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David W. Gregg, Ph.D. — Cancer Cause & Cure – Part 1

Thanks to one of my alert readers, I discovered information
so valuable that I delayed getting this newsletter out for
three or four days so I could study it thoroughly. You are
welcome to study it, too. Fair warning: It is 26 printed
pages in very small, single-spaced type. Most of it is in
layman’s language. If I can understand it, you certainly
can, too. Here’s the web site:


Once you have studied this paper, you will understand not
only what causes your cancer and its recurrence, but exactly
how to treat it. This is the most logical and thorough
explanation I have found anywhere. Understand — I said

Dr. Gregg is impressively qualified in cell biology. Rather
than reading his resume, all you have to do is read the
paper at the above site. I think you’ll conclude, as I
have, that here is a man who truly understands how cells

For those of you who want a synopsis, I’ll do my best. I’ll
divide this into two parts and present the second part in
the next newsletter.



Dr. Gregg’s theory has been favorably reviewed by many medical
practitioners and researchers, the most prominent of which is
Dr. Abram Hoffer.

Dr. Hoffer is commonly credited with being the founder of the
alternative health movement using nutritional or orthomolecular
treatment methods. During his practice, extending over more
than 40 years, he has treated thousands of patients, primarily
for cancer and schizophrenia. He and Dr. Linus Pauling, two-
time Nobel Prize winner, collaborated on books on the use of
Vitamin C (with other nutrients) for the treatment of cancer.

The paper at the above web site includes several long e-mail
exchanges between Dr. Gregg and Dr. Hoffer about Dr. Gregg’s
cancer theory. Both men have built their theories on the
work of Otto Warburg, a Nobel Prize winning cancer researcher
in the 1920’s. Warburg first discovered that most if not all
cancer cells are anaerobic in their metabolism. His Nobel
Prize was for this discovery.

So, what?



First, let me give you Dr. Gregg’s theory and some case studies.

Here, in his own words, is the essence of Dr. Gregg’s theory
of the cause of cancer and its cure:

“The Single Cause Of All Forms Of Cancer And The Cure


Cancer does not cause cells to turn anaerobic, but rather it
is stabilized anaerobic metabolism that is the single cause
(or essential requirement) that turns the normal cells that
depend on aerobic metabolism into cancer cells. The proposed
cure, as an alternative to protocols that focus on killing
the cancer cells, is to restart aerobic metabolism which allows
the cells to revert back to being quasi-normal cells again.
Genetic damage is not corrected, but if the cells are held in
a normal state of aerobic metabolism, with time they will go
through the normal process of programmed cell death and the
cancer cells are permanently eliminated. For the proposed cure,
the task is to walk through each step of aerobic metabolism,
identify the nutrient that stimulates/assists it, and combine
them all in a dietary/treatment protocol.”

Now, let me see if I can give you an interpretation that will
help you understand what he just said.

* All normal cells (with the exception of a few in your eyes)
are aerobic. That just means they operate using oxygen to
power the energy portion (mitochondria) of the cell.

* Oxygen is carried to the aerobic cells through a “transport
system.” This system can be enhanced by proper nutrition.

* Through genetic modification (from free radicals or other
cell damage sources), some cells become anaerobic. They do
not need oxygen to replicate.

* Anaerobic cells lack the normal programmed cell death
(apoptosis) that occurs in virtually all normal cells in
cycles that vary from a few days to several weeks. Thus,
these cells (cancer cells) divide indefinitely out of

* The anaerobic cell metabolism can be reversed. The genetic
damage (oncogenes, etc.) is still there, but the cell is
aerobic again and now becomes subject to apoptosis. The
cancer cell dies and is eliminated by the body.

* The key question, which Dr. Gregg has answered in great
detail, is how to make this “switch” in the cancer cells
happen. Certain nutrients cause this to occur.

* Since the above cell cycle is common to all aerobic cells,
it does not matter where the cancer originates or what type
it is, or even its stage. The treatment applies to all

* The treatment to make this “switch” in the cancerous cells
occur is healthy for all normal cells. Thus, there are no
side effects. The healthy cells just get better. Obviously,
this is the opposite of the chemotherapy approach. However,
this treatment, if you insist on chemotherapy, will augment,
not diminish, its effect.



Here is Dr. Gregg’s account of a particular individual’s

“A First Case: I am not a medical doctor and do not treat
people. However, shortly after identifying the list of helpful
nutrients a close friend was diagnosed with stage-4 lung cancer.
It was in both lungs and had spread to the bone. Her ribs had
fractured, one clavicle was missing, and there was a tumor
growing out of her back. She had lost a lot of weight and
coughed continuously.


When I saw her, while she was visiting her sister and elderly
mother the day after the diagnosis, we all thought she was
unlikely to live more than one more month. The late diagnosis
was due to her doctor misdiagnosing it for several months as a
pollen allergy.


She knew of my efforts analyzing cancer and decided she wanted
to try my proposed nutritive approach along with conventional
treatments. This was in 11/99. She started immediately with the
nutritive approach which included a fruit and vegetable diet
supplemented with a particular comprehensive diversity of
vitamins, minerals, etc. including 40 grams of vitamin C/day
(neutralized with baking soda).


Two weeks later she started her chemotherapy (Taxol), and by
then her coughing had already subsided. Her elderly mother and
sister had already started trading off staying with her on a 24-
hour basis, believing she had little time left. However, much to
our surprise, instead of getting worse, she got continuously
better, eventually reached a point where she could live on her


The cancer in her lungs subsided, along with the tumor in her
back. She is still alive and alert at this writing, 7/01, and
continues with both nutritive (with less vitamin C) and conven-
tional treatments. Did the nutritional support contribute as an
addition to the conventional treatment?


When I took her in for one of her doctor’s appointments a few
months ago he told us both that her case was unusual in that
more than 90% of the people with her cancer history would be
dead by now.”



Dr. Abram Hoffer and Dr. Linus Pauling collaborated on a book
called “Vitamin C And Cancer,” which is available at amazon.com.
Dr. Hoffer is a psychiatrist who, uniquely, also has a Ph.D. in
biochemistry. He says that Dr. Gregg’s theory is consistent
with his experience with successful treatment of over 1,200
cancer patients over a 40-year period. For more information
on Dr. Hoffer’s experience, please check out:


Here’s an excerpt:

“In 1960 a retired psychotic professor was admitted to our
psychiatric department at University Hospital in Saskatoon.
He had a bronchiogenic carcinoma of the lung and when he
became psychotic it was concluded he had secondaries in his
brain. He was placed on terminal care, expected to die in a
month or so. Earlier he had been discharged to the care of
his wife and a nurse but after several weeks had to be re-
admitted since they could not cope with his behavior.


As soon as I discovered he was on our ward I had his urine
collected and we tested it for the factor [“kryptopyrrole,”
a substance discovered by Dr. Hoffer that was common in the
urine of schizophrenic patients]. He excreted copious quan-
tities which we were able to use to help us identify the
substance. I then advised his resident to start him on
niacin, 1 gram after each meal and on ascorbic acid [Vitamin
C], 1 gram after each meal. By then I knew that this combina-
tion of vitamins used in megadoses was very helpful in treating
any patient with this factor in their urine no matter what they
were diagnosed.


Fortunately for this patient the resident accepted my advice
(the patient was not under my care but I was Director of Psychi-
atric Research at the hospital). He was started on the two
vitamins on Friday afernoon and he was mentally normal by the
following Monday.


I knew this patient before he became ill as I had treated his
wife. After he had recovered I advised him to remain on these
two vitamins. In 1960 our research unit was the only one in
Canada, and perhaps in the world, where 500 mg tablets of these
vitamins were available. They were specially made for us. If
smaller tablets were used in these large doses they would make
our patients sick because they contained so much filler.


I told him that if he would pick up a supply each month I would
give it to him free. This meant he had to see me each month and
this gave me the opportunity of assessing his psychiatric state.
I did not expect he would recover from his cancer. He had been
told of his dismal prognosis and I did not contradict that. To
my surprise he kept on coming back. About 12 months later I had
lunch with the Director of the Cancer Clinic which had been
following his case. He told me that the tumor had become less
and less visible with each X-ray every three months and that it
was now no longer present. He lived about 30 months after he was
diagnosed terminal. I had hoped that when he died he would be
autopsied at University Hospital. Unfortunately he died at
another hospital and I did not hear this until several days later.
He did not die from his cancer.”

Treatment of patients with nutritional therapy for all kinds of
disease has evolved a long way since 1960, but Dr. Hoffer was
one of the real pioneers.



OK, Bill, what does Dr. Gregg recommend the cancer patient take?

I will elaborate on this in Part 2 in the next newsletter, but
here’s his basic regimen:

1. Vitamin C megadose daily. For a cancer patient, a megadose
is not 2 to 5 grams. In fact, that amount, which is healthy for
a non-cancer patient, just encourages the growth of the cancer
cells. No, for the cancer patient, something close to 40 grams
per day is what he’s talking about. I take four 1,000 mg (1 gram)
tablets a day. You should take 40 if you have cancer. If you
are getting it in buffered (intravenous) form, 100 grams per day
has been found to be very effective. We’ll go into the purpose
and logic of this more in Part 2. Suffice to say now that the
main purpose of the Vitamin C in this context is for its use as
an oxygen transport mechanism to the cells, particularly the
anaerobic cancer cells.

Note: As we’ve previously discussed, the symptom of Vitamin C
saturation is normally a mild onset of diarrhea. This can be
overcome by neutralizing the Vitamin C before taking it. This
is done by dissolving the Vitamin C in water and adding baking
soda until it stops foaming. More on this later. Dr. Gregg has
tried this on himself and found it to be quite effective.

2. Vitamin E. Around 1,000 to 1,200 IU per day. Dr. Gregg’s
theory is that this works with the Vitamin C in a complex and
effective way to restore the aerobic state to the anaerobic
(cancer) cells.

3. MSM & DMSO. John Boik, in his book “Cancer & Natural
Medicine” (copyright 1996) cites a number of publications where
DMSO solutions have caused fifteen different forms of cancer
(in vitro — i.e. in the lab) to differentiate (and thus turn
into normal cells). At the time, the biochemical mechanism
was not understood. However, Dr. Gregg’s theory explains this.

DMSO (and its oxidized form – MSM, short for methyl sulfonyl
methane) is a primary oxygen transport system. It enhances
aerobic metabolism. That just means it not only helps your
normal cells, it acts to “switch” the cancer cells from
anaerobic to aerobic (normal).

DMSO is readily available in the U.S. in feed stores. It is used
widely by veterinarians to repair damaged muscles in horses. You
will also find it in some health food stores (in the pet section).
I suggest using the liquid form and rubbing it freely anywhere on
your skin. My wife is currently using it to relieve some intestinal
problems and it seems to be working. Before forming his theory on
its use for cancer, Dr. Gregg had seen it used extensively to treat
Crohn’s Disease with great success (pain relief in 20 minutes, for
example). You can explore his experience with Crohn’s Disease at
his web site. As you might expect, DMSO (and MSM) have proven
particularly effective in treating melanoma and other forms of
skin cancer.

In some parts of the world, MSM is more readily available than
DMSO. Either one is acceptable. Again, the primary purpose is
to enhance oxygen transport to the cells, independent of the
hemoglobin (which does not get to cancer cells).

One caution: DMSO (and MSM) transport anything on your skin to
your cells. Apply it to clean skin with clean hands. Anything
like lotion or (God forbid!) gasoline on your hands or where you
are applying it will be transported along with the oxygen.

4. Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA). Here’s what Dr. Gregg says about

“[Lester] Packer (author of “The Antioxidant Miracle” – copyright
1999) presents a multitude of benefits for ALA but I will limit
myself to addressing one that applies to the cancer theory pre-
sented here which is not explained or addressed in the book. ALA
also has an oxidized and reduced state and thus can transport
oxidation potential in a similar way to Vitamins C & E. However,
it is unique in that it is soluble in both aqueous and oil phases.
Thus, it can substitute for either or both Vitamin C and Vitamin
E in the oxygen transport system. This versatility makes it an
exceptionally valuable nutrient. It can substitute for defic-
iencies in either. This is partially supported by an experiment
discussed in the book where animals made deficient in Vitamin E
would not suffer from the deficiency if they were supplemented
with Alpha Lipoic Acid.


Toxic Metal Elimination: Alpha Lipoic Acid promotes the synthesis
of glutathione in the body. In addition to their oxygen transport
capability, they both have the capabiilty to chelate toxic heavy
metals and thus assist their elimination from the body.”

ALA is good. How much? 600 mg per day has been used to success-
fully regenerate nerve fibers damaged by diabetes. No negative
side effects were mentioned. It should be taken with a good
dietary supplement so it doesn’t leach out (chelate) and deplete
useful metals along with the toxic ones.

5. Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). Here’s what Dr. Gregg says about this

“The purpose of oxygen transport is to transport it to the inner
membrane of the mitochondria where it can be reacted with hydrogen
to make water, while using the chemical energy to produce ATP, the
energy carrying molecule in all cells. Thus, once the oxygen gets
there, the membrane must be able to accept it in a manner where it
can be used for this process.


CoQ10 is the molecule in the membrane that accepts the oxidation
potential and enables it to be used in this stage of aerobic meta-

Works for me….How much? At least 10 mg per day. That’s how much
Dr. Gregg has included in his supplement powder he calls “Sparx.”
Yes, he sells this supplement at his web site. I compared it with
Dr. Williams’ Daily Advantage. If you’ve read my book, you know
I am a great believer in this as a superb all-around supplement.
Dr. Gregg’s Sparx had almost all of the same vitamins and minerals,
but included several things such as Lecithin, L-lysine, Gluco-
samine sulfate, Phosporous and Vanadium which I wish were in Dr.
Williams’ capsules. Sparx is quite a bit cheaper. It comes in
powder form and a 35-day supply is $30 plus shipping. I pay $44
for a 30-day supply of the Daily Advantage.

Should you let this commercial aspect of his web site color your
thinking about his credibility? That’s up to you, of course.
Personally, after reading his entire paper on cancer and most
of his work on Crohn’s Disease, I think this is another man who
is a true humanitarian, much like Fred Eichhorn [see article
“Fred Eichhorn — A Noble Gentleman” in my Newsletter #36, March
10, 2003]. Producing the supplement seemed to be Dr. Gregg’s
response to not finding anything on the market which included all
the substances he feels are essential to good health. You will
find the supplement description at:




Maybe I’m naive, but Dr. Gregg thoroughly impressed me with his
ability to communicate to the layman and his sincere desire to
do so. I’m also impressed with his modesty. He continually
refers to his recommendations as his “theory.” He pleads with
the scientific community, as have many other cancer researchers,
to give it more rigorous testing. Actually, each “piece” of his
theory has been the subject of many research studies, including
“double blind” studies with cancer patients. Until there is
“proof” from the scientific community (don’t hold your breath!),
why not try it. It certainly is less harmful than any form of
conventional therapy and much less expensive.

More next time…..

A Reader’s Story

Be inspired again by Jim’s story of his Mother’s recovery:



I don’t know if you remember me but we talked over the phone about
a year and a half ago. My 77 year old mother was diagnosed with
throat cancer. It was advanced to stage 4 and the doctors were
prescribing chemo and radiation. You recommended beta glucan, MGN-3
and barley pills which she took for three weeks before treatment


The worst thing about her treatment was that she was all doped up
toward the end. However the doctors were amazed that the chemo and
radiation didn’t have a more debilitating effect on her. They asked
for the names of the things she was taking. I also found a great
lotion for her skin that kept her radiation burns to almost nothing
-that amazed the doctors too. I am appending a link to that lotion
on this e-mail.


Anyway – her treatments ended 1 year ago and she is now cancer free.
She still takes all the items you recommended and has added
SeaSilver to the regimen. The doctors tell her that her case was a
rare victory – they had given her a 50-50 chance for a cure or that
she would even survive the therapies because of her age. They said
a bolstered immune system was a big part of the success – I attribute
that directly to your recommendations. Her chances for a relapse
are now down to 20% since she has gone a year.


I want to thank you for your good advice and compassion – God bless
you and thanks again.


[Here’s the web site for the lotion.]




All God’s blessings to you and your Mom, Jim. Thanks for the feed-
back. Hang in there!

Short shots…..


Once again, I would like to offer you a bribe to get you to
send me your story of your cancer treatment. If you send me
your story — positive, negative or neutral, I’ll send you a
copy of the second edition of my “Cure Your Cancer” book by
return e-mail.



My friend George Freaner, an 80-plus year old cancer survivor,
recommended a book you might find interesting. It is called
“Racketeering in Medicine,” by Dr. James P. Carter. I have
read excerpts and it strikes me as a less detailed condemna-
tion of our cancer “establishment” than that in Daniel Haley’s
“Politics in Healing,” but this time by a medical doctor. You
can get this book for $10.36 at amazon.com.



I have a doctor’s appointment next week for a routine check
of my prostate, among other things. I’ve been using the
beta sitosterol regularly for over three months now. The
comparison to my last PSA should be interesting. I have
certainly noticed a dramatic reduction in my symptoms of
BPH — no more frequent ups and downs at night, etc.

Watch this space in the next newsletter for my results.

In case you have wondered at the spartan simplicity of the
format of this newsletter, it has a purpose. From experi-
ence publishing several newsletters, I’ve found that this
format — simple text with lines no longer than 65 char-
acters — is the only one that will print on all e-mail
screens (maybe even WebTV) the same. Most of you will
notice that the web links in this newsletter are high-
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and take you to that site. If they are not highlighted
(a la AOL), you may need to “copy and paste” them into
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my newsletter archives at my web site…”copy and paste.”

I’ll be back sometime soon with another newsletter. Be
well and send your friends to my web site:



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As for the legal stuff — Disclaimer: The author of this
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treatment for an illness should be shared with your doctor
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