* Second step “revisited”
* A fresh new breeze blowing into the FDA?
* “Why Cancer?”

Second step “revisited”

For the many new subscribers, I’m reprinting a portion of
my May 2nd newsletter. I have just reread all the previous
newsletters and this item stands out as the most vital and
important for each cancer patient or advocate:

Thanks again to the Internet, curing your or your loved
one’s cancer has become even simpler. Let me tell you
about “Step Two” on your checklist. “Step One,” of course,
is to read my book “Cure Your Cancer.” If you haven’t read
it in the last ten weeks, please download it and read it
again in its latest, updated version. You can do that by
clicking here:


Once you understand the basics — what cancer is, what the
cancer “system” is like in the U.S. and why you must co-
doctor and look for alternative therapies, you are ready
for “Step Two.” It is called “The Cancer Cure Foundation.”
Their web site is:


This is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing infor-
mation on alternative cancer therapies. At their web site, you
will find detailed descriptions of multiple clinics all over the
world. They are divided into “Clinics in the U.S.,” “Clinics in
Mexico,” and “Clinics Outside the U.S. except Mexico.”

The information they provide is mind-boggling. It includes
contact names, phone numbers, addresses, web sites, e-mail
addresses, pictures of providers, pictures of the clinics,
pictures of patients with their testimonials. They give a
detailed description of the types of treatment given by each
clinic, including glossaries of terms.

Finally, they give you a list of 8 or 10 of the “Most Popular”
clinics. They ask for feedback from their users and obviously
they get it. They have been doing this since 1976, but have
adapted their service very efficiently to the Internet age.

Here is the readily available second or third opinion you
definitely need before you accept ANY cancer treatment. If
you have already been treated for cancer, you need them even
more. When cancer recurs, because it has not been completely
eradicated the first time, it tends to metastasize much more
aggressively. The theory seems to be that those cancer cells
which ALWAYS survive any conventional treatment (chemotherapy,
radiation or surgery) tend to be much more aggressive and
metastasize much more rapidly when they do (as they will)
again become “visible” to the conventional oncologist, months
or years later.

The treatments and clinics covered at the Cancer Cure Found-
ation’s web site are those which attack the cause of the
cancer. They treat it as a lifelong condition in your normal
body functions (cellular division, immune system, etc.) which
needs to be brought back into balance (remission) and kept
there for the rest of your long life.

CANCER IS NOT A “DISEASE.” It is simply your body’s own cells
which have assumed an abnormal function as a result of damage
to their normal functioning. Stem cells multiply much more
rapidly than cancer cells…so cancer cells are not even the
most rapidly dividing cells in your body. They’re just
abnormal cells which need to be brought under control. That’s

Try this question on your oncologist. “Is cancer a disease?”
Pay close attention to his/her response. It’ll tell you if
you need a second or third opinion.

Happy Trails!

A fresh new breeze blowing into the FDA?

You have a unique opportunity to change the drug “system” in
this country for the better. President Bush is about to name
a new FDA Commissioner. One of the candidates he is consid-
ering is Mary J. Ruwart, Ph.D. A campaign has been organized
by the Life Extension Foundation to support her nomination by
sending letters, phone calls, etc. to the White House. If you
would like more information on that campaign, just go to:


I’m not into politics. That’s not the purpose of this news-
letter. However, I will publish for you Dr. Ruwart’s letter
to President Bush. I think you will find it interesting. Dr.
Ruwart’s background is quite interesting, also. You can read
it at her web site:


Anyway, here’s her letter to President Bush:

Mary J. Ruwart, Ph.D.
408 County Road 138-C
Burnet, TX 78611
May 8, 2001

President G.W. Bush
Presidential Personnel Office
The White House
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Bush,

I am enclosing my Presidential Personnel Application Form and
resume in order that you might consider my appointment as FDA
Commissioner. Because you have already invited a number of
market-minded individuals to your team, I hope that you will
look favorably on my pro-market orientation.

My nomination for FDA Commissioner is likely to enjoy
widespread support, especially from the groups listed below.

1.Pharmaceutical industry. For almost twenty years, I was a
research scientist at a major pharmaceutical company and
understand the impact of regulatory delays. Former FDA Commis-
sioner, Alexander Schmidt, once remarked, “The failure to
approve an important new drug can be as detrimental to the
public health as the approval of a potentially bad drug.” As
your appointee, I would pursue a more cooperative approach with
pharmaceutical firms in order to speed the delivery of new,
life-saving medications to the American public.

2.Physicians. Doctors often prescribe approved medications
for off-label uses in order to give their patients the best
health care options. However, the FDA discourages drug
companies from sharing information that would educate phy-
sicians about these choices for their patients. As your
appointee, I would make this valuable knowledge on off-label
use available to our dedicated health care practitioners.

3.Alternative practitioners. Health care professionals who
utilize non-traditional methods of treatment are often sub-
jected to prejudicial treatment by the FDA, even in the absence
of patient complaints. As your appointee, I would intervene
only when patients were at risk, thereby broadening our health
care choices.

4.American public. Whenever Congress considered giving the
FDA more control over nutritional supplements, voters inundated
their representatives with protests. The American public clearly
wants the freedom to choose what vitamins and minerals to take.
As your appointee, I would honor the choice of my fellow

5.Dedicated FDA employees. FDA examiners are in a no-win
situation. If they delay approving a drug with life-saving
potential, many Americans, especially those with terminal
diseases, die needlessly. If the FDA approves a drug and
unpredictable side effects occur, the FDA is blamed. As
your appointee, I will alleviate this situation, by allowing
terminally ill patients to “opt-out” of the approval process.
They will then have access to potentially life-saving medica-
tions which are not yet through FDA review.

In 1999, a Federal Appellate Court ruled 11-0 that the FDA must
abide by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and permit
truthful health claims for antioxidants, fiber, folic acid, and
omega-3 fatty acids (Pearson vs. Shalala). The FDA ignored this
decision and in February of this year was censured by the court
for its failure to comply. As your appointee, I would make sure
that the FDA abides by our Constitution, the law of the land.

As your appointee, my goal will be to facilitate the conversion
of the FDA from a bureaucratic regulatory regime into a market-
oriented support system that maximizes our access to life-saving
medications. Of course, only a team effort will achieve this
dramatic shift. Win-win strategies, such as the ones described
above, can help create alignment among groups who may sometimes
be at odds with each other. I believe that I have the experience
and the skills to create such an environment.

I hope that you will seriously consider moving the FDA in a
direction that will stimulate innovative drug development. After
all, before we are politicians or special interest groups, we
are human beings. Whether we enjoy a long life or a short one
will largely depend on the availability of life-saving medica-
tions. I would be honored, as your appointee, to help the
American people-and yourself-achieve the longest, most produc-
tive life possible.

Mary J. Ruwart, Ph.D.

“Why Cancer?”

Here is a copy of an article of mine which will be published
next week in the “HealingWell.com Newsletter.” I thought you
might like to print it out and show it to your favorite cancer

by Bill Henderson

I have a theory. If you agree with it, maybe you will continue
reading this article. And maybe you will join me as one of the
“Fearless Crusaders” fighting against cancer ignorance and myth.

My former wife, Marjorie, was terrified when she got her first
diagnosis of ovarian cancer in 1990. Four years later, on
November 1st, 1994, she succumbed to the cancer. The four years
were literal hell for her. Numerous surgeries and chemotherapy
cocktails literally destroyed her while she endured constant,
severe pain.

Watching her go through it and trying to help was extremely diffi-
cult for me. I loved her. I now know the torture she endured
was the result of our ignorance and the myths surrounding cancer
causes and treatments in this country.

Don’t Be A Victim

My theory is that if I help you take the mystery out of how we get
cancer and how it progresses, you will be more willing to accept
one or more of the many gentle, non-toxic, proven treatments for
this abnormality in our body. You might even pay more attention
to your life style and prevent cancer.

Let’s see if my theory is correct. I’ll give you some of the most
popular cancer myths and the truth about them. Don’t take my word
for any of this. With the Internet, you have the ability to verify
my “truths” yourself with very little effort. If that resource had
been available to Marjorie and me in 1990-1994, maybe she would not
have been a victim of the cancer “system.”

I have spent years researching this subject. My research has
covered many fields such as psychoimmunology, neurology, micro-
biology, nutrition and fitness. I have read thousands of case
studies of people cured of “terminal” cancer by means dismissed
by “traditional” cancer doctors (oncologists) as “quackery.” I
have saved the lives of several cancer patient friends and
relatives using this “quackery.”

MYTH #1: Cancer is caused by some mysterious foreign substance.

TRUTH: Cancer is a malfunction of our normal cell functions and
our immune system.

The average adult human body contains 75 trillion cells. Here’s
the number again: 75,000,000,000,000. Our DNA, the “instruction
book” in each cell, determines whether the cell will be part of
an ear or a finger. Amazingly, within the DNA of each cell are
“suicide” genes and “proofreader” genes.

When a cell division occurs, the “suicide” gene in the DNA decides
whether that cell is correct. If not, it kills it. One example:
a healing cut. When enough cells have gathered and multiplied to
heal the “breach,” the suicide genes take over and kill the rest.
Otherwise, every cut would grow new skin cells indefinitely. Your
body would be drowned in new cells.

Another portion of the DNA, called the “proofreader” gene, takes a
look at the new cell. If it finds an error, it kills it.

Third Line of Defense

Our immune system is extremely complex, consisting of 130 different
kinds of cells — all with the function of “policing up” the
foreign substances in our body. One type of foreign substance it
gobbles up are the abnormal cells produced by our own cell division
process. It is the third line of defense guarding against abnormal
cells in our body.

How, then, with all this protection, do we get cancer? Good
question. It’s a matter of numbers. Remember 75 trillion — lots
of zeroes? It has been estimated that all those cells (with a few
exceptions in your brain and nerves) get replaced every seven years.
That works out to over 200 billion cell divisions every day of your
life. Some of them are visible to you: growing finger and toe
nails; growing hair; peeling skin, for example. Most are invisible.
They occur inside our bodies.

MYTH #2: Cancer Is Extremely Complex and The Cause Is Unknown

TRUTH: The cause of cancer is well known and is rather simple.

With the exception of the 5% or so of cancers caused by inherited
genes, Cancer cells are the result of damage to one of your
dividing cells. What kind of damage? Well, the loss of the
“suicide” gene in the DNA. The “suicide” gene has also been
called the “oncogene.” “Onco” is a Greek word meaning “mass,
bulk, tumor.” When the oncogene is not present, the cell “forgets”
how to kill itself and it begins multiplying out of control.

When the “proofreader” gene misses the cancer cell and the immune
system misses it, this abnormal cell begins dividing and producing
cells like itself (no “suicide” gene) and we have the start of a
tumor (or leukemia, if the cells remain in the blood stream).
The actual process by which the out-of-control cells migrate to
a particular organ (skin, ovaries, lung, liver, etc.) or remain
in the bloodstream is poorly understood. It appears, however, to
be related to the stress experienced by those organs as they
endure your chosen lifestyle. More smokers get lung cancer than
non-smokers. More sun-worshippers get skin cancer. More
alcoholics get liver cancer….and so on.

How Do Genes Get Damaged?

So, roughly 95% of cancers are the result of damaged genes. How do
they get damaged? Well, there are random mistakes. These you
don’t have any control over. But, you needn’t worry about them,
either. They happen in small enough numbers that your triple line
of defense takes care of them.

The second way your DNA gets damaged is by “free radicals.” What
are free radicals? They are compounds that have one unpaired
electron in their atomic makeup. This causes them to bounce around
wildly bumping into normal cells, damaging the DNA.

You cannot avoid free radicals. They are in your body and in the
atmosphere. They result from the process your body uses to break
down food, among many other causes. But, and this is the “bottom
line,” their numbers are multiplied and can be controlled by the
lifestyle decisions you make every day:

– Cigarette smoking causes the largest number of free
radicals of any lifestyle activity. Eventually, the number of
free radicals it produces overcomes your body’s elaborate defenses
and you, the smoker, get lung cancer, emphysema, heart disease,
and many more maladies.

– The more fat you take in, the more free radicals you

– Certain foods, vitamins and other supplements provide
“anti-oxidants” which can kill off the free radicals by the

Lifestyle choices like these are cumulative — for better or worse.
In addition to cancer, free radical damage also causes senility,
arthritis, hardening of the arteries, and the declining function
of your immune system as you age.

MYTH #3: There Is No Cure For Cancer

TRUTH: Many alternative therapies, unlike conventional cancer
therapies, permanently eradicate cancer cells from your body.

There is not room here to go into the “politics” of cancer and the
drug industry it enriches. Many books have documented this subject.
If you know only a couple of facts, however, you will know enough.

Fact #1: Despite our government’s declared “War on Cancer” in 1974
and the $60 billion of your Federal tax money spent on cancer
research, the death rate from cancer (adjusted for population
growth) has risen every year since 1970.

Fact #2: Despite thousands of documented cures by dozens of
“alternative” cancer therapies over the past 70 years, the cancer
“establishment” has not chosen to research even one of them. All
have been dismissed as “quackery.” The proponents, including many
medical doctors, have been harassed, hounded, driven underground
or out of the country and jailed.

Conventional cancer therapy — surgery, chemotherapy and radiation
— leaves some cancer cells in your body. It also destroys your
immune system. The result is that cancer usually recurs. Some-
times weeks or months later. Sometimes years later.

To cure cancer permanently, a treatment is required which contin-
uously boosts your body’s natural ability to locate and eradicate
any cancer cells. Finding a doctor or clinic willing and able
to assist you with this process is the key to never dying of

Because our cancer treatment system in the U.S. is corrupt, you
must learn to be an effective co-doctor. You must get enough
knowledge to know when to seek a second, third or fourth opinion.
You must be able to help your doctor evaluate the permanence of
the treatment you receive.

As I mentioned above, you are indeed fortunate. You live in a
time when the knowledge to be an effective co-doctor is readily
available, primarily by way of the Internet. Books, newsletters,
search engines, clinics, discussion forums — all of these
resources help you zero in on the most effective source for your

God bless you in your search for knowledge!

Bill Henderson is the author of “Cure Your Cancer.” The 145-page
e-book, published in April 2001, is a guide to co-doctoring for
cancer patients in the Internet age. The book and a 34-page free
sample is available at: http://www.beating-cancer-gently.com
His book includes four “bonus” books: “Stop Your Aging With Diet,”
“Stop Your Aging With Exercise,” “Beating Diabetes,” and “Cure
Your Back Pain.”


Bill Henderson

As for the legal stuff — Disclaimer: The author of this
newsletter is a researcher and writer, not a doctor. Any
treatment for an illness should be shared with your doctor
before you attempt it.