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Resveratrol — Remarkable Anti-aging Supplement
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Welcome to this 140th issue of my newsletter. About 24 months of past issues are available at this web site. Just click on the “Newsletter Archive” link on the left of the screen. The articles tend to be “timeless,” so read or reread some of them at your leisure.


Miracle Mineral Supplement — Important Update

Those of you who have followed me for a time realize that I have often brought the Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) to your attention. In fact, my first interview when I started my web talk radio show in October, 2007 was with the discoverer of this wonderful substance, Jim Humble.

Well, a lot has happened concerning MMS during those 2 1/2 years. Jim is now in Africa helping many people get well — mostly from malaria, AIDS and cancer. He has perfected the procedure for using the MMS and added another protocol he calls MMS2. And he now calls it “Miracle Mineral Solution” (not “Supplement”) sometimes. If you haven’t been keeping up with the developments, I suggest you spend some time and learn about them. This is a very useful substance for cleansing your body of harmful bacteria, fungi and parasites — as well as heavy metals like mercury. The restrictions on its use have been relaxed considerably.

The first thing I would do is go to Jim Humble’s website, which is and read several pages of new information. If you’re not familiar with the MMS, you need to read the basic information. Even if you feel you are familiar with it, you need to read Jim’s comments in the first of several articles on the right side of the screen labeled “21 MMS Protocols — Alphabetical List.” The article is labeled “Read This First,” and he means it. Lots of new information here. The other “protocols” on this list are very helpful, too.

Once you have gotten familiar with the website and the new information, I suggest you watch this video of a recent interview with Jim Humble. It was sent to me by Ron Strauss and I appreciate it, Ron:

I have been reluctant to recommend MMS to the people I coach about their cancers. The reason is that it is quite sensitive to antioxidants (Vitamin C, E, beta carotene, alpha lipoic acid, selenium, etc.). Since it is a powerful “oxidant,” the antioxidants tend to cancel out its effect. Three of the items on my recommended protocol in Chapter 5 of my “Cancer-Free” book are high in antioxidant properties. These are Transfer Point Beta Glucan, Heart Plus and Daily Advantage. I feel the service these products perform is vital for cancer recovery. Well, it seems that Jim has now pretty well established that the MMS leaves no residue (literally turns to salt) after one to two hours. This makes it quite possible to use it along with everything I recommend in my books. You just have to separate them by a couple of hours. Somewhat inconvenient, but not impossible.

In fairness, I want to quote you a portion of an e-mail I received from Ron Strauss on the MMS efficacy. I respect Ron. He has been studying “alternative” cancer treatments for much longer than I have (actually about 35 years). Here’s what Ron said about the MMS:

“Dear Bill,

I like MMS and have used it for many things in a judicious way. The latest protocols are the best. MMS2, however, is untested and possibly much more toxic. There is evidence of that on the Internet.

I trust Jim Humble’s intentions but not his attention to detailed research and precise testing before making claims.

There are so many ways to restore health (cancer or other illnesses) utilizing minimally toxic substances (as you well know). It’s a great adventure trying to figure out the exact program that will work for a given individual.

All the Best,


I agree with Ron that the testing of this substance is limited. You take it at your own risk. Does it work? Well, there are lots of anecdotal reports of positive effects. I’ve used it lately for tooth brushing and found it really helps keep the dental toxin load down. Several years ago my wife and I tried it and found no adverse effects. That was the original MMS, not the MMS2.

There you have it, folks. A powerful cleansing agent and possibly a healing agent for cancer. Is it worth a try? You decide. Remember, I’m just a purveyor of information. Whatever choices you make to pursue your healing (and their consequences) are yours alone.


We’re Going Cruising — Join Us

Martin Erb, one of my fans, has healed himself of his Stage IV Sarcoma recently following a combination of the regimen in my Cancer-Free book and supervision by Dr. Carlos Garcia. Needless to say Martin is grateful. To express his gratitude for his restored health, Martin and his beautiful wife Joyce have set up a cruise for people like you. They call it the “Heal Yourself” cruise package. What a great name they picked! If there is any truth you need to learn now and forever it is that only you can heal yourself.

So, what’s this about a cruise? Yes, it is real. On the beautiful, new Celebrity Eclipse, from February 12th through February 19th, 2011, there will be 100 cabins filled with people like you — cancer patients, cancer survivors, cancer caregivers. Along with you on the cruise, in addition to me, will be Dr. Carlos Garcia, M.D., the best holistic M.D. I know and Dr. John Lubecki, D.C., a true expert on modern electro-medicine and homeopathic diagnosis and healing. See my October, 2009 newsletter by clicking here to read about these two magnificent healers.

Want to pick our brains for three full days? Want to informally chat with us for a whole week? Want to visit San Juan, St. Maarten and St. Kitts in the Caribbean? Want to mingle with 100 other people with the same interests as yours? Here’s your chance.

There is time to decide, but we’re not sure how soon these 100 cabins will sell out. So we’re recommending you consider signing up right now and getting a deposit down on your spot on this magnificent cruise. Here’s how to learn more detail about this exciting opportunity Martin and Joyce have put together. Just go to The first thing I suggest you do is download and print out the “Information Packet.” It will tell you everything you need to know about the cruise — the ship, itinerary, prices, cabin options, contacts for questions on the cruise and the cruising seminar.

The website is interesting to explore. Of course, there is a sign-up form and a booking form. But there are even some good recipes there and more coming. There are cancer success stories and more on the way. God Bless Martin and Joyce Erb for their work putting together this wonderful week-long opportunity to learn and exchange information while cruising on a beautiful ship.

I am really excited about this one. It’s going to be a wonderful opportunity to get to know some of you better and exchange information with you in a relaxed, beautiful environment. I wish it was next week!! Sign up now and let’s plan to spend next Valentine’s Day together.


Resveratrol — Remarkable Anti-aging Supplement

It’s been several years since I talked about resveratrol. It’s this wonderful substance in red wine. You’ve probably read about it and maybe felt all you had to do to take advantage of it is serve yourself a nice glass of Merlot every night. Well, unfortunately, the “French paradox” to the contrary notwithstanding, it is impossible to drink enough red wine to get enough of this incredibly useful substance. You’d need about 500 bottles of wine and you’d fry your liver with the alcohol before you got enough of the resveratrol for the day.

My friend, Nick Temple, gave me a great article this week from the August, 2009 issue of the Life Extension Foundation’s magazine. I respect these folks. They have championed the alternative healing arts, particularly as they pertain to anti-aging, for many years. Check out their website, which is:

The article Nick gave me is called “Extending Life and Fighting Disease with Resveratrol” by Julius Goepp, M.D. I’ll quote you a couple of Dr. Goepp’s opening paragraphs to give you an idea of the exciting nature of the information on this amazing supplement:

“At the forefront of the cutting-edge investigations into resveratrol and health and longevity are Drs. Christoph Westphal and David Sinclair.

Christoph Westphal, MD, PhD, has been referred to by Fortune Magazine as ‘dreamer-in-chief’ of biotech startup company Sirtris Pharmaceuticals based near Harvard University in Cambridge, MA. The moniker is well-earned; Westphal’s dreams appear to include the application of some very exciting science toward the goal of life extension by utilizing resveratrol.

Westphal’s work builds on (and incorporates) that of Harvard scientist David Sinclair, PhD, whose research group is pursuing connections buried deep in the cells of every animal on the planet, that of caloric restriction and longevity. Thanks to the work of Westphal and Sinclair, it is becoming clear that resveratrol mimics the life span-prolonging effects of caloric restriction, even in animals fed normal to high-fat diets.”

I have been aware of Sinclair’s work as a result of reading some of the Life Extension articles on it in the last few years. It has been proven that any animal, including humans, can extend their lifespan by about 40% simply by cutting the intake of daily calories by about 40%. This has been shown to be effective regardless of when it was started during the lifespan of the critter (or human being). Isn’t that great? Just cut what you eat almost in half for the rest of your life and you’ll live a long time. Hmmmmm. I don’t see that this promise has attracted that many of us to adopt that type of restriction on our lifestyle. On the contrary, in spite of knowing this, we still “eat on” and usually become overweight, obese and in ill health.

But what if the same life-extending effect were possible without cutting the calories? Would you be interested? I sure was. To understand this phenomenal property of resveratrol, you need to get familiar with something called “sirtuins.” Here’s how Dr. Goepp describes them:

“The specific molecules…turn out to be members of a protein family called the sirtuins (for silent information regulators), which are activated by caloric restriction. Like a combination of cellular police, fire and ambulance services, sirtuins exert myriad effects aimed at preserving intra-cellular civilization–they stabilize chromosomes and DNA molecules, preventing breaks and damage that can lead to cancer; they promote DNA repair, and they regulate genetic functions that in turn control every activity in the living cell. Most remarkably, decreased sirtuin activity seems to be intimately connected with the cell, tissue and organ changes that typically occur with aging and lead to many of the diseases we label ‘chronic age-related conditions’ such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.”

At the National Institute on Aging, Dr. Sinclair’s research team experimented with giving resveratrol to mice just as they had done with their caloric restriction studies. Remarkably, they found that the same effects appeared in the resveratrol mice. Elderly mice fed resveratrol along with a normal diet showed a dramatic reduction in signs of aging. The changes in the gene expression were exactly the same as those observed with caloric restriction. What were the changes:

1. Decreased protein loss in urine.
2. Decreased inflammation.
3. Increased elasticity in the aorta.
4. Beneficial changes in blood vessel lning cells.
5. Greater motor coordination.
6. Reduced cataract formation.
7. Preserved bone mineral density.

As Dr. Goepp says: “This study, begun when the mice were at mid-life, did not show any increases in longevity–but translated into human terms, these mice would have enjoyed dramatic improvements in the quality of their lives.”

Then pathologists at Harvard, working with Dr. Sinclair, found that, in fact, length of life actually did result when they fed the mice on a high-calorie diet the resveratrol. That was the only change. The resveratrol mice experienced changes associated with an increase in life span. These included:

1. Increased insulin sensitivity.
2. Increased numbers of mitochondria in cells.
3. Improved motor function.

In fact, the researchers discovered that the resveratrol reversed the effects of the high-calorie diet in 144 out of 153 biochemical pathways!

Does that get your attention? It should. But how about other studies. There have been many all over the world. He recounts studies in Korea, Canada, China, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Hong Kong, Spain, India and the U.S. It seems that conventional cardiologists are agreeing, literally for the first time, that atherosclerosis (the most common form of heart disease) is reversible using resveratrol. It has been found to work in both prevention and treatment of cancer.

If you want to start taking resveratrol regularly, as I am, you’ll find it on many websites. The most effective form is called “trans-resveratrol.” I bought mine from It seemed to be the best deal. You will find it and many other sources by just doing a Google search for “trans-resveratrol.” I’ll be interested in your feedback once you try it.

You can also now get a free six-month membership in the Life Extension Foundation. You’ll get their great monthly magazine with many uesful health articles and several other “benefits” — all free. Check it out at the lef website above. I wish I could tell you how to get a copy of the article on resveratrol from last August I refer to above. I honestly don’t know how.

[NOTE: I have no financial interest in either the Life Extension Foundation or any resveratrol products. I am only interested in getting this astoundingly useful anti-aging information to you, my loyal readers. May you live long and healthy!]


A Reader’s Story — Austen Barnes ****************************

Austen Barnes lives in Queensville in Ontario, Canada. His story should encourage all men dealing with prostate cancer. I hope you’ll find his account as interesting as I did. It shows that there are many ways to heal cancer. Never give up!!

“Dear Bill,

I wish to take you up on your ‘bribe.’ I already bought & gave away 3 copies of your book, but now I’m writing one, too, describing my personal experiences. I am listing you and quote you, but may I fully quote your preferred cancer cure in it?

Firstly I’m ex-aerospace (Boeing, GE, de Havilland, etc.) and lost my first wife to cancer, so we have some event parallels. But in 2000 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, Gleason score 7, PSA 12.5 and used prescription anti- androgens (Flutamide) as a delay of treatment.

I have had my business for many years ( I can’t be in diapers on long distance flights and got an order from China. On June 3, 2007 my customer at TongLing took me to see the amazing Jui Hao mountain with its fabulous Buddhist temples. Nobody knew my problem, but I had my fortune told by an angry, shouting, frantic senior monk. My dumbfounded young interpreter had problems getting the messages out. I was NOT to undergo ‘normal’ treatments (which at my age of 79 are radiation therapy and chemical castration) – I was to seek other ways and I would be completely cured by ‘pills.’

I stopped all Flutamide when I got back home. My PSA shot up from 6 to 27.5 and my doctors became very concerned. I tried Hulda Clark’s route, Dr. Budwig’s mix, Chinese Traditional Medicine, Electronic Zapping, several sessions with Adam, Enzymes, etc. But then I hit on the PC HOPE/CELL ADVANCE Combination (Nutrition2000) and added ESSIAC (Essiac Canada International Inc.). Dosage was tapered from full dosage to 1/3 dose over 1st 4 weeks. The PSA dropped from 27.5 to 0.12 in 12 weeks and bloodwork was normal. Today I believe I’m cancer free, or close to it.

Thank you for your message of hope in your book. You are in good company!

God bless,

Austen Barnes”

Thank you, Austen, for a great message. There are many paths to healing. One will work for you, guys, if you just don’t give up!




In my March, 2010 newsletter, I told you about Duncan Crow and his theories about the need to improve on the cottage cheese/flaxseed oil (so-called “Budwig Diet”) I so strongly recommend in my books. In April, I told you about the results of my experiment with whey protein and cod liver oil as a substitute for the CC/FO I’ve been eating every morning for 7 1/2 years.

Well, one of you, as usual, has come up with the really good “last word” on this subject, at least as far as I am concerned. Here is the e-mail message I got from Ron-claude Jamis:

“Subject: Duncan Crow is dead wrong!!
From: Ron-claude Jamis in Tallahassee, Florida/Hood River, Oregon

Bill: Stop right now! The reasons that Crow offers are totally different than the underlying reason for the efficacy of the FO/CC (quark) recipe.

Short course: L-cysteine (found in abundance in whey protein) is a component building block for glutathione which is the body’s master antioxidant, right?

Well, Johanna’s recipe is NOT ABOUT BUILDING GLUTATHIONE AND IF YOU SUBSTITUTE WHEY PROTEIN FOR CC(there’s a lot to say about whey proteins, by the way) in place of the sulfur-saturated fermented milk product [cottage cheese] you have totally busted the FO/CC design.

The other half of his stupidly, ill-advised ‘modification’ (fish oil vs Flax oil) of a genius’s recipe for actvitating the electron transport potential of two basic foods when combined at high speed is also wrong for the purpose intended.

All of his ideas are correct in their separate use…but not in combination and not as a replacement for Budwig’s recipe.

I wrote to him already but he, in his quest to impress the impressionable, insisted on promoting the idea of using Fish Oil and Whey Protein as an improvement over FO/CC. Absolutely dumber than dumb and arrogant to boot. Don’t give the man any publicity.”

Thanks, Ron-claude. I couldn’t have said it better. The Duncan Crow “analysis” is completely off track. It has nothing to do with the theory behind the unique action of the CC/FO mixture. Just ignore that momentary distraction, folks, and keep eating the wonderful CC/FO mixture which has kept me young and healthy and helped hundreds of cancer patients I know heal themselves.



I owe you an apology. Several of you have informed me that, in my haste to tell you about the great discount offered you by Our Health Co-op for their Soothing Greens product, I neglected to give you a website to use for ordering it. I’ll fix that right now. All you have to do for this or any of the other great products from Our Health Co-op is go to You’ll find a search window there. Just enter the Soothing Greens product name and you’ll find it easily. Remember, the reduced price just for you, my readers, is $9.95. To get this price, you need to enter a coupon code as you go through the checkout. The coupon code to enter is: 15greens. If you want futher information on this, just look at the article in my April, 2010 newsletter. It’s at



Have you ever wished you could talk to a competent MD, ask him/her any questions you like and never have to pay a dime? Well, here’s your chance. Dr. Carlos Garcia is the best holistic MD I know (as I mentioned above–haven’t changed my mind!). His Utopia Wellness Clinic is in Clearwater, Florida. He has healed lots of Stage IV and other cancer patients. You can ask him any question you like. All you have to do is join us on our regular one-hour Q/A Session every other Thursday.

This coming Thursday, June 3rd, we’ll be doing our 8th session. All you have to do to join us is go to anytime before Thursday. Sign up for a membership in Talkshoe. No charge. Then, on Thursday at a few minutes before 1 PM Eastern; Noon Central; 11 AM Mountain; 10 AM Pacific; and 5 PM GMT go to the Talkshoe website again. Click on “Join A Call” and look for the orange logo for the “Utopia Wellness Community Call.” You will see the other participants and the questions they are entering. You can type in your own question and we’ll try to answer it. To hear the answers, you’ll also need a telephone hookup (regular phone or Skype). Just dial (724) 444-7444. When prompted, type in the ID of 73920#.

If you have Skype, it is quite convenient (and free) to call in on Skype and listen in on your headset. Unfortunately, if you don’t have Skype (or some other VOIP software), you’ll have to pay for the phone call (no toll-free number).

If you should be unable to join us “live,” (a few of us still have to work), you can listen to these calls anytime. They are “archived” on Dr. Garcia’s website. Just go to and click on the “Talkshoe” icon in the upper right of the home screen. All the audios of these sessions are there.

Hope to “see” you this Thursday–AND ON THE CRUISE IN FEBRUARY!! (WHOOPEE!!)


Do your friends a favor and send them to my web site:

Be well…and be sure to hug each other every day!

Bill Henderson
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The offerings made by this publication are to be carefully considered by the user. All responsibility regarding the use of alternative treatments rests with the patient. If you have doubts regarding these things, rely on your conventional doctor.