Lung Cancer — An Amazing Synchronicity
Killing Cancer Cells — Not The Way Home
VIBE Machine Conference Report
**** Workshop in Asheville, NC, June 16th, 2006
**** Antioxidants and Chemo — The Last Word?


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The 26 days since my last newsletter have not been spent without thinking daily of my need to correspond with you, my extended family. With us visiting family, family visiting us (including my 2-year-old great-grandson, David), and an average of 18-20 people, 3 cats and 2 dogs coming through our home for VIBE Machine sessions each day, I have just not had the time (or energy) to do a newsletter. The next six weeks will be different. My wife, Terry, is in Spain visiting her relatives in Barcelona. She has a large family there and this is an annual trek for her. I join her about every third year. I miss her, but I have more free time and will be chatting with you more often.

Lung Cancer — An Amazing Synchronicity

In the last week, I have experienced one of the most amazing events of my eight year journey helping cancer patients recover. I don’t believe in “coincidences.” These two tales are what I would call a “synchronicity.” The universe is trying to tell me something. I think it is that I need to pass this information on to you. These are two of the most amazing “miracles” I have heard about. The fact that I heard about them in the same week is not a “coincidence.”

Most of you will remember reading the story in my May 2nd, 2006 newsletter about Fred Eichhorn and the cancer patient he was helping named Joe. If you don’t, please go to that newsletter at:

and read the article on Fred Eichhorn.

Fred has kept me updated almost daily for the past couple of weeks on Joe’s progress. Here’s one message he sent me on May 11th:

“The surgeon who originally turned Joe down for surgery has now agreed to do the surgery.


On Monday, May 1, the surgeon told Joe:


‘This surgery will not change your outcome. It is unclear why the tumor went necrotic like that, however, you will not live longer due to removing the tumor from your hip because the lung cancer is so large, your lung has collapsed, and even though you coughed up the many tumors, which is unclear how that occurred, we cannot remove that large tumor and it will only get worse. I will need to give you spinal local anesthesia because you will die on the table if we use conventional anesthesia. This will be a risky and difficult surgery because of your multitude of problems relative to the lung cancer.’


Joe was a bit depressed over that. I explained that the surgeon never had any experience using my methods and we need to educate the surgeon. I believed the surgeon truly cared and was not an ego nor self-centered person. I liked this surgeon. I told Joe that his job was to help educate this surgeon


Tuesday, May 2, the doctor said that Joe’s lung was not showing much air movement and he was concerned. However, Joe felt great and he was at 94% (oxygen level), which was good.


That afternoon, Joe started coughing very hard. The tumor popped out after strong coughing. It was hard and compacted from being compressed to go through the bronchial passage. It was 1½ +” long, ½ high almost and an inch wide.”


[Remember this was the 33rd “piece” of the original lung tumor which Joe had coughed up since February, 2006. All were necrotic (dead) cancer tissue. If you’d like to see a picture of this piece of lung cancer tissue, just send me an e-mail. I’ll forward it to you.]


“They called for the doctor. The nurses said he was gone for the day and they were not interested. Joe’s wife took the tumor homr and took pictures of it. Wednesday, May 3rd, the surgeon went nuts over it. He clearly said, ‘In my 25 years as a surgeon, I have never seen anything like this, ever.’ He ranted and raved over this. It was sent to pathology. As of this morning, Tuesday May 9, Joe’s breathing is great. He has plenty of air flow in his lungs. His oxygen level is 96%, which is great. They will remove the hip tumor (which is now basically totally dead) in a matter of a day or so. He improved so much that all the major concerns went out the window. The surgeon stated it is now just a simple routine surgery.”

On Wednesday, May 10th, Joe had the surgery on his hip to clean up the remains of the large tumor he had there. It was routine and his recovery was dramatically faster than the doctors anticipated. He went home on Tuesday, May 16th. He was walking on the fifth day after the surgery, even though the doctors had told him it would be at least 3 weeks before he could think about walking.

He coughed up one about the same size the week after he came home from the hospital. He is feeling fine now. In fact, he went to Philadelphia yesterday (Saturday, May 27th) to see his son play his last lacrosse game for Syracuse. Joe was a lacrosse champion at Syracuse himself some years ago.

Fred’s final comments:

“The surgeon said that in his entire career, he had never seen anything like it. Sadly, the doctors had absolutely no interest to discuss it further. The doctors actually did not care. Isn’t it interesting that the doctors never saw a person cough up one tumor, not to mention 34? Yet, they walked away.”



Last week, while I was reading the latest update from Fred Eichhorn on Joe, I got a call from a gentleman who has been using the regimen in my book “Cancer-Free” on his lung cancer for about six weeks.

Al (not his real name) lives near Asheville. He is 46 years old. He and his wife, Alice (not her real name) had come to visit me about six weeks ago. We discussed the regimen he was just starting on from my book. They both got their only VIBE Machine session during that visit, a mere 3 minutes.

Al had been diagnosed with squamous cell lung carcinoma (lung cancer) about two years ago. He had refused all conventional treatment. The lung tumor was declared “inoperable” anyway because of a swollen lymph node in his trachea. He had tried several alternative treatments — laetrile, IPT, graviola, radio frequency ablation — with great success. He got several PET scans. In fact, he became an expert at interpreting them. Each one showed good progress.

When he called me last week, he told me an incredible story. He had been feeling good and, like Joe, his oxygen level and blood tests were good. For several weeks before he came to see me, he had been coughing up bits of tumor. The day after he had been here and gotten the VIBE Machine session, he spit up some more, which had apparently been loosened by the 3-minute session. He then got onto my regimen and stayed on it, along with the “Ellagic Insurance Formula” (graviola).

About two weeks ago, the breakup started “big time.” As he described it, he was spitting up pieces of tumor “every 30 seconds for 20 hours.” He and Alice were sure it was the tumor breaking up, but they got a little freaked out at the amount of blood. They went to the Emergency Room at the local hospital to get someone to look at the bleeding and see if it was a problem.

As Al describes it, he was greeted by the “lady doctor from Hell.” She chastised him for refusing the radiation two years ago and insisted that he start it right away. Al, a rather strong-willed character, said “Not only NO, but HELL NO!” or words to that effect. He told her all he wanted was to be sure the bleeding was stopped.

For the next few hours, the lady doc pressured him (and pressured Alice outside in the hall). They stood their ground. The doctor put on Al’s chart that he was to be given no food or drink because she expected him to give in and take the radiation. The radiation oncologist visited him that afternoon and he told her he wasn’t interested.

The next day, Al told the nurses he was very hungry and thirsty. When they said he couldn’t eat or drink, he said “Enough, already.” He had them take the IV out of his arm and told them that he was checking out of the hospital — which he did.

He is fine now. In fact, he had a CT scan done. He was able to interpret it better than the docs. He found that the swollen lymph node on his trachea had returned to normal (that was probably why he was able to cough up so many dead tumor pieces). To date, the hospital has not done any pathology on the tumor pieces he coughed up. Al is sure they are just dead cancer tissue.

A few days after the CT scan, Al got his first HCG Urine Test result back from the Navarro Clinic in the Philippines. It read 55, which is just slightly above the normal (background) level of cancer cells in everyone’s body. On that test, 49 or below means “cancer-free.” [See my newsletter article “Update On Navarro Urine Cancer Test” at:]

Al and Alice had a real celebration that night.



1. Always question anything your doctors say.

2. Dead cancer cells are eliminated by the body any way possible.

3. For every cancer, there is some combination of gentle, non-toxic treatments that work to make you “cancer-free.”

4. You are in charge of your health care. Get smart.

5. Treatments which concentrate on killing the cancer cells don’t “heal” cancer (see below).

6. Test the level of cancer cells in your body regularly.

7. Don’t ever give up!!

Killing Cancer Cells — Not The Way Home

If you are going to recover from cancer, one of the first and most important things you need to learn is to distrust any “treatment” which concentrates on killing cancer cells. Why do I say that? Isn’t that the objective of all of this palaver? Not really.

Treatments like chemotherapy and radiation are obviously not a good idea. They are extremely harsh on the rest of your body and they just don’t work. But what about other treatments like: High Intensity Focused Ultrasound; Radio Frequency Ablation; Cytoluminescent Therapy; Smart Bomb Chemo; Rife Machines; etc., etc.

What do these “sophisticated” treatments have in common? They all concentrate on killing the cancer cells. Is that bad? Well, yes — really. Any treatment which works to kill most of the cancer cells in a tumor lulls the patient into a state of mind which says: “Boy, that’s over! Now, I can get on with my life.”

Guess what? In almost every case like this, the cancer recurs. Usually in a more aggressive form. Why? Because nothing has been done by either the medical professionals or the patient to correct the CAUSE. They have concentrated all their attention on the SYMPTOM.

But doesn’t the cottage cheese/flaxseed oil treatment you tout so much kill cancer cells, Bill? Sure, but its main focus is on making your healthy cells healthier, just like the VIBE Machine. And I don’t ever recommend this as a solitary treatment. It should be part of a varied regimen to get your entire body back in balance.

Remember always: Cancer is a “systemic” imbalance. It is caused by a non- functioning immune system. Cancer is not the tumor. The tumor is just a symptom. Erasing the tumor (the visible part of the condition) does not erase the cancer. Nobody can see cancer cells until they clump together by the billions in a tumor. So no doctor can ever say with certainty “We got it all.”

The “secret” to overcoming cancer is understanding that a permanent and usually radical change in lifestyle (food and supplements) is necessary. There is no “short cut.” Other prerequisites to recovery may include overcoming ongoing emotional stress or having root canal teeth removed.

In any case, if your approach is not “systemic,” you are wasting your time and money. What do I mean by “systemic?” Simply that you must treat the body as a “system.” All parts of it are related. Its cells and organs are communicating all the time. The treatment must be for the total “environment” of the body. Once the environment is hostile to cancer cells, they die and go away. If you continue the process that made the environment hostile to them, they stay away. This is a lifetime commitment. Your body has already told you it is susceptible to cancer. It is up to you to treat it in such a way that it stays “cancer-free.”

Don’t fall for the latest “gadgets” that promise to kill cancer cells. Adopt a regimen that works to rid you of the cancer and a commitment to continue it “for life.” Get periodic testing (HCG Urine Test) to keep your mind free of concern. Then, get on with your life…because it will be long and prosperous.

VIBE Machine Conference Report

Several of you have asked me to give you a recap of what happened at the VIBE Machine Conference in Greeley, Colorado on April 8th this year. I’ll be glad to do that because it was indeed fascinating.

Last year, the same annual conference of the VIBE Machine “practitioners” drew 20 people. This year, it was a crowd of 130. The room was jammed. The conference was very well organized and run by Coleen Fee, a naturopath and VIBE Machine practitioner in Greeley. It was in one of the major hotel ballrooms there.

After a couple of hours of general advice concerning how to screen new clients for conditions which might make the VIBE Machine harmful (pace- makers, coumadin blood thinner medicine, pregnancy, etc.), and some tips for organizing the VIBE room and the record keeping, Colleen opened it up for us to exchange information. The mike was passed around the room and 80-100 VIBE Machine owners told their most amazing testimonials. It almost literally knocked everyone off their chairs.

Every condition known to man had apparently been overcome with this amazing machine. Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer of all types, diabetes, depression, schizophrenia, attention deficit disorder, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, cataracts, eye floaters, tinnitus…and even dyslexia. A lady next to me had suffered from dyslexia as a teacher for 30 years. A few VIBE Machine sessions cleared it up, she said.

I got to talk to Willie Brown among others at the break. She is the 50-year Registered Nurse from Loveland, Colorado who has seen her husband healed of Stage IV prostate cancer and diabetes with their VIBE Machine. She said she didn’t take the mike during the “testimonials” session because “I’d never have stopped telling stories.” Willie gets 100 people a day through her VIBE Machine — every day, including Sundays. Her mantra is that “everyone who comes on a schedule gets better.”

After the lunch break, Gene Koonce, the VIBE Machine inventor, gave an interesting talk on the Machine’s technology and the status of ongoing clinical trials. There are at least 12 under way — six of which should be done this year. The one on depression using 85 people, with 30 in a “control” group not getting the VIBE sessions, should be published in a week or so. These are all being done by respected universities and should be very interesting.

Gene pointed out that getting universities to do studies on cancer treatment using the VIBE Machine had turned out to be impossible. All of them are afraid of losing their National Institutes of Health grants (millions of dollars involved) for studies on chemotherapy drugs. Most of these are actually funded by the drug companies themselves. Is this the height of irony or what? Only the toxic, ineffective treatments can be studied!!

Gene is determined to get the documentation these clinical studies will provide before he allows major media to distort the story of this remarkable machine. He has turned down several interviews on prime time TV because they would be taped and he could not have final edit approval.

At the evening cocktail hour, Terry and I learned a lot from several of the owners who had had their machine longer than we have. It was truly a delightful day. Gene is in the process of setting up a “forum” on the web site where the “practitioners” can exchange information. The ongoing problem is to be cautious about making any premature claims about “curing” anything. The above stories are OK as anecdotal “side effects” of the machine’s work on the body’s energy.

We stayed over Saturday and Sunday nights so we’d have a chance to visit a couple of VIBE Machine operations in the area. We visited Willie Brown’s on Sunday afternoon. There was a steady stream of people who kept the six chairs around her machine full all afternoon. Her daughter, Kallie, runs it and is very efficient.

On Monday, just before leaving to drive back to Asheville, we visited Colleen Fee’s office (the naturopath) and Gene Koonce’s office, both in Greeley. Both were very interesting. Colleen uses the VIBE Machine and a detoxing foot bath machine as her two primary forms of therapy. Gene’s office was staffed with some very competent technical and administrative people. It was great to meet the folks we’d gotten to know on the phone.

Except for the long drive, the trip was fabulous. We got to visit my two great-grandbabies in St. Louis on the way out and my cancer research buddy and fellow VIBE Machine owner, Mike Vrentas, in Kansas City on the way back. We were accompanied on the trip by Rich Livernois, a retired chiropractor who lives in Asheville. He bought a VIBE Machine while we were there and brought part of it back with us (couldn’t fit it all in the car). Rich was a big help with the driving. He now has his VIBE Machine practice going in Asheville.



I’ll be doing another “Beating Cancer – Gently” workshop in Asheville, North Carolina (my home town) on Friday, June 16th, 2006. It will start at 7:00 PM and go for 2 hours with plenty of time for questions. The location is the All About Healing office at 329 Merrimon Avenue in Asheville. This is about a mile north of I-240. Easy to find. Love offering for the owner of the venue. If you are in the area, I hope to see you there.



As you know, I don’t ever recommend chemo for anyone. But if you insist on “listening to your doctor,” at least you should be aware that the most respected chemotherapy journal has now weighed in with an article saying that Vitamin C is a wonderful way to offset the side effects of the chemo and has no adverse effects. Here’s the article on it from Dr. Rowen’s newsletter:

Why This Vitamin Is a Must for Cancer Treatment


Doctors often warn chemotherapy patients against taking antioxidants. Where they get this nonsense is beyond me. But here is a brand new study that shows you how ridiculous their thinking is.


The study found that vitamin C, one of conventional medicine’s banned vitamins, may actually sensitize cancer cells to chemotherapy drugs. You read that right! It might actually make chemotherapy drugs more effective.


In the study, patients took vitamin C along with the common chemotherapy drugs 5-FU and cisplatin.


The researchers found that vitamin C altered the DNA of the cancer, which made it more sensitive to chemotherapy. They also found that vitamin C actually improves the cancer-fighting ability of the drugs.


I can’t tell you how many of my colleagues were severely harassed for suggesting that their patients take antioxidants as part of their cancer treatment. When I lived in Anchorage, oncologists repeatedly condemned me for the same reason. I hope this new information, which was published in one of their respected journals, will change their minds on this.


In my experience, I’ve seen vitamin C protect patients against the devastating effects of chemotherapy. I’ve even seen it make the chemo work better. And I’ve found that it will help prevent many patients from losing their hair.


If you or anyone you know is using chemotherapy, this is life-saving information. Make sure the oncologist sees this article. The cancer you kill, and the hair you save, might be your own.


Yours for better health and medical freedom, Robert Jay Rowen, MD”

Abdellatif, et al. “Vitamin C enhances chemosensitization of esophageal cancer cells in vitro.” J Chemother, 2005;17 (5):539-549.

Well, enough for now. And don’t forget my bribe. Send me your story about your cancer experience — good, bad or neutral — and I’ll send you a free copy of my e-book “Cancer-Free.” Your story may help many other people. Just let me know if you want me to include your name or e-mail address when I publish it in the newsletter. I will certainly respect your privacy.

Do your friends a favor and send them to my web site:

Be well!


Bill Henderson
Author, “Cure Your Cancer” and “Cancer-Free”


Although many alternative medical treatments have been successfully used for many years, they are currently not practiced by conventional medicine and are therefore not “approved” and legal (in some States) for medical professionals to prescribe for their patients, although it is legal for individuals to use them at their own discretion. It therefore becomes necessary to include the following disclaimer:

The offerings made by this publication are to be carefully considered by the user. All responsibility regarding the use of alternative treatments rests with the patient. If you have doubts regarding these things, rely on your conventional doctor.