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Welcome to this 120th issue of my newsletter. About 24 months of past issues are available at this web site. Just click on the “Newsletter Archive” link on the left of the screen. The articles tend to be “timeless,” so read or reread some of them at your leisure.

I should have known that when I went from a biweekly to a monthly newsletter, I’d have way more material than I could possibly include in one newsletter. I’ll do my best and thanks to all of you for providing me with so much useful information.


Molecula Silver — Please Try This

My friend Dennis Richard introduced me to Molecula Silver last month. I used it to heal bronchitis I had when I got back from the Montreal seminar on German New Medicine. It took two days, but the coughing went away completely. You have no doubt heard of “colloidal silver.” You may have even heard of “ionic silver.” Well, both have a reputation for getting at stubborn viruses and other “pathogens.” You may also have heard of various supplements which have been constructed in “nano-particle” form — magnesium, zinc, potassium, etc. to make them more “bio-available” to your body. Well, Molecula Silver is the equivalent in silver. It is much more efficient in its “virus hunting” than previous versions.

Here’s what Dennis says about this product after it healed his herpes virus:

“The two best MD’s I have ever met use Molecula Silver. It has been broken down into angstrom-size particles so tiny they can no longer be identified as silver. I have been hearing about this for 2 years now. I wasn’t sure if it was true or just marketing hype. These two best MD’s can see the results in their microscopes (they are both also cellular biologists). They have been giving the Molecula Silver intravenously and seeing great results. They are now using it in conjunction with MMS on all their serious patients. It is the only thing I have heard of small enough to penetrate the myelin sheath of the spinal cord and get at the breeding ground of many viruses.”

One of the MD’s Dennis is talking about is Dr. John Humiston. He was featured in the “Understanding MMS” DVD produced by Adam Abraham. There is an excerpt of this interview at Dennis Richard’s web site (see below). You can get the whole DVD, if you like. There is a link in my article on it called “New DVD on MMS Available” at:

Newsletter #117

In short, Dennis Richard became so impressed with the Molecula Silver that he began selling it a few weeks ago. For anyone with a degenerative condition, certainly including cancer, it is best to take the Molecula Silver in tandem with the MMS. Dennis now offers a “starter kit” which includes the MMS, the citric acid to activate it and the Molecula Silver. It comes with complete instructions on how to take each product.

I urge you to try this great combination. Just remember that you cannot take antioxidants (like Beta Glucan, Heart Plus and Daily Advantage) with the MMS. They cancel each other out.

Ordering information for both the U.S. and other countries is at Dennis Richard’s web site. It is: If you prefer ordering by phone, the best number to call for both U.S. and international orders is (760) 536-6123 (Pacific Time). If you need product information, you can contact Dennis at (702) 353-0566 (also Pacific Time).


Help With Lymphoma and Any Other Cancer

I recently met (by e-mail) an Aussie who is a ten-year lymphoma survivor. He not only has a very informative web site for you, but also offers a unique “mentoring” service. Michael Mihalcic healed himself of Stage IV lymphoma in 1997. He survived 12 chemo “treatments” which led to an “induced coma” in the hospital, several near death experiences, a 3-month stay in the hospital followed by six weeks of rehabilitation.

Fortunately, Michael was only 36 at the time and was able to survive the conventional “treatment.” After that experience, he and his wife decided “there must be a better way.” They developed a survival regimen which covered the emotional, mental and physical aspects of his cancer. He is now completely healthy. He has put his experience into a unique form which I feel could be a great help to you or any cancer patient. Michael’s web site (see below) offers a lot of useful information about his regimen, which I agree with.

In addition, though, he offers you a continuing “mentoring” program for as long as you feel you need it for a very reasonable fee. What makes this unique is the variety of information and the variety of delivery methods. For example, for the $49 monthly fee, you get:

– 27 phone sessions with Michael whenever you feel you need them.
– Updated alternative health information every week.
– Downloadable audios and interviews.
– Weekly e-mail classes.
– Special bonuses valued at $2,050.
– Access to a “mentoring members only” web site which offers:

* A practical step by step recovery guide.
* Meditations for cancer patients.
* Lists of additional resources.
* Recipes to alkalinize your body.
* Advice on reducing stress.

I think you can see why I’m impressed with Michael’s commitment to helping you through your recovery. Just take a look at his web site. I think you’ll be impressed, too. Here’s the link:

I’ll be interested in your feedback.


A Reader’s Story…Teresa McPherson

Teresa McPherson’s story is both inspiring and humorous. I think you’ll enjoy this:

“Dear Bill,

Last December I bought a calendar for 2008. I wondered ‘Is this wise?’ Eight months before, my oncologist wrote on my chart that my chances of survival were nearly zero. The good news was that my departure would be rapid – don’t go buying any green bananas, Teresa!

I had the good fortune of having parents who had each been diagnosed with cancer and who had prevailed over it. Immediately, they started reading and were my advocates. I felt like they gave me life once again.

In April, 2007, my period became extremely heavy with clotting. Being the type of person that I am (not running to the doctor for every symptom), I gave it three days. That nearly killed me. I hemorrhaged to 39 hemoglobin. I should have died in my driveway on the way to the hospital. The original diagnosis was a large fibroid and I was scheduled for a hysterectomy May 30, 2007. There was never a mention of the possibility of cancer, even when I asked. The pathology on my uterus after the hysterectomy came back with bad news. I had a 2B tumor. A later MRI showed that I had two large inoperable tumors in my pelvis. Again, very low chances for survival.

The first soldiers on the field were Haelan951 and large doses of Wobenzyme. I also underwent the radiation treatment. I had 25 low dose fractions with an additional boost of 7. I threw it all against the wall. Afer all, I was terminal.

When we contacted you about the Camelot Cancer Center in Tulsa I was going to discontinue my radiation and go. When I told my oncologist she said if she had any faith that her treatment was going to do any good she would be furious! A moment of honesty from her, I thought, and she gained my respect right then.

I opted for Dr. Ahmed Nasri’s clinic close to home for homeopathic remedies and IV’s of hydrogen peroxide therapy with a side of Poly MVA. Also at this time I attended a workshop and group healing with Adam ‘Dreamhealer.’ I highly recommend this workshop and his books as well for teaching you the energy aspect of your recovery. The group healing he does was very spiritual and beautiful. It gave me chills to be with 300 people all focusing on the same intention.

Along with all of these therapies I tackled the emotional work (probably 99% of the cause) and coffee enemas – usually at the same time! Exercise and juicing are in the mix now. My last MRI was clear and my oncologist looks at me like I’ve come from another planet. As perplexed as she is about my recovery, she will not ask what alternative therapies I’ve taken. I can’t shatter her world and I respect that. To her credit she never admonishes me for rejecting the chemotherapy that she continues to offer. I think we agree not to enter into each other’s world. She is the perfect doctor for me.

Bill, your book was the antidote for all of my doctor visits. Your words and your voice on your broadcasts completely neutralize the fear that grips you and gives a cancer patient courage. I think often of your dear late wife who inspired your work and I’ll be forever grateful to her. God bless and keep her.

During all of this, my awareness of the whole cancer machine was heightened. I was bombarded with the lotteries, ribbon campaigns and flyers with whole pages of pink products whose purchase would go to ‘the cure.’ This industry is a huge employer and has slick marketing. I applaud the ‘unwrap the ribbon’ concept [Lynda Carpenter’s book]. We need more of that. But we also need a symbol for our cause, too. Lately I have been wearing a piece of knotted rope on my jacket — the ‘ribbon’ for alternative cancer therapies that save lives every day. We could call it the ‘rope of hope.’ Maybe we can unite to inform people that these various cancer societies are not in the business of putting themselves out of business!

One final thing to pass on to your readers; I had my teeth cleaned the other day for the first time in 18 months. They marveled at the state of health of my mouth and exclaimed that I must be flossing every day (we all lie about this, don’t we!). The truth is I had started brushing with MMS about four months ago. It really takes the plaque off your teeth and makes them shiny and white. I recommend you soak your brush in it and stop buying toothpaste. Now if Jim Humble could only make it taste great!

With deep affection and appreciation,

Teresa McPherson”

Let’s all join the “Rope of Hope” movement. Yea, Teresa! If you want to contact her, her e-mail address is:

I can testify to the effectiveness of the MMS for tooth brushing. It keeps my teeth in perfect shape.




I have been doing a series of radio shows on the German New Medicine concepts. This week and next, I interview practitioners who have gripping examples of healing cancer patients. This week, for example, Dr. Michael Talbot-Kelly, a holistic psychotherapist, tells the story of a gentleman who had seven (7!) cancers and two weeks to live when he came to Dr. Talbot-Kelly. Within about 10 months, six of the seven cancers had been completely healed using the German New Medicine interview technique. Only the skin cancer remained when the man went into the hospital to be treated for another condition and passed away from the effects of the medication given in the hospital. To listen to this dramatic (and tragic) story, just go to:

and listen to my current show, “How to Live Cancer-Free.” Next week, I’ll be interviewing Dr. John Turner from Atlanta, a Chiropractor with a year or so of experience helping his patients by using the German New Medicine model. His web site is:



Bill McLaughlin sent me the results of a Google inquiry on “Eldi Oils.” Dr. Budwig, in addition to her flaxseed oil and cottage cheese treatment, used Eldi Oils for massage and healing. If you’re interested, this set of links at Google will educate you on this form of treatment:



Doug Grant sent me an interesting story about an M.D. in Quito, Ecuador. The most interesting part is this M.D’s explanation of the nature of cancer. Dr. Wickman now practices in Quito because his approach to cancer healing was not acceptable to authorities in the U.S. He knows how to heal cancer. That means he is a target for the FDA and other government agencies who serve Big Pharma and the AMA. Read, at least, Dr. Wickman’s explanation of the nature of cancer at the web site below. Here is the e-mail from Doug Grant:


My name is Doug Grant and I am a thyroid cancer survivor. I bought your book and subscribe to your newsletter which I appreciate greatly. Since my surgery in December of ’06 I have turned my health around using many of the methods in your book. Thank you for doing what you do.

The reason I’m writing to you is that I recently spoke at length with a gentleman named John Brewer who lives less than 2 miles from me here in central Florida. He was cured of bone cancer in 6 weeks by a man named Dr. Wickman in Quito, Ecuador. Dr. Wickman uses the Rife method, among other things. Other people have visited him with similar results. I find his story and biography fascinating but, unfortunately, all too typical. I know you touched on Rife in your book but wanted you to know about Dr. Wickman if you had not heard of him.

His website is:

The link for John Brewer’s testimonial is:

Another site by a husband and wife here in Florida who also travelled to see Dr. Wickman and were both cured of cancer is:

After speaking with Mr. Brewer, I felt compelled to e-mail this info to you.

Thank You and God Bless


Doug Grant”


OK, enough for this time. I’ll be back in June with another newsletter.

And don’t forget my bribe. Send me your story about your cancer experience — good, bad or neutral — and I’ll send you a free copy of my e-book “Cancer-Free (Second Edition).” Your story may help many other people. Just let me know if you want me to include your name or e-mail address when I publish it in the newsletter. I will certainly respect your privacy.

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Bill Henderson
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