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Welcome to this 129th issue of my newsletter. About 24 months of past issues are available at this web site. Just click on the “Newsletter Archive” link on the left of the screen. The articles tend to be “timeless,” so read or reread some of them at your leisure.


“Where Have You Been?”

I can hear some of you asking that question. Well, I’m fine — now. Just came out of two miserable weeks with a virus in my head and chest that really knocked me down. It was the first bout with viruses that I had experienced in about 15 years. No, not the swine flu! Just a “garden variety” cold, I think. It came on after we spent the last 10 days of April on a much-needed vacation. I think the stress of the “catchup” required after the vacation got me down. I was talking to 5 or 6 people a day on the phone about their cancers for several days after we got back. Anyway, the April newsletter was the victim of the vacation and its aftermath.


Politics In Healing

If you listened to my radio show this week, you can probably skip this article and you won’t miss much. I want to “rant on” about the great book “Politics In Healing.” This book by Daniel Haley is must reading if you feel the need for ammunition to fend off your well-meaning relatives who are urging you to “just trust your doctors.”

Most of you encounter at least some flak from some family members about your choice of treatment options for your cancer. Be patient with them. They have had none of your experience. But rather than just ignoring them or trying to tune them out, I suggest you give them a copy of Daniel Haley’s wonderful book. Published in 2001, this book is the result of 10 years of research into the history of 12 suppressed cancer cures.

Yes, the cure for cancer is here. In fact, it has been here for at least 80 years — since the 1930’s. Unwrap the ribbon! The cure is already here. Why haven’t you heard about it? Well, just take a quick guess. If there is no money to be made from a cure for cancer — or any other degenerative condition — the medical/drug cabal don’t just ignore it. They go into full-out effort to suppress it and the potential competition from it.

The principal offenders? Well, it’s the American Medical Association (AMA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rooted on and supported financially by Big Pharma. As soon as anything appears on the horizon which threatens the huge profits made from cancer treatment by the medical/drug mafia, these two agencies go into full alert. Brutal and continuing suppression methods just drive the discoverer of the new healing method into the ground. Their businesses are raided by storm troopers, their customers frightened away, their records stolen and impounded. Their homes are also raided and their families backed up against the wall while the storm troopers search their refrigerator, etc. These pioneers end up financially bankrupt by the court costs, in jail or driven out of the country. Some are murdered or driven to suicide or alcoholism.

Don’t believe our medical system is this corrupt? I’m afraid you are just poorly informed. If you can read “Politics In Healing” and not get fighting mad, you probably need to read it again. Every day, I think about the millions of people each year who die unnecessarily of the effects of their cancer “treatments” and I can’t keep my blood from boiling.

What can we do about it? Well, don’t just sit back and think the new administration is going to solve this problem. There is nobody at the table where “health care reform” is being discussed in Washington who has an interest in a “single-payer” system in the U.S. Instead, the same old, same old health insurers, drug companies and medical bigwigs are being catered to.

No, I see no hope for true “reform” in the U.S. Our only hope, in my opinion, is to educate each other. Simple one-to-one talk and providing information will help many thousands of people survive in spite of the “health care” (actually “sick care”) system. We can’t help millions, but we can help thousands.

A classic case of brutal suppression of a cancer cure, which is not covered in Daniel Haley’s book, is albarin. I talk about this case on this week’s radio show. For at least the next 10 weeks, this show will be available for you to listen to, so I won’t duplicate it here. All I ask is, if you are serious about this issue, get up to speed by reading “Politics In Healing” and listening to my radio show on this topic. Here is the link for the radio show:

When you get to the Web Talk Radio web site, click on “Show Hosts.” At the alphabetical list of the shows, scroll down and click on “How to Live Cancer-Free hosted by Bill Henderson.” There is a synopsis of the shows at the “Podcast” screen. Just click on the “Podcast” button.

Get angry, folks — and work to help others get the information they need to get well. Buy a few copies of “Politics In Healing” and pass them around. Maybe somebody might accidentally read it! Seriously, take the knowledge you have gained from your experience and work to help others “get smarter than their oncologists.” Believe me, there is no more fulfilling thing you can do with your life!


A Letter From Serendipity

Those of you who have listened to my web talk radio show know that I admire Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby. He is an articulate holistic physician with 37 years experience as an M.D. He is also a professor and a great teacher. If you are not yet a subscriber to his free newsletter, you should be. You will get lots of useful information from him. Here’s an example. At the end is the information you need to sign up for his newsletter.

Corruption In Cancer Research

Conflict of interest blocks out real scientific integrity in cancer research.

A study to be published June 15th 2009 in the journal Cancer has highlighted what is essentially corruption in the science of cancer research. It’s called ‘conflict of interest;’ but you and I would call it corruption, bribery or malicious threats. Not nice words for a not nice phenomenon, which I’ve known about for years. Well, at least the industry is beginning to talk about it.

What it amounts to is that cancer researchers are likely to ‘find’ (or invent) favorable outcomes for research which is paid for by the major drug cartels. Many doctors engaged in research are on stipends from the very company which produces the product they are supposedly ‘testing.’ Some take secret bribes, of course, but then so do Congressmen!

Some investigators at major hospitals and medical schools have their salary paid, indirectly, via drug company funding to their hospital or laboratory post. Who has the guts to rock the boat when it pays the mortgage? Ridiculous idea, you say; responsible drug companies would never threaten the jobs of honest researchers. Well, if you are naïve enough to think that, wise up. Not only do drug companies threaten to get uncooperative (ie. honest and objective) scientists removed from their post–they actually do it.

This new up-to-date study puts some figures to the extent to which drug cartels bias what they laughingly call ‘research.’ As I am fond of saying, it’s not research, but marketing strategies disguised as research.

The analysis, to be published in the June 15 issue of Cancer and headed by the University of Michigan, looked at more than 1,500 supposedly-scientific cancer studies published in eight authoritative journals, including Cancer, the New England Journal of Medicine and the Lancet.

Here’s what they found:

** Randomized clinical trials that assessed patient survival were more likely to link a survival advantage to the medical treatment being studied when a conflict of interest was present.

** Apparent conflicts of interest (such as industry funding, consulting fees to authors and co- authorship by industry employees) found simply by reviewing the authorship credits were noted in 29% of studies, while 17% actually declared industry funding.

** Industry-funded studies focused on treatment in 62% of cases, whereas only 36% of studies done without industry funding focused on treatment.

** While almost half (47%) of studies done without industry funding looked at epidemiology, prevention, risk factors, screening or diagnostic methods, only one fifth of industry-funded studies looked at these areas.

Any guesses why the drug industry would slew research away from disease prevention? I’ll bet you know.”

If you’d like to read more information from this wonderfully intelligent source, just go to:

…and sign up. It’s free.


Poison Your Child With Chemo — Or Else!!

If you’ve watched the news at all in the last week, you’ve no doubt heard the story of 13-year-old Daniel Hauser. Daniel has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (a form of cancer). After one chemotherapy treatment, he decided “no more of this.” His parents supported him. Nevertheless, his parents were dragged before a judge in Minnesota and ordered to give Daniel to the conventional doctors so he could have his chemo. The parents are not stupid. In fact, they had researched alternative treatments and begun treating Daniel sensibly with them.

As a result of the court order, Daniel’s mother has taken him out of the country. The latest word is that the FBI has asked Interpol to help find them.

What is happening to this country? You may think this is an isolated incident. It is not. Just last week, one of the people I’m working with to recover his two-year old son from his cancer told me that his wife had taken the young man to India to avoid exactly the same fate as Daniel. These are just two of many similar incidents in this country that I’m aware of. In one case, the parents were extradited from another state back to their home state and put in jail while chemo was forced on the child.

Of course, what is most disturbing about this is that the State is forcing parents to poison their own children. The concept of freedom of choice has disappeared. In Daniel’s case, he is old enough to make intelligent choices. He said in court that he would “kick and bite” the doctors if and when they tried to give him chemo again.

Beyond the obvious imposition on parents’ rights to decide what is best for their children, this Minnesota judge has ignored the whole universe of natural cancer cures, about which he, like most Americans, is totally ignorant. This is just another example of the horror inflicted by Big Pharma greed. By suppressing not only the natural healing substances but information about them, they have kept most Americans in the dark about healing in general — and cancer in particular.

The news media have jumped on board — touting the conventional doctors’ claims that chemo has a “90% chance to heal Daniel.” Come on, people. Chemo has never healed anybody. Those lucky enough to survive it have almost always been doing something sensible to offset the “side effects.” These, of course, are not “side effects,” but just the real effects of poisoning the body. Again, the manipulation of data by Big Pharma makes it look like their “treatment” is working when a few victims survive to five years.

If I seem angry today, I think I have ample justification.


A Reader’s Story — Cheryl Adam

Here is a first-hand story about a clinic you should be aware of. As you probably know, I don’t recommend that people go to clinics for cancer healing, except as a last resort. However, if you find you’re in the need of one, here is a real healing clinic in Oklahoma:

“Dear Bill,

Your book is amazing! My partner Tracey was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer in December 2008. She was given six weeks to live and told she would only survive with the help of chemo, radiation, blah blah blah…. You know the story. Well, she refused all of it and went alternative, and she is on the road to recovery.

We are going to a clinic in Jenks (just outside of Tulsa), Oklahoma, called New Hope Health Clinic. Dr. Kent Bartell is a naturopathic doctor and chiropractor; he treats cancer, MS, diabetes, and many other illnesses, and he has amazing resources for cancer patients in particular. The place is amazing! There are so many treatments, and they are very affordable.

One thing that I like is that his fees are posted on a board in the lobby–no hidden fees, no surprise bills waiting for you when you return home. We have gone to another alternative cancer clinic in Tulsa (who shall remain unnamed, but I think you know who they are) who implied that our bloodwork was included. Then we found out we had over $1,000 in bills from the lab. They also told us a required doctor visit would be $50-100, but the bill was for $280, which turned out to be the everyday new patient fee all along. (We don’t have insurance, so you can imagine how these things shocked us.)

But back to New Hope….Dr. Bartell is very knowledgeable and pretty amazing. The staff is so helpful, and apart from being able to treat your cancer, he has so many support resources available that you need during your cancer treatment: colonics w/coffee, infrared saunas, colloidal silver, Tesla electron treatments, a variety of B-12 shots, a body composition test that determines how well your cells are replenishing themselves…I could go on and on. Most of these treatments I just mentioned are in the $10-50 range! He really tries to make everything affordable. And the treatments are very personal: he really talks to you, gives lots of useful advice, he is very clear-headed and intelligent. He gives you so many options. He is behind us 100 percent, and we are so grateful.

Here is their contact info:

121 South 2nd St.
Jenks, Oklahoma 74037
877-544-HOPE (4 6 7 3)

All I can say is that they are amazing!

Thanks for you website and book–I shared some of the info with some other cancer patients, and it really cheered them up! 🙂

Best wishes,

Cheryl Adam”

Thanks, Cheryl, for the great information on the New Hope Clinic. It is these first hand accounts that are most useful to people.




I frequently talk to people who are having trouble swallowing all the pills in the regimen I recommend. Many forms of cancer make pill-taking difficult or impossible. When that happens, it is helpful to have other options. Usually, the best solution is to substitute either a powder which can be dissolved in liquid or a liquid form of the supplement.

Here are a couple of sources for powder forms of the items in the regimen in Chapter 5 of my book which I believe are appropriate substitutes. If you have found others, please let me know and I’ll publicize them.

First, here’s a mixture of the Dr. Rath/Linus Pauling mixture from the Vitamin C Foundation. It looks like a good substitute for at least the “Heart Plus” part of the regimen for stopping metastasis. Check out this web site:

If you want to substitute something for the Barley Power pills from Green Supreme, Inc., try either the Barley Green product at or the equivalent from Our Health Coop called Greens Plus. You’ll find the latter at

A substitute for boosting the immune system and for a great dose of vitamins and minerals is Constant Health from Our Health Coop. You will find it at the above web site.



It’s been a few months (years?) since I gave you a good source for marine phytoplankton. It’s time you took another look at this product. I owe Art Brown a vote of thanks for bringing it to my attention again. He said it has helped both his physical health and mental clarity and resulted in better sleep. What is probably most interesting to you, however, is that he has seen a cancer lesion disappear after taking this product for only 8 weeks. Here is the web site. Check it out:



In a week or so, you’ll get an e-mail from me promoting an e-book about the Mexican cancer clinics. If you do not have this one, I’d sure get a copy. It’s called “Cancer Defeated.” The author, Frank Cousineau, has been leading tours of the Mexican cancer clinics in Tijuana for about 36 years. He is better qualified than anyone I know to give you information about them, including his opinions of the best ones and contact information on all of them. Keep an eye out for this e-mail if you’re interested.


Do your friends a favor and send them to my web site:

Be well…and be sure to hug each other every day!

Bill Henderson
Author, “Cure Your Cancer” and “Cancer-Free”


Although many alternative medical treatments have been successfully used for many years, they are currently not practiced by conventional medicine and are therefore not “approved” and legal (in some States) for medical professionals to prescribe for their patients, although it is legal for individuals to use them at their own discretion. It therefore becomes necessary to include the following disclaimer:

The offerings made by this publication are to be carefully considered by the user. All responsibility regarding the use of alternative treatments rests with the patient. If you have doubts regarding these things, rely on your conventional doctor.