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Jeffrey Marsh — “the rest of the story”

Many of you will recall my previous articles on 7-year-old
Jeffrey Marsh and his father, Robert Marsh. To those of you
to whom this is new, please see my articles at my newsletter
archives, as follows:

Newsletter #53, December 16, 2003 which is at:

Newsletter #54, December 30, 2003, which is at:

Newsletter #55, January 15, 2004, which is at:


I will devote this entire newsletter (except for a couple of
“Short Shots” at the end) to Robert and Jeffrey’s complete
story. I think there are some vital lessons here for all of
us, particularly the relationship with conventional doctors,
the treatment of young children with chemotherapy drugs which
have never been tested on children and the healing power of

I have edited Robert’s version of this story only slightly to
make it more readable. Here, in Robert’s own words, as Paul
Harvey would say, is “the rest of the story.”



I have to tell everyone the story of my son’s battle with
Leukemia and how we are winning that battle.


I will start from the beginning with the overlooked signs so
that it never happens to anyone else. My son (Jeffrey) while
sleeping would sweat as if he was running a marathon. It didn’t
matter how cold the room was he would have a forehead full of
sweat beads and his hair would be damp from sweating so much.


Numerous doctors were told about this and none ever mentioned
Leukemia even though I have now learned it is a symptom. He
had numerous ear infections and was starting to become hard of
hearing. He would always say ‘What did you say?’ when spoken to.


The antibiotics weren’t clearing the fluid in his ears so the
doctors were talking of putting tubes in his ears and removing
his adenoids but before doing so they wanted to try a different
antibiotic. Needless to say he was put on antibiotic after
antibiotic until one day I got fed up with him not getting any
better and I told my ex-wife who lives in Texas that I wanted
Jeffrey taken to another doctor for a second opinion.


She finally agreed in January, 2002, (Jeffrey was 5 at the
time) and the new doctor did a thorough exam with blood test.
The blood test, of course, came back with very high white
blood cells. I received a call from a hysterical and crying
ex-wife who stated that my son had Leukemia.


I had no idea at the time what that was and what all it meant
but I tell you it will scare you to death the first time you
read about it. The doctor sent my son straight to a children’s
hospital in Fort Worth, Texas. We were never told that we had
a choice to send him to a cancer hospital in Tennessee where
all the medical expenses would have been covered by our
insurance. However, since we started at the Children’s
Hospital in Fort Worth we could not transfer Jeffrey to the
one in Tennessee and therefore we had to pay the medical


Had I known what I know now I would have called Bill Henderson
and been on my way to one of the best complementary hospitals
that he knows and had my son on Glyconutrients from the very
start bypassing Chemo and all its destruction.


That brings me to Glyconutrients. Glyconutrients all started
for me when I ran into a friend from high school and we got to
talking. I told her about what was going on with my son and
she got very excited. See, her daughter had had Leukemia, but,
instead of chemo, they only used this product called Glyco-
nutrients. She told me about a company based in Coppell, Texas
which had secured world-wide patent rights to a food supplement
which I now know as Glyconutrients.


She suggested I contact them. I contacted them and was surprised
by the amount of science they provided. I was impressed that
they did not make any wild medical claims like so many of the
other products Jeffrey tried. The majority of their science
pointed to how Glyconutrients supported the body’s normal
functions of regeneration and repair.


The science really made sense to me. God gave us (in plants)
what we need to remain healthy. In today’s world our food chain
is depleted of nutrients and our environment has helped destroy
what God gave us.


I seriously considered not having Jeffrey take any more chemo.
I thought we could beat the cancer by supporting his body
through glyconutritional supplementation. Unfortunately, I was
never given the opportunity to try. You see, once they get your
child on Chemo, there’s no getting him off. Trust me. I’ve
tried and Bill was right alongside me in the court room. He’s
a good man.


They will take that child away from you before you will be
allowed to discontinue Chemo. However, a growing number of
consumers are demanding the use of supplements in conjunction
with traditional medical treatments despite the strong opposi-
tion. So maybe we will someday see a change.


Medicine has become a significant business and there are a lot
of people who invest a lot of money into drug development who
aren’t looking at these things (Glyconutrients) in a friendly
manner. You know why? Because they work 😉


I am seeing messages daily from some members of the medical
community that our food chain is depleted and that the only
way that we are going to get the essential nutrients that our
bodies need is through supplementation. Most doctors never
received any nutritional training in medical school and that
is compounded by the fact that many nutritional products have
little or no science to support their claims. But Glyco-
nutrients research is quickly raising the bar of credibility.


There is overwhelming evidence that suggests that the human
body may be capable, through its normal physiology, of healing
itself from almost any malady. All I knew was my son was
getting Chemo and was seeing very little results so I started
him on the Glyconutrients just as soon as I could get them.


I saw a white blood count of 70% leukemia cells, go down to
53% in the first week. By the second week, the count was less
than 20% and by the third, Jeffrey was in REMISSION.


The doctors, of course, state that, although it has never
happened so fast before, that it was the Chemo that caused it.
I just tried to educate them and go on my way. We all know
that if you give the body the nutrients it needs it will heal
itself. Think about when you break a bone or get a cut. That’s
your body taking care of the problem.


My son was doing great on the Glyconutrients. He never lost his
hair. He hardly threw up. His energy level picked up and he
was now able to play baseball and other things he loved.


I added herbs into the mix of his treatments. I believed what
I read, like so many others do. I mean the label stated it
could cure cancer, so it must be able to cure cancer. Right?


This is why I’m writing this letter. I want to help you avoid
wasting precious time on products that don’t work. I want you
to get right on those that do work.


I didn’t see any further improvements from those herbal products
than what I was already seeing with the Glyconutrients. I mean
it was as if I had my son back.


The doctors kept saying it was the pharmaceuticals they had him
on although no other kids on those same pharmaceuticals were
having the results my son was seeing. It really makes me angry
that those kids have to suffer so that these doctors can make
more money. Trust me. They know that the more the kids are in
the hospital, the more they get paid.


Take for instance what they feed the kids on the cancer floor
in the hospital. You have your choice of: burger, fries, cake
and soda; or hotdog, fries, cake and soda. Can you believe that?
I mean, where’s the Nutrition? Then this is really going to kill
you. When the lady or gentleman came to bring you the food they
knock and say ‘Nutrition.’ Then they come into the room with the


I had almost the whole hospital floor in my son’s room trying to
calm me down. I guess I was just fed up. That became the straw
that broke the camel’s back, as they say. I said something about
the meals and they argued with me that that’s the only thing the
kids will eat. Well, hello! Maybe that’s why we are in the
state we are in today and our kids are getting diseases that we
used to see only in older people.


Needless to say, I went to a health food store and bought my son
organic food and he ate that while in the hospital. My ‘ex,’
although seeing the results, was fighting me on giving him the
Glyconutrients. The doctor was saying Jeffrey could have adverse
affects with taking Glyconutrients and taking Chemo at the same


I called every nutritionist I could find. They all said that
more good than harm would be done since this was nothing more
than a food with the nutrients God intended food to have in it.


She kept giving it to him, thank God. Jeff was then allowed,
early summer of 2003 to come to Illinois with me and go to a
smaller version of the cancer hospital in Tennessee for his
Chemo treatments. You see, I live in Peoria, Illinois and she
lives in Arlington, Texas, which is right between Dallas and
Fort Worth. While with me, he was given the dosage recommended
to me by others that have seen results with cancer by using


Needless to say, his blood work was now even better than when he
was with my ‘ex’ which proved to me that she wasn’t giving him
the Glyconutrients like she had promised to. While with me, his
blood counts went to that of a normal healthy child. He was not
only playing baseball but his hearing was getting better.


The doctors were amazed and were starting to ask me what I was
giving Jeffrey. I told them, and, to their credit, they never had
a problem with it. They even told me that whatever I was doing to
keep doing it.


Well, the 2003 summer came to an end and I had to take Jeffrey
back to Texas and back to his Mother. I wrote out a very detailed
plan for her to follow so that the correct dosage and schedule
would be followed.


Two months after being back, my son relapsed with Leukemia in his
spinal cord. I found out that the doctor had talked her out of
giving him the Glyconutrients and relying only on the Chemo. I
was very upset, not only for her taking him off a product that
was helping him, but for my son’s life.


The doctors now wanted to give him more Chemo and add radiation
therapy. I took the next airplane I could get to Dallas and I
‘cleaned house.’ I put my son back on Glyconutrients as soon as
I saw him. Folks, Glyconutrients had my son back into remission
in less than 2 weeks.


Again, the doctor claimed it was the Chemo. I don’t know what you
may know about Chemo but remission in 2 weeks in the spinal cord
is not common. The doctor, of course, stated it was indeed the
Chemo and that it worked great. I laughed in his face this time
and told him he needed to go back to Med school and look into
Glyconutrients because something powerful is going on here and he
was missing the boat.


He stated Jeffrey would be getting Chemo. I told him ‘Not if I can
help it.’ I refused to sign the papers to allow the hospital the
right to start intense Chemo. The next day my ex-wife filed a
lawsuit against me stating I was ‘harming my son.’


I then called the company that makes Glyconutrients and told them
what was going on and asked if they were going to stand behind
their product. Ladies and gentlemen, I had two representatives
from that company by my side at the courthouse ready to go to war
for my son to take Glyconutrients. Bill Henderson was right there
with us, as well. They all spoke to my ‘ex’ and educated her on
complementary therapies.


I did end up having to sign the papers for my son to receive Chemo,
but thanks to the two representatives for Glyconutrients and Bill
Henderson, my son receives Glyconutrients like clockwork. Coming
from me and what Glyconutrients would do for Jeffrey, it was
baloney to her. But coming from these folks, she saw just how
serious it is.


I praise God for what they did for me that day. I truly believe
they saved my son’s life. I ask you, how many of those companies
you’re getting your supplements from now are going to come to court
and fight the FDA or whoever else for you. Learn more about Glyco-
nutrients. It will change your life.


I can be reached at (309) 472-4155. For those overseas or out of
Illinois, a friend of mine has graciously given me a free number,
which is 1-800-870-8860. Feel free to e-mail me also at:



[I wanted ‘BLESSED,’ but it was taken, so I settled for substit-
uting the ‘threes’ for the ‘e’s’ and still had to add the ‘one’
at the end.]


I don’t sell Glyconutrients, so don’t expect some sales pitch.
However, if you’re interested, I will tell you where you can get
them and I will answer any questions you have.


Take care and God Bless.


Robert Marsh”

In my next newsletter, I will give you some more specific
information on glyconutrients, including sources and approximate
prices. In the meantime, if you’re interested, the book I gave
Robert’s ‘ex’ at the courthouse in Fort Worth, which [I think]
helped convince her that Robert’s views were correct was
“Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients,” by Russell Blaylock,
M.D. A great book, folks. Get it and read it. It is available
at amazon.com or your local bookstore.

If you would like to listen to an interesting interview with Dr.
Blaylock in which he discusses: statin drugs and their link to
cancer; the relationship of MSG (Monosodium glutamate) to the
obesity epidemic in the U.S.; and other topics, just go to:


The interview was on May 4th, 2004, so you will have to click
on the link in the upper right that says “Show all broadcasts.”

If you prefer to read rather than listen, here is another site,
sent to me by loyal reader Ted Groce, which has two articles, one
by Dr. Blaylock, on the subject of MSG and its relationship to
obesity. Just go to:


Short shots…..


At least four readers have responded in the last couple of days
with cheaper sources for Primal Defense, the HSO stuff which has
helped my wife so much. Since some of you may be looking to buy
it right away, I wanted to get you this info now.

Here are several sources where the discount is in the neighborhood
of 30%:

1. http://www.primaldefenseandbeyond.com
The discount is 30% ($31.47 for 90 caplets plus $4.95 for shipp-
ing in the U.S.) with free shipping on orders over $35. They send
you a free book (Dr. Rubin’s “Patient Heal Thyself”) and audio
tape with your first order. “The Maker’s Diet” book is available
here for only $13.99.

2. http://www.thevitaminshoppe.com
This is a health food store which sells Primal Defense at a 30%
discount ($31.47 for 90 caplets) with no shipping cost (but
maybe sales tax). You can find a store near you on their website.

3. http://www.vitacost.com
The discount here is just over 35% ($29.20 for 90 caplets) but
they appear to charge the $4.95 shipping on all U.S. orders.

4. http://www.swansonvitamins.com
The same $31.47 for 90 caplets with free shipping for U.S. orders
over $50. I believe all of the above web sites ship outside the U.S.
for a somewhat higher shipping charge.

Thanks, readers, for sharing this information



Just last week, I discovered (or rediscovered) a web site that we
all need to get familiar with. I had reviewed it a couple of
years ago when it had a different name, but it has been completely

I’ll just mention a couple of things to pique your interest. They
have a chart that compares 12 “alternative” cancer treatments
according to 10 criteria, including “Effectiveness,” “Number of
Studies,” “Quality of Studies,” “Cost Per Month,” etc. The
rankings are on a scale of 1 to 10. Obviously, still quite
subjective, but I found I agreed with almost all of their numbers
from my own experience. The products include: 714X, Essiac Tea,
MGN3, beta glucan, Cancell, Protocel, Paw Paw, etc.

Paul Winter, the web site owner, sells nothing, except an “applied
kinesiology” kit. If you believe in kinesiology (and I must admit
I’m still skeptical about it), you can buy from Paul for $35 a kit
which purports to test your body’s “energy” [you hold the vial of
the substance in your hand] to determine which of the 12 treatments
in the kit is best for you.

Paul gives advice on sources and prices. For example, he gives you
a source for Protocel, but he says that the advice they give you
at that source for taking it is incorrect. He then proceeds to
give you the correct Protocel dosage, timing, etc.

Get familiar with Paul’s site, folks. It’s at:




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Without a national data base, we must exchange information with
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just send it to me in an e-mail. Thanks!

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conventional medicine and are therefore not “approved” and legal
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patients, although it is legal for individuals to use them at
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