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AMAS Test – Part 3

As usual, whenever I discuss something in this rag, I get
smarter about it almost immediately with responses from
you, my alert readers. Thank you.

The Anti-Malignin Antibody in Serum (AMAS) test is the
latest example. Last week, I heard from a gentleman in
Montreal who has actually ordered one of the tests for his
wife. More about him in a minute.

I also heard from a qualified lab test expert with what
sounds to me like an expert opinion on this test. I would
like to share it with you.

Here’s what Jan, the expert had to say:

“Hi Bill, I was interested in the AMAS test so sent for
the literature. I also called a former colleague at the
FDA in the division that would have approved the test.
She told me the test has not been approved. They have
known about it for years but Dr. Bogoch has not supplied
the necessary information for them to review.


The literature that came with the test is almost all from
the Drs. Bogoch…it would be more convincing if there
were more independent studies and others were able to run
the test, too. When I worked for a diagnostic test manu-
facturer, one of the important things we did was to get
new tests into many other hands to be sure it could be
run in any lab.


The collection requirements for samples is very specific
and according to the literature if not followed could lead
to false negatives. Not all sample collection labs will
have a refrigerated centrifuge to process the sample, for


When I showed the info from your newsletter to my oncolo-
gist, he was interested. But by the time I received the
additional info OncoLab sent and showed it to him, he said
one of the articles from Lancet was in the process of
being recalled because the statistics were wrong.


I’m not saying the test may not work, but any test that
only one researcher is qualified to run, I think one should
be cautious about. I worked in clinical laboratory medicine
for over 20 years….in hospitals, industry and for the FDA.
If a test works, it should work in any good laboratorian’s


Just wanted to pass on what I’d found out.


I’m still taking MGN…not one cold this winter season…a
first for many years! It’s been a year since my surgery to
remove uterine sarcoma and so far so good on all follow-up


Thanks for all your sharing of info.



Well, Jan, we all thank YOU for sharing this info. There
is nothing like a truly expert “second opinion.”

Now, here’s the story of the gentleman in Montreal. He
ordered the test kit based on my first article on it (see
Newsletter #15, December 15, 2001).

After I talked to Dr. Bogoch at Oncolab, the discoverer of
this test, and passed the information on to my reader in
Montreal about how to find someone to order it for his
wife, he did so. Here’s his account of what happened:

“Hello Bill,


Blood sample was FedExed to Oncolab Thursday April 25th.
No result yet.


Insofar as expenses are concerned, I should mention that
in Canada, health care is a Provicial concern. Because
Kathy is from Quebec and the test was done in Ontario,
I had to pay for everything. (It was not done in Quebec
because I could not locate any Doctor there to partici-


Costs involved were as follows (all in Canadian funds).
Doctor filling Oncolab form and request for blood test:
$42.00; Lab blood test and manipulation, cooling, centri-
fuging,etc: $185.00; Special styrofoam and cardboard box
& 5 lbs dry ice: $26.00; Overnight FedEx Toronto-Boston:
$110.00; Oncolab analysis: $200.00 (or $135 U.S.); For a
grand total of $563.00 Canadian (about $380 U.S.).


Hope this helps.


Warm regards,


Bottom line? It’s a very expensive test. In order to
establish a trend, it would have to be repeated every
few months. Without licensing in each state, it may
not be reimbursable by your insurance. The test’s
validity has not been verified definitely by third
parties or approved for use in the U.S. by the FDA.

The Drs. Bogoch seem uninterested in getting the test
licensed, promoting it to large pharmaceutical firms or
getting FDA approval. Maybe Ann Fonfa is right to be
skeptical of this test.

I suggest you withhold judgement on this one until I
get some results from Marc concerning his wife’s test.

Get Your Own Blood Tests

While we’re on the subject of blood tests, there is a new
(at least new to me) service available now in the U.S. You
can obtain your own blood tests, including some cancer tests,
without going through your doctor for a “prescription” for
the lab.

Take a look at this web site:


They will direct you to a local blood lab in your area (by
zip code) for getting a sample drawn. The lab will perform
the tests and then mail the results in plain English directly
to you . If you prefer, you can have the results sent to a

I put my address in their search engine and was given the
address of six Patient Service Centers (labs) within 5 miles
of my house, all of which perform these tests.

Doctors are not fond of this service. They say that inter-
preting blood test results is subtle and difficult. There
may be some “conflict of interest” here, since by using this
service you can eliminate some doctor visits, at least until
you elect to share the results with him/her.

By the way, Direct Labs and all their affiliate labs urge
you to share any significant findings with your doctor.

Check it out. You may be able to save some money. I know
I’m going to try it for my next PSA test.

Details on Vitamin B17/Amygdalin/Laetrile

How about some details on how and why to use Laetrile? If I
had cancer, this is one substance I would definitely check out.
It’s use to cure cancer, however, needs to be part of a com-
plete protocol of diet, enzymes, exercise and supplements,
as prescribed by a physician.

If you want the complete story in book form, by all means,
read “World Without Cancer” by G. Edward Griffin. The March,
2000 edition is available in paperback from amazon.com.

Another great book on this subject is “Alive and Well” by
Philip E. Binzel, Jr., M.D. If you would like to read an
extract from this book that includes Dr. Binzel’s detailed
instructions on how to administer B17 in both intravenous
and capsule form, just go to this web site:


Possibly it would be easier and more pleasant for you to get
general information on this subject via audio tapes. If so,
check out this web site:


You will find four 30-minute audio clips (using Real Player
software, which you can download free) on the subject by
Ed Griffin, the author of “World Without Cancer.”

If you go to the cancure home page and type in B17 in the
search engine, a number of articles will come up. The
first one covers both sources of the B17 capsules and
apricot seeds and clinics all over the world which use this
as part of their cancer cure protocol, complete with phone

In case you have wondered why I don’t emphasize Laetrile
(one name for nitrilosides, Vitamin B17 and amygdalin) as
a priority treatment, here’s why. Physician supervision
is definitely required when taking Laetrile. For example,
a proper level of zinc in the body is required for Laetrile
to be effective. It doesn’t work without adequate Vitamin C.
Vitamin A interferes with its effects. A build-up of
vitamins, enzymes and a proper diet for at least two weeks
before starting the Laetrile treatment is necessary. A full
stomach lessens the effect of Laetrile. Finally, the dosage
of Laetrile requires injections along with capsules. The
reaction must be monitored closely and the dosage adjusted
over a period of at least three weeks after the body has
been prepared properly to receive the Laetrile. Definitely
not a “do-it-yourself” operation.

Other treatments, which I do suggest to you as universally
necessary for cancer patients include things you can do
yourself with no supervision. These include: MGN-3,
Oncolyn, beta glucan, enzymes, Ph testing and a macrobiotic
diet (more about this in a coming newsletter). None of these
interfere with any other treatments you may be taking or with
each other.

Please don’t misinterpret me. I’m not saying that any cancer
patient should self-treat their cancer. All of the above are
treatments that would be appropriate for all of us — cancer
patients or not — and cannot be harmful, no matter what else
you are doing. It is treatment “until the doctor comes.”
Literally, while you are locating an appropriate physician or
other medical professional with an acceptable treatment
regimen, you can help yourself by doing all of the above,
except the Laetrile. See the next article for one to add to
the “do-it-yourself” list.

What The Heck Is Pau d’Arco?

Lots of people have been cured of all kinds of cancer by drinking Pau d’Arco tea. Obviously, it is something you should know about.

The best way to get up to speed is to explore Roger DeLong’s web site:


Roger imports it by the ton and sells it (even gives it away to those who can’t afford it) at $14.95 a pound, which is just about his cost. That is about a one month supply.

For everything — testimonials, ordering instructions and even a newsletter — just go to the web site above. You’ll be amazed at the power of this inexpensive and proven cancer cure.

Add it to the list above of “things to take until the doctor comes.”


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