Dr. Burt Berkson, MD, PhD, A Truly Magnificent Healer
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American Cancer Society — Mainstream Treatments Don’t Work
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Dr. Burt Berkson, MD, PhD, A Truly Magnificent Healer

Last week, I was fortunate enough to be invited to speak to a group about cancer healing in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The main reason I was fortunate was that it gave me an opportunity to meet one of the great healers. Justifiably world-famous for his unique healing talent, Dr. Burt Berkson is one of those marvelous physicians who is a true healer. He has healed lots of cancer patients in his clinic in Las Cruces. But what really sets him apart is his extensive knowledge about restoring liver function.

Some months ago, Dr. Carlos Garcia, another great MD, who is also the co-author of the latest edition of my Cancer-Free book, gave me an interesting observation. He said he was convinced that the main reason we die of cancer is what he called “liver toxemia.” The liver fails because of the overwhelming challenges thrown at it by the cancer. Thus, if you have cancer, your liver is involved to some degree. Why do you think that most natural cancer treatment centers insist that you learn to do coffee enemas regularly? It’s because the coffee is uniquely effective in cleaning out the bile ducts (where the toxins collect) in your liver.

My wife, Terry, and I had lunch with Dr. Berkson and I gave him a copy of my Cancer-Free book. He then took us on a tour of his clinic. En route, we stopped to meet his wife, his daughter, who is an attorney, and his granddaughter. At the clinic, we met his son, a doctor who works with him, his staff and several enthusiastic patients. He showed us evidence of the remarkable healing of pancreatic and other cancers he has done. In his office is a map of the world with pins on the home of his patients. He has had patients from all over the world. One wealthy man from Africa brought an entourage of 20 people and stayed in Las Cruces with them for three months while Dr. Berkson healed him.

Dr. Berkson came to my talk that night. I urged all the attendees to seek him out for help with any degenerative condition, not just cancer. After he read my book, he told me “I have read your educational book and I think it is the best discussion on the natural healing of cancer that I’ve encountered.” Needless to say, he and I are “on the same page.”

Dr. Berkson began his career as a physician by healing two people of extreme mushroom poisoning. They were declared terminal and given a couple of weeks to live. Their livers had been completely destroyed. He healed them when he discovered the remarkable effects of alpha lipoic acid (ALA). Since that experience in 1977, he has literally healed thousands of patients of all kinds of degenerative conditions, including cancer. The basis of his healing has been the administration of the alpha lipoic acid. He has since come to add low dose naltrexone (LDN) to the ALA as a complementary treatment.

If you’d like to learn more about Dr. Berkson and his expertise, the best way is to read his book called “The Alpha Lipoic Acid Breakthrough.” I just read it. His Chapter 6 on “Liver Function” is the best information on this I’ve ever seen anywhere. The book is available at Please read the reviews there. One of them is from the couple he healed of their mushroom poisoning (above). You’ll be convinced. And don’t be put off by the fact it was written in 1998. Since then, Dr. Berkson (and others) have completely confirmed the important healing message in this book.

If you or a loved one has cancer, the liver is almost certainly compromised by it. It’s just a matter of degree. If I were you, I would contact Dr. Berkson for help with this issue. Very few physicians have his knowledge of how useful ALA and LDN are for restoring the liver to full function. Here is his contact information:

Dr. Burt Berkson, MD, PhD
1155 Commerce Drive, #C
Las Cruces, NM 88011
Office phone: (575) 524-3720


Some More Reading Material…..

You may feel that I talk too much about various books on the subject of natural healing. I do that because I know this is the only way for you to get educated enough to heal yourself. We are all going to die. No exceptions. But if you want to live a long and disease-free life, you have to educate yourself. No doctor or other expert is going to educate you. You are the only one who cares enough about your health to get smart about it.

I read an average of two books a week. They’re not all about health, but most of them are. Some are well worth the time. Others are a waste of time. But this is how I’ve learned to keep myself healthy and try to assist people like you to do the same. So, here is some wonderful reading material….


I have known Jonathan Chamberlain for several years. I know him because I admire the work he has done to get the message of natural cancer healing to people like you. This, his latest effort, is his best. He has compiled a true encyclopedia about natural cancer treatments — and allopathic cancer treatments. Do you want to know the effective uses of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy — and their many side-effects? It’s all here. Do you want to know all about PolyMVA, MMS, LDN, DMSO/MSM, Bentonite Clay, AHCC, CanCell, Modified Citrus Pectin, Essiac Tea, Digestive Enzymes, CoQ10 and hundreds more? This is your “Bible.”

This book tells you what cancer is; what the diagnostic tools are; what the pros and cons are of diagnosis, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy; how to protect yourself from damage; what the other new mainstream treatments are; why cancer research is failing to come up with cures; what the alternative therapies are that many people are doing — often with great success; the additional diagnostic tests you might want to consider; the detox regimes; the diets, herbs, vitamins, supplements and many other approaches that have helped; it tells you what the issues and arguments are in relation to these approaches. There is an extensive discussion of cancer research and the politics of medicine — because it is only when we understand the conceptualframeworks that we can truly understand which side of the war of ideas we stand on.

In the 19 years since his wife died of cancer, Jonathan has collected a mountain of information about cancer healing. It’s all here. This book is really a complete update of his previous book called “Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guide.” That book has been broken down into eight shorter books on various subjects. These are available, too, from To learn more about Jonathan, just go to his


Wanna know why fruits and vegetables prevent cancer — and heal it? Here’s the answer. This little book will explain it in lay person’s terms? The word “salvestrols” was adopted by one of the discoverers to describe a particular class of phytonutrients that do great healing for cancer in a unique way. Here’s the best description from this book of what “salvestrols” are:

“Salvestrols are taken through fruit and vegetable consumption and enter the cells. The salvestrols pass through healthy tissue with no consequence. As they enter a cancer cell they encounter the CYP1B1 enzyme. CYP1B1 metabolizes the salvestrol, transforming it into an anticancer agent within the cancer cell. This anticancer agent, the metabolite, then initiates the cascade of processes that result in the death of the cancer cell — apoptosis or programmed cell death. The healthy cells remain healthy and the cancer cells die.”

Got your attention? I hope so. One of the “salvestrols” is resveratrol, found in grapes and, of course, red wine. There are many others. But these are not just antioxidants. They are a completely new class of phytonutrients found in plants. Some of them were previously classified as antioxidants, some as polyphenols and some as phytoestrogens. What they have in common is the activity in a cancer cell, as described above. What’s wonderful to learn is that they are just as effective at preventing cancer as they are at killing the cancer cells in a tumor, in your blood….or wherever. How do you get them? Simply eat fruits and vegetables. No need for a “medication” that has salvestrols. Eat the healthy diet of organic (and raw) fruits and vegetables I describe in my Cancer-Free book and you’ll get them.

Read this book. You’ll love it. It is not available at yet. You can order it here:


If you’ve been reading about “alternative” medicine for long, you’ve probably heard of Dr. Andrew Weil, MD from Arizona. Dr. Weil is one of the most effective advocates of what he calls “Integrative Medicine.” What he’s talking about is a completely different approach from the current practice of medicine. This book explains both what it is he’s suggesting and how to achieve it. Hint, hint: He needs you to help!

Dr. Weil has graduated over 500 physicians from his Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine. In using the term Integrative Medicine (IM), he felt it was free of the negative associations many doctors had to such words as “holistic,” “alternative,” and “complementary.” He points out that “We are not trying to replace conventional medicine with something else; rather, we are trying to make it more effective and cost-effective by broadening its perspective and options for treatment.” I say “YEA!!”

Here’s how Dr. Weil describes his view of Integrative Medicine:

“…the ascendancy of technology in the last century inadvertently distorted medical philosophy and practice. Integrative medicine seeks to correct this distortion and connect medicine with its roots. In particular, it aims to do the following:

1. Restore the focus of medical teaching, research and practice on health and healing.
2. Develop ‘whole person’ medicine, in which the mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of human beings are included in diagnosis and treatment, along with the physical body.
3. Take all aspects of lifestyle into account in assessing health and disease.
4. Protect and emphasize the practitioner/patient relationship as central to the healing process.
5. Emphasize disease prevention and health promotion.”

As you can imagine, Dr. Weil has very little respect for our current medical system. His vision deals not only with patient treatment and disease prevention, but also with the economic aspects of medicine, which will soon bankrupt the U.S.

This book is raadily available at Get it and get involved. We need you!

P.S. I have no financial interest in any of these books.


American Cancer Society — Mainstream Treatments Don’t Work

I’ve been talking a lot about great “formally trained” MDs lately. Here’s an interesting quote from another one. I’ve admired Dr. W. C. Douglass, MD for many years. This excerpt from his recent newsletter is quite characteristic of this wonderful “renegade:”

“When I heard that the chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society was launching a new attack on ‘unproven’ cancer treatments, I braced myself for yet another assault on natural medicine.

That’s always how it works isn’t it?

‘Unproven’ doesn’t really mean ‘unproven’ with these people. It’s a code word used to dismiss anything and everything that goes against the mainstream’s highly profitable screenings, drugs, and chemo approach.

But Dr. Otis Brawley’s attack wasn’t on natural cancer cures at all — it was on the mainstream’s screenings, drugs, and chemo approach!

Yes, I know — someone had to pick me up off the floor, too.

In a speech to health journalists, Dr. Brawley called the current system ‘a subtle form of corruption’ and admitted that doctors routinely lie about the success rates of both screenings and treatments alike — including PSA exams, bone marrow transplants, and chemotherapy.

He even ‘fessed up to the dirtiest secret of the cancer industry (and yes, make no mistake it IS an industry): The system is set up to steer patients not toward the best or most effective treatments — just the most profitable ones.

‘Twenty-five years after graduating from medical school, I concluded that a lot of doctors are out to make a buck and a lot of doctors are out making stuff up as they go along,’ he admitted.

Tell me something I don’t know.

I also know that nothing sells like controversy, and right now Dr. Brawley has a book for sale — so suffice it to say he’s out to make a buck or two himself (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

He also continues to blame smoking for cancer (wrong) and heart disease (wronger) and he still touts HPV shots as an effective way to prevent cancer (wronger still).

And let’s not forget the little fact that his ACS has yet to acknowledge a single one of the safe and natural cancer treatments out there.

But while he’s not ready to talk about them, I am. Despite what you’ve heard, cancer is not a death sentence, and you can beat this disease without poisonous drugs or toxic chemo.”

See why I like this guy?! If you’re interested in receiving his Daily Dose newsletter, just go to: and sign up.

A Reader’s Story — Anonymous

Here’s an interesting story about healing prostate cancer from a reader and “coachee” who asked me not to use his name:

“I’ve been battling metastatic prostate cancer for several years and have tried several of the different protocols you recommended with limited success. I don’t get much worse but at the same time I don’t get better. MY HCG scores have fluctuated between 53 and 55 over the past 4 years. Anyway in November I started having severe pains in my right knee and right shoulder. The MRI showed Metastatic lesions in my right knee and a tumor in my right shoulder.

On 2/9/2012 I received an email from you and when I watched the attached presentation it mentioned the book by Tanya Harter Pierce – Outsmart Your Cancer. I downloaded the book and read it. It spoke about the LifeOne protocol and I decided to try it. Before trying it I also spoke to Dr. Howenstine who was mentioned in Tanya’s book.

I started the program on 2/25. The day before I got my primary care physicain to do a blood test to get a baseline. My PSA at that time was 606 and I was taking 3 Percocet per day because of the pain and hobbling around while walking. I started taking the LifeOne at the maximum dosage and I’m still on it. Within a month I was off the pain killers and walking normally and when I went back to my doctor on 4/9/12 and he did my blood test, my PSA levels were undetectable. In addition my urine stream was about 2 or 3 times stronger than it was at the start.

To me this is nothing short of miraculous. I’ll be doing a MRI at the end of 3 months. Dr. Howenstine and co. feels that at that time the tumor should be significantly reduced in size and most likely non-cancerous. Most likely filled with dead cancer cells.

Another key aspect of my protocol which I did not mention above, is the fact that I eliminated all meat, poultry, dairy, sugars, white bread, white flour products, and anything processed from my diet. I did a lot of vegetable juicing and tried to stick to a mostly raw diet. I wasn’t always successful but I felt that the diet helped considerably. Roger Mason who has written extensively on prostate cancer has an excellent article on the importance of diet for people who have cancer.

Finally, I have a VIBE Machine / Quantum Pulse for sale. I bought it for my personal use about 4 years ago. It has never been used commercially. I haven’t used it for some time and now I would like to sell it. I sent the machine back to Gene Koonce (the manufacturer) in Colorado for them to check it out and recalibrate it if necessary. Whoever buys it will get a 1 year factory warranty.”

If you’re interested in the VIBE Machine/Quantum Pulse, you can contact this gentleman at He is asking $6,950 for the machine plus shipping from Colorado (original price: $17,800). To learn about it, you can go to




Are you aware that parents cannot choose freely the treatments for their minor children? Here’s how Mike Adams in his Natural News described a new DVD you may want to get that will make you completely aware of this issue:

“The documentary follows the journey of the Navarro family, whose young son Thomas, then four years old, was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a highly-malignant form of brain cancer that typically afflicts children. Rather than undergo conventional chemotherapy and radiation, the Navarros instead wanted to pursue an alternative route, which in their case was Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski’s non-toxic antineoplaston treatment, which has been shown to be particularly effective at treating brain cancers.

But unless a child is of a proper age to make his own medical treatment decisions, which Thomas clearly was not, then he is required by the medical mafia to undergo the prescribed treatment regimen, which in Thomas’ case was chemotherapy and radiation. Even though these forms of treatment are virtually useless at treating medulloblastoma, the state threatened Thomas’ parents that if they did not subject him to these barbaric poisons, they would remove him from their custody.

After a long, drawn-out legal battle with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the ringleader of the phony cancer industry, and thousands of dollars in legal expenses, the Navarros were finally permitted to have their son see Dr. Burzynski. But by this point, Thomas had already had his life destroyed by many months of chemotherapy and radiation, which led to his death at the young age of six.”

To get a trailer for this DVD and a chance to order it or get a downloadable version, go to:


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