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HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and yours! I sincerely hope that you find this Thanksgiving Day the best ever for you and your family.

Welcome to this 114th issue of my newsletter. About 20 months worth of past issues are available at this web site. Just click on the “Newsletter Archive” link on the left of the screen. The articles tend to be “timeless,” so read or reread some of them at your leisure.


“The Emotion Code” and Dr. Brad Nelson

My current Web Talk Radio show is an interview with Dr. Brad Nelson, author of the intriguing book ‘The Emotion Code: How To Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love and Happiness.’ I strongly recommend that you listen to this interview. If you don’t have time to listen on your computer, you can download it and listen in several other ways (see below for the exact procedure).

Dr. Brad describes how he has instantly healed hundreds of people in his practice. These were people with all kinds of degenerative conditions. Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lupus, Asthma and, yes, Cancer. What’s most important about this technique is that, using Dr. Brad’s book, “The Emotion Code,” you can teach yourself this technique in about 30 minutes. You can then use it to heal yourself, your children, your pets and even people far away geographically.

Dr. Brad shut down his 17-year chiropractic practice in Southern California about three years ago and decided to devote the rest of his life to getting this message out. After getting to know him and his experience well, I can easily see why. In our interview, he describes healings which seem miraculous but which are simply applying universal knowledge to release “trapped emotions” from the subconscious minds of his patients.

Skeptical? So was I, until I saw several people he healed at the seminar we both attended in Philadelphia in July this year. It was a three-day seminar where new authors (like Dr. Brad and me) were learning how to promote their books. During every break, he and his wife were working on one or more of the attendees. It took only a few minutes and people were healed of back pain, hiatal hernias, chronic fatigue and several other things. The word got around and he was literally surrounded by people seeking his help at every break for the three days.

He now lives in Southern Utah with his wife and seven children. He gives workshops around the country and does lots of radio interviews. Some of these have been on live call-in shows where he has healed people remotely using his “proxy testing” method (see below). This is not some freak show charlatan, people. He is using scientific knowledge of how our subconscious mind works. He is at the forefront of “energy medicine.” He has combined the well-tested methods of “muscle testing” (kinesiology) with a method to identify and release trapped energies in the body using common magnets.

Dr. Brad says we all have “trapped emotions.” The cause of some precede our birth. He also describes a “heart wall” which he says about 80% of people have. This inhibits our ability to relate to others. Releasing this “heart wall” is part of his technique.

Give a listen, folks. You could find no better Christmas present than this book (unless it was my book). To listen to the interview, just go to:

Click on the “Show Hosts” link and then click on my show “How To Live Cancer-Free” and then “Listen Now.” The audio interview will play on your computer. You can also click on the “Schedule” link. Clicking on any of the four hours which say “Living Cancer-Free with Bill Henderson” will also bring up this interview (until next Tuesday).


I mentioned that Dr. Brad has started doing “Proxy Testing” for anyone who wants it anywhere in the world. You simply fill out a form at his web site. He then contacts you and goes through the testing procedure with you for “trapped emotions” or a “heart wall.” He then teaches you how to release the emotion. When this works, the healing is usually rapid and permanent.

Now, please understand that this is no guaranteed procedure for healing all cancers or anything else. In fact, he makes no claims about healing anything. There is a lengthy disclaimer at his web site which you need to read if you are going to use his service. All he does is help people find their “trapped emotions.” Releasing those frequently does result in positive changes in debilitating and painful conditions of all kinds. However, just realize that he is not a practicing doctor — just a teacher.

In my experience with thousands of cancer patients, I have found that most of them have emotional issues which they feel have been at least part of the cause of their cancers. My personal feeling about “The Emotion Code” is that this technique is far superior to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), for example. It takes far less time and is more efficient. It certainly beats psychiatry “hands down” as a way to identify and release the cause of emotional challenges.

Here’s a copy of an e-mail I received from Dr. Brad yesterday:

“Hi Bill-

As you know, it is possible to use “The Emotion Code” to help people without regard to distance. We are all connected in a very literal way, and the ‘Proxy testing’ method that we have developed, and which we teach in ‘The Emotion Code’ really does work.

As you may be aware, we do work with certain people long distance, finding and releasing their trapped emotions, and helping them to achieve a higher level of health and function.

I received this email today from Bev Inloes, who is one of these people we have been working with, and she gave me permission to share her email with you:


Nov. 21, 2007

Dr. Brad –

I must say that your treatment synopses leave me stunned and fascinated. They are so right on! I have been meaning to respond to each and every one to provide feedback that may help you in your work, but my own work and social life have certainly pre-empted that. And today is no different. I’ve taken today off to prepare for an out-of-town Thanksgiving trip that will consume today and the rest of my 4-day holiday. And then it’s back to 12-hr workdays once again.

I read your book and have already passed it around to several of my friends. I love this concept and can attest to the difference in how I feel. Before beginning treatments with you and beginning the detox program, I literally felt as if I was filled with lead, and the strain of it was tearing down all of my joints. Now I feel considerably lighter even though I’ve only lost 14 lbs, and my thought processes are much clearer. I’m changing every day, and for the better, and it’s very exciting to me…

Thank you so much for coming into my life!



Remember, chapter 8 in ‘The Emotion Code’ is entitled ‘Surrogates, Proxies and Distance Healing.’ If you are interested in this for yourself or a loved one, go to

Well, Bill, have a great Thanksgiving!

Dr. Brad : )”

The web site page above describes the whole procedure for getting Dr. Brad to do “Proxy Testing” for you. It includes the lengthy disclaimer I mentioned above. True to form, his fee is refundable if you feel you have not been helped.

This is a sincere, compassionate healer, folks. Check him out!


Downloading My Radio Shows

I have had several requests to describe the procedure for downloading my radio shows. Many of you don’t have time to sit in front of your computer and listen to an hour-long interview. Here’s the information on how to download one or more of them to your computer, your Ipod or similar device. You can also burn them to a CD and listen in your car or wherever.

First, all the shows, including the current show, are in “Podcast” format and able to be downloaded. Here’s the procedure:

1. Go to

2. Click on the link labeled “Show Podcasts.”

3. Under the title of my show, click on the orange link labeled “Podcast.”

4. At the list of shows, next to the headset icon, “right click” on the link for the show you want.

5. Use the “Save Target As” function to save the “mp3” file to anywhere on your computer or an external device (IPod, for example). I suggest you save it to your “Desktop” to make it easy to find later. When you left click on it, it will play on whatever media player you are using (Windows Media Player, Quick Time, RealPlayer, etc.).

6. If you can burn a CD on your computer, just use the “right click” procedure again to copy it to that CD.

Also, my shows are now available directly from “iTunes.” You will need to have the “iTunes” software on your computer. Then, just open up “iTunes” from your desktop, click on the “iTunes Store,” then click on “Podcasts.” In the search box, enter “,” without the quotes.

All the shows will appear. You can select to listen, download or burn a CD from there.



Update On MMS

Well, lots of you are using the chlorine dioxide (MMS) and having good results. It is harmless and a wonderful, inexpensive way to cleanse your body of all types of “pathogens.” This includes heavy metals, viruses, bad bacteria, fungi (including cancer cells), etc.

No question — it is a useful substance. Please realize, however, that its use with other supplements is still in the experimental stage. As Jim Humble explains, Vitamin C is known to cancel out the effect of the MMS. Well, it seems the same is true of other anti-oxidants.

A report from one reader was particularly interesting. This person has cancer. They had started with just 2 drops of the MMS and worked up to a dose of 15 drops, twice a day. for ten days. There was no noticeable effect — no nausea, no diarrhea — nothing. They were aware of the effect of Vitamin C on the MMS, so they had moved the Heart Plus and Daily Advantage to later in the day.

They did some research, though, and found that the Beta 1,3D Glucan immune stimulant is a strong anti-oxidant also. They were taking it at roughly the same time as the MMS. As soon as they stopped taking the Beta Glucan for a couple of days, the MMS had an immediate effect — diarrhea, cleansing — the whole thing.

Their conclusion was that ANY anti-oxidant (not just Vitamin C) should be separated from the MMS (a strong “oxidant”) by about three hours. I agree. If some of you have been having no real reaction to taking the MMS, I would try this procedure.

Terry and I have moved our taking of the MMS to just before bedtime. We mix it in a glass and use it to brush our teeth. Then, we drink the remainder. We soak our toothbrushes in a hydrogen peroxide mixture when they are not in use. We rinse the toothbrush with water before dipping it in the MMS solution.

This method is convenient and has good results (for our teeth, as well as our elimination). We’ve been using water instead of fruit juice to dilute the MMS. For some of you, this wouldn’t work because you can’t stand the chlorine aftertaste. You might try it with apple or pineapple juice. Just remember to separate the MMS from any anti-oxidant. Three hours is ample separation time, because the MMS has completed its action in two hours.




Recent stories in the news give the distinct impression that the use by our U.S. medical “system” of government force to enforce their beliefs is growing. If you have missed them, please take a look at these two examples. If they don’t arouse your ire and prompt you to do something, then you are probably a victim of the political brain washing that is continuing.

Here’s Mike Adams, The Health Ranger ( telling you the full story about the fiasco about forced vaccination of children in Prince Georges County in Maryland this month:

Here’s yet another incident of an attempt to force surgery and chemotherapy on a child (a 6′ 2″, 17-year-old, in this case) over the objections of him and his parent. In this case, the 17-year-old had already been completely healed of his melanoma using alternative therapy. This is an important example of the police- state mentality of our medical system. Will this happen to you or your loved ones?

Be sure to read the comments at the end of this article. Your freedom is at stake here, people.



I have admired Ann Fonfa for years. Her efforts in your behalf to get complimentary and alternative medicine (CAM) recognized as legitimate have been heroic. Here is the information on a conference she is sponsoring in January, 2008.

“People with cancer (studies show 60-80%) have questions about complementary and alternative (CAM) modalities – we can help you understand the evidence, the concepts and the outcomes. We have brought together presenters from all over the USA, with many areas of expertise. Join us.

For those with cancer, advocates, family and friends and those who serve them, pls circulate this information – it can benefit many. We are an all-volunteer organization reaching hundreds of thousands online.

The Annie Appleseed Project’s conference on ‘Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Cancer Therapies for Cancer Advocates and Patients’ aka CAM for Cancer Advocates. January 10-11, 2008 in West Palm Beach, FL
Registration is open, hotel link is up!
We’ll have tables for exhibitors, show some DVDs and network. Some organic food served.
Check out our speakers bios and website links.

We want to help educate advocates, people with cancer, and interested others about the evidence behind CAM. We’ll also be talking about evidence gaps, funding, choices, patients’ stories, opportunities, and much more. Since studies show so many are interested, so few talk to their healthcare practitioners and there is so much evidence, come find out. Bring this information back to your communities, and help answer the questions.

Please accept this invitation and join us. Contact me if you have any issues. (Donations always welcome) And please, pass this invitation along to others.


Ann Fonfa (see this article on us)
President, The Annie Appleseed Project



Remember Lynda Carpenter? I interviewed her this week along with Mauris Emeka, another cancer survivor, for a future radio show. It’ll be up soon. And you’ll love it. But, in the meantime, Lynda is collecting survivor stories to put together a book. The working title is “Unwrap The Ribbon — Cancer Is Cured.” You can contact her with your cancer survivor story for her book at:


OK, enough for this time. I’ll be back soon with another newsletter.

And don’t forget my bribe. Send me your story about your cancer experience — good, bad or neutral — and I’ll send you a free copy of my e-book “Cancer -Free (Second Edition).” Your story may help many other people. Just let me know if you want me to include your name or e-mail address when I publish it in the newsletter. I will certainly respect your privacy.

Do your friends a favor and send them to my web site:

Be well!

Bill Henderson
Author, “Cure Your Cancer” and “Cancer-Free”


Although many alternative medical treatments have been successfully used for many years, they are currently not practiced by conventional medicine and are therefore not “approved” and legal (in some States) for medical professionals to prescribe for their patients, although it is legal for individuals to use them at their own discretion. It therefore becomes necessary to include the following disclaimer:

The offerings made by this publication are to be carefully considered by the user. All responsibility regarding the use of alternative treatments rests with the patient. If you have doubts regarding these things, rely on your conventional doctor.