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Barbara Johnson, RN — Today’s Florence Nightingale

As some of you will recall, I’ve mentioned Barbara Johnson,
RN several times in this rag. I have promised you an
article on her, and here it is.

Barbara has been very busy taking care of her father. He
passed away in late February, and she is recovering from
the many 24-hour stays in the hospital with him, and the
stress of fighting the medical “system.” The description of
his treatment by the conventional doctors sounds like a text-
book case of medical abuse. Once she found out that he was
sick, he had already been through the chemo/radiation mill
[3 or 4 months of chemo and 41 radiation treatments for lung
cancer, and then 10 more to his back].

She was able to give him an extra 2 1/2 years of life with
her alternative treatments, including a trip to Mexico for
treatment with the substances she was expert in, but the
damage from the chemo/radiation eventually caused his heart
and lung to fail.

Barbara, in his memory, is determined to help as many people
as she can to avoid her father’s fate. She is uniquely qual-
ified to do just that, having experience in both traditional
medicine, and alternative/complementary options. In addition
to many years of nursing, her career includes research and
consulting, following in the footsteps of Allen Hoffman. The
best account I’ve read of Allen Hoffman is in Daniel Haley’s
book “Politics in Healing.” It starts on p. 424 and goes on
for eight pages. I’ll quote just a little to give you a taste:

“Allen Hoffman, Baltimore health researcher [and biochemist],
could not have predicted in 1994 that something simple, natural,
wonderfully effective, and published in the medical literature,
could be illegal. Coming across some five-year old medical
journals, he read an article on how concentrated aloe vera could
elevate lymphocyte counts enough to effectively treat AIDS. It
can’t be true, he thought, or else everyone would know about it.”

“Still, as a researcher, he was curious, so he arranged for a
lab to make an aloe vera saturated solution; this is a solution
so concentrated that it cannot hold another molecule of the
substance being concentrated. The FDA approved use of aloe vera
as an adjunct to AIDS treatment in 1994, and aloe vera is on
the FDA’s GRAS list – ‘generally regarded as safe.’ In addition,
it is a traditional botanical used in healing for millennia.
At the suggestion of Aristotle, his tutor, Alexander the Great
conquered an island in the Red Sea in order to secure a supply
of aloe vera for his troops; Julius Caesar carried aloe vera
into battle to treat his soldiers’ wounds, and so did Ghengis
Khan. How could anyone get in trouble over aloe vera?”

“Yet Alexander’s aloe vera plant landed Allen Hoffman in federal
court on criminal charges of distributing an unlicensed drug.
The charges were brought by the Justice Department at the request
of the FDA. Hoffman adds absolutely nothing to the aloe vera,
so the only difference from the aloe that Alexander’s physicians
used is that Hoffman concentrates it…”

“Hoffman calls his concentrated aloe vera solution ‘T-PLUS,’ and
finds that one teaspoon of it contains 500 mg of mucopolysac-
charides and 500 mg of polypeptides. He discovered that when
the concentration is less, even at 400 mg of each, nothing
happens, but at 500 mg, it’s like turning on a switch. As the
lymphocytes increase, they cause the body to produce cytokines.
These are interleukin, interferon, and Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF).
As its name implies, TNF kills tumors – the body’s own chemo-

“Official Medicine, playing the Patent Game, has tried to syn-
thesize and patent the cytokines. Results are poor, since the
body sees them as toxic when used individually and in far larger
quantities than the body makes for itself.”

“Dr. Steven Rosenberg…used interleukin in a study of 25 cancer
patients, curing one. The other 24 died, but Official Medicine
trumpeted Rosenberg’s 4% success rate as a breakthrough. In
contrast, when one works with nature, stimulating the body with
a natural product to make its own cytokines, they work like a
charm. Medical science knows that interleukin and interferon
kill viruses and bacteria, and that TNF shrinks tumors, so
there’s nothing mystic about how the aloe vera solution accom-
plishes its results.”

Well, you get the idea. Another pioneer persecuted by the
“system.” Allen Hoffman’s success with T-PLUS and cesium
chloride was too much for the Big Pharma/Big Medicine cabal to
take. He was eventually driven out of business in 2001, by the
persecution of the Maryland Attorney General and the FDA.

You can also find the details of this persecution at Neal
Deoul’s web site:


Neal Deoul was an associate of Allen Hoffman and was persecuted
(not prosecuted) along with him. Neal’s wife, Kathleen, has
written a book about his experience with the American cancer
system’s Mafia-like bullying. You can order it and read the
first chapter free at the above web site. The toll free number
for ordering is (866) 769-7961.

When Allen Hoffman was finally forced to stop helping people,
he asked Barbara Johnson to provide the supplements to those who
were dependent upon him to supply them with the aloe vera (T-PLUS),
cesium chloride and liquid bovine colostrum. It is interesting
that several doctors had offered to help him, but he trusted
Barbara so much that he wanted her to do it. Though her great
work was interrupted temporarily by her care for her father, she
has now resumed it.

Barbara consults regularly, with people around the world. She
charges nothing for her phone consults. She will help you, if you
call her or send her an e-mail. Of all the people I have talked
to in the last three years, Barbara Johnson is the most competent
consultant I know, for anyone with this awful disease.

You can contact Barbara Johnson, RN by phone at her home in
Baltimore, Maryland at (410) 628-6877, or by e-mail at
HealthEnhance@aol.com. When you contact her, be sure to tell her
I sent you,and please respect her charity by not abusing the
privilege of calling her excessively, on her home phone. This
is a wonderfully compassionate lady. We cannot afford to lose
her because she gets burned out by inconsiderate callers.

Understand that, like me, Barbara cannot give specific instruc-
tions on treatment of individuals. She can, however, refer you
to places where you can get that kind of help. God Bless this
modern day Florence Nightingale in her mission of mercy!

Low Dose Naltrexone – New Cancer Treatment

An alert reader pointed out that a drug called “naltrexone” that
has been used for years in high dosage (50mg) for drug abuse has
now been found to be effective in low dose (4.5mg) for cancer.
He had used it with some success on his dog’s cancer.

It is not expensive. A month’s supply is about $38 plus shipping.
It requires a prescription and you need to read up on how and when
to take it. You also probably need to educate your doctor about
it. It appears to be a good NK cell booster, maybe even a sub-
stitute for MGN-3, etc. which will be paid for by your insurance,
because it is a prescription (generic) drug.

I have checked it out and the web site below is a legitimate, non-
profit attempt to get this information to you through the web.

Please check it out. The web site includes several inexpensive
sources for the powder. It also cautions against getting the “slow
release” (SR) form. Otherwise, no side effects and an impressive
track record (scientific evidence) against a wide variety of

Check it out at:


A Reader’s Story

Here is an inspiring story on one man’s (and his wife’s) successful
battle with brain cancer.

“Hi, Bill:


I hope you remember me. I am the person who wrote to you about
finding and using a product called Silverlon on my husband’s
radiated, therefore fragile, skin. I checked with the National Brain
Tumor Foundation, where my article about Silverlon was originally
published, and was told that you could reprint it, but only in its
entirety. I didn’t think you would want to do that, so I am writing
the story in an abbreviated form, hopefully for use in your news-


I would imagine that by the time lots of your readers find you,
they have already undergone surgery and/or radiation. When patients
ask about ‘side effects’ of radiation, doctors tend to minimize them,
or just tell about the short-term effects. Unfortunately, the long-
term side effects are quite another – far more gruesome – story.


Radiation makes the skin much more fragile and, from what I under-
stand, this condition can get worse over time. Many people who have
had radiation in the past, and face surgery months or years later,
may not be aware that their skin is in grave danger of NOT healing
following the subsequent surgery or surgeries.


This happened to my husband Tim. An 11-year survivor (now a 13-year
survivor) of a cancerous brain tumor, Tim had numerous complica-
tions and side effects of the treatments in the years following his
initial craniotomy. In fact, he had 7-8 more surgeries over the
years to ‘fix’ complications that had been caused by his 1990
surgery and radiation. So, when he walked into the hospital for
surgery for a tumor recurrence in June of 2001 (in great physical
shape because of great diet and lots of nutritional supplements),
unbeknownst to us, he was walking into a landmine.


Tim did great in the surgery and was fine for a month afterward.
Cognitively he was perfect. But then all heck broke loose and his
skin started to give way. It simply would NOT heal and he had to
return to the hospital. His hospital stays ended up lasting 8
months in all! The doctors, of course, kept operating and re-
operating on his poor, fragile, radiated skin — hoping against
hope to find SOME part of his skin that would finally heal. All
these operations failed. Tim kept leaking cranial fluid AND getting
infection after infection, resulting from the fact that microbes
were getting into his brain. In all, he had 3-4 additional
surgeries from 2001 to 2002 to try to get his skin to heal.


Finally, thanks to a wonderful holistic doctor here in the town
where we live (Oak Park, Illinois), Dr. Carlos Reynes, I dis-
covered something called Silverlon, a healing system comprised
of pieces of material made with silver ions which, when wet,
helps many of the worst non-healing wounds to heal. Dr. Reynes
had used it on several patients with non-healing diabetic wounds
but, since it was FDA-approved for use on ALL wounds, which meant
it had passed all tests for safety, there would be no harm in
trying it on Tim.


To make a very long story short, Tim’s neurosurgeon (thankfully)
approved our putting Silverlon on Tim’s head. The inventor of the
product, a wonderful man named Dr. Bart Flick, offered to provide
the product for us.


The day Silverlon was used was the last day Tim’s head leaked! And
it has now been over a year.


Why am I trying so hard to get the word out about Silverlon? (I am
NOT on the Silverlon payroll!) Because its promise for people who
MUST undergo surgery AFTER their skin has been radiated is HUGE.
What happened to Tim happens to many more people – and specifically
cancer patients — than doctors like to admit.


But don’t be surprised if you have to FIGHT with your doctor to
use SILVERLON. Somehow, even though it is FDA-approved, doctors
don’t like to use ANYTHING they haven’t heard about from their
official publications – or from OTHER DOCTORS. The best thing
would be to have Silverlon put on in the operating room after
surgery. To be honest with you, after my husband’s latest exper-
ience with hospitals, I doubt if I could ever be convinced to go
into a hospital as a patient, and I surely don’t want my husband
to ever go in again. But if either of us absolutely HAD to have
surgery, I would INSIST that this product be used. It saved my
husband’s life. I only wish we had found it earlier because I
sincerely believe that the suffering he endured – as well as the
brain injury he now has – could have been totally avoided.


I love your newsletter, Bill. You are doing a wonderful job.
Keep up the good work! And thanks for sharing my story with


Julia Schopick, anjiojs@aol.com


Anyone who would like me to email them my original article,
which was published in ‘Search,’ the National Brain Tumor
Foundation’s newsletter, may contact me at anjiojs@aol.com.”

Thank you, Julia, on behalf of the many readers who will benefit
from Tim’s experience. If you’re interested, you can find out
a lot more about Silverlon at:


Short shots…..


Once again, I would like to offer you a bribe to get you to
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feel 10 years younger….



One reader chastised me for my poor taste in repeating the
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out that the piece is just another Internet “hoax.” It seems
that Robin Williams had nothing to do with it. The quote
at the end about the Statue of Liberty was lifted from one
of Robin Williams’ scripts, but the rest of it was just some
web “weinie” spouting off. Ah, well…hoaxed again. At
least they didn’t get a virgin. If that piece offended you,
consider me lashed with a long, wet noodle.

In case you have wondered at the spartan simplicity of the
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