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Join Dr. Judy Seeger and Me In A Webinar

After chemotherapy and radiation…now what? It’s time to detox and cleanse those poisons out of your body!  Join me and Dr. Judy Seeger for this one hour webinar training where we talk about the many ways you can detox the dangerous toxic buildup from chemo and radiation.

Did you know that the toxic side effects can last up to 7 years in your body? AND can cause serious side effects like heart disease to lung problems to severe joint pain.

Let us teach you how to eliminate those poisons!  We’ll get you started by talking about:

  • Best foods to detox from chemo
  • Top 5 herbs Judy recommends
  • 12 ways to speed up the detox process

…and much more!

When: June 11th, 8:00-9:00pm EST

Register here:

Free Help in Applying “The Emotion Code” to You

In last month’s newsletter, I introduced you to Eliza Steeple.  You can read it here:

I know it’s hard for you to believe, but Eliza is still offering you free help in applying Dr. Brad Nelson’s book “The Emotion Code” to your situation. She even has a great website where she has posted videos showing how to do each of the Applied Kinesiology (“muscle-testing”) methods so you can easily apply them to your situation.  But beyond that, Eliza will coach you on the phone or Skype to help you determine that you’re getting the most out of this wonderfully effective procedure.

The only prerequisite is that you’ve read Dr. Brad Nelson’s book “The Emotion Code.”  It’s available on Amazon.  Here’s how Eliza describes her service she’s willing to do for you:

“Be gentle with yourself. Realize that overcoming negative emotions is how to heal from difficult or devastating experiences. It takes a little time to put negative emotions behind you but doesn’t have to take as long as you might think. When you continue to hold onto negative emotions about the experiences from your past rather than letting go, you are essentially allowing an ugly piece of your past encroach upon your present time. If you permit this you might end up with a boat load of “Trapped Emotions” in the energy field of your body that will eventually create pain, malfunction or distress for you.


Studies have shown that negative emotions are linked to the creation of inflammation in the body which makes them the root of many disease processes. They lower immune function and deregulate the endocrine system. Negative emotional energies can really sabotage your life! They definitely impact your ‘here and now’ in more ways than one.


So what do you do? When you are ready to let go of your hurt feelings, your feelings of inadequacy, resentments, deep disappointment, fierce anger, fear and all the rest, it’s smart to use The Emotion Code. It’s easy to identify and release your trapped emotions with The Emotion Code. And it’s quick and effective. It lifts the feeling of burden and often creates an immediate sense of lightness, a happiness. Doing The Emotion Code literally takes minutes, yet is life changing!


I will show you how to do these amazing releases for yourself if you’re interested.  I am a certified Emotion Code practitioner.  I’ll give you a free hour-long session on the phone or Skype.  All you need to do is request it here:



If you’ve read about all types of sugars, as I have, you’ve probably come across the little lower-case “l” in front of fructose, one form of sugar, particularly present in fruit.  I’ve often wondered what the little “l” meant.  Well, about 6 weeks ago, I learned — and you should too. It’s vitally important.

In one of Ty Bollinger’s interviews with one of the doctors from a Tijuana cancer clinic, they got into a discussion about fruit and how it relates to cancer.  The doctor discussed recent research which has shown that cancer cells ignore fruit sugar.  Yes, that’s right.  The little “l” means that the fructose molecules in fruit rotate to the left (counter-clockwise). Apparently, cancer cells feed only on the sugars whose molecules rotate to the right.  This is, of course, high fructose corn syrup and refined sugar, but even honey, syrup and molasses.

This discussion taught me a couple of things:  1)  None of us know it all; and 2) Apparently, there is no need to limit the amount of fresh fruit you eat in a given day, as we warn you in our Cancer-Free (4th Edition) book.

I’m pretty sure this same thing applies to carrots and beets, the veggies with the most sugar.  This is apparently why Gerson and many other natural cancer treatment centers have you drinking carrot juice all day long as successful treatment for cancer.



Dr. Carlos Garcia, M.D., my co-author of the Cancer-Free (4th Edition) book, has some great new educational videos at his website.  The website is  Just click on “About Us” and you’ll see “Our Videos.”  These are nine short videos Dr. Garcia has done to describe his approach to cancer healing at Utopia Wellness. They are very educational.

While you’re there, go to the “Patient Stories” link where you’ll find 14 testimonial videos from folks with all types of cancer who have been healed (or, at least, started down the healing path) at Utopia.

By the way, in case you’re not aware of it, Dr. Garcia will do a free consultation call with you.  He probably won’t want to talk for an hour or so, but he is perfectly willing to discuss your situation with you and what he thinks he can do to help you.  Just call (727) 799-9060 for a staff member at his Utopia Wellness clinic in Oldsmar, Florida.  They will set you up for a chat with him.

Do your friends a favor and send them to my website:

Be well…and be sure to hug each other every day and lay your burdens down tonight!


Bill Henderson
Author, “Cure Your Cancer” and “Cancer-Free”


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