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Cancer Tests — Some Options


For the last few weeks, I’ve been compiling information on various cancer tests.  I’d like to give you some options here.  As you probably know, I’ve been recommending the Navarro HCG Urine Test for about 10 years as the most accurate and inexpensive measure of the progress of your cancer.  Recently, I’ve been getting some questions about this test.  Bill Irwin, for example, has researched the Navarro test compared to that done by Dr. Emil Schandl’s American Metabolic Laboratories (AML) Cancer Profile Test.  He is convinced that the AML test is more modern and better.

Dr. Schandl, as part of his promotion of his test and putting down Dr. Navarro, his competitor, sent me a set of pictures taken in Manila outside the address for Dr. Navarro’s “clinic.”   It seems it is his home.  Not a big problem, but certainly enough to raise questions about the professional nature of his business.

I have been referring my readers and coaching clients to Dr. Navarro’s “lab” for his HCG Urine Test for about 10 years.  I first learned of him from Ruth Sackman, who had been helping people with natural cancer healing for many more years than I have.

Over those 10 years, most of the hundreds of test results I’ve heard about from you folks [and the ones I’ve done myself] have been quite credible and useful.  They have helped many of you answer the question, [the only one you need answered if you have cancer] “Is what I’m doing working?” Dr. Garcia agrees with me.  Certainly, the price at $55 and the lack of the need for a doctor’s prescription have made the Navarro test very attractive.

Starting a couple of years ago, the kit developed by Dave Karloski, one of my readers, has made the preparation and mailing of the urine sample much easier and the response much quicker.  At $40 for the U.S. version of this kit, which has materials for at least 10 of these tests, it was quite reasonable.  There is an International version, which does not include the acetone and alcohol liquids.  The ordering of this kit is described on p. 194 of our Cancer-Free (4th Edition) book.

The only additional cost (at least from the U.S.) is a minor postage for International Air Mail of about a dollar and the $4 or so cost for amortizing the price of Dave’s “kit.”  Total cost per test:  About $60.

The results are usually received by e-mail in 8-10 days after mailing the sample.

Nevertheless, I think it’s time to discuss the other options to a periodic HCG Urine Test from Navarro’s clinic.


I’ve known about the CA Profile Test done by Dr. Schandl’s lab in Hollywood, Florida for several years.  It includes three HCG tests (1 urine and two blood).  It also includes blood tests of:

PHI, an anaerobic enzyme which is an indication of cancer

GGTP a liver and kidney activity enzyme

CEA a tumor marker which is an indication of cancer

DHEA-S an adrenal hormone which is abnormal with cancer

TSH a thyroid measure.  Hypothyroidism accompanies cancer usually

This “profile” costs $391 plus a doctor’s prescription (Dr. Schandl’s daughter, Cynthia, who is an MD, will do it for you for $20), a lab fee (usually $25-40) for the blood draw and $20 prepaid for the two-way shipment of the sample (they send you a kit).  Total price per test:  $461 approximately.  They recommend the test be repeated in 12-16 weeks.  Dr. Emil Schandl will interpret the results for you on the phone for no additional charge.

If you want other blood tests such as T3, T4, PSA, etc., they can be done at the same time.  The PSA is an additional charge of $51, for example.  None of the AML services are covered by Medicare.  Prepayment is required.  You may be able to file with your insurance company for partial reimbursement.

My objection to this test has been primarily the price.  Many of the people I deal with are very strapped for cash.  Many have been bankrupted by the conventional cancer treatment system.  So, I’ve been happy to offer them the inexpensive Navarro test.  Obviously, no test is perfect.  The AML test offers a wider variety of measurements.

Just to try the AML test procedure and compare it to Dr. Navarro’s test, I requested just the HCG Urine Test, which the AML will do, if you insist.  The cost was $57 plus the $20 for Cynthia’s “prescription” and $20 for the shipping to and fro — a total of $97.  No lab required.  The result I got was useless, which they admitted.   The number I got was “1.4,” which was in their “gray zone” of 1.1 – 3.8 on this particular test.  To get the results in the mail took 9 days from the day I mailed it.  There is no e-mail option.

Obviously, this complete AML CA Profile Test and Dr. Navarro’s HCG Urine Test are competitors.  There are, of course, arguments on either side about the validity and utility of the tests.  Dr. Schandl claims people who come to him have often gotten an incorrect reading from the Navarro test and that his (Dr. Schandl’s) is more accurate.  Navarro claims his Dad (who invented the HCG Urine Test) tried the blood version of the HCG test and found it totally unreliable (as we point out in our Cancer-Free book).  Of course, the blood version of this test could have been improved since the 1940’s when Dr. Navarro’s comparison of the blood and urine tests was done.


The reason I held up this article from my February newsletter was that I was trying to resolve a dispute between Dr. Schandl and Dr. Navarro.  For example, on February 26th, I received the following information in an e-mail from Dr. Schandl:

“Dr. Navarro was the first individual testing for cancer with his HCG Urine test and we appreciate his pioneering work.  However, his technology is much outdated and may not distinguish between HCG, TSH, FSH, and LH in an acetone extracted urine sample. Therefore, the results may reflect the sum of all those four hormones in the urine.”

Obviously, if this were true, it would make the Navarro test useless.  Interestingly enough, back in September, 2012, I got a message from one of my readers forwarding a message he received from Dr. Navarro on this subject.  Obviously, Dr. Navarro had heard of Dr. Schandl’s claim above and this was his response:

“The Beard Anthrone test was what my father was doing early on in the development of the present test that I am doing. Early in its development my father ran into technical problems of distinguishing the beta subunits of the various hormones.  But when the monoclonal antibodies were developed to identify specific epitopes of the beta subunit of the HCG molecule, the problem of distinguishing the beta HCG from the other hormones was solved. The present test uses a monoclonal reagent that picks up only the beta subunit specific to the HCG molecule and not to the beta subunit of the other hormones.  The sensitivity is at 80 to 85% and the accuracy is at 95 to 99 %.”

When I forwarded the above paragraph to Dr. Schandl and asked for his comments, I got the following response from him on February 17th:

“I stay corrected regarding HCG, FSH, LH, TSH hormones. Actually I have a letter from Efren F. Navarro, MD, dated 2/20/2005 on the matter.”

In other words, Dr. Schandl was admitting his mistake in this February 17th message to me.  Note, however, that the above message from him making the same claim about the inaccuracy of the Navarro Test was dated February 26th, nine days later.  You be the judge.

If you’re interested in trying Dr. Schandl’s test, the details are at their website, which is:


As we point out on p. 115 of our Cancer-Free book, this test, performed only at the clinic of the inventors in Boston, has some advantages.  It detects cancer, for example, up to two years before any other test, according to the folks who invented it.  They claim accuracy of 99%.  It can also detect recurrence earlier than any other test.

It is Medicare approved but most doctors are not aware of it.  The FDA approved it as a test for cancer in 1977.  It requires a blood draw and overnight shipment from the lab.  They send you or your doctor the kit but you need the doctor’s prescription for it before you go to the lab.  So, the total cost is the basic $135 for the test kit and test plus the $60-80 for the doctor’s visit and $25-40 for the lab plus the $40 or so for overnight shipping. So, each test is about a $280 expense.  There is no indication from the Boston lab of how often you should get the test.

As we point out in the book, it has certain limitations.  It doesn’t work for advanced cancers.  The antibody they are measuring doesn’t exist anymore.  It also has been reported to have false negatives on breast cancers of 5 centimeters or greater in size.

If you’re interested in trying one of these, the contact information is in our Cancer-Free (4th Edition) book on p. 115.  You can learn about it by calling (800) 922-8378.


Another test I’m in the process of trying is the VEGA diagnostic test done by the Budwig Center in Malaga, Spain.  Here’s how Dr. Lloyd Jenkins, the Budwig Center’s Medical Director describes this test:

“This VEGA diagnostic test is done on all our patients that come to the clinic.  Also for those in our Distance Home program, we are able to do the test using a urine sample.  For patients that come to our clinic we are able to go deeper (the body works in layers like the skin of an onion) however with a urine sample sent to us we would be able to detect major basic health concerns and address them by recommending selected remedies…Our high tech VEGA test will pick up not only the pathological indications but also your personal energy field in the urine sample.  This is called Quantum Physics.

This test can be done in conjunction with the Dr. Navarro test and/or can also replace the Dr. Navarro urine cancer test as it also detects cancer.  However it goes way beyond the Dr. Navarro test as it is a total “body scan”…..Our equipment will verify all the major organs (heart, lungs, liver, brain, gall bladder, etc.), the backbone, teeth, tendons, hormones, muscles, parasites, viruses, harmful bacteria, Candida, infections as well as your emotional state of health which could be a major contributing cause to illnesses.”

Sound interesting?  You can obtain full information on this test and their Home Distance Program options at their website

The prices for the Home Distance Program vary for different levels of support from 1,200-3,400 Euros or 1,600-4,500 US Dollars.   Of course, this is rarely covered by insurance.  There is much more involved, as you’ll see, in their Home Distance Programs than just the VEGA diagnostic test.  I have had extensive praise for this program from several people.


So, there are some options to try.  If money is a big concern, the Navarro HCG Urine test, in my opinion, still offers a realistic measurement of your progress in the healing of cancer.  It is much less expensive and certainly quite accurate.  The other tests are all options you can try, if you like.



Cancer Free Boot Camp II — March 23rd and 24th


With only a couple of weeks remaining before our second quarterly Cancer Free Boot Camp, you better hurry if you want to attend.  There are still seats left as I write this, but not many.

One of the major advantages of attending this seminar is that it is conducted in the American Center for Biological Medicine (ACBM) in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Thus, before or after the seminar, you can sample the diagnostic and treatment options at this marvelous naturopathic cancer treatment center.

The dates are Saturday and Sunday, March 23rd and 24th.  This time we have some great guest presenters. In addition to Dr. Michael Margolis, D.D.S., a great biological dentist from Mesa, Arizona, who will be presenting again, we have Dr. Carlos Garcia, M.D. (my co-author) from Oldsmar, Florida and A. J. Lanigan, a great immune system expert who invented the Transfer Point Beta Glucan we recommend in our Cancer-Free book.  I will also be presenting on both days.

Of course, you’ll also hear from Dr. Dick Thom and Dr. Jeoff Drobot, the two doctors who operate the ACBM clinic.  Dr. Thom is both a Naturopathic Physician and a Dentist.  Dr. Drobot is a very experienced Naturopathic Physician.  Both have treated countless cancer patients in this clinic and at other locations.  For example, Dr. Drobot says he has more options for treatment at the ACBM clinic in Arizona than he has at his other clinic in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  See Chapter 6 in our Cancer-Free book for a good write-up on Dr. Drobot’s Calgary clinic.  You can find out more about all these folks at the website below.

Since the price of this seminar has been drastically cut (see below), we expect it to fill up shortly.  In addition to the two-day seminar, you’ll be sent home with about $150 worth of useful supplements for treating cancer.  The price of $249 for this seminar, believe me, is a real bargain.


If you can’t make it to the seminar with us, you can literally see it all on your home or office computer screen.  There is a “virtual” option available at the website below where you can sign up to see us “live” without having to travel.  The price is only $149.  Unfortunately, because of shipping costs, you don’t get the $150 package of supplements with this option.

We want to see you there and educate you about your treatment options and prevention. If you need further information on local places to stay and prices, call Amanda at the clinic.  Her phone number is (480) 614-5820.  To get signed up right now to either attend or watch it at home, please go to:



Is Procella Useful?


Since my announcement of the Procella product in my February newsletter, I’ve learned that I am probably a little premature in advertising it.  I’m currently trying some of the Procella capsules, designed as an alternative to eating the cottage cheese/flaxseed oil mixture of Dr. Johanna Budwig.

Shortly after the February newsletter was published, I heard from Shawn Mitchell, the owner of the company which manufactures the Procella, that it would take 26 of the capsules to replace the amount of the CC/FO mix we recommend for cancer patients.  This, of course, is not practical for most of us because it would cost about $7.50 a day.  The capsules may be useful for those of you taking the CC/FO mixture at a preventative or maintenance level.  You would still probably need to take 6 or 8 of the capsules every day.  It may also be useful when you’re traveling.

The primary benefit of the capsules seems to be the lack of the high sodium content of most cottage cheese brands.  This can be a problem for those of us who experience liquid retention resulting in swollen ankles, etc.

Shawn’s company is developing a powder version of what’s in the Procella capsules.  This might be more practical as a replacement option for the CC/FO mixture.  We’ll see.  It could be added to veggie juice or any other liquid.  For those of you who find the CC/FO mixture completely unacceptable taste-wise, this powder may be a realistic option.  The powder version will be ready for delivery in 60-90 days.

I’ll keep you posted.






In the March 4th, 2013 edition, Time Magazine has a 36-page article (almost the whole magazine) called “Bitter Pill — Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us.”  If you want to understand the outrageous pricing of medical care in the U.S., you need to read this article.  It gave me the best description I’ve ever read about why and how we are being ripped off by hospitals and doctors.

To get a look at Jon Stewart ranting about this subject and interviewing the author, Steven Brill, take a look at this short 6-minute video:–1/its-not-youre-imaginationtheyre-ripping-you-off.html



If you don’t believe that the U.S. medical system causes 225,000 deaths each year, please read this article.  You will also want to read the interview with Barbara Starfield, the author of the original article in the Journal of the American Medical Association which first published this information in 2000.  It is at the end of this article.  Please read this.  I’m not just knocking the medical system.  I’m trying to give you valuable information to help you extend your life:



Want to know from a real M.D. why mammograms and PSA testing are not a good idea?  Here is a good article by Dr. David Blyweiss, M.D.  Over-treatment of breast and prostate cancer is a true scandal.  Since one of these will happen to you or someone you know, you need to read this article:



To fill out this negative blast at our medical system, here’s a link where you can buy for $14.95 a new documentary called “Doctored.”  [NOTE:  All four of these “Short Shots” items came out in the last week!]

Here’s how Mike Adams of Natural News describes this documentary:

“Watch the preview / trailer and see for yourself! This film features chiropractors, doctors, researchers and even Big Pharma sales reps all talking about the fraud and corruption of modern medicine.”


Do your friends a favor and send them to my website:

Be well…and be sure to hug each other every day and lay your burdens down tonight!

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