Many of you are getting the HCG Urine Test (the “pee test”) from the Navarro Clinic in Manila regularly. This is a smart idea. Bill knew of no other cancer test — invasive, non-invasive, CT/PET scan or whatever — which gives you a better indicator of progress in your healing. It is unambiguous, unlike the CT/PET scans. It doesn’t flood your body with harmful radiation like they do. It doesn’t give you false readings caused by the “die-off” of the cancer cells, like all the cancer marker blood tests do. Finally, it gives you a single number — a simple and clear indication of your progress. As that number goes down, you can be sure you are getting better. (You can read more about it in Bill’s “Cancer-Free book in Chapter 5 (page 192)

The HCG blood test does not work the same way. It is very difficult to use as a progress indicator and is nowhere near as reliable as the urine test. Unfortunately, there is no lab in the U.S. (or anywhere else in the world) except the Navarro Clinic in Manila which does the HCG Urine Test. In fact, Dr. Efren Navarro’s dad invented the test about 70 years ago.

Again one of Bill’s Cancer-Free Thrivers, Cortney Campbell has a wonderful blog article giving you insight on what the HCG test is and how to create a sample for testing. Check it our here:

If you do not have the time to collect the tools you need to create a HCG test, the Joe Ball Company has done all the work for you by creating a HCG Test Kit. You can purchase it online here:

Ty and Charlene Bollinger, my good friends over at The Truth About Cancer®, have a great new documentary titled – Eastern Medicine: Journey Through ASIA.

It’s a groundbreaking “health/travel documentary” and is the most comprehensive series ever produced on the subject in an effort to eradicate this 21st-century plague.

If you haven’t already done so, please take just one minute and go get signed up to watch the entire 7-episode documentary… absolutely 100% free!

I’ve had a “sneak peek” at it and let me just say, it’s absolutely phenomenal and will likely change the current cancer treatment paradigm!

>>Click here for a sneak peek at the trailer <<

Listen, statistics show that you or someone you love have an incredibly high risk of getting cancer over your lifetime… and you owe it to yourself to see what’s truly happening on the front lines.

Take just a minute right now and make sure you have a front row seat. I’ll be right there with you. Trust me… the people you “meet” in this documentary will astonish you and fill you with hope for the future.

“Cancer is not a disease, it is a reaction to what your body has experienced. Reverse those causes and the cancer goes away. Continue what you did to reverse it and it stays away.” ~ Bill Henderson.
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