our lifestyle choices, among other things.

Beljanski spent 30 years at the Pasteur Institute in Paris researching cellular biology. He was an absolute independent in his research. His major conflict with the Department Head at Pasteur, who was one of the primary proponents of the dogma above, caused Beljanski to leave Pasteur. He then spent another 15 years doing his own research with private funding until his lab was raided by the French authorities and he was jailed in 1997. Shortly before this, France’s President Francois Mitterand had been healed of his prostate cancer when one of his doctors provided him with Beljanski’s substances. Beljanski became too visible and was shut down — similar to many cases in the U.S.

Morton Walker, the author of the “Cancer’s Cause, Cancer’s Cure” book, was approached in 2006 by Monique Beljanski, Beljanski’s wife and Sylvie Beljanski, his daughter. They invited him to the annual meeting of the group in France called CIRIS, which is composed of about 4,000 cancer patients healed using Beljanski’s substances. Morton was thoroughly impressed at the wide variety of cancers these people had overcome and their many years of complete healing.

Monique and Slyvie Beljanski brought Beljanski’s research papers to New York after his death. Monique had worked with him in his research for all 45 years. They soon founded a company in New York to put his research into products and sell them to the world. The company is called Natural Source International. Their website is

The reason I’m recommending that you read Morton Walker’s book is because he has compiled the most complete description I’ve seen of Beljanski’s research and why it is so effectifve at healing cancer of all kinds.

Before you order the book, I suggest you go to the Beljanski Foundation’s website. There you’ll find many testimonials organized by type of cancer (lots of different types). You’ll find some information on Beljanski’s work and some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). The website is

If you are as fascinated as I am with this man and his work, I strongly suggest you get this book. It will give you a better understanding of cancer — how it happens and how we get over it than any other book I’ve read (and I’ve read a lot of them).

Some of you may recall a Web Talk Radio interview I did about a year ago with Dr. Stephen Coles, MD, PhD from UCLA. His book on Mirko Beljanski’s research and his life is also very interesting. It is called “Extraordinary Healing” and is also available from Amazon, etc.

I have no financial interest in the Beljanski products. Natural Source is a sponsor of my web talk radio show. As a result, they offer you a 20% discount on your first order if you mention my name — either online or on the phone.


My Upgraded Coaching Service

As most of you know, I’ve been coaching cancer patients all over the world on the phone for the last 9 years or so. This month, I did a major upgrade to that service. Now, in addition to just a phone call with me, you get a group of videos of me talking on different subjects. You also get a whole set of articles I think are important for you to read. You can share both the videos and the articles easily with your loved ones.

What I’m trying to help you do, in addition to learning how to heal yourself, is to get your whole family “on board.” That was indeed hard with the previous version of this coaching service. Unless the family was listening in on the call, you had to try to reproduce it for them later. A few people made an audio recording of the call, but most of my “coachees” didn’t.

I decided to try to help you get this information to those who care about you — easily. Now you can easily review topics you are interested in by looking at the videos again. I can add videos and articles I think are important any time. I can send you reminders and you can establish goals we can both track easily. All of the text e-mails we exchange are kept in a file at a website devoted to your case. We will have continuous, secure communication during your healing process.

We can still talk any time by phone or a video conference. The video conference, where we can see each other, can be done even if you don’t have any software like Skype. We can easily chat regardless of where you are in the world…and we can do it as often as necessary.

If you haven’t explored my coaching service in the last couple of weeks, I suggest you check it out now. Here’s the link:


Two Simple, Inexpensive Things To Try

In the last week, I’ve read from several sources about studies of grape seed extract and aspirin. In both cases, studies have shown them to be effective at healing cancer of various types.

Dan Skapinsky sent me this link on the study on aspirin and cancer along with this nice note about his progress:

“Your program has helped me tremendously and I am about 70% less with cancer than 18 months ago, thanks to your book and of course the Good Lord’s blessing!”

Well, I’m certainly glad to hear of your progress, Dan. Here’s the link Dan shared with me on the study on aspirin’s use in cancer healing:

It got my attention because I had just read an article by Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby on the same subject. My only caution is that previous studies have shown that aspirin has been known to cause stomach distress.

Here’s another thing you may want to try. It costs very little and has been proven effective for many years. It is grape seed extract. Recent studies have confirmed its ability to bring cancer under control An article in Dr. Robert Rowen’s Second Opinion newsletter this month really got my attention because I know him and trust him. Here is a short quote:

“For years I’ve told you about unique remedies that might help prevent, treat, and sometimes even reverse different types of cancer. Among these remedies are artemisinin, cayenne pepper, bioflavonoids like resveratrol, and others. Well, according to a recent study, you can add a new one to the list.

In the study in mice on head and neck cancer, researchers found that grape seed extract is highly effective at suppressing tumor growth. It led to selective damage to cancer cells’ DNA and DNA repair, yet left healthy cells unharmed. Grape seed extract may be another molecule that can target peculiar weaknesses of cancer metabolism. It created reactive oxygen stressors within cancer cells that were hard for these defective cells to overcome. By contrast, normal cells have abundant mechanisms to handle oxidative stresses.”

Well, I hope that will give you enough of an incentive to explore Dr. Rowen and sign up for his Second Opinion newsletter. Once you sign up, you can read any of his previous newsletters. Believe me, he is a great font of information. Here is the website:


A Complete DVD On Cancer Healing — FREE

Are you interested in a video which summarizes all the facts about the ineffectiveness of cancer’s conventional treatment and the development of “alternative” treatments that work? It was sent to me by a wonderful holistic physician in Germany. Please set aside some time and watch it.

In a one hour and twenty minute DVD, the whole ugly history of cancer treatment is summarized. It simply means you can share with your loved ones why you want to heal yourself and why you don’t trust the cancer doctors. They don’t have to read all the books you’ve read. Just sit down with them and watch this DVD. Of course, you can also just send them the link, but they may not watch it. Best to sit down with them.

Wow! What the producers of this DVD have done is collected all the information anyone needs to understand why they should pursue anything but conventional treatment for their cancer. It covers all the political shenanigans and vicious raids used by the pharmaceutical companies and their lackies in the FDA to suppress competition. It covers how Big Pharma came to be. It covers the links between the AMA, FDA, ACS and Big Pharma. It covers the many brave pioneers who challenged the “system” with remedies that work — people like Harry Hoxsey, Dr. Max Gerson, Dr. Johanna Budwig, Dr. Hans Nieper, Dr. Linus Pauling, Rene Caisse, etc., etc.

To see this one and/or share it with your loved ones, all you have to do is click on this link:

Well worth your time!


Louis Pasteur vs Antoine Bechamp

As I mentioned in my February newsletter, I really admire Vickie Barker and her Advanced Scientific Health organization. You can explore them at

Here is an example of just one of many articles I got from this organization in the last few weeks just by signing up at their website (no charge) I think you’ll find it interesting:

“Mainstream medicine believes that virtually all illness is caused by germs or genetic hereditary weakness, as well as deformities and trauma injuries. Their solution and strategy is to have us believe that there are over 10,000 different diseases and that each of these diseases requires outside intervention from drugs and surgery. The truth is that most illness is due to cellular malfunction caused by cellular toxicities and cellular malnutrition, both of which can be avoided and overcome naturally.

It was Louis Pasteur, the so-called “father of modern germ theory” so widely revered by mainstream medicine, who was largely responsible for germ theory being a primary precept of today`s medical practice. Few people are aware of the controversy which surrounded Pasteur in his early days or of the work of a more esteemed contemporary whose works Pasteur plagiarized and distorted. That contemporary was fellow French Academy of Sciences member Antoine Bechamp, one of France`s most prominent and active researchers and biologists whose theories and research results stood in stark opposition to Pasteur`s germ theory.

Pasteur essentially dug up the germ theory of disease and put his name on it. It wasn`t a new idea. The concept, which theorizes that many diseases are caused by germs, had actually been outlined by other people many years before. Pasteur nevertheless claimed to have “discovered” germs. Bechamp, on the other hand, proved through original research that most diseases are the result of diseased tissue and that bacteria and viruses are largely after-effects instead of causes of disease.

Antoine Bechamp was able to scientifically prove that germs are the chemical by-products and constituents of pleomorphic microorganisms enacting upon the unbalanced, malfunctioning cell metabolism and dead tissue that actually produces disease. Bechamp found that the diseased, acidic, low-oxygen cellular environment is created by a toxic/nutrient deficient diet, toxic emotions, and a toxic lifestyle. His findings demonstrate how cancer develops through the morbid changes of germs to bacteria, bacteria to viruses, viruses to fungal forms and fungal forms to cancer cells.

After some initial controversy, Pasteur`s germ theory ended up winning the day with mainstream medicine – owing in large part to the fact that the theory enabled mainstream medicine to hugely profit from the patented drugs and treatments for fighting germs. After all, had Bechamp`s discoveries been incorporated into current medical curriculum, it would likely have meant a virtual elimination of disease and the end of the pharmaceutical industry.”

It is alleged that Pasteur, on his death bed, after decades of competition with Bechamp said something like “Bechamp is right — it’s the environment!”

Obviously, I believe in Bechamp’s theories. They have been well proven in the 150 years since he espoused them. They are proven every day in my clients who heal themselves by reforming their body’s physiology through changes in their lifestyles and dealing with the cause(s) of their cancer.




An e-mail I got from Bill Graves reminded me of a fine holistic physician I know and recommend.

Here’s Bill’s message:

“I recently ran across Dr Tom Lodi who is a homeopathic doctor in Mesa AZ who works with cancer patients. I saw your reference to him in your September 2008 newsletter. His website is at and I think he needs another mention in your newsletter. He is light years better than Joe Brown who you profiled a while back.

Thanks for your good work.”

Well, I agree with Bill. Dr. Lodi needs another mention to you, my audience. I would trust him to help with any cancer healing.


Our friends at Our Health Co-op try their best to bring you the best supplements at the lowest prices. Now they’re going even one better. For the next three weeks, they’re offering you, my loyal reader, a 20% discount on your entire order from them. All you have to do is enter this code during the checkout in the “Apply Coupon Code” box. The code is


It is all lower case with no breaks between letters and numbers.

Order whatever you need from them at their website and take advantage of this great discount.


Dr. Judy Seeger, ND (see Chapter 6 in my Cancer-Free book about her) has recently moved from Florida to Panama. She’s living in a small community called David. Here’s her offer of her hyperbaric oxygen chamber she wants to sell and ship to you:

“Cancer hates oxygen! The more oxygen you can get into your body the better to fight cancer AND rebuild your immune system up quickly! In severe cases, I even added concentrated oxygen. You cannot add pure oxygen since this unit is not made to handle 100% oxygen.

This is a large, 2 person mild hyperbaric oxygen chamber which I used in my clinic. Easy to get in and out of, with 4 windows which gives it a nice spacious feeling.

I’ve closed my clinic now so can’t use this chamber anymore. I did get this totally upgraded so the zippers and windows are all in ‘like new’ condition. This is usually where the stress points are in chambers.

The advantages of the chamber is that it’s big, airy, and easy to use. The disadvantage is that its BIG!

Here are the specs:
Grand Dive
40″ diameter
10 feet long
1.3 ATA

Included: mat, frame, compressor and training (I’m experienced in using these for the last 8 years and can walk you through the very best ways to use this for maximum results)

New: $15,995
Used: $12,000 (plus shipping)

Contact: Judy Seeger, ND (321)-403-9447 e-mail:”


Here’s an e-mail I got from one of my “coachees” in the UK. The site he gives you is loaded with information on PhotoDynamic Therapy available at a lot of different sites in England, Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland.

“Dear Bill…Just a line to bring you up to speed. I just got my results from the Navarro clinic and I am down to 51.8. My first test was 14 months ago at 53.5. Another 18 months at this rate may see me cancer free. I am happy with that because I feel so well. No aches or pains and I now have a great lifestyle that I can live with forevermore, many thanks to YOU.

Bill I found this website of great interest :

Kind Regards Trevor Tilka.”


Want to hear hour-long discussions about successful treatment of cancer? For free? All you need to do is go to Dr. Carlos Garcia’s Utopia Wellness Clinic’s website and click. Dr. Garcia and I have done an hour-long recording discussing cancer and answering questions about it every two weeks since February, 2010. The live sessions are on However, every one of the 58 discussions we’ve done in those two years is available at Dr. Garcia’s website. You can listen any time. Here’s the link:

At that link, you’ll also learn how to join us every other Thursday and listen in live and/or ask questions.



Do your friends a favor and send them to my website:

Be well…and be sure to hug each other every day and lay your burdens down tonight!

Bill Henderson
Author, “Cure Your Cancer” and “Cancer-Free”
“How to Live Cancer-Free”
Listen anytime.


Although many alternative medical treatments have been successfully used for many years, they are currently not practiced by conventional medicine and are therefore not “approved” and legal (in some States) for medical professionals to prescribe for their patients, althoughit is legal for individuals to use them at their own discretion. It therefore becomes necessary to include the following disclaimer:

The offerings made by this publication are to be carefully considered by the user. All responsibility regarding the use of alternative treatments rests with the patient. If you have doubts regarding these things, rely on your conventional doctor.