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I’ve had eighteen radio interviews on stations all over the
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For those of you in the San Antonio area, here are the
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Saturday, November 22nd, 2003 from 2:00 to 4:00 PM at Un-
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Suite 107.

Thank you Patty Jones for setting up a workshop for me in
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My project to do 40 workshops and get the attention of a
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Paw Paw — No, Really — For You, Not Your Dog!

For the last few weeks, I have been researching a product
you need to know about. All over the midwest, particularly
in states like Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, etc. grows a
tree called the Paw Paw tree. It bears a sweet, banana-like
fruit. There is even a town in Michigan called Paw Paw.

I’m going to give you as complete an introduction to this
new treatment for cancer and other diseases as I can in the
limited space of this newsletter. I have talked to the
scientist who discovered it (after 25 years of research) for
an hour on the phone and listened to an audio tape of an
hour-long talk he gave recently to a group of doctors. Dr.
Jerry McLaughlin, the “father” of Paw Paw is a very credible
scientist. His audio tape of his talk was accompanied with
copies of the slides he used. I am convinced that this
treatment protocol [there is more to it, as you will see,
than just the Paw Paw extract] is a very effective one for
all types of cancer and other diseases.

The reason I am making an exception to my general policy of
not promoting anything that is distributed by multi-level
marketing (MLM) is that this protocol is cheaper than even
MGN-3 alone (it includes an immune system stimulant) and
MUCH cheaper than things like Poly-MVA, Protocel, with
which it is a direct competitor, and Fred Eichhorn’s Cellect
formula. It also, according to Dr. McLaughlin, is much more
effective than Graviola, which I have covered before. Also,
there are human clinical trials and hundreds of “peer-
reviewed” studies about this product. Finally, the person
I will refer you to for more information, Francisco Esteras
of Puerto Rico, a Natural Health Consultant, has made the
following commitment to me [and to you]:

“I promise you I will do my best to keep track of everyone
and to handle everyone that contacts me with love and care
and professionalism.”

Francisco and his partner, Frank Lewis from Irvine, Calif-
ornia, who wrote the article that follows, have impressed
me as sincere and caring people. They both have direct
contact with Dr. McLaughlin, the “father” of Paw Paw.
Finally, I feel it is necessary to assure you (particularly
my newer readers) that I get no financial benefit of any
kind from this or any other substance I recommend to you,
my loyal readers.

Here is the article by Frank Lewis. I will add some cautions
about the use of this protocol at the end, along with other
comments, so please read it all.

“Paw Paw; A Unique Approach to Dealing with Cancer and Other
Diseases, by Frank Lewis


In 1973 Dr. Jerry Mclaughlin a professor at Purdue University
received his first grant to study plants as a source of anti-
cancer compounds. In 1976 He received a contract from the
National Cancer Institute that allowed him to study over 3,500
species of plants from all over the world, in order to find
which plants had the most potent anti-cancer compounds. Out of
those 3,500 different plants that Dr. McLaughlin studied, com-
pounds from the Paw Paw tree were found to have the most
biologically active anti-cancer agents.


In his study of the Paw Paw tree, Dr. McLaughlin was able to
isolate 50 different anti-cancer compounds called Annonaceous
Acetogenins. He discovered that these acetogenins inhibit the
production of ATP (the energy a cell needs) inside the cell
by blocking complex 1 in the mitochondria. That is to say,
when a cell does not have the energy needed to make DNA, the
cell will die.


In his 25 years of research, Dr. McLaughlin discovered that the
compounds found in Paw Paw selectively deprive cancer cells of
the energy they need to feed their rapid growth and reproduction
without harming healthy cells.


In order to test the potency of the compounds that he had dis-
covered he was able to get Upjohn Pharmaceutical Company to do
a study with mice which were given Leukemia. This study showed
that the compounds found in Paw Paw were 300 times more powerful
than the well known chemotherapy drug, Taxol. This was a very
significant study because the side effects of Taxol are very
ruthless and there are no serious side effects with Paw Paw.


In his research Dr. McLaughlin found that the only result of
taking too much Paw Paw was that vomiting would occur. There
were no toxic side effects in toxicology tests done with Beagle
dogs, at very high doses of Paw Paw, other than vomiting and
loose stools.


But would these very powerful natural compounds have a
measurable effect on people with various forms of cancer? Over
one and one-half years ago, 94 participants were enrolled in
clinical trials. Review of the records of the participants
reveals some exciting observations.


Over approximately 18 months, of the 20 terminal cancer
patients that have been taking Paw Paw capsules every day, 13
have survived and are now in a stable condition. Likewise,
levels of breast tumor antigens have been significantly reduced.
Tumor sizes of the primary and secondary tumors, e.g., in breast,
colon, prostate cancer and melanomas, and cell counts in
lymphomas, have decreased, and some have even disappeared.


Many patients reported having ‘increased energy.’ In some of the
participants Paw Paw was also shown to have a synergistic benefit
with standard chemotherapy as the patients and physicians noticed
an above average amount of tumor shrinkage after the first treat-
ments than would be normally expected with chemotherapy alone.


Here are the specific results from four of those participants who
began taking Paw Paw as a part of the clinical trials:


Participant #2 is a 63-year-old male with a bone tumor in the
neck. On July 30, 2002, the bone tumor, which showed on x-ray,
was measured as a 7mm cavity with a 5mm mass on the neck. He did
not undergo any other treatments besides the Paw Paw capsules. He
started taking the Paw Paw capsules in September 2002. Another
x-ray taken on March 13, 2003, showed a significant decrease of
the tumor size: the cavity was measured to be 4.5mm with a 3mm


Participant #15 in the study is a 62-year-old female that had
breast cancer. She decided to undergo chemotherapy treatments and
take the Paw Paw capsules concurrently. The chemotherapy treat-
ments lasted seven months. The tumor almost completely disappeared
as evidenced by MRI and ultrasound. She decided to undergo surgery
as well to remove any traces of the cancer. Removal of 14 sub-
axillary lymph nodes showed no metastatic cancer. This was
followed by radiation. Her most recent screen showed no cancer in
the breast. She is in complete remission and believed to be cancer


Participant #20 is a 70-year-old female with stage IV breast cancer.
Within just six weeks of taking the Paw Paw capsules she saw a 50%
percent reduction in the CA2729 tumor markers, which went from 160
to 80. The size of the tumor was also reduced significantly, and
she continues in stable condition. Since she had not changed any
other treatment protocol, her physician is convinced that the Paw
Paw is responsible for her improvement and stabilization.


Participant #84 is a 73-year-old male with stage IV prostate cancer,
which had spread to other parts of his body (left neck, abdomen,
and hip bone). Within six weeks of taking the Paw Paw, the CT scan
showed a 25% reduction in the tumor masses. His PSA levels are
remaining constant, and he is in stable condition while continuing
on Paw Paw.


The Paw Paw extract is unlike drugs because it is a complex mixture
of natural compounds rather than a single entity. The pharma-
ceutical companies are unable to mimic it with a single synthetic,
patentable compound. This represents a new approach in the
alleviation of clinical cancer.


Paw Paw is an herbal supplement product with clinical effectiveness
but with very low toxicity. Paw Paw is affordable and very cost
efficient. Paw Paw also has been shown to inhibit the production of
energy and program cell death in viruses, fungi and bacteria. That
is why users of Paw Paw have reported significant results with
Hepatitis C, Multiple Sclerosis, Epstein Barr, Herpes, AIDS, cold
sores, shingles, chronic fatigue, yeast infections, toe fungus,
athlete’s foot and skin rashes. The broad based uses of this product
are remarkable.


Dr. McLaughlin has established a protocol for taking Paw Paw that
includes 3 other natural products that work synergistically with
the compounds in Paw Paw to increase its effectiveness. The first
product is Immune Stimulator. It contains 3 types of mushrooms
including Reishi, Maitake and Cordyceps, which stimulate the body’s
production of Natural Killer cells [similar to MGN-3] and activate
macrophages [similar to beta glucan]. Also included in Immune
Stimulator are Beta Glucan, Colostrum and Arabinogalactan. You can
use these ingredients separately but Dr. McLaughlin has found that
they work synergistically more effectively in a combination formula,
that is much more price efficient.


The second part of the protocol is the use of specific enzymes to
dissolve the protective membrane surrounding the cancer cells or
other aberrant cells making them more discernable to the immune


The third part of the protocol is the use of Noni Juice to stim-
ulate the release of interleukin, which raises the production of
more white blood cells, including T cells and killer cells that
protect our bodies from disease. The Noni product that Dr.
McLaughlin recommends has been shown in scientific studies
conducted at the University of Mississippi to be six times more
potent than the leading Noni product available today.


Those people who desire the most beneficial result with whatever
disease they are fighting should use the protocol recommended by
Dr. McLaughlin.


To place an order or to learn more about how Paw Paw and Dr.
Mclaughlin’s protocol can be used with cancer and other diseases,
please call or e-mail Francisco Esteras at (787) 747-3672 or (787)
306-3620 or e-mail him at aguila07@prtc.net.”

Thank you, Frank, for the basic information on Paw Paw. Once
again, I am recommending Francisco Esteras as the contact because
I feel he will give you the most complete information and the best
price. How much do the above four products (Paw Paw Cell-Reg,
Immune Stimulator, Protease Plus and Nature’s Noni) cost you? A
little over $100 per month. Fred Eichhorn’s Cellect is $300 a
month, Poly-MVA (even with the discount) is at least $500-$600 a
month and MGN-3 alone (at the 3 grams per day dose) is about $300
a month for at least the first few weeks. I’m not recommending
you buy the cheapest product available to treat your diseases.
However, I am impressed with the science behind this set of

Some cautions. Like Protocel and several other products, Paw
Paw is interfered with by several other products, particularly
megadoses of antioxidants. Antioxidants build up cellular ATP
(energy), and Paw Paw inhibits production of ATP. Specifically,
try to avoid the following when using Paw Paw and this protocol:
Coenzyme Q10, SOD, Super Antioxidants, Grapine, Alpha Lipoic
Acid, Cellular Energy, Creatine, IGF-1, 7-Keto, Spirulina, Super
Algae, TS II and Thyroid Activator. Also, avoid the new Para-
Cleanse with Paw Paw (to keep from consuming more than you
intend). There is no danger in taking any of these with the Paw
Paw protocol, simply a reduction in effectiveness.

Finally, Paw Paw is not appropriate for prevention of anything.
It is intended to act against the special metabolism of active,
cancerous cells, virus cells, fungus cells and bacterial cells.
In this way, it is similar to antibiotics. You don’t take them
when you’re healthy. If you are currently healthy, Paw Paw will
only make you feel tired. By the same token, once you are
declared cancer-free or disease-free, you should stop taking it.
So, as usual, monitoring by a qualified medical professional is

Dr. McLaughlin also says that continuing to take a multi-vitamin
and mineral (like Dr. Williams’ Daily Advantage, for example)
is just fine. Also, many other products like Essiac Tea and
Pau d’Arco tea are compatible with it.

One of the things that impressed me most about Paw Paw is that
it has been proven effective against malignant cells which have
developed what is called a “multidrug resistant pump.” This
amazing cell feature actually “pumps out” the chemotherapy
drug, making the cell resistant to it. Paw Paw overcomes
this and works its magic on the cell’s energy source, killing

Even though Dr. McLaughlin’s work was funded at one time by
a National Cancer Institute (NCI) contract for several years,
don’t hold your breath waiting for the NCI to advocate this
product for cancer treatment. As you probably know, there is
a federal law which prohibits makers of products like this from
claiming they are effective in treating any disease [Big Pharma
strikes again!]. The only cancer “treatments” I have seen the
“Office of Alternative Medicine” arm of our federal government
seriously studying are things like reiki and aromatherapy which
do not threaten the rapacious profits of the drug companies [and,
of course, are not very effective].

There you have it, folks. Another effective option for you
to explore which is harmless and relatively inexpensive. Call
or e-mail Francisco and check it out.

Just this week, I have reeived e-mail feedback from one reader
who lives near Houston and is already using this protocol to
treat his wife’s breast cancer along with the treatment she
is receiving at M.D. Anderson Cancer Clinic in Houston.

A Reader’s Story

I particularly liked Johanna’s story because it emphasizes a
fact most cancer patients have trouble accepting. You do not
need an oncologist as the medical professional to supervise
your recovery. I strongly recommend you pay heed to Johanna.
Use the web resources in Chapter 1 of my book to find that
caring person to co-doctor with you who “treats people, not

“Hi Bill,


I have read your book and want to thank you for compiling in one
place what it has taken me three-and-a-half years to put together!
I also learned from your book about several new treatments I was
not aware off, e.g. the Johanna Budwig approach, which I have now
added to my regimen.


I’m a stage IIIB breast cancer patient who underwent a double
mastectomy in April 2000 and I was given a 1-in-4 chance of living
at the most five years. I started out with conventional chemo-
therapy and was scheduled for radiation and a stem cell transplant
because cancer cells were found in more than half of the 42 lymph
nodes that were removed at the time of surgery.


Complications during the second chemo session caused a delay in
chemotherapy and during this time I started wondering about other
ways of treating cancer and after much asking around found Dr.
Renee Welhouse, N.D. whose practice in Windsor, Wisconsin focuses
on people with degenerative diseases. She herself is a 20-year
bone marrow cancer survivor.


Since I first saw Dr. Welhouse, and by continually doing my own
research since then, I’ve made many, many changes in my life,
primarily in the area of nutrition and supplementation, cleanses
and detox treatments, colonics; actually just about everything you
mention in your book except PolyMvA.


I still see my oncologist every 6 months and he is puzzled – told
me the last time that he can’t figure out how I do it and that I
‘should have been dead already.’ Instead I work a (more than)
full-time job and have started going back to school to become an
herbalist and I’m also taking a writing course. My energy level
will never be what it was before the chemo damage to my heart, but
overall I feel like I’ve been given another lease on life.


Thank you for putting your research together into a book and having
this information readily available for anyone who wants it!


Johanna Byrne
Mineral Point, Wisconsin”

Short shots…..


As most of you know by now, I collect cancer “stories.” Send
me yours — positive, negative or neutral — and I’ll send you a
free copy of the latest edition of my “Cure Your Cancer” e-book
by return e-mail. If you already have my book, as Johanna did,
you can just give me the name and e-mail of a loved one or friend
for me to send the e-book to as a gift.

Without a national data base, we must exchange information with
each other on what works. Your story may help many others, so
just send it to me in an e-mail. Thanks!



Gloria Gill, a reader who is helping her father recover from his
pancreatic cancer, sent me an interesting message this week on
her experience with Fred Eichhorn’s Cellect formula. See the
article “Fred Eichhorn – A Noble Gentleman” in my newsletter #36.
You’ll find it at:


Gloria has her father on Fred’s formula. She started taking it
herself and found it almost instantly cleared up both a yeast
and urinary tract infection.



Some of you remember about six months ago (see my newsletters
#41 and #42), I told you about a vitamin and mineral formula
put together by Dr. David Gregg. I thought I’d try it instead
of Dr. David Williams’ Daily Advantage and see how it worked.

Final report: it didn’t work. It’s a powder. You are told to
dissolve it in juice or water. Well,it doesn’t dissolve very
well at all. You end up “drinking powder” on the surface of
your juice or water. The dosage is unclear (he recommends
“trial and error” until you reach the “optimal” dosage) and
the contents of each dosage seem somewhat random because of its
composition as a powder with many, many ingredients. Finally,
I think it’s no coincidence that on the exact day I finished the
700 gram (1.54 pound) can, I came down with the first head cold
I’d had in the last 7 years (since I started on Daily Advantage).

Despite the higher cost, I decided to return to Dr. Williams’
Daily Advantage which is described in Chapter 3 of my book.

I still have Dr. Gregg’s protocol for battling cancer cells in
the “top five” that I recommend to everyone. It’s just his
multi-vitamin, mineral, amino acid, enzyme, etc. product called
SPARX that I can’t give a whole-hearted endorsement to. For
those of you concerned about price, it is considerably cheaper
than the Daily Advantage (about half the price) and possibly I
wasn’t taking enough to keep my immune system up to snuff.



For those of you for whom PDA means nothing, you can skip this
section. For you techies, however, who like to improve your
time on the train commute to work or wherever, here’s some
advice from Ethan Bauch, a new reader:

“Hi Bill,


On a whim, I set up a ‘custom channel’ on my AvantGo account
using the link to your newsletter archives page. It works just
fine, and I now have access to all your archives on my PDA. Here
are the settings I used in case you want to let people know how
they can set up a similar channel:


Title: Get & Stay Well Newsletters (or whatever you choose)
Location: http://www.beating-cancer-gently.com/newsletters/
Max. Channel size: 500k (it could probably be half that, but I
didn’t want to miss anything, and didn’t want to spend the time
testing the limits)
Link Depth: 4
Include Images: No
Follow Off-site Links: Yes
Refresh: on every sync


The only prerequisite is that you have an AvantGo account (free).
Just follow the links for setting up a custom channel to enter the
above info. If you have any trouble, they have an excellent faq


Take care, and thanks for all the great info!


Ethan Bauch”

In case you have wondered at the spartan simplicity of the
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Bill Henderson
Author “Cure Your Cancer” book

As for the legal stuff — Disclaimer: The author of this
newsletter is a researcher and writer, not a doctor. Any
treatment for an illness should be shared with your doctor
before you attempt it.