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Onconat I — Proof That It Works — How Rare!

Rarely do we hear of a new cancer treatment complete with
case studies of patients healed while taking only this new
substance. That’s why I became quite excited when I looked
at a “monograph” sent me on a CD by Francisco Esteras. Some
of you may remember Francisco. He calls himself a “Natural
Medicine Consultant” and he’s a good one. He is the dis-
tributor of Paw Paw who I referred you to in the article
“Paw Paw – No, Really – For You, Not Your Dog” in the
November 15, 2003 newsletter. You’ll find it at:


Once I found the time to pop the CD Francisco sent me into
my computer and read the “monograph” on it, I was amazed.
Here were case studies of cancer patients complete with
their medical records, including sonogram pictures and CT
scan pictures “before and after.” They were accompanied by
a narrative account of the doctor who treated them. He is
Bernardo Udaquiola, M.D., an oncologist in Uruguay. The
patients on the CD were mostly from Uruguay or Argentina,
but one was from Sweden. Their cancers covered the water-
front — prostate, kidney, brain (glioblastoma), colon/rectal,
lung, pancreatic, thyroid, vaginal and skin neoplasms. He
also had opinions from five other oncologists who had used
this substance on their patients (peer review, yet!). There
were even diet recommendations at the end.

The product? Well, in the U.S. it’s called Onconat I Immune
Support just to get around the FDA prohibition on labeling.
In countries where Big Pharma is not as much in control as
it is here, it is sold as a cancer treatment product. It
contains about 25 different ingredients, mostly herbal and
completely compatible with any other treatment.

If you’re a research junkie like me, you might ask Francisco
to send you a copy of the CD. There is actually a newer
study coming out soon. I’ll give you contact information
for Francisco at the end of this article. I recommend you
use him to help you with the dosage, because unless you happen
to live in Uruguay, your doctor is probably not going to know
anything about it. Here’s an e-mail I got from Francisco.

“Hi Bill:


Thanks for taking the time to take a look at the information.
I’ve been working with Onconat for about 2 years now. I am the
representative of Onconat for the USA and the Caribbean area.
My main orders come from the states. I work closely with
cancer patients that contact me desperate for help and guidance.
I advise them on what diet to use and what to take and what
they should do through the process.


I don’t charge anything for my services only the cost of the


I have a real good relationship with the owners of Labeco
Laboratories. Also with Dr.Bernardo Udaquiola and some of the
other oncologists. But Dr.Udaquiola is the head Oncologist. They
use Onconat openly in Uruguay. The product is sold there as a
medication but here in America is another story. I helped them
design the label according to FDA requirements. That’s why we
call it ONCONAT I Immune Support. Also we had to include a
disclaimer on the label.


Onconat I Immune Support is sold in the USA for $24USD/ 50ml
bottle. At 40 drops 4 times a day a patient would use about 4
to 5 bottles a month. The product is used sublingually half
an hour before meals, holding it for a minute under the tongue
before swallowing.


Like you said they have done a great job with the studies. Just
this week I received an e-mail about a recent study in vivo and
in vitro with very positive results. The study has been done in
Argentina and as soon as they get the report they will pass it
on to me.


All the orders to the USA are done through me. I keep in close
contact with all my patients and it is very rewarding to hear
about their improvement.


Another important point of Onconat I is that it works amazingly
well in terminal cases by minimizing pain and making the patient
make the transition more peacefully. I had a case of a 52 year
old male with a very advanced case of cancer. After a year of
chemotherapy that deteriorated him, they called me. I visited
the family but he was too weak. I gave them hope and put him
on 200 drops every 2 hours. He was able to talk and enjoy a
few weeks with his 5 children. Then he died in a very calm
state without the use of pain killers. This case was very hard
for me to handle because I knew his immune system was destroyed
by the chemo and all the medication he took. But I can only do
so much and people’s decisions are not in my hands. I’m only a


Take care Bill and thanks for helping me in my journey against


Francisco Esteras”

You can contact Francisco at (787) 306-3620. That’s in Puerto
Rico (Eastern time). His e-mail address is: aguila07@prtc.net

Free PolyMVA Follow-up

Since the article on the free PolyMVA appeared in my February
17th newsletter (http://www.beating-cancer-gently.com/newsletters/february-17th-2004/),
I’ve gotten feedback from several readers who have successfully
gotten it free already. Here’s one of the best e-mails:

“Dear Bill:


I promised to keep you updated with regards to PolyMVA and the
FACR Foundation.


The e-mail I sent to the attention of Dr. Alberto Sanchez Jr.
was answered by a most efficient lady, Ms. Alexis Pierce
(alexis@polymva.com). When I called her at the phone number she
gave me (866-522-6237) after I had faxed her all the required
information (to fax # (619)-713-0431) she let me know that our
application had been approved, and that she was entering an order
for the product for a one month supply that same day. That was
absolutely incredible!


We have already received the product, and my wife has started
taking the recommended dose. We have also received a questionnaire
that we must fill out and return.


Needless to say, because we could document our financial situation
(that is: we are absolutely broke), the Poly-MVA was provided
absolutely free of cost.


When I talked again with Ms. Pierce today, I asked for her
approval to share this information with you. She approved
unhesitantly. So, I will keep you posted about my wife’s
progress, hopefully through complete remission.


Please take note of FACR’s toll free telephone number. The one
on your # 57 Newsletter of Feb. 17 does not take one to the
right place and people.


Best regards,

Edward and Leonor Solano, Brookshire, TX”

Thanks, Edward. Actually, I called the number in my article
before I sent the newsletter out and got a person who knew
what I was calling about. Dr. Sanchez gave that number to me.
So, I guess either number might work, but obviously, Edward
has the one which gets you to the true expert.

A Reader’s Story

Here’s an interesting story from Patricia Brown. I’m sure many
of you will share her disgust with the conventional cancer

“Dear Bill,


Your Newsletter about Dr. Sanchez’s offer was the incentive I
needed to write and ask for the POLYMVA. I had thought to do
it before but I hate to say I can’t afford things. I was trying
to go back to work but I just have not been able to get every-
thing done to do that. I do have fatigue and seem to do things
in slow motion lately.


My daughter works the 11 pm to 7 am shift and there is no one
who can keep the baby then and then I still have to watch him
while she sleeps so I was trying to see if she has the energy
to keep working first before I made many changes. It is a miracle
that she is able to get out of bed and go back to work since she
developed gastroparesis.


She fights my nutrition suggestions tooth and nail. She always
says she forgets to take her vitamins and iron. She forgets to
eat and I just get so upset.. I try to make her take a shake
but she doesn’t like the protein powder. Instant breakfast is
as close as I can get her to it and that has so much sugar. I
am going to buy her some Xango juice and see if that helps.
They said it helps this dragging feeling. Also she is going to
a doctor about her spiking thyroid. I don’t want her having
breast cancer like me but she is walking down that road if she
doesn’t change something soon.


Now about ME- Alexis sent me forms and I filled them out and
faxed them back. Yesterday I received a call from her and she
said my application was approved for free PolyMVA. That made my
day, week, month, year and probably my life.


I had talked to Sandra in Denver and she has the same kind of
cancer and is now cancer-free from the PolyMVA so I was much
encouraged. I hope I am next in 6 months or so!! Thanks to you
and Dr. Sanchez, I have a chance.


I try to spread the news all the time!! That there is hope
and your website and book. In December they did another
mammogram thinking they would find a larger tumor but it had
not grown. I had been taking lots of vitamins A,C,E and the
COenzymeQ10. That stopped the growth until I could find some-
thing to rid me of this stuff forever!


The doctors just shake their heads and tell me I am foolish that
I could have the surgery and not play roulette with my life. I
just feel that the maiming of me and then the so-called recon-
struction is scare tactics. That they have no guarantees that
it won’t come back. I could not care for my grandbaby if I did
what they say to do and maybe never play golf or fish or exercise.


I just KNEW there was another answer out there!! I remembered
Dr. Lorraine Day’s words that cancer in her breast would not kill
her as long as it did not spread so I adopted that mindset. I was
not going to let it escape!! So I changed my diet and my life-
style and I think I am succeeding in buying myself the time to
use PolyMVA and annihilate this cancer! We will win!


Thanks Bill so much. I feel I have a friend in you even though
I have not ever spoken to you! Keep on spreading the word!!


Patricia Rosalind Brown”

Thanks, Patricia for an inspiring story. Keep on truckin’.
You’re a brave and smart lady and you are in my prayers.

Short shots…..


If you don’t subscribe to Dr. Mercola’s newsletter, you should.
He had a great article yesterday entitled “Why Drug Prices Are
So High, And What You Can Do About It.” You can read it at:


He gives you four steps to reduce your pharmaceutical expenses.
One of them is a reliable Canadian-source web site for ordering
all your prescriptions.

One thing he doesn’t mention as an alternative to just “paying
the price” at the pharmacy is to look into Costco. If you have
a Costco store in your area, call their pharmacy and get their
prices on whatever prescriptions you take. They sell at sub-
stantial discounts the same drugs sold at Walgreens, etc. And
a little known fact — by law, they cannot exclude non-members
from using their pharmacy. So, if you’re not a member, there
is no need to join just to get your scripts filled.



One of the best newsletters of the dozen or so I subscribe to
is Cancer Cover-Up. Written by Kathleen Deoul, the wife of
Neal Deoul who was the subject of the book “Cancer Cover-Up –
The Neal Deoul Story,” this is a truly well-done newsletter.

This week, she had an article all of you should read. It is
“Big Pharma’s Dirty Little Secret.” Just go to their web


and sign up for their free newsletter. While you’re there,
go to their archives and find the above article. They have
a special “print version” of their articles, which doesn’t
use up all the color in your print cartridge.



In the last newsletter, I introduced you to Talia Miller,
the “Breast Cancer Coach.” I didn’t include one of her
web sites because it didn’t work for me when I tried to
check it out. That turned out to be a temporary glitch
somewhere and I want to give you her other web site —
the “non-commercial” one. It’s:


There, you will get a lot of information and have an oppor-
tunity to make a charitable contribution to the 501 c (3)
non-profit foundation she has set up to help women cope with
breast cancer. Once again, you can reach Talia (known as
Talasteena to her friends) at: (559) 683-7004.



As most of you know by now, I collect cancer “stories.” Send
me yours — positive, negative or neutral — and I’ll send you a
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Without a national data base, we must exchange information with
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Bill Henderson
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