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Insulin Potentiated Therapy – It Works!

This week in an e-mail from my friend in Cleveland, Bob
Davis, I learned about Insulin Potentiated Therapy (IPT)
as an effective treatment for cancer (all kinds). I’ve
been able to research it rather thoroughly on the Web.
If you are taking chemo or contemplating it, you MUST
learn about this therapy immediately.

Here’s how two of the most experienced doctors in the
U.S., Ross Hauser, M.D. and Marion Hauser, M.S., R.D.
describe the procedure:

“During Insulin Potentiation Therapy a small dose of insulin
is given to the patient that induces a state of low blood
sugar (hypoglycemia). When the patient begins to have
symptoms such as a feeling of lightheadedness and weakness
(hypoglycemia symptoms), low doses of traditional chemo-
therapy are given by intravenous push. When insulin is given,
the cancer cells are fooled into thinking they are going to
be fed food, when in reality they are going to be destroyed
by chemotherapy. Thereby, smaller, safer, more effective
doses of chemotherapy can be administered in place of high
dose chemotherapy.”

This procedure increases the effectiveness of the chemo
therapy agents by 10,000 times, which allows very small
amounts of chemo to be used, thus virtually eliminating
the side effects of conventional doses. The results,
depending on your cancer and its stage, can be dramatic.

Why doesn’t your doctor know about this effective, less
expensive, less damaging protocol? It hasn’t been approved
by the FDA. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) has had a
researcher assigned to study it and do clinical trials since
September, 2000, but he has been given no funding yet. Don’t
hold your breath until he gets this money. You don’t have
to wait for the bureaucracy to get around to approving this
procedure. IPT has been used very successfully to fight
cancer for over 75 years and it is legal.

Currently there are 42 doctors worldwide trained on this
procedure in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil,
France and Ecuador. There is also one trained veterinarian
in Arizona. One of the M.D.’s who has received the IPT
training is Dr. Douglas Brodie of Reno, Nevada, a prominent
CAM practitioner who I mention in my book. I’ll tell you
how to find all the trained doctors in a minute.

Here are some interesting statistics. At the IPT course in
Las Vegas, Nevada in February 2001, Dr. Donato Perez Garcia
showed a slide of the Morbidity (death rate) that his family
(three generations of physicians) have had doing IPT.

Donato Perez Garcia, Sr., M.D. (ORIGINATOR OF IPT) (1896-1971)

Donato Perez Garcia Bellon, M.D. (1930-2000)

Donato Perez Garcia, Jr., M.D. (Still living)

The group of physicians who founded IPT and have over 100 years of experience with it, have never had a person die because of IPT. By contrast, hundreds of thousands of cancer patients die of chemotherapy in the U. S. alone every year.

Because the doses of chemotherapy medications used during IPT are 10-25% of the amounts given during traditional cancer care, the side effect risk is diminished greatly. The most common side effect from IPT is fatigue during the day of treatment. Rarely some nausea occurs.

One of the main reasons that people get IPT is because it is a
great alternative to high dose chemotherapy with all of its side
effects which can include immunosuppression, hair loss, nerve,
heart, kidney, and liver injury.

Why doesn’t your oncologist know about this if it has been around
for 75 years? It’s not because it hasn’t been documented to the
cancer “system.” In fact, the National Institutes of Health have
been briefed by IPT physicians several times. There are numerous
published studies in professional journals. One obvious reason
why it is not popular is the potential loss of money to the cancer
industry. It is estimated that every cancer patient will produce
$500,000 for the industry by the time he/she is given their last
treatment. Such a simple, effective, and dramatic treatment would severely cut into the industry’s profits. You do not have to be a victim of this evil greed.

To get smart quickly about this treatment, go to:


Among much other information there, you will find a long interview
with Donna McDermott. She is a breast cancer patient cured using IPT. In the interview, she describes her entire case — before, during and after the IPT. She was treated in Tijuana by Dr. Donato Perez Garcia (see above).

At that same site, you will also find a listing of all the qualified
doctors, arranged by experience or location.

To complete your investigation, check out this other site. It is
Dr. Hauser and his wife’s clinic site (the people I quoted at the
beginning of this article). You will find many convincing testi-
monials there from their patients. Their site is:


Some Stunning Numbers

If you have any doubts about the drug company omnipresence in our lives, all you have to do these days is turn on your TV. It seems like every other commercial is for some prescription drug. What’s going on here?

Well, in 1997, it became legal for the first time for drug com-
panies to plug their wares directly to the consumer (you and me).
In those 4 + years, the spending on TV and print advertising by
Big Pharma has ballooned.

Would you believe that last year, the drug companies spent $15.7
billion (with a “b”) on TV and print ads for prescription drugs?
This is more than any other industry spends on advertising. More
than the auto industry, the housing industry, retail giants like
WalMart and so on.

Why? Well, it’s pretty obvious. The brainwashing of the U.S.
public continues. Got a problem? A prescription from your doctor
is all you need to fix it. No need to worry about all those goody-
two shoes urging you to eat sensibly and exercise. Just jot down
the latest name for the drug that just cost Bristol-Myers-Squibb
or Merck $500 million to bring to market and go bug your doctor
to write you a prescription for it.

Are they crazy to spend this much money developing a drug? Crazy like a fox? Here is just one example. AstraZeneca is a drug company you have probably never heard of. According to Forbes magazine (March 18, 2002), they are the world’s fourth-largest pharmaceutical company.

IN 2001 ALONE, AstraZeneca made $630 million on the sale of
Nolvadex (a.k.a. tamoxifen), a breast cancer drug. This drug has
been on the market since 1973. They made $728 million on the sale of Zoladex, a prostate/breast cancer drug. It was introduced in 1987. They made another $569 million on Casodex, another prostate cancer drug introduced in 1995. Within two years, says Forbes, this company’s sales of cancer fighter drugs alone will top $2.5 billion a year.

In 2001, AstraZeneca derived 34% of its revenue from Prilosec.
If you haven’t seen an ad for Prilosec, you haven’t been watching
much TV (good for you!). Prilosec treats dyspepsia. It was once
the world’s best-selling drug, chalking up $6 billion dollars of
sales in 2000.

This year approval is pending for Iressa, AstraZeneca’s block-
buster new drug for lung cancer. One of my readers has already
asked me about this one, so the hype has already begun.

Just as important is the incredible clout this spending gives them
with the media. Why else would the media conveniently fail to
note the unpleasant or even lethal side effects of prescription
pharmaceuticals? These side effects are the fourth leading cause
of death in the United States — right behind heart disease, cancer
and stroke.

The US will spend 1.5 trillion dollars for health care this year.
The vast majority of these funds are just wasted. You might think
that most of this money went for hospital care.


Americans have spent more on prescription drugs than hospital
care for the last several years. Hundreds of billions are going
to drug companies for drugs that only treat symptoms and allow
the person to continue to deteriorate without addressing the
underlying cause of disease.

Is This Situation Getting Worse Or Better?

Well, overall healthcare costs are rising by 7%, but we are
averaging a close to 20% increase in drug spending every year.
The US Congress is on the verge of approving a $100 billion
bonus to drug companies in the form of the Medicare “prescrip-
tion drug benefit.” Before you know it we will be paying one
trillion dollars to the drug companies every year.

Diabetes & Obesity

Obesity in the United States is up 57% since 1991. Does that
shock you? It shouldn’t. All you have to do is watch a group
of people walk by and it’s obvious that we’re a fat nation. In
1999 alone, diabetes in this country rose 6% in what the govern-
ment called dramatic evidence of an unfolding epidemic. It has
not gotten better in the last three years. Those two statistics
are directly related. Obesity leads to diabetes, not always, but
most of the time.

16 million Americans have diabetes — and one in three does not
know it. Another 21 million have a pre-diabetic condition called
impaired glucose tolerance. Diabetes is the seventh-leading cause
of death and the leading cause of blindness, kidney disease, nerve disease and amputations. People with diabetes are 2 to 4 times more likely to have heart disease and stroke. Heart disease is present in 75% of diabetes-related deaths.

The diabetes market drains the health care system of some $4
billion dollars a year and the total annual cost of diabetes
(and all illnesses caused by it) is estimated to be $92 billion!

This huge financial burden on our health care system is especially
shameful because most diabetes treatments don’t work. All the
diabetes drugs have harmful side effects. All of them eventually
lose their effectiveness. The diabetic is then dependent on drugs
which no longer work and is more critically exposed to the life-
threatening effects of the disease itself. You may want to read
again my “Bonus Booklet #3” on “Beating Diabetes.”

We have brought this one on ourselves, folks. Lifestyle habits
(overeating of refined carbohydrates and lack of exercise) cause
this disease. Period!

One natural product for treating diabetes (causes, not symptoms)
which is probably better than all the prescription medicine com-
bined is called “FenuPro.” It is available from Nutri-Health
Products for $29.95 plus shipping for a one-month’s supply.
(800) 914-6311. Again, I get no compensation for this or any
other recommendation.

Write Your Congresspersons

Finished reading “Politics in Healing” the other day. See my
last newsletter (#18, February 16, 2002) for a review of this
book. Every time I look at this book now, I just shake my head
in disbelief. Daniel Haley has done an awesome job of document-
ing the exact sequence of events in the collusion to suppress
ten promising cures, most of them for cancer.

The FDA/NCI government bureaucrats teaming up with the foxes in the American Medical Association (AMA) and American Cancer Society (ACS) are in the forefront of each of these gestapo-like suppressions. But in the background pulling the puppet strings is, of course, Big Pharma and their apalling greed. I’m sure my wife got tired of me growling every night just before I went to sleep how angry I was at the revelations of the latest of Haley’s chapters I had just read.

The common thread is that any promising cure which stems from
natural substances which can’t be patented gets brutally suppressed. You have to read the book. But, I’ll give you a synopsis of just one example — DMSO. I use this example because I have personal experience with it.

DMSO stands for dimethyl sulfoxide (a liquid). It is abundant; it can be extracted from such sources as coal, oil, or most commonly lignin, the material nature uses to cement cells together in trees. It is cheap. It is most often administered by dabbing it on the skin. It penetrates the skin and enters the blood stream
where it is carried to all parts of the body.

DMSO was studied extensively in the 60’s and 70’s and touted as
a “miracle drug.” Thousands of papers published in the medical
journals show it is very effective in treating stroke, head and
neck trauma and many lesser ailments such as bursitis and

Spinal injuries like the one Christopher Reeve suffered (fall from
a horse, I believe) have been successfully treated with DMSO. The
patients achieved full recovery from the paralysis.

Stroke is the third-leading cause of death in this country.
Millions more people are incapacitated by strokes. DMSO taken
orally or by injection dissolves the blood clot causing the stroke
and achieves full recovery in most cases. Do you think your
emergency room doctor is aware of this?

To cover the suppression of DMSO like Haley did would take more
time and space than I have here. Suffice to say that the FDA
did succeed in suppressing it. This after many hundreds of suc-
cessful tests on humans, including one in 1967 where prisoners
covered their bodies with 10 times the permissible dose every
day for two weeks with no adverse effects. This test proved
that DMSO was less toxic than aspirin. FDA’s rationale (spin)
for banning it was some apparent but minor effects on the vision
of certain animals during early testing. There were no vision
effects in the human test subjects.

After reading this chapter, I remembered recieving a 1 ounce
sample of DMSO from Dr. David Williams several years ago. I dug
it out of my desk drawer and tried it on my wife for her back
pain. Her relief was almost instantaneous. She insisted that
I get some more.

At our largest San Antonio health food store chain, I asked if
they carried DMSO. I was directed to their pet supplies area.
Yes, the FDA approves use of DMSO on animals (they don’t buy all that many prescription drugs). I bought an 8-ounce bottle for $9.99. So far, it has relieved my wife’s back pain and some
minor bursitis pain in my shoulders. We just rub it on our skin at night and — voila! — in 30 minutes or so the pain is gone. After 3 or 4 treatments, the pain is gone permanently (or at
least for the last 4 days). This bursitis pain was something chronic which I had been putting up with for about the last 6 months.

Have you written your congresspersons yet about wanting freedom to choose safe, non-toxic treatments like DMSO without FDA interference? I have.

Daniel Haley, in his book “Politics in Healing” (do you get the impression I’m pushing this book?), after he gets you riled up about the incredible conspiracy to keep cures away from you,
gives you “Suggested Items to Include in a Letter to Your Senator or Congressman.” I’ll quote some of his ideas in a minute.

Don’t know how to contact your Congressperson? Not an excuse
any longer. If you go to


you’ll find a locator. Enter your address and zip code and you
will be told who the representative for your district is. You
can then elect to send him or her a message right on that screen.
No muss, no fuss. Then, there is a link to the Senate web page
where you can send messages to your State’s two Senators.

Here are some words for your message suggested by Daniel Haley. Put them in your own words and send it:

“American medicine is too tilted toward toxic drugs. We urgently ask you to pass the Access to Medical Treatment Act and the Health Freedom of Choice Act.


We don’t need to pay bureaucrats to protect us from things that can’t hurt us; the government has no business regulating non-toxic medicines or harmless devices. We need a Free Market in such therapies, with no FDA controls.


One American dies of cancer every minute. Pass the Access to Medical Treatment Act and the Health Freedom of Choice Act so that we can have access to effective nontoxic therapies now only available outside the United States. We’re tired of having to go to Mexico or abroad to obtain nontoxic medications. We want the freedom to have these here in the U.S. These medicines would provide stiff competition to the pharmaceutical toxic therapies.


Of all the special interests, pharmaceutical companies are the biggest contributors to Congressional campaigns. We ask you to refuse to accept contributions from drug companies, and we ask you to vote for the Health Freedom of Choice Act, which will open the doors to real competition.


Do you know how much less it costs to buy almost any drug in Canada or Mexico? It’s a bundle! Give the drug companies some stiff competition by passing the Access to Medical Treatment Act and the Health Freedom of Choice Act so as to create a free market in non-toxic therapies. This will permit significant competition for the drug companies. Competition will make their prices come way, way down, in a way that only a free market can do. This is a much better idea than taking the taxpayers’ money to pay for drugs; that’s a handout to the drug companies. What you need to do is to give them some real competition which will drive their inflated prices way down. This will happen when you pass these two pieces of legislation.


Do you know that some estimates report that 65% of FDA employees take cushy jobs at the drug companies when they retire from FDA? We want you to vote to prohibit that, by voting for the Health Freedom of Choice Act.


Thank you.”


[your signature and address]


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Bill Henderson
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As for the legal stuff — Disclaimer: The author of this newsletter is a researcher and writer, not a doctor. Any treatment for an illness should be shared with your doctor before you attempt it.