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“How To Survive In A World Without Antibiotics”

Today, I want to scare you. Imagine one of your loved ones acquiring a bacterium in the morning and being dead by dinner time. In those few hours, that person has gone through hell — coughing up blood, gasping for air, screaming from pain and begging for mercy. The emergency ambulance guys come but have no remedy. Your doctor and the hospital emergency room try their best, but they have no remedy either. The only out is death and the only saving grace is that it comes quickly. Got your attention? I hope so.

We all need to be aware that we are living in a much more dangerous world than we were a few years ago. Not because of swine flu, but because of deadly “superbugs” for which our medics have no answer. How did this happen? Well, for the last 60 years or so, since antibiotics were discovered, our doctors have been abusing them. They have been used for many treatments where they either did no good at all (virus colds and flu, for example) or where the consequences of no treatment were not serious (minor diarrhea and fever, for example). More recently, agribusiness has been treating healthy cattle and pigs with antibiotics. This “non-therapeutic” use of antibiotics allows these animals to be raised in crowded and unsanitary conditions. The peer-reviewed Medical Clinics of North America publication ran an article last year that concluded that antibiotics in livestock feed were “a major component” in the rise of antibiotic resistance.

As a result of the medical doctor and livestock treatment “vectors,” bacteria have evolved, as they have for billions of years, to survive in the new environment. Drug resistant bacteria, like MRSA and VRE, are not just in hospitals (where 7% of patients currently acquire them) but in the community. They live with us. Last resort antibiotic drugs like vancomycin are not effective against them.

These bacteria are similar to those which caused pandemics like the “Black Death” and “Bubonic Plague” in the Middle Ages. During the 13th-17th centuries, they swept over the world in waves. At their peak, they wiped out one-third of the known population of the world. Imagine that today. Two billion people; where would we put all those bodies? We’d need machinery to dig graves fast enough. Decayed people would ooze into the water table.

What you need to understand about these “superbugs” is that healing is virtually impossible. They are resistant to our most effective antibiotics. No doctor or hospital can heal these bacteria-caused infections using drugs. Only certain natural substances are somewhat effective in avoiding the scenario I described above.

I hope those of you who know me realize that I don’t use scare tactics to get you to change your behavior. I am, by nature, an optimist. I try to give hopeful messages, which are completely sincere, to all the people I come in contact with about cancer and our ability to heal. This is the exception. Our only hope to avoid this situation is to realize that the mantra I try to teach people applies to this situation in big capital letters: “ONLY I CAN HEAL MYSELF.”

Trusting doctors is usually a fatal mistake — at least when it comes to degenerative conditions like cancer. It is not even an option here. Not only do doctors have no answer, they are a major cause of this condition. Like all other health situations, death is the result of “lack of information.” That’s all. Bacteria live with us every day. Our only hope to avoid the deadly strains like staphlococcus aureus and enterococcus is to get smart about them.

So, how do you do that? I think I have an answer for you and I urge you to take advantage of it.


Over the last couple of years, I have become aware that Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby is the best informed medical professional that I know. He has been an M.D. in Great Britain for most of his 40-year medical career. When he moved to the U.S. a few years ago, he elected to devote himself to education rather than treating patients. He did not want to submit to the medical autocracy which restricts what doctors here can do. He prefers the title “Professor” to that of “Doctor” now. As many of you know who have listened to this wonderfully informed person on my Web Talk Radio show, he has written several books. My two favorites are “Virtual Medicine” and “Diet Wise.”

Now, Professor Keith Scott-Mumby has published his most important book. It has all the information you need to survive in these dangerous times without antibiotics. The book is called “How To Survive In a World Without Antibiotics.” It is just that — a “How-to” manual for survival against these drug resistant “superbugs.” In this book, Prof. Keith gives you all the information you need including natural substances which are effective and affordable to prevent the horrible effects of these bacteria on you and your loved ones. I have not read a more vitally important book in my rather long lifetime. Here’s where to get this life-saving book:

Survival without antibiotics book

Please take time to listen to the video that accompanies the page which comes up when you click on the link above. Prof. Scott-Mumby explains to you why it is so important to deal with this issue NOW. You literally can’t wait until an emergency occurs to explore the treatments. You can prevent the effects of these “superbugs” by adopting some healthy habits of consuming certain things he spells out in detail in the book. He will convince you of the importance of keeping your immune system strong. This is, of course, your best insurance. But with the many stresses of our modern world, it is hard to predict when we will get stressed enough to overcome whatever preventive measures we’ve taken. So, treatment strategies are important to get informed about. You need to stock your medicine cabinet NOW. Prof. Scott-Mumby gives you a couple dozen remedies to acquire. Most are for prevention.

If you’d like to listen to Prof. Scott-Mumby discuss this issue, you can tune in to a 35-minute interview I did with him on this week’s Web Talk Radio show. For the procedure on how to access this interview, just click here.

Please, folks, buy this book and read it carefully. Get some of the products he recommends. Neither he nor I have any financial interest in any of these products. He, like me, is primarily concerned with getting you the information you need to survive in this dangerous world. Here’s the link again to buy this book:

Survival without antibiotics book


Beta-Glucan Information From A Real Expert

A few weeks ago, I got a very interesting e-mail from Cecile Limon, a reader. I’m going to quote it for you and urge you to follow the link below and read the interview that Cecile did with Dr. Vetvicka. This doctor is the same one who conducted the test on the Transfer Point vs. Our Health Coop beta glucan products which I reported in my October, 2009 newsletter. You can read that article here:

Now here is Cecile’s interesting e-mail:

“Dear Bill,

I am most grateful for your endeavours in collating information for the use of alternative remedies against cancer, and hope you will not mind me taking the liberty to contact you about something you may want to tell your readers about.

In an attempt to convince my family to try your suggestions to help my mother fight her cancer, I had to present as much scientific information as possible to back them up. This is how I came across Dr Vaclav Vetvicka, one of the world’s experts on beta-glucans. Dr Vetvicka was kind enough to answer my many questions, and there were so many of them that it occurred to us that our exchanges should be made available to all cancer patients, not just my mother. It ended up in the form of an interview that you can view on in the “Glucan FAQ” section [top of the screen].

I thought you would probably want to tell your readers about it, as it is an informal and plain-english chat about the benefits of beta-glucans against cancer and many other illnesses.

Dr Vetvicka has also published a more in-depth book about beta-glucans that covers the history of its research and use. It is called “Beta-Glucan, Nature’s Secret” and is available from Transfer Point [see below].

As you are interested in all things about cancer research, you may also like to know that Dr Vetvicka has also patented a number of anti-cancer therapies. His latest one is particularly useful, as it detects cancer even before the traditional cancer markers show up. It is especially relevant for people who are in remission and worried their cancer might show up again, such as women with a family history of breast cancer. In practical terms, it means that any action to eradicate the cancer can be taken earlier and therefore give better chances of success.

Again, thank you very much for making so much information available to us cancer sufferers and our relatives.

Warmest wishes,

Cecile Limon”

Thank you, Cecile, for sharing this valuable information with us. I have read the interview and found it very educational. There is no commercial interest here. This is a true professional giving you the benefit of his 15 years of researching beta-glucans. Folks, this is your primary defense against the “superbugs” Prof. Scott-Mumby is telling you about. Dr. Vetvicka gives you the specifics you need to know about this wonderful product. He also tells of a study which may provide a natural substitute for the huge doses of antibiotics given to livestock in the U.S. You would be very smart to read Cecile’s interview with Dr. Vetvicka. Just click on the link above.

I would not miss a day taking the Transfer Point beta-glucan for all the reasons both Prof. Scott-Mumby and Dr. Vetvicka emphasize. If you are not using this great product for prevention or treatment of cancer, here is a link to buy the Transfer Point brand that Dr. Vetvicka states is “the best on the market:”

It is shipped anywhere in the world by these folks. Please get some and take it every day. The dosages recommended are one capsule for every 50 pounds (24 kg) of body weight for anyone with a degenerative condition. You only need to take it once a day — preferably in the morning about 30 minutes before eating anything. If you are simply taking it for prevention, as I am, one capsule a day is enough.


An Amazing Water Maker and Filter

“Hi Bill

Thanks again for your monthly newsletter. It is always so informative. I especially enjoyed reading about Dr Garcia as he is over here in my neck of the woods.

I have written to you before about Dr. Robert Wickman in Quito, Ecuador.

I wanted to tell you about an ATMOS water generator I just bought. You just plug it into the wall and it uses the humidity to collect water and then several different filters turn it into 9.5 pH pure alkaline drinking water. I have noticed a big difference in just a week from drinking it.

I have included a contact name and company info in case you are interested in checking it out.I have been going round and round about buying a water ionizer for the past couple of years and almost bought a Kangen water machine but just could not pull the trigger on the price ($4,000). The ATMOS goes for about $2100.

I should tell you that I have no ties to the ATMOS or the company. I just think it is a great machine.

Look forward to next month’s newsletter and the recipe book.

Here are a couple of sites you might be interested in:

Dr Carpenter cured my friend Marita of recurrent breast cancer.

Comes highly recommended by above Dr. Carpenter [the principal doctor at Lase Med, Inc.].

Keep up the great work.

Very kind regards,

Doug Grant”

Thanks, Doug, for the great information on this novel water filter. It produces both hot and cold water and requires no installation. It doesn’t even hook up to your home water system. Amazing! You can call this number to get a nice brochure on it: 1-877-511-SMART [or (877) 511-7627].

I need to comment on Lase Med, Inc. and Cancer Ablation. Feel free to explore these websites. I have had mixed reviews on Dr. Carpenter and Lase Med, Inc. in Tulsa, Oklahoma. First, the treatment they offer is effective only for breast cancer tumors and skin cancers, including melanoma. They readily admit that it does not work on “internal organs.” Also, Dr. Carpenter’s personality has turned off a number of my readers who have offered me feedback on her Lase Med Clinic. Forewarned is forearmed.

As for the Cancer Ablation “therapy,” as well as Lase Med, Inc., those who know me can probably predict my reaction. In short, killing cancer cells is not how you heal cancer. You heal it permanently by making your whole body’s “system” (not just the immune system, but the whole body and mind) hostile to cancer cells. You don’t do that with any treatment which just makes the cancer tumor go away. These treatments are, at best, temporary. I would put the ablation treatment described at the website above, as well as Dr. Carpenter’s lasers in the same category with Dr. Simoncini’s bicarbonate of soda treatment and most other cancer “treatments,” certainly including all chemotherapy and radiation. Costly and, at best, temporary. At worst, deadly.

I suggest you thank Doug Grant for giving you a very important and useful lesson on cancer healing.


A Reader’s Story — Glenn Leonard

“Dear Bill,

We talked nearly five years ago about my cancer and your recommendations for alternative treatment. I also acquired your book. I lived in Ocala, Florida then. My diagnosis was: Renal Cell Carcinoma. After four different types of chemotherapy and almost dying, and with no signs of the chemotherapy showing progress, I quit the regimen and went completely with immune builders and numerous supplements suggested by you. I had the right kidney removed and the cancer moved into my liver with many lesions and a prognosis of only 90 days to live.

That was six years ago. In that period of time, I have been placed into “Hospice,” as they said I was going to die within 90 days. Well, I won’t say that I am cancer-free, according to my latest MRI but I am still alive and feeling well. My appetite is great, my energy is great and I am a caregiver for my wife, and have been for the past ten years.

Another factor to my recovery “THE GRACE OF GOD.” The Oncologists say that I am a walking “MIRACLE.” I moved to Paris, Texas in June, 2009, as it is close to my original home, to live my years out. I am 81 years old and the “Hospice” team here says that I don’t look like I have anything wrong with me until they look at my latest MRI. I would like to thank you for your input into my alternative way of treating my cancer. I try to send others your way, as chemotherapy is nothing but POISON and will kill you if the cancer doesn’t. Keep up the good work BILL. Sincerely,

Glenn Leonard
440 24th St. NE
Paris, Texas 75460
Phone: 903-905-4020″

Thanks for the inspiring message, Glenn. Glenn has indicated that he would be happy to have you contact him. He told me in a subsequent e-mail that “Anything that can inspire someone to fight on gives me a thrill.” Please be considerate in calling Glenn. He is on Central time.




Those of you who have contacted Dr. Lubecki’s office in Fair Oaks, California as a result of the the article in my October newsletter have no doubt explored both the “soft laser” and the “homeopathic imprinter” he recommends (and sells). My wife and I have been using both these devices for about the last six weeks. We are impressed with them. We’re not sick enough to evaluate their effectiveness on degenerative conditions like cancer. We have to take the word of people we trust like Delores Geisler and Susan Gorkosky that they work to heal cancers. They are both very high on them and you can listen to interviews I did with them about two months ago at the “Podcast” page of my Web Talk Radio site (see above). Interestingly enough, both of these ladies used drastic changes in their lifestyles along with these devices to heal their cancers permanently. The interviews are part of the “week 0941” podcast at the Web Talk Radio site. This “show” will be available for about another month.

My wife and I have been impressed, though, with the effects of both of these devices. My wife is working on her cellulitis and some abdominal pain with the “soft laser.” I am working on a swollen prostate, a swollen ankle (edema) and a cataract in my left eye. Pain of all kinds is relieved almost immediately. The swelling in my ankle has gone down and the swollen prostate symptoms (frequent urination and inflammation of the bladder from retained urine) have been relieved. Susan Gorkosky claims to have healed a cataract with her “soft laser.” I need another month or so before I get a reading from the opthalmologist about mine. I’ll keep you posted. This unit is not cheap. The basic hand-held laser is $3,800. The attachment which gives you a highly focused laser for bones, teeth and ligaments is another $1,200.

The “homeopathic imprinter” is apparently quite effective at killing “pathogens” of all kinds. Again, we have a difficult time evaluating it because, other than the lack of virus infections (colds and flu), the healing properties are not visible. This one is less expensive. It’s only $800.

I don’t have a source for either of these devices except through Dr. Lubecki. To explore them further, you need to contact Dr. Lubecki’s office. His office number is (916) 966-7395 (Pacific time).



I held up publishing this newsletter for a few days hoping that the recipe book I’ve been promising you would be ready for “prime time.” It’s almost there. You can go to this web site, which is still under development, to get a preview of it.


Keep checking on the website above for the next week or so if you want to get this great recipe book as soon as it comes out. Cheryl Uphoff and Chef Peter Cosmoglos are both working hard to get it to you. I’ll send out a short e-mail announcement when it is “on sale.”

Thanks for your patience about this useful project. It will be well worth the wait.



I hope you are convinced by the information I’ve given you that Vitamin D3 is a vital part of your recovery (or prevention) regimen for cancer. It also is vital for preventing or treating virtually all other degenerative conditions. Studies have shown that over 95% of the population of all civilized countries are deficient in this vital substance.

When I interviewed Dr. William Grant a few weeks ago on my Web Talk Radio show, he stressed the importance of cancer patients taking enough of Vitamin D3. This is significant because Dr. Grant is one of the world’s most informed scientists about this subject. He has published at least three dozen studies of the effects of Vitamin D and cancer. He is a Ph.D., not a medical doctor, and this is his primary field of study.

Dr. Grant told me about a wonderful service where you can get your Vitamin D level tested every 6 months for the next 5 years for the very reasonable price of $40 every six months. This is part of a five-year study being done by Carole Baggerly, another Vitamin D expert, on the long term effects of Vitamin D on your health. When you go to the website below and sign up for this study, you’ll be asked to fill out a short health questionnaire. When you pay your $40, you’ll be sent a kit and instructions for drawing a couple of drops of blood from your finger at home. You send the packet back to them. A week or so later, you’ll receive an e-mail with your Vitamin D level. Here’s the website for getting started:

My first test came back at 94. That’s in the top 3% of all the tests they have done so far of these levels. Most cancer patients, according to Dr. Grant and others I have talked to about this, are in the low 20’s. The “healthy level” is defined as 40-60 on this test, but Dr. Grant assured me that even higher levels are healthy. Dr. Grant recommended that all cancer patients begin taking 30,000 to 40,000 I.U. of Vitamin D3 every day immediately. Then, he said you should adjust this dosage up or down after you get your test results. There is no toxicity at these levels — or much higher levels. The easy way to take this amount is to buy the 5,000 I.U gelcaps. They are very small and easy to swallow. They are also very inexpensive. I get mine at I take one or two of these a day for prevention.

When I update my “Cancer-Free” book next, I will add the high-dose Vitamin D3 as a vital part of a cancer recovery regimen.


Do your friends a favor and send them to my web site:

Be well…and be sure to hug each other every day!

Bill Henderson
Author, “Cure Your Cancer” and “Cancer-Free”
E-mail: “How to Live Cancer-Free” Listen anytime.


Although many alternative medical treatments have been successfully used for many years, they are currently not practiced by conventional medicine and are therefore not “approved” and legal (in some States) for medical professionals to prescribe for their patients, although it is legal for individuals to use them at their own discretion. It therefore becomes necessary to include the following disclaimer:

The offerings made by this publication are to be carefully considered by the user. All responsibility regarding the use of alternative treatments rests with the patient. If you have doubts regarding these things, rely on your conventional doctor.