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Glyconutrients — AKA Mannatech

If you read the last issue of this rag, you recall that
Jeffrey Marsh was doing well on “glyconutrients.” His
father, Robert, wanted all of you to know just how great
these products have been for his son’s leukemia.

At the end of that article, I promised you that in this
newsletter, I’d give you both sources and prices of the
glyconutrient products Robert referred to. I’ll do just
that in a minute.

First, let me explain why I’ve delayed talking about this
subject for several months. I was reluctant to even mention,
much less recommend, products to you that are sold using
network marketing (or multi-level marketing — MLM). There
are lots of these products. Some of you may sell them. All
of them make bold claims about their efficacy in treating
cancer and other maladies. The last thing I want to get into
is a contest to see who can tout MLM products the loudest
through this newsletter.

I decided to let Robert tell you his story for two reasons:

1. He assured me that he has no financial interest in the
sale of the “glyconutrient” products (by a company called
Mannatech) which his son has been taking. He does not.
Nor do I.

2. He and I both felt that the science behind the Mannatech
products is sound and that they undoubtedly work to heal some

So, with fair warning about the way these products are marketed,
I will give you all the information I have on them. You can
make your own decision about whether to pursue them further.

First, some research material at two web sites which will help
you understand the theory behind the Mannatech (“glyconutrient”)
products. Check out these two web sites:



For pricing and ordering info go to:


or call 1-800-870-8860.


In the interest of full disclosure, the above is the web site
and phone number for Nyle Pratt who is obviously just one of
the many Mannatech product “distributors.” What you’ll find
at his web site, for example, is that one of their primary
products, Ambrotose AO, sells for 73 cents per capsule or $1.46
a day in the smaller size or 59 cents per capsule or $1.18 per
day in the larger size. This is comparable in price to the
Daily Advantage I take every day. The latter, though, is 16
capsules, not 2, and contains 65 ingredients (see Chapter 3 of
my book). Thus, like all MLM products, the Mannatech “glyco-
nutrients” are quite expensive. In fact, to get the full
effect, they recommend you take at least 3 or 4 of their pro-
ducts. One reader claims the price is about $1,300 for a four
month supply. Of course, if you want to sign up and “recruit”
others, you can reduce or eliminate that cost.

Obviously, I’m not a fan of network marketed products. I feel
that, at best, they are way more expensive than necessary and
that most people don’t like the “sell your neighbor” routine
that goes with “membership.” Nevertheless, my mission is to
bring you information on every product I can find which works
to heal cancer. This is one. As you’ll see at the above web
sites, it is also effective for other maladies.

So, the bottom line….I believe these products work. I feel
they are quite expensive and that there are other products
which work as well or better for most cancer patients. It’s
your choice. Please let me know if you elect to use these
products — whether they work for you or not. Again, my
mission is getting information to you, my faithful readers.

Short shots…..


Here’s an interesting e-mail I got this week from Elaine.

“Bill, Have you heard about the Vibe Machine? If not,




is the website. When I first read about it, it seemed way too
good to be true. I wrote to the inventor and asked if there
was anyone in my area of Fla that had the machine. Lo and
behold, I found out the chiropractor I had been going to off
and on for 10 years had one.


When I talked to him he said people had been cured of cancer.
Now I read that on the website but when I actually heard it
from someone I trusted and knew I got really excited…because
I have a good friend who has had breast cancer 3 times and it
is now in her bones. She is going to him for treatments now.
Dr. Dugan had one person who was told they only had 3 weeks
to live. They had treatments 3 times a week and 6 months
later, no cancer. I know he also counsels nutrition too.
Anyway check it out, and you can add it to your info.


Thanks. Elaine”

If you’re interested after you look at the web site and you
want to communicate with Elaine, just send an e-mail to me
and I’ll forward it to her.



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