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High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)
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A big welcome to those of you reading this newsletter for the first time. Lots of you have signed up in the last few weeks and I hope you enjoy what you find here. Previous newsletters (back to about August, 2004) are archived at my web site. You can read them anytime by going to:

Teleseminar News

Our fifth teleseminar on February 24th was a big success. Dr. Talia Miller described her recovery from breast cancer and her decision to become a “Breast Cancer Coach.” She has been able to help many women (and some men) overcome their cancer. Her service has a spiritual as well as a physical dimension. Thank you, Dr. Talia, for an inspiring session.

I haven’t planned the next teleseminar yet. I’m going on a trip this week. I’m combining a “Beating Cancer-Gently” workshop commitment in Morton, Illinois (near Peoria) with a pure pleasure visit to our three (count ’em) great-grandbabies. One was just born in January and we’re getting our first look at her. She and her 15 month old brother are in St. Louis. The third young man (he’s 16 months old) lives in Jackson, Michigan, where my oldest daughter and her family live. It’s going to be a great trip! I’ll plan the next teleseminar when I get back. We’ll be gone from March 10th through the 20th. I’ll be checking my e-mail if you need to contact me.

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

The latest fad in prostate cancer treatment is the High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) machine. In case you hear about it, I wanted to give you my opinion on it. One of my readers in the Miami area went to the Dominican Republic about two weeks ago to have it done. The cost was $40,000. He was quite pleased with the results. It is an almost painless procedure. The focused beam of ultrasound literally kills most of the cells in the prostate, including the cancer cells. My reader was left with a bag for his urine after the operation. This is temporary and will be removed in a few days.

My opinion? Well, aside from the exorbitant cost (which may not be covered by insurance), I feel this is just an extension of our conventional (allopathic) physicians’ concentration on killing cancer cells (and non-cancerous cells) with a new “toy.” Nothing is done before or after this “procedure” to address the cause of the cancer. Thus, the function of one of our body’s normal organs is destroyed, while the condition that caused the cancer – our lifestyle choices – remains untreated. For his $40,000, my reader gets a false sense of security that his cancer is “treated” when a much cheaper approach (my “Self-Treatment” regimen in Chapter 5 of my book, for example) could have given him real security that it was healed forever.

Short shots….


Here’s something I think you will find interesting. With his permission, the Cancer Tutor web site recently reprinted an e-mail sent by an M.D. (a radiologist) to his friend (another M.D.) who had just published an article in one of the medical journals. It speaks volumes about the sorry state of our medical system.



Those of you who get supplements from (and all of you should, whether you have cancer or not) will be interested in a 20% discount they are offering during their anniversary celebration. The discount applies only to on-line orders, not telephone orders. This discount, off their already rock-bottom prices, is significant. Remember, this is a “not for profit” organization which sells their wide variety of supplements at about 5% over their wholesale price. This would not be news if the product quality were not high. But, of all the hundreds of supplement sources on line, I trust Our Health Coop’s quality above any of them. Take a look at:



My latest message (two days ago) from the distributors ( of Immune-Assist was that they still have none in stock. The manufacturer, Aloha Medicinals, has none in stock. While I believe this is a good product, it is obvious that they have not yet geared up to meet the demand. I don’t feel that you, my loyal readers, are the only reason they have run out. I’m sure others have noticed the quality of their product. Nevertheless, if you want my recommendation, I would go to RM-10 as the best substitute, at least until Immune-Assist can get a reliable supply line in place. To find RM-10, a Garden of Life product, just go to and type in “RM-10” with the quote marks. You’ll find dozens of retail web sites. Since the source is the same for all of them, the price and service are the only two variables.



If you have lung cancer and have never smoked, Terri Hunziker is looking for you to help with a study. Here’s the e-mail I got from Terri. If you’re interested, please go to the web site below.



I chatted with you a few months ago. I was hoping you could help me spread the word. I’ve been developing a website with the help of research docs on the east coast. The site was just launched tonight and we are looking for nonsmokers with lung cancer. If you could help us find patients in any way we would greatly appreciate it!


Terri Hunziker”



As most of you know, wheat grass is among the most wholesome foods you can find. Since we all, particularly cancer patients, should be looking for good sources for healthy food, I’ll quote Larry Llewellyn’s message for you. Take a look at the web site he mentions. It is chock-full of good information.

“Hello Bill,


I am a ‘melanoma warrior’ currently and 3.75 years ‘n.e.d.’ [I think that’s “No evidence of disease” Ed.] yea! We’ve spoken on a couple of occasions over the phone… Here is a web site worthy of your ‘battling’ readers note. If you haven’t already taken a thorough (all tabs, etc.) look at Lots of info and opportunity for the individual who understands there is no pill, no simple potion, or other ‘quick & fast’ remedy for a degenerative disease or impaired immune system that has taken years to develop. Yes, they are selling stuff…but it’s on the basic synergistic path.


Take a look and let me know your thoughts.



I’ve just about run out of good cancer “stories.” This feature of this newsletter is among the most helpful to other cancer battlers. If you’ve overcome cancer, please take a few minutes and send me an e-mail describing how you did it. Please let me know if you want me to mention your e-mail address when I share your story with the readers of this rag. Remember, together we can help many people. Use your experience as God’s tool to help others. There is no more fulfilling activity on this Earth!

I’ll be back sometime soon with another newsletter. Be well and send your friends to my new web site:


Bill Henderson
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