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Dr. Brad Nelson Puts On A Webinar — Just For You

I know many of you have read Dr. Nelson’s book “The Emotion Code” on my recommendation.  You may not be aware of the much more detailed diagnosis and healing in “The Body Code.”  That’s what this webinar will teach you.

Please use the link below and sign up for this webinar on Tuesday, January 12th. It will run about an hour and a half.  It’s FREE.  Dr. Nelson will connect with at least two people (possibly you) who are attending and demonstrate to them the use of “The Body Code” for treating their cancer condition.

Your attendance to the live version of this webinar will be much more valuable than listening to a recording later — even if you don’t get chosen as an example.

If there is anyone totally dedicated to helping you heal, it is Dr. Nelson.  I will be there for the start of this webinar, but it will be all Dr. Nelson and his education of you.

Here are the details for you to sign up for this one.  I’d suggest you do it now:

“Discover Cancer’s Secret Causes and What You Can Do About it Now”


Tue, Jan 12, 2016 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM EST


1. Click the link to join the webinar at the specified time and date:



This link should not be shared with others; it is unique to you.


2. Choose one of the following audio options:


When the webinar begins, you will be connected to audio using your computer’s microphone and speakers (VoIP). A headset is recommended.




If you prefer to use your phone, you must select “Use Telephone” after joining the webinar and call in using the numbers below.
United States: +1 (631) 992-3221
Access Code: 866-125-171
Audio PIN: Shown after joining the webinar


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Hi Bill,

I sent this email out a couple of days ago and I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out…




“Underground Secret to Getting Your Life Back” Coaching Session


Do you have something in your health program that needs to change so you can get results? If you want to speed up your healing time, then I’d like to help you do it with a special one-on-one personal “Underground Secret to Getting Your Life Back” coaching session where we’ll work together to…

• Create a crystal clear vision for the kind of health you can really have and the kind of day to day high energy, no pain, robust life you deserve.

• We’ll uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your health.

• You’ll leave the session renewed, re-energized, and inspired to find out what it really takes to have complete health each and every day.


If you’d like to take advantage of this very special, very limited, and totally FREE 30 minute “Underground Secret to Getting Your Life Back” coaching session, click ‘ REPLY’ and answer these questions….

1. What do you MOST want to change in your health right now?

2. Have you tried to change this before?

3. What you have you tried before in the past that did not work?

4. Why do you think it didn’t work?

5. On a scale of 0-10, how important is it for your achieve the change you desire in your health?

6. What other areas of your life do you want to change (if any)?

7. Full Name

8. Email address

9. Phone number

10. Time zone


Check off the areas you’d most like to work on…

__ Supplement advice
__ Lifestyle change
__ Natural therapies
__ Pain relief
__ Food plan
__ Accountability/motivation
__ Other:


Six months ago, I made a similar offer and got swamped! This fills up usually within the first 48 hours, so I can’t guarantee a coaching session for everyone.


I’ll take as many people as I can then start a waiting list.


You can expect to get contacted by my team to schedule your session within the next 2 business days. If you don’t hear from us, it means we’ve received more request that we can handle right now and if something opens up we’ll get in touch with you at a later time.


Again, to take advantage of this offer, simply click ‘REPLY’ and answer the questions listed above.


Talk soon,


P.S. The sooner you send me your answers, the more likely you are to get a session with me. Click ‘REPLY’ now.


Again, to take advantage of this offer, click ‘REPLY’ and answer the questions…


Calle 23
Boquete Boquete NA
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7 Day Cancer Cleanse Challenge with Judy Seeger, ND

Are you ready to eliminate the toxins after chemo and radiation treatments?

Most people don’t know it, but the toxic side effect from chemotherapy and radiation treatments can last long after the treatments are over.  It can hinder your ability to heal quickly and to keep your immune system strong enough to keep cancer from cancer coming back.

Judy Seeger, ND has been working on detoxing and cleansing people world-wide for over 30+ years. She has recently told me about an easy to follow 7 Day Challenge that has helped people detox and cleanse their body using foods, herbs, and natural therapies that can be done at home.

Bill has worked on many projects with Judy over the years, and has always found Judy to take care of everyone and provide excellent information.

With Judy’s guidance you will learn:

Day 1 – Get 3 easy natural therapies that costs less than $10
Day 2 – Learn the one soothing therapy that will feel yummy on your tummy!
Day 3 – A nice soak that flushes those toxins out effortlessly
Day 4 – Another relaxing soak to get your body balanced
Day 5 and 6 – The one, two winning combo without the harsh punch!
Day 7 – Re-balancing your balancing act so you can alleviate the stress

Plus, she is including Meal Planning, Recipes, Resources and 24/7 support throughout the whole process.

Total cost is only $39.99, but she only has room for the first 50 people. Don’t miss out!

Register Here:  *NOTE- I will have to get your proper link for registration


Tara Mann and Cancer Crackdown Need Your Help

I hope you remember some of the previous articles in this newsletter where I have tried to help Tara and Steve Mann in their magnificent efforts to help cancer patients who can’t afford the treatment.

Here is information on their latest plan to help folks all over the country.  Their Cancer Crackdown is  501 (c) (3) organization, so anything you can donate to them is fully tax-deductible:

“Hello Bill!!


Exciting Times At Cancer Crackdown!!


I wanted to share our plans to travel America next year to connect with natural cancer fighters.  We feel they are alone out there and we want to connect, pamper, empower and generate communities and potential support groups using the Healing Strong curriculum.  We are starting to get resources coming in and our biggest need is a Healing Vessel (an RV).  We need to be able to carry our juicer, rebounder, rife machine, and anything else we can shower love on the fighters with. We will have events, meet practitioners, tour clinics… you name it.  All in fun, celebrating and connecting our heroes!!!


Cancer Crackdown Across America website:  http://cancercrackdown.org/ccaa/


Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/ccaa2016/


Recent Newsletter:  http://cancercrackdown.org/?wysija-page=1&controller=email&action=view&email_id=18&wysijap=subscriptions&user_id=1


Thank you Bill for everything you do!!!  It was great to see you, I’m sorry we didn’t get more time to chat, it all seemed to go so fast.  Hugs and blessings this Christmas Season!!  God is good!!


Tara Mann


Cancer Crackdown

(864) 787-0255

501(c)(3) 46-1110328




Please Support Our Mission:


Amazon Smiles: http://smile.amazon.com/ch/46-1110328

Ebay GiveWorks:  http://ebay.to/1CklNaK


We Fight With You.  We Fight For You.”


A Great Cancer Clinic in Cancun Mexico, HOLY GRAIL < maureen@unseen.is >
It’s a beginning: http://holygrailcancercare.is


Overcome THYROID Dysfunction

Attend The Thyroid Connection Summit

SUBJECT: 60% of those who have this…don’t know it!

Tens of millions worldwide have some form of thyroid dysfunction, and 60% don’t know they have it or how it occurred. Are you one of them? Find out! 30+ experts are here to help you diagnose and overcome thyroid dysfunction, and then reclaim your health and vitality!



Your host, Amy Myers, MD, created The Thyroid Connection Summit because conventional medicine failed her in her journey with thyroid dysfunction. It’s now her mission to help make sure it doesn’t fail you! Join us if you have Graves’, Hashimoto’s, hypo- or hyperthyroidism, cancer, nodules, cysts, I-131 radiation or are post-thyroidectomy. Or, if your doctor is says your labs are normal, yet you still have symptoms–this free, online summit is for you!


Register for FREE now at the following link:


Own all of the expert talks to watch at your own pace:


The Thyroid Connection Summit will help you:

  • Work with your doctor to get the right diagnosis/treatment
  • Address the root causes of thyroid dysfunction
  • Implement healthy dietary and lifestyle changes
  • Reclaim your health and vitality
  • And more!


The Thyroid Connection Summit is online and free from October 24-31, 2016!


Register for FREE at the following link today:


Own all of the expert talks to watch at your own pace:


I’ll see you at the summit!


Attend The Fat Summit 2


There’s still so much confusion and misinformation out there about FAT, both the fat on our bodies and the fats we eat. You’ve been told that eating fat makes you fat–and increases your risk for heart disease and other chronic illnesses–but fat is NOT the enemy. The truth is: eating MORE FAT can help shut down cravings, accelerate weight loss and potentially prevent or reverse disease! All reasons not to miss The Fat Summit 2, online and free from November 7-14, 2016!


Register for FREE at the following link today:


Own all of the expert talks to watch at your own pace:



Highly recommend you purchase a copy of Ty Bollinger’s newest book just off the press.

Part one discusses the history of medicine and the politics of cancer. This is one of best summaries of medical history I’ve read and how it relates to the treatment of cancer that I’ve read thus far.

Part two addresses cancer diagnosis, detection, causes, and prevention. The author engages in a discussion of the basics of cancer, causes of cancer (etiology), some detection do’s and don’ts, and how one can prevent cancer.

Part three offers a detailed discussion of successful treatment protocols to include (1) herbal remedies, detoxification, and diet, (2) sound, sight, electricity, frequency, and heat, (3) bio-oxidative therapies, (4) treating cancer with viruses and essential oils, and (5) enzyme and metabolic/mitochondrial therapy.

AN ADDITIONAL BARGAIN IN HIS BOOK: Ty Bollinger’s end-notes (includes bibliography) are exhaustive providing the reader with copious resources for further research.

Hi Terry,


Essential oils have been used for centuries as a remedy for diseases by ancient cultures around the world. The fact that they’ve made a sort of “comeback” can really only be attributed to people wanting to heal themselves by means other than surgery or pharmaceuticals.


In recent years, once people began to share their stories of how oils have helped to heal them, the oils started to come back to the forefront yet again.


In this article, I’ve outlined my 5 favorite cancer fighting oils and how to use them effectively.


While all of these oils have cancer fighting properties, there’s a specific way to use them in order for them to be effective.


I know you’ll love this article and I hope you share it with your friends and family.


Enjoy 🙂


Ty Bollinger



Cancer Free 4th Edition, by BILL HENDERSON
Author of “Cure Your Cancer” and “Cancer-Free”
E-mail:  uhealcancer@gmail.com
Website: www.beating-cancer-gently.com



Although many alternative medical treatments have been successfully used for many years, they are currently not practiced by conventional medicine and are therefore not “approved” and legal (in some States) for medical professionals to presribe for their patients, although it is legal for individuals to use them at their own discretion.  It therefore becomes necessary to include the following disclaimer:

The offerings made by this publication are to be carefully considered by the user.  All responsibility regarding the use of alternative treatments rests with the patient.  If you have doubts regarding these things, rely on your conventional doctor.